Friday 26 August 2016

Two hundred year old cottage in Devon and a cluster of stitching! .. bliss

What ever the distance and
where ever I roam.
With needle and thread I
will make it my home!

Well I am here! we came down last night and arrived around 6.30 pm and had dinner in the dinning room, lots of catching up and some wine with candles going .. windows flung open and the hoot of the owl.  This morning as I peaked out of the window from the bedroom I said hello to the ladies ( the dairy herd) that were already grazing in the lush green field across the way from the local farm.

With a lovely cup of coffee in my hand, I sat on the window seat and watched as the ladies went up and down in straight lines eating the sweet grass!  Its a huge herd but they started at the bottom of the field and worked up .. I could not believe my eyes.  After my coffee I grabbed my work bag and sat
stitching and looking out the window at the wild life that is roaming about this early.  This by the way was way before writing this blog .. I sleep well here but I think I was so excited that I woke very early.  I was being careful not to wake my husband at this hour ... 

Today there is some stitching going on but we are off out today.  My husband is working today from the cottage so we will leave him in peace for a few hours and go on an adventure.  Calling in to my favourite antique shop in Honiton and to the Honiton lace museum to pick up some antique lace bits if they have any ( usually there is a basket by the till and they are used to me there going in and truffling around for some unusual bits) ..  Then we are off somewhere and I will take my sketch book and camera. 

As I am sat writing this and looking out on all the wild flowers in the front garden I can hear some movement up stairs so maybe I might be joined in a moment... I told everyone last night I was still going to write a blog today so they will not be surprised that I am on my second coffee of the day and that stitching has been done and I am now sat typing on my lap top at the kitchen table!  They are used to my eccentricities!!

So today I am going to be out for a while making memories and snapping away and then I have somethings to sketch too.  I will, as usual, find things that spark off some form of new stitching design for me to work on and being in different locations is just great.  Seeing some of the little villages around here and the seaside towns with boats, flowers, birds and picking up sea treasures as well.  I am hoping for a long beach walk at some point by a shore later in the day over the weekend.

Walking around the garden here and in the wild part of the garden I can find flowers to sketch or press in my flower journal and watch the season begin to change as it does.  The August Bank Holiday sort of gently fades in to early Autumn with those strange spiders (not a spider lover so always looking out for them so that I do not get too near) ...

Well I have been joined and it is time for breakfast and an explanation as to why I am up so early when this was all about me having some down time!  I can not change my habits but it is just lovely to be somewhere else and not have to think about cooking or cleaning and just fully relax which I am. The ladies this morning made me just sit and empty my mind of anything but the countryside and beautiful nature ... a great start to my mini break and day.  I will get a little more stitching in later Janice so do not worry! x

Whatever you are doing today have a great time and have a wonderful long weekend and lets hope the weather holds out for us all .. so far so good.

As always Happy Stitching! XX

Life is simple
when you live simply....


  1. Between 1986 and 1990 we lived in Sidmouth, and we used to go to Honiton regularly then there was a Honiton lace shop, also there was a lovely vegetarian coffee shop that did delicious Mississippi Mud Pie, oh and the pottery, expect the cafe and pottery are long gone, I knew the lace shop had closed.

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Sipping a coffee and thinking about the day ahead! There's great cafes in Honiton our favourite is called Toast. But I have been informed we are going to Exeter for the morning and I can pop in for vintage bit after lunch.
      Looking forward to just going with the flow!
      Have a great weekend.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Sounds and looks idyllic and just what you need. A change is as good as a rest, as they say. I used to visit Honiton a lot but haven't been for years now. There's a very interesting church in Ottery St Mary, I'm not religious but I love church architecture and the interesting and beautiful things you can find inside. I think, Sarah that you will come home from your break fully rested and inspired! Love Dawn xxx

    1. Dawn it is . I feel at peace already. Sipping another coffee and with an empty mind. Not the usual . Ok what next.
      It's the down time I needed.

      Have a great weekend and buy oodles of gorgeous to show me!

      Sarah xxxx