Wednesday 16 March 2022

Spring time here at Thimble


Blossom by blossom the Spring begins.

Algernon Charles Swinburne

The words above are so true, It is still, on some days cold, wet a little windy however there are days where the sun shines through here.  Birds are busy making nests and there are flowers awaking from their Winters nap and blossoms are starting to arrive slowly.  It's the promise of a new beginning and of hope.

The days are getting longer and the natural day light is so wonderful and refreshing to me.  The river bank here is starting to come to life and although the river is a bit high and not as crystal clear yet, life there is starting to have the promise of the Summer days to come.

Spring has arrived here inside Thimble too and as you can see the dresser in the kitchen has been renewed with different pottery and china and a little bit of Easter has crept in, yes I have been faffing! and enjoyed each and every minute of it ... 

It brings Spring inside on a day like today which is dull and rainy,  my Grampa would have said of the sky  " Not enough blue to make a sailors shirt !" and indeed there is no blue to be seen or indeed sun.  However in my kitchen it feels warm, cosy and Spring like.

Earlier this morning I was in my studio outside and whilst a bit of faffing was going on out there I
lit some candles and sorted some bits out there too.  Not a needle picked up yet today.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it though, I have to say.

The rain at this point was light and fine, the kind that is welcome on a very hot day and you feel your face is being spritzed, now as I write this it is like stair rods.. glad to be inside and in my little office.  I have a cup of cinnamon tea and I just looked out of the window and all the birds have disappeared to shelter.. it really is coming down here and is set to stay today.

Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.

Bishop Reginald Heber.

I have though set out my stitching for today and after I have finished here that is where I shall be happily doing one little stitch at a time.

An update on my friendship quilt is that I have 7 of them back and they are carefully wrapped in tissue paper.  It has been wonderful when the post brings one to my door.  I have finished mine as well and so now it is a case of waiting for them to arrive and then putting them all together as a beautiful lap quilt and hand quilting it.  A friendship quilt that will make me smile each and every time I look at it or it is keeping warm.

I have finished three antique quilt squares with hand embroidery.  The colours are stunning and one of my favourites, log cabin.  With what is going on in the world today they will remind me of what we all, as humans should be doing and that is this..  " Kindness sprinkle it everywhere that you can"

I am going to walk it down to the framers this week and I have just the place to hang it when it is finished.

On my work table today I have pre threaded a few needles, in fact around eight of them and that keeps a steady flow going with out stopping.

My work basket is ready for me to continue on.  Today my day light lamp will come into its own because it is as I said a very dull and darkish day. 

I had some very sad news 2 weeks ago, a very dear friend died and because he lived in New York I could not get to the celebration of his life.  His beautiful wife and three children have been left numb with grief and so we decided this year I will fly out to spend some time with them and hopefully his wife will make the journey here this year too for a few weeks, we have planned walks and catching up time.  Because of Covid I have not seen them for a couple of years and that made it all the more sad.  The grief that I feel from loosing my zany friend has been awful.  However that it is nothing to what his family are feeling right now.

The memories I have are second to none though and I smile each day with another funny and fun

filled day I have spent with them.  We met on Martha's Vineyard some 12 years ago now and they have visited me here in England and I have been over there a few times too. I am honoured to have called him a friend and I am sad that he will never grace his presence here at Thimble.  Life is so short it has reminded me and to live each day to the full.

In my quiet stitching moments he comes into my memory and makes me laugh and normally out loud too, anyone who could see me in such moments might think me mad laughing away on what appears to be on my own, not knowing somewhere he is right there smiling and laughing with me for sure.

With the fairy lights on and the candles lit, this afternoon I will be in my happy place and stitching and sorting for the up and coming courses that I will be hosting in the Threads of time studio.  I have sorted through some beautiful hand dyed shaker threads as well.  It reminds me of the times in New England in the fall and I also baked some cinnamon cookies in the shapes of different leaves with my cookie cutters.  Oh the go well with the tea I can tell you.

I will take some photos and put the recipe on here next time.

Well for today that is me and my ramblings,  enjoy what ever you are doing today and keep on stitching away.

Take great care of you.

Sarah   XXX