Friday 28 February 2014

New competition 'join' my blog today.....


Well it is competition time again.

It is open to the people who have already joined  and anyone who joins in the next 6 weeks...

I am going to be giving away a journal that is being designed by me and a vintage kilner jar with pincushion in the top......

To enter you have to get eight new people to join my blog.  

So if you can get people to join and then email me their names with yours. Then your name will go in a hat and picked out for the prize, in addition the person who wins, their friends who joined names will go into a hat and one of them will also win a kilner jar with pincushion top.......

The draw will only take place if someone gets eight people to join.

The closing date is Saturday the 5th of April 2014.

Good luck and I hope you will all take part.

Have a wonderful weekend.........

Good luck

vintage kilner jars with pincushion tops......
picture of journal I am stitching will follow.

Thursday 27 February 2014

Toile de jouy.... treasure at a vintage fair!

Good morning to you all

Well as promised I am sharing my finds at the vintage fair and flea market that I went to last Sunday.  The weather was not great but what I was after was inside and it was warm and inviting and packed solid to the rafters with vintage goodies.....

I have shown you my prize find of paisley and today I am going to share with you three panels of toile de jouy.

Toile is from the French word meaning linen cloth or canvas.  The fabric itself usually has little scenes and flowers scattered over in a pattern form.  They are very old pieces, which are in good condition. and getting rare and are stunning.

I got three pieces and they are all hand quilted, probably from bedspreads in beautiful houses in France.

I am not sure what these will be sewn into as yet but be assured that they will not be in my precious stash drawer for none to see for very long.....

I hope you enjoy looking at them and whatever you are doing today, I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Stitching....

This piece is  circa 1805 and is Mulhouse French toile de jouy.

This piece is circa 1800 toile de jouy and is stunning.

circa 1805 toile de jouy ... sorry it is sideways!

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Vintage thimbles and stitching...... vintage all the way!

Good morning all

I am only doing a little stitching today as I will going to say au revoir to a wonderful friend and neighbour.  He would not want me to not sew, and I am not going to disappoint him in any way.

I am hand stitching on some vintage pure wool blanket and my fingers are getting bit sore so I am hunting for a thimble....  I have never used one before and have not felt the need but I am doing more and more embroidery so I am giving in.

I have found a new plastic one that has appeared in my sewing room and must have come with something.  I feel though I would like a vintage one, it would be so in keeping with my ethos and life style.

I am going to hunt a couple down for myself.  I had a look on google and found an amazing picture of some which I will leave you with.

Enjoy your day and hope that it is a good one.

Happy Stitching!

PS. I washed my paisley fabric yesterday and you should have seen the colour of the water !
80 odd years of dirt... The fabric looked pristine as you saw but it just goes to show when you buy vintage fabrics, that indeed, you do have to wash them.... It is beautiful now and ready to press.....

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Vintage fabric find..... and what a find it is....

Good morning all

Well as you will know I went to a vintage fair on Sunday and I found some amazing fabrics, linens, buttons, ribbons and toile de jouy panels that are from 1800 !!  To say I am happy is an under statement.

So over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you my finds and then as they are used in my designs, you will see what I do with them.

Today I am going to share with you my most precious find of all in a way.  Not the oldest but this paisley in this length, not used, still with the wax on it..... OOOH!

The colours are amazing and it measures 3mtrs 10cm x 1mtr 14cm..... I will need to wash it to get the wax off and then I can dry and press it and it will be a softer cotton. The fabric is from the 1930's and was probably for an eiderdown that was not made..... hooray....

I met a lovely lady called Liz who had this piece on her stall and there it was just waiting for me.  I asked Liz how she could bare to sell it ( whilst clutching it in my arms so she could not change her mind!) and she informed me with a smile that she in fact had some herself that she would be keeping!..... very shrewd I thought and very pleasing that someone in the business of selling such wonderful fabrics and vintage goodies actually enjoys them their selves too!

I have some special liquid wash that I will use on this beauty, and at £10 a small bottle it is saved for my vintage fabrics and not our normal wash!  It has a faint smell of roses and it is very mild.

So I have taken a photo for you to see the fabric before washing it.  I hope you enjoy the look and you will see some of this on a up and coming project, I can assure you.

I told Liz I would keep stroking this :)))) and probably sleep with it by my pillow!

Happy Stitching and enjoy your day!

three meters of this! can you believe it?
I keep pinching myself.....

Monday 24 February 2014

Friendships are sewn one stitch at a time.......

Good morning all

When I am designing something I always seem to do something that I would like, either for my home or as a gift.

I believe that pictures for your home are a personal thing.  If there is a framed print of a picture of say a view in America, the person who buys it loves that view or has been there or would love to go there. Pictures are something we can not buy for others easily.  If you know a person well and know colour schemes then it may be easy to buy something that they like....

I hope in my designs people find it easy to choose something special for that special someone. With fabric and embroidered pictures I hope they are different and the fact that there is so much history contained in them, that the recipient knows it is special and unique...

All of my pictures have a card in an envelope in the back to say what materials were used and the dates of the fabrics.  When I buy my fabrics, buttons etc I always ask the seller these questions.

Here is one of my designs for a friendship picture, I hope you like it.

Have a great day.......

Happy Stitching!

friends are like stars. You do not have to
see them to know they are there.....

from my hands to your heart........

PS... Yesterdays buying went very very well, I purchased some beauties. Including in one length some 1930 unused paisley fabric in a 3 mtr length!!!!!!!
will take some photos and up load them for you to look at. 

Sunday 23 February 2014

Vintage fair today....

Good morning all

Well I am up bright and early today for a Sunday because I am off to a vintage fair! We have an hour or so travelling time and the doors open at the grounds at 9.30am.

I am off to seek fabrics and buttons and I have to say it is so exciting.  What might I find?

I am looking for paisley fabric and others too but for some fabric for a  new sampler that I am creating. I have in my minds eye the colours that I would like and today is the perfect hunting ground!

The weather is dull and a little windy here so I must wrap up warm but it will be worth it.

We were in Sherborne in Dorset yesterday and there was a man selling vintage tools, which my husband loves, and he told us about today for me.......... :))))

So my lovely readers, wish me luck and I will let you know how I get on.

Enjoy your Sunday....

Happy Stitching......

Saturday 22 February 2014

French knots

Good morning

One of my favourite stitches is the French knot.... It is a simple stitch that if clustered or combined with another can look outstanding!

I am experimenting with knots and chain stitch at the moment and do enjoy seeing what kind of things you can create with it.  Add a bit of vintage fabric into the mix and it is quite pleasing.

I am sure most of you have tried this stitch but I am going to leave you with a diagram of how it is done and of a sheep that I stitched on the little house sampler.

Have a go at practising new stitches on scraps or combining them in different ways, it is fun and some of the results are wonderfully surprising.....

Enjoy your weekend......

Happy Stitching

A woolly sheep with French knots......

bring your needle up through your fabric then twist around
some thread (the more twists, the larger the knot) and
hold on to the slack of thread and put needle back through
where you came up and pull tightly......
voila .. French knot!

Friday 21 February 2014

applique and embroidery tips.... with vintage fabrics

Good morning

I was pondering the other day over which needle and what thread to use on something that I am working on and then I thought maybe to talk a little about it.

It is always best to get the right equipment and for applique you really do need the applique needles, which are sharp and slightly fine.  Always thread your needle with a matching silk thread so that you can secure the fabric design to whatever you are attaching it too with invisible stitches. You can then embellish it with either a little running stitch or some embroidery.

You can buy proper applique pins which are smaller  and have a good size head on them for ease of handling.

Crewel needles are best for embroidery and they have a sharp point and a large eye, this makes it easier to work with.  If a needle is too small for your chosen thread you can find it hard to not only thread the needle
but to draw it through your fabric.

If you are ever unsure then when you are buying needles and thread, ask in the shop and they will be able to guide you to the correct equipment needed for what you would like to achieve.  It is also great to support your local shops......

When using vintage fabrics it is best to have the correct needle so that you do not damage the delicate fabric.  Unpicking antique fabrics can sometimes damage them so I feel for a few pounds it is better to invest in the correct needles and pins.  I also have a needle sharpener which enables me to use each needle for a little longer and has been a great investment.

I hope some of the above has been helpful and enjoy your day.

Happy Stitching

It is a fallacy to think that original design can only be 
achieved after years of training!

Ernest Thesiger
'Aventures of embroidery'

 applique pins
 applique needles
embroidery/crewel needles

Thursday 20 February 2014

Designing beautiful vintage pictures.

Hello and good morning

I am continuing in my designing today and looking at making some more pictures.  They all start with a lovely piece of French linen, cut from a vintage sheet.  The first time I did that dear readers I was shaking........

Then I lightly iron the piece of linen that I have cut.  Then I cut out my design from the fabrics I am using and place them on the linen.  I have some great applique pins for this.  I draw lightly with pencil on the fabric or linen as to what is to be embroidered.  The applique is better to sew (for me at least) out of a embroidery hoop and then in a hoop for embroidery.  If I am sewing words or letters onto the picture I draw them on first (lightly) and one of the things that I enjoy is to see my writing stitched with lovely thread.......

The process is a long one as it needs NOT to be rushed and for everything to be neat.  Unpicking on vintage fabrics is not ideal so it is a love and a gentle pace, that it all starts to merge together.  This is not a quick zip around on a machine......

When your design is complete do not be tempted to keep adding bits here and there as it can then be spoilt. You of course can add say an extra flower or bee as it would be better, but know when to stop...

Happy Stitching!

The humming bird..... designed by me.

We have to trust our own choice after all, and end with
the simple belief that what pleases us is beautiful.
Indeed, no other rule is of any use to us, and if
we do but honestly please ourselves, and make forms
which genuinely give us pleasure, we shall find ourselves
credited with the power of designing beautiful things...

Richard Hatton

Wednesday 19 February 2014

vintage stitching... from my hands to your heart.

Good morning all

Today I am going to be experimenting with vintage fabrics, embroidery, buttons and French Linen (it's a difficult job, but someone must do it ! ) I  have been drawing and sketching and designing away and been thinking about how to achieve what is in my sketch book.  To make the design come alive, look beautiful and catch the eye.....

It is like painting, you build it up gradually, adding layers of paint until the what you have painted is now 3D and jumps out at you.  I am going to be taking parts of a design and on scrap linen and with bits of fabrics (not vintage, you understand) and I am going to be trying out, what I can only describe as in my head and see if it will work and look good...

This will be a day of fun and I hope with some great results....

Wish me luck dear readers and what ever you are doing today have a wonderful day......

Happy Stitching

This is one of my designs for you to look at. It is a patchwork of vintage fabrics
with hand stamping and vintage buttons.  There is one heart shaped
hand designed button which is china and is new.
I am very pleased with the result.

From my hands to your heart.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Vintage embroidery.... My absolute love of it.

Good morning dear readers.

When I  was searching the Internet for images and information on vintage stitching, I came across some lovely images which I would like to share with you.  These are not my works and I can not credit them to anyone as there is no name as to who did these beautiful pieces.

I like to look at embroidery so that I might see the stitches used and to work out what they are.  I practise every week on a new stitch so that I may learn and get better all the time.  The Internet is great for this.

Some stitches used for flowers on vintage table cloths are so beautiful.  I do not use flowers a lot on my work but the stitches used can be useful for other things that I have in mind on future projects.

I have to say that the correct needle and thread does help and I do practise on bits of vintage linens.... You really have to practise on fabrics that you use, as it can change the way the stitch turns out if not. Also always use a embroidery hoop to keep the fabric taught, it makes a huge difference.

I used to do lots of cross stitch and my lovely Mum and Dad (my husbands really but I have adopted them) have some of my work still hung up in their home.  My Dad in law said if there was a fire he would stop to grab his picture !!!! So that is a lovely to think something is loved that much that you have worked on.  Myself, apart from my husband, I would grab my two beautiful shawls that my Mum in law made for me and a quillo that she made me years ago.... oh and a quilted table cloth....

It is lovely when someone takes the time to make something for someone or that they buy a handmade item as it is unique.

Anyway I must away to stitch and draw and write.........

Happy Stitching!

Embroidery has continually played an integral part in the history of man and woman.  It not only signified certain status and wealth through the ages but it has also given
countless hours of satisfaction to those who create something of
beauty with a needle and thread.

Margaret Price

Monday 17 February 2014

Vintage fabrics and buttons ..... and caring for them.

Good morning to you all

I thought I would talk to you today about vintage fabrics. As you all know that is my material of choice. Vintage French linen, vintage fabrics, paisley's, old eiderdown fabrics and really any pretty French fabrics I can get.  I enjoy adding the old monograms that have been stitched or the vintage laundry labels ..... all washed down as it were, with vintage carved mother of pearl buttons and embroidery...

But you have to take care of the fabrics and use them with care.  I have an amazing fabric, it is stunning but very delicate so it would have to be used in a picture say, so that it is behind glass.  I would not put any on a Christmas stocking for instance, it just would not stand up to continual handling.

If you want to make a cushion cover out of vintage linen, then it has to be strong and the weave tight, or it will just unravel.

You have to pick your fabrics carefully for each project that you do, not only the right colour for a project but carefully pick the project for the fabric.

Most of the fabrics that I buy have already been washed and pressed, but if I need to I only hand wash the fabric.  Firstly it is best to put warm water in your sink with delicate soap flakes and let the fabric soak for 15 minutes or so.  Then gently wash the fabric and rinse it thoroughly.  Hang it to dry and press when still a little damp, I have an old painted airer which was my husbands grandmothers I believe and it does the job wonderfully.  When it is thoroughly aired you can wrap in non acid tissue paper and if you take the time to label what it is, then you do not have to keep disturbing them until needed.

You can clean mother of pearl buttons too with mineral oil and rub dry with a cotton cloth.

There is some dedicated and hard work involved in caring for vintage things but the results are worth it and they are then preserved for future generations to come. I find doing these things therapeutic and calming and when the work is done a great sense of achievement as well.

The work is worth it when you stitch something beautiful that is new, yet has a 100 years or more history attached to it.  I made a wedding picture for parents of a bride and they were all thrilled.  It had history and was also one of a kind, not another person in the world has one like this........ I had a letter from the happy couple and they said it was amazing with all the history attached to it and what a stunning heirloom for their future children that they were planning on having.  They thanked me for making them such a beautiful picture for their home and thanked mum and dad for commissioning it...

All this dear readers makes my job even more enjoyable and worth while........

Happy Stitching

The love of sewing is our common thread............

Saturday 15 February 2014

china pincushion dolls

Good morning dear readers

Back over the Christmas period, as you all know, our lovely friend Jo came to stay.  She stayed with us and her lovely Aunt, who does not live that far away from us.

On a few occasions I was invited in to have a coffee with her Aunt Valerie and we all sat chatting.  Valerie loves crafts and is a very accomplished stitcher herself so there was lots to talk about.

On one of these occasions her Aunt had been clearing things out and she gave me two china ladies, that is just there top halves!  We didn't know what they were then.  Another friend of mine told me they were china pincushion dolls and that you made a skirt from fabric and stuffed it to put pins in, I was delighted....

I have done a little research into them and most of them were made in Germany.

My mission now is to find a beautiful fabric for each that matches the hand painting and restore them to there former glory.......

Happy Stitching!

Friday 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day! all my readers

Good morning all

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Today I am only working until around 4pm as I will be getting ready to go out for a meal with my husband.  For the last few years I have cooked in and laid a special table but this year we have decided to go out for the evening.

So today I am content stitching and quite by chance I am stitching little hearts..........

Have a lovely day and a wonderful weekend.

Happy Stitching!

This is the work of Rachel Elliott who made
this from glass and enamels.
Her shop is flyingcheesetoastie on Etsy......

Love is that condition that the happiness of another
person is essential to your own.....

Thursday 13 February 2014

Goodbye to a wonderful man

Dear Readers

It is with great sadness that I tell you my lovely friend and neighbour died this afternoon.

This is the man who worked for J P Coates for over 40 years and who, I used to talk to, about stitchery and sewing machines...

When I bought my new machine last year he came round to give it the once over and was very pleased with my choice.

I will miss him greatly and feel that I lost a second dad today. My heart goes out to his family who lost a wonderful husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather today.

The world was a better place with him in it and today heaven gained another angel....

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Stitching and embroidery!.... sweet bliss

Good morning all

I would like to say that yesterday went very well.  The train was on time!! and I had a wonderful day researching...  I would like to thank Jennifer and Pauline for making me so welcome and for all their help and for Richard for making it all possible.

So today I am going to collate some of my work and then sit down to sweet stitchery....

Whilst on the train I found myself doodling designs, I live and breathe what I do. I have to say I am glad not to be a crime writer, can you imagine their thoughts daily!!!

I will be doing some more magazine work and I have other projects in the making.  It is wonderfully exciting.  I can not show you what I am doing for these as of course the magazines want my work to be unseen until publication.....  I will keep you informed as to where and when.

So today have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and enjoy the fireside whilst dreaming of Spring.

Happy Stitching!
Make the process of sewing a pleasure for yourself.
Nancy Zieman

Tuesday 11 February 2014

London research

Good morning all

Today I am travelling to London to do some research.  I have my bag packed and my pencils, pens and notebook plus laptop! It is to do with embroidery so I am very excited.

I was going to take a little hand stitching with me but thought better of it.  I think I will use my laptop and get myself prepared instead.  On the train sometimes is not the place to be stitching delicate work.

So today it is just to say have a wonderful day whatever you are up.

Happy Stitching!

Monday 10 February 2014

Embroidery patterns and books

Good morning all!

I have been searching for some vintage embroidery stamps and also some of the vintage pre stitched monograms and initials for my work...... I found some of the later so I am very pleased.

Some ladies years ago would buy the felt initial and you positioned it on the linen or hankie and white stitched over it so that it would become raised and fastened into place.  Others would stamp on an initial or pattern.  You can still find, if you are lucky, the old rubber rollers to roll on your design and then you have to stitch over it.

In addition to the above you could buy the paper patterns to do your designs.  I have one that I bought and it is stunning work.  Mostly what you can get now is the vintage French designs, which happen to be a favourite of mine.

You can buy some lovely white work embroidery books to show you how.

Have a go yourself embroidering a little design or initial onto a pillow case or corner of a sheet for a present to a new mum for her baby.......

What ever you are doing today have a wonderful day. 

Happy Stitching!
Needlework is a way to capture love, beauty, peace and time.....

Sunday 9 February 2014

Sunday sketching and thoughts of vintage!

Good morning

With the weather like it is at the moment in this part of the world, it really is open fire time and Roast dinners!  There will be lamb roasting in the oven later and the fire is already lit.  It is not a good time to go walking with the winds howling and all the floods we are experiencing, it is actually safer to stay put indoors.  On a Sunday I really do not want to be doing housework so whilst my husband reads happily or looks a clip of a fast car zooming around the track, I dream of vintage and doodle and sketch ideas that pop into my head.

Sunday is, I know, a day of rest dear readers but to me this is relaxing and somehow as it is the weekend it seems not like work just enjoyment.

I have been looking at different patterns within vintage fabrics today and looking to see what I can see in them.....from that designs are jumping out at me!

So I am away to my doodles.......

Happy Sunday!!

Saturday 8 February 2014

Vintage embroidered monograms

Good morning all!

As you all know I am designing a lot at the moment and coming up with lots of new scrummy designs ( at least I think they are), I have another article coming out in an American magazine in the summer.

I have been playing with vintage embroidered monograms and linen and vintage hankies as a base for my work.  I am looking for old vintage rubber stamps with my initials on, so that I may white work embroider my initials and that of my husband.....

The intricate work of some of the embroidery I see, absolutely astounds and pleases me.  When I buy a vintage sheet to cut up I always hope there is some original embroidery that I may be able to use in part of my work. 

I have been playing with a tiny chain stitch which is working beautifully....

The gorgeous shaker threads that I bought in America are working very well on antique linens and I am pleased at the results.

Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to.

Happy Stitching!

Embroidery is the art of enriching a fabric with stitchery!

Friday 7 February 2014

Stunning Shaker heart print.

Good morning to you all

If you are a regular reader or you have joined my blog, you will know that last October I was lucky enough to go to America again.  We flew into Boston Logan airport and hired a car which enabled us to travel around New England and New Hampshire and New York.

One of the places that we love to go to is the Shaker village in Canterbury in New Hampshire.  This place is amazing and there is a sense of calm and contentment about it.  I have spoken before about it so I will not repeat myself, suffice to say whilst in their wonderful shop I bought a print.  It has been framed and is in my sewing room for me to gaze upon.  I am so pleased with it but can not help wondering where the original is and if you are able at to see it.  Over here a lot of our historical pieces are either in museums or in record offices so that we maybe able to experience the history for ourselves........

Still I have my beautiful print and it sits behind non reflective glass and hopefully honors the artist in some way.

I am designing a piece of my work which is based on this and hope that it will be as admired as this print is in years to come.

Happy Stitching!

Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love!
Mother Teresa

Thursday 6 February 2014

Vintage sample button card

Hello all

Today I thought I would share with you one of my amazing finds!! A French vintage sample button card.  These particular buttons were for boots as they are so tiny.  The buttons are so pretty.

When I acquired it I did not know what really I was going to do.  Was I to cut off the buttons and use them in my work? having thought about it long and hard I decided to have it framed and preserve this little bit of history for all to see and for future generations to see as well....

I am thrilled with the result and it was my old picture framer who did this work of pure genius for me.  It hangs in pride of place in my sewing room and when the sun does come out ( not much of that lately) the different coloured buttons shine like jewels!!

The tiny buttons that were put onto boots had to have a special little hook as not even the tiniest hands would be able to fasten them.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of history.

Happy Stitching day!!
Isn't it stunning readers?.......

Mother of pearl boot fasteners.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Needlework is an outlet for creative instinct

Good morning to you all

Well it looks like the heavens are opening again with rain.  Yesterday we had thunder and hail.  It has also turned cold again, I am a chilly mortal I know but I am feeling the cold at the moment.

So whilst I write this to you all I am sipping my cup of coffee and watching an ingenious squirrel climb about and pick the bits of nuts out of the scoop of bird food I have put out!!

Today I am hopefully going to finish another piece of stitching I have been working on.  I do feel that what I do is like painting but with thread...... Others of you sew and I get some lovely emails. Needlework, which ever form it takes, is an art.  You only have to walk around the V & A or Hampton Court to appreciate that.

At school I wasn't interested in sewing, only Art because I really did not want to make a apron from gingham and skirt from what can only be described as a clingy and horrid colour fabric.  I remember asking about embroidery but was told ' it's not on the curriculum' !!! So I threw myself into art.  For the O levels we had to produce three pieces of work, two throughout the year and one on exam day.  All different mediums.  I did peppers ( the kind you eat, red, green, yellow) I drew some with pencil, I made some from clay and on the day I did a collage of them with fabrics!!!  my sewing teacher was amazed as it seemed to her, at least, that I had no interest in sewing at all.....

What is so lovely about what I do now is that I am creating a picture from fabrics and stitching, and it really is an outlet for creative instinct.

So I am away to my sewing and designs and whatever you do today have a great one!

But just before I go dear readers........
Those nice people at Microsoft have kindly upgraded me to Internet Explorer 11.
Why am I telling you this? Because I nearly had a laptop shaped hole in my window last night after fighting with my blog as nothing seemed to work. But my readers, I have a very clever husband who came to said laptop's rescue and to the rescue of my hair, which I was pulling out! All's well that ends well, but if you find anything strange when looking at my blog please message me.  Thank you.

Happy Stitching

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Stitching with vintage!

Good morning dear readers

Well today I am going on a little expedition to have a look at some more vintage fabrics, linens and darling buttons.  Some of these beauties will surely come home with me.

I enjoy my buying time, there is something about looking at fabric, in particular, and thinking on the spot what could I turn this into.  It really is amazing, almost like the ready steady cook of the fabric world.  Although I could probably come home with practically all of it, I do have to think price and what can be done.  Sometimes I confess I see some fabrics and they are exquisite but I know with the finished product ( especially if framing costs are going on top) that It would be hard to sell, SO I sometimes buy and make something for our home instead with it.

Mostly all the fabrics have been washed and lightly ironed already so I can then label them with their cost and wrap them up and pop them in their rightful storage place......... which I seem to enjoy too!!

I then go and have a coffee out somewhere and write down my sums in my book.

So today I hope whatever you are doing you will have a very enjoyable day too.

You can't buy happiness
you can buy fabric and that is pretty close!!

Monday 3 February 2014

Soldiers embroidery industry.... Help needed with information.

Good morning all

Well I have something for you all today.... I found a while ago, in a antique shop, a needle case.  It is probably something like 80 odd years old.  In the back is a label and it reads.

Made by the totally disabled. 42 Ebury Street ( that's in London) and it was made by an injured soldier from the 1st world war!! It is stunning.

I can not find out much about all of this dear readers, so can anyone help me?  I found an article in the news paper archives.
The Spectator, page 17, 30 April 1932

Exhibition and sale of work done by disabled ex servicemen belonging to the industry 42 Princes Gate S.W

Can anyone help with any information about this item and others like it?  I have emailed the new business in that address.  Do any of my readers know anything about this charity or do you have a piece stitched by a soldier with the same label in?  Please get in touch....

Sunday 2 February 2014

vintage thread spools

Good morning all

The other day I found some amazing vintage thread spools and as if that was not enough excitement, they had quite a bit of thread on them.  There was an amazing green and a red and blue and a particular one from J P Coates, which is button twill........

I am very fond of vintage J P Coates things as my wonderful neighbor and dear friend used to work for them and I have happy memories of sitting in our garden in the summer with pizzas cooking on the b. b. q. and sipping wine, whilst he tells me stories of how it used to be.  I have always been a captive audience, as I enjoy history and stitching and everything about stitching and threads.

My lovely neighbor is very poorly at the moment and it's distressing as he has become like a surrogate dad to me and a dear dear friend.  I am also good friends with his wonderful wife and his daughters.

So can you imagine when I saw this great find, how thrilled I was.  So when I go visit we can chat if he is up to it, about J P Coates and their amazing (now vintage) stock....

I am really happy that these threads are with me.

Happy Stitching!


Saturday 1 February 2014

Hello February...Cosy and stitching!

Good morning all ! brrrrrrr

I am so glad to be inside and stitching.  I love being cosy and feel a bit like a character from wind in the willows.  Food store in.  Fires lit.  Sorting through my embroidery threads (not quiet whats in the story, but you get the general idea! :)) )

The new things that I am working on are coming along nicely, some are not just in my design book now.  Some of them are being made up, it's exciting.

I have several projects on the go from summer through to Christmas.  I can pick up and put down when I need to leave something and go back and make sure it is all coming together nicely.

Whatever you are doing this weekend have a great day !

Happy Stitching ..........