Wednesday 19 February 2014

vintage stitching... from my hands to your heart.

Good morning all

Today I am going to be experimenting with vintage fabrics, embroidery, buttons and French Linen (it's a difficult job, but someone must do it ! ) I  have been drawing and sketching and designing away and been thinking about how to achieve what is in my sketch book.  To make the design come alive, look beautiful and catch the eye.....

It is like painting, you build it up gradually, adding layers of paint until the what you have painted is now 3D and jumps out at you.  I am going to be taking parts of a design and on scrap linen and with bits of fabrics (not vintage, you understand) and I am going to be trying out, what I can only describe as in my head and see if it will work and look good...

This will be a day of fun and I hope with some great results....

Wish me luck dear readers and what ever you are doing today have a wonderful day......

Happy Stitching

This is one of my designs for you to look at. It is a patchwork of vintage fabrics
with hand stamping and vintage buttons.  There is one heart shaped
hand designed button which is china and is new.
I am very pleased with the result.

From my hands to your heart.

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