Saturday 1 February 2014

Hello February...Cosy and stitching!

Good morning all ! brrrrrrr

I am so glad to be inside and stitching.  I love being cosy and feel a bit like a character from wind in the willows.  Food store in.  Fires lit.  Sorting through my embroidery threads (not quiet whats in the story, but you get the general idea! :)) )

The new things that I am working on are coming along nicely, some are not just in my design book now.  Some of them are being made up, it's exciting.

I have several projects on the go from summer through to Christmas.  I can pick up and put down when I need to leave something and go back and make sure it is all coming together nicely.

Whatever you are doing this weekend have a great day !

Happy Stitching ..........

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