Saturday 29 April 2017

Dates for May Vintage Fairs .......

Good Morning and here is a little extra for the May vintage fair dates for you.  Where possible I have entry fees and if dogs are allowed.  These are all the ones that I have been given information about
and also the information is what I have been given.

I will be at The Larmer Tree Vintage Brocante on Monday so I hope to see some of you there.

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday ......

Larmer Tree Vintage Brocante
Larmer Tree Gardens
Tollard Royal

Monday 1st May

10.30am - 4pm

£5 Entry Fee

No Dogs Allowed Sorry.

There is a cafe serving gorgeous cakes and warms drinks and other food vendors on sight.  Lots of gorgeous vintage treasures to be truffled too.....
Easy Parking which is free.

Moor things Vintage & Lovely Spring Garden Fete

The Moorland Garden Hotel
Yeoland  Down
PL20 6DA

Monday 1st May

10.30 - 4pm

£2 Entry Fee - under 12 free.
Dogs welcome but must be on leads.

Over 40 stalls along with children's entertainment an BBQ and live music from Sandy Sparkle.

Vintage Fair
St Johns Church Hall
High Road
Buckhurst Hill

Monday 1st May

11am - 4pm

£1 Entry Fee .. children FREE

Fab stalls bursting with cool Vintage Collectables ... two rooms bursting with lovely vintage goodies.
Family and pet friendly..... Homemade food and onsite parking.

This is on every May Day Bank Holiday and New Years Day ....

Vintage Fair
Blandford Corn Exchange
17 Market Place
Blandford Forum
DT11 7AG

Friday 5th May

9.30 - 3pm

£1 Entry

There are many fabulous stalls along with a tea and cake cafe .....

The Decorative Living Fair
Eridge Park
Eridge Green
Near Tunbridge Wells

Friday 12 May and Saturday 13 May

Friday 9.30 - 4pm
Saturday 10.00am - 5pm

Friday early bird ticket £12    ..... 9.30am all day
Standard ticket £7.50  .... 11.30am all day

Saturday ticket 10.00 all day £7.50

There are around 70 carefully chosen exhibitors in a fabulous location.  There is a cafe serving food and refreshments throughout both days.  Beautiful gardens to explore and enjoy. Easy Parking.

Lou Lous Vintage Fair
Bournemouth Pavillion

Sunday 14th May

10.00am - 4pm

£2.50 Entry fee -- Under 12 FREE

Find 40 Stalls of vintage fashion, homeware and collectables.  Relax in the gorgeous tea room.  Watch live perfomances on the stage and get pampered in the vintage beauty salon.

Bickleigh Castle
Living History weekend and vintage show.
Near Tiverton
EX16 8RP

20th and 21st May

11.00am - 4pm

Entry £10 adult and £5 per child.

This is a large 1940 weekend with the theme of D-Day.  There are numerous vintage stalls. Classic Cars ( something for the husbands ladies!!) Drinks and food vendors.  Ample parking and people are encouraged to dress in period clothes should they wish.  There is camping onsite by arrangement.

Talent for Textiles

Deans Court
BH21 1QF

Wednesday 24th May

10.00am - 5pm

£5 Entry Fee

A wonderful setting in Wimborne with lots of fabulous vintage stall holders.  There is a cafe for refreshments too.  I am unsure about dogs ..... sorry.

PHOTO FROM 2016......


Vintage Fair
Sea Lane

Monday 29th May

10.00am - 3pm

£ ... entry fee I can not find out sorry.

There are lots of textiles; vintage and retro and the most amazing cakes! in the tea room.
Dogs are welcome here.

Well I hope some of you can go to one or two of these ....

Happy Stitching! XX

Friday 28 April 2017

Cranborne Garden Vintage Fair.

Gorgeous venue and so pretty
amongst all the flowers and herbs.

My weekend off from it all to visit vintage fairs was going well, Saturday at Love Lane Vintage and Sunday at this little fair.  Now it did not have 40 plus stalls but oh boy it was good. A intimate vintage gathering with wonderful treasures to be found, people I had never met before just starting out on the vintage road and a wonderful venue with all the flower and herbs scents that filled this sunny Sunday day.....

There is a vintage barn that is always there and inside I know two of the four ladies who share this space.  Firstly there is Jenny of Tilly-D and then you have the lovely Elaine of Fab Fairs ... the barn was stacked with such treasure and it was such a lovely sunny and warm day again both fairs over the weekend had been so lucky. To visit this gorgeous Dorset village is amazing anyway with such a pretty village, a pub and the garden centre with additional little independant shops but with the added addition of more vintage stalls as well.  Sometimes the Cranborne Estate opens its gardens and it going to do so in August when another vintage fair is planned as well.

I got to catch up with Jenny and Elaine who I have not seen in absolute months and also able to make
some rather lovely purchases .  They had a few people outside with there own gazebo's and then there were some really gorgeous stalls inside one of their buildings there.  There is the Garden Centre shop as well as all the plants along with a little cafe with seating inside and out.  If you have never been to Cranborne then you ought to make time to visit.  There is always the vintage barn full, plus a vintage bookshop down the road with a vintage little shop in the back with fabrics, buttons, threads and more that Tilly-D stocks on a weekly basis so there is always lots going on and a vintage fair at the weekend was just the cherry on a lovely cake!

So being as I know Elaine and Jenny well I wanted to go and see them first so that I could say hello and have a little catch up.  The Vintage Barn had lots of people wandering around it looking at all the wonderful treasures that were there on display and for purchase.  It was such a variety in there from amazing fabrics, needlework books and magazines, baskets (I KNOW!!) buttons, threads, china, furniture, hand painted signs on old wooden doors, glass, blankets and all sorts of wonderful vintage goodies... you just had to keep looking because you could miss something.

It was all beautifully displayed and set out for you to see and look at your leisure.....

As you can see Tilly-D had some gorgeous haberdashery and fabrics on offer with bunting lined
rafters it looked so inviting.   I bought a couple of bits from Jenny then concentrated on what Fab Fairs had to offer because I could see baskets ... a whole row of different vintage baskets hanging on hooks and I could not decide or take my eye off them.. with a little help from the ladies who said have all three of the ones I liked  (no I did not purchase 3 as I had bought a basket the day before at the Love Lane Vintage Fair ... it was time to eliminate on them.  One of them was similar in shape to one I had bought from Elaine (Fab Fairs) last year so that was put to one side.  Then there was a dear little green one that I loved but had a little damage on the handle, nothing that I would have worried about but remember this was elimination time ... so it was finally decided on the third one I liked .. Photos later in the week ....

Then we moved on and looked around in the other room by the cafe with lots of people with stalls in there.  First I found Anne Marie of Sky Blue and she had some superb vintage goodies as always with brooches, haberdashery, hats and lots more on offer.  I did purchase a gorgeous thing from her .. it had to be done and they were so gorgeous and rare ....

We had a lovely chat and a quick catch up of where we would see each other again.  This lady and I have a shared love of pom pom making too!

Then I came across someone I had never seen or heard of before and for a lady so young she had a great eye for vintage goodies.  There were packs of vintage empherma and needles, thimbles, bunting packs made from very old seed packets, china, threads and embroidery bits and all sorts of wonderful things.  Lavender and Belle Vintage was really a gorgeous stall to look through and photograph as well.  I had a little word and also she had something I wanted but it was at home and she got in touch and I was able to buy from her and get it posted by Wednesday!

Then I found Vintage Jones and the again the stall had so much to look at, although she had sold a bit by the time I got to her.  That is the trouble you can not get to everyone first and you sometimes wonder what you have passed up but that is the nature of a vintage treasure hunt!

Thrilled to bits was there with a stall and again I had never heard or seen this lady before but love her
name of her little business ... Its a name that will stick in most peoples minds.  It was an eclectic array of vintage goodies for the home and I was allowed to take some great photos for you to see..

Some gorgeous old blue glass, brooches and tea services were part of what was on offer...

The Dolls House was there with a huge stall outside and this was their very first fair, they also have a stand in Toad Hall in Wimborne so you could go there and have a look.  Now this had treasure everywhere and of every type gorgeous little vintage ironing boards with irons for big kids! eiderdowns ( no I didn't) bottles, coathangers, garden things like a fabulous wheelbarrow and tools and lots of things to tempt all with including vintage linens and old suitcases! so eye catching.

Jen-Tique had an outside stall as well and there were some lovely garden vintage bits from tin baths
and buckets to wonderful herb plaques, boots and wooden shoe maker moulds ... there was vintage glass and furniture as well...

Everywhere was getting so busy now the little Dorset village had been taken over by treasure hunters and they were wandering around and filling the little cafe....

It was a really enjoyable few hours and we ourselves had some lunch there and a drink and then went to stroke the horse's that are in a field there.  They were very friendly and really gorgeous.  I really had a great weekend and felt very tired but rested... It is what my mind needed and I met up with some really lovely friends over the two days and met new people as well.

If you ever can get to Cranborne I thoroughly recommend it and as I say there are some lovely things in the village and places to eat....

Well I hope you have a nice time having a little look at this great event.  Have a wonderful Weekend and hopefully I will see you back here on Monday..

Happy Stitching! XX

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Truffled Treasures! ...

Treasure Hunting in a beautiful
Sussex village in the sun..
does it get much better than that!?

So what did I purchase at The Love Lane Vintage Fair in Midhurst last Saturday ... There was so
much to choose from I can tell you.  Lucy in her Country Brocante Store has always got other peoples vintage goodies in stock they have their own little sections in there and this is where I started to begin with.  I new that Velvet Ribbon was there and so I love her inspiration packs of fabrics and lace so I went in to have a little look see.

I was not disappointed and bought some lovely things included was a pack of lace and trimmings, a large piece of very old patchwork in gorgeous blues and two wonderful vintage ribbons all tied up in old paper ..... I was so pleased with the start of my treasure hunt.

As you can see it was all truly beautiful and I am going to have such fun with designing something to
make from all these scrumptious vintage treasures...

From Emma of Little Wren Vintage well I bought two things, firstly I purchased this darling old clock face that is so pretty.  It is not terribly old being a 1960's one I believe from the markings on the back but when I saw it a design just popped into my head so I was really pleased and kept held of that whilst looking around.

There I saw it like a divine light a basket, well it was not just an ordinary basket but this one was paisley fabric lined, I ask you!  My heart skipped a beat as I went towards it and I truly think if someone else's hand had got there before me I may have cried!  ..

I went up to Emma with it and she smiled and said that she knew that had my name on it .... how right
she was.  I could not be happier with my new and beautiful addition to my design basket family.  As you know I put all that is needed for a new design to make in a basket so that everything is together and then I can pick up and put down but always have everything I need to complete a project always at hand ... this must be the Queen of all baskets surely!

From Nicholas and Steele I found something I had been looking for, for a while now.  Two antique letters that have been folded to make the envelope as well.  Two beautiful colours a cream and a pale blue.  I have had a design and frames waiting for a good 14 months now and I wanted something that had things on the front and back because of the nature of this old glass frame.   On the front with the address I can pop on my design but on the back the original letter is on view as well ... these two were perfect.  Shown here is the front of the cream one and the back of the pale blue one...
Over the moon!

Also this is where I bumped into Chris of the Cosy Club fame and wouldn't you just know it we were
around things for the garden that had fairy sayings and notions on them.  There were pots, galvanised buckets, watering cans and terracotta pots that that had been properly painted with outside paint and treated and I am not going to tell you what she bought as its not my tell but I bought this dear little terracotta pot and I am going to plant something delicate in there ..... What do you think!?

Simone ofs Ayres and Grace is such a talented maker and her love of animals shines through in her work and she has a strong understanding of the way they look and adding her whimsy to the design and making just makes her beautiful hand made items that much more desirable.  It takes her days for each one sometimes and you can see that in their quality.  As you know I have a sleeping hare that sits on my bed she made and one of her little cushions with hand embroidery and a saying on it that Mrs Hare leans on... well there was this little lady and she is tiny  around 4 inches in height and she needed to come home with me to sit on my bedside table .... Isn't she adorable.  Made from clay and hand painted and a dress made from some vintage quilt with a little heart detail and a vintage bell around her neck ... it was love.

Suitably Vintage always have great haberdashery on their stall it is a given.  I often find a beautiful piece or two of vintage paisley or eiderdown fabric.  Today was no exception with a beautiful piece of vintage paisley fabric and the old light green vintage ribbon at £1 a metre and some wooden mill spools and with green paint just surviving on them it was a fantastic vintage treasure haul!  They were telling me that they have a Hare that visits their garden and showing me some photos on their phone... how precious is that.  I love my Squirrel, Birds and Mrs Muddy beak but golly gee would I be made up if a Hare visited.  Its my dream when we move from by the see to the country side ......

Isn't that fabric beautiful, I have some of this all ready but I am never going to pass up more of this lovely!

This was my treasure from Saturday and I hope you have enjoyed a look at my vintage haul.  I have some more gorgeous things to design and make with so I am very happy indeed.  

Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and as always Happy Stitching! XX

I KNOW!!!!!! .... Grin.

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Love Lane Vintage Spring Fair!

All the fun of the vintage fair.

It was so lovely to be out at the weekend and such a gorgeous day weather wise.  Midhurst in West Sussex was alive and jumping.  Lucy the organiser of these fabulous events had really thought about this.  Not only with her shop full of gorgeous vintage goodies from different traders (The Country Brocante Store) there was a square by the Church full of gazebos with wonderful things to tempt all but she had secured a pop up shop and a dear little building that does not get used very much as well.  It was like being on a proper treasure hunt going from here to there.... So much fun and laughter and the sun was out too!

We left home and got there early so that we could have breakfast on site.  There was a great little cafe/deli just across from the square by the Church and we went in there for a warm drink and some breakfast.  We chose scrambled egg on toast with some bacon ... it had to be done with a fresh orange juice too.....   This is a great little cafe called Comestibles with fabulous Deli inside as well and at this point in the day we did not know we were going to be back here for a late lunch with such lovely friends!

With such a treasure hunt install I did not know where to start first but I thought I would go into the shop and say hello.  (pictures above) and it was packed with all like minded vintagers all truffling around ....
The Country Brocante Store was filled to the rafters with such gorgeous things to tempt all.  Just at the side of this gorgeous shop they had the coffee man who attends all of the Love Lane Vintage fairs throughout the year.  Cupsmith and the coffee is really really good.  He also does tea as well and you can buy his coffee beans and teas on line if you like them ....

Lucy was walking around giving out leaflets and making sure everything was going smoothly and I then wandered down to the Square to see who was there first. It looked so pretty with bunting and gazebos up.  Dogs were with their owners wandering around and it was free entry for all as it was not
at a big venue like Cowdray or Petworth ..... It was a great idea because lots of people did not know what shops were this part of Midhurst and it really surprised lots of locals, who now, will go back around this part and it highlighted little businesses ..... It was a great idea on Lucy's part.

In no particular order I went wandering around and who did I spot straight away but Emma of Little Wren Vintage ... Oh Emma had some gorgeous things for sale and of course I did not leave empty handed.  We had a catch up as well and I really had a good truffle about.  Look at all these treasures!  Have you spotted it?  well of course it came home with me! ... photographs later in the week.

Maud was there from Beyond France this lovely lady always has a smile on her face and we chatted and I took photos of her gorgeous linens.  I bought two table clothes from her earlier this     year at The Vintage Bazaar so I was in no need of anymore but boy was I tempted!

When I move after settling my Mum now I will be going to Maud with a shopping list ....

On wards I went leaving some purchases with Emma who kindly said I will keep this here for you, I found  Nicholas and Steele's stall and it was jammed packed with so much vintage loveliness and people all looking about.  Who did I happily bump into but Chris and her lovely husband Neil .. This is Chris of Cosy Club fame.  Happy days! and we were having a chat and cooing over some wonderful garden bits and then we decided to meet up for a warm drink and a little lunch. Which is what we did and had a blissful hour or so catching up over the best jacket potatoes that we had tasted with cream cheese and avocado .... Several pots of tea later! Well you get the general idea.
We both bought some bits from this gorgeous stall and went on our merry way until later on.

Lisa Giles Antiques ( Lovely Hudson) was there too and with some really lovely furniture and decorative home bits ... She is looking to move as well so we caught up a little but by now it had got very busy indeed so I was able to take a few photos for you to drool over and then I moved on.

Right next door to Lisa was Lois Kirsten and I have to say the way she was set up with the
Church as her backdrop was stunning it really had a wow factor.  It was an eclectic mixture of vintage goodies and she had made a wood hanging display with little vintage glass pots with tiny violas planted in them.  There were old clock faces, plants, bottles, empherma and so much more it looked so inviting and no wonder there were so many people buzzing around .... It was lovely to say hello and I snapped away taking some lovely shots ....

Lois had the church as the back drop to her gorgeous stall and I just wanted to show you how beautiful it looked with the old stone wall behind her as well.

Little flowers in tiny glass pots tied up and so still in the beautiful sunshine of the day .....

Then I came across Etoile and what a fabulous array of vintage goodies there were.  All beautifully
displayed and my heart went out to several things one being the blue painted side board but I just did not buy more furniture for a house we do not have yet ... it was hard to do but I managed it.  Also the wooden rabbit caught my eye but again I was really on a fabric mission and I only deviated slightly and of cause later in the week you will see why, plus they were small things ...

Just look at those greyhounds too!......

Next was Rosemary and Fern and I had never seen this lady before such beautiful vintage things on offer .  There were some dear little rabbits that you could hang over pots in the garden, ballet shoes ( which I would love some of but would like red!) glass objects and such a gorgeous and different array of goodies .... I introduced myself and asked if I might take photos for here and happily she agreed.  If people do not know you they really do not like photos just being taken, especially if they are makers, which is understandable.

Rosebud and Violet were my next port of call and as always when I have seen this stall it is filled with such wonderful treasure it makes your heart skip a beat!  Saturday was no exception to the rule with gorgeous vintage goodies everywhere.

As you can see there were gorgeous cushions and home wares along with garden bits too.  Old linens and china ... such a delight.

I then moved on and found Suzy of Hearts 'n' Kisses and her stall with all her hand stitched and designs that she produces.  There were hanging hearts, pictures, wall hangings, vintage stepping stools,

Suzy designs and hand embroiders all her own work and she is very popular at all the shows that she attends.  It was so lovely to be able to catch up with her as we have not seen each other since before Christmas ... She had lots of people there buying and her stall looked gorgeous.

Happy Days I found Simone of Aryes and Graces now this lady has talent like you would
not believe, I bought a sleeping hare from her last year that graces my bed always.  She makes animals and one of her latest is a Hedgehog ... she has and eye for detail and the whimsical... I had to pick up another little something to take home with me but I do have my eye on a hedgehog.  We love these animals in our house plus my Mums knick name has always been Mrs Tiggywinkle from Beatrix Potter.  My mum loved ironing and cake and she so reminded us of

this character, in fact she has her own mug at our house with Mrs Tiggy on it.   Have a good look at this ladies talent ... Can you see the hedgehog? so adorable knitting away.  I need to talk to Simone about an ironing one for my Mum.

.We caught up and had a lovely chat, I chatted my away around this fair as I have been so absent of late so it was great to catch up with friends ..

Next to Simone was Hellish Designs with all her lovely lampshades plus other household
vintage items... The corner that is was in was so cosy as her lights were all lit up too.

With all the walking about I would have been tempted to sit and people watch there if there had been a chair.  The fair was so busy and lots of laughter and chatter.   I have some of this ladies lampshades that I bought a few years ago but I want to get two more for our bedside lights in red for the winter months to change them over ... pure decadence but hey I love to change the rooms about with different quilts, eiderdowns and lights to make a different and interesting change to the home.

Suitably Vintage were there with there gorgeous fabrics, buttons, ribbons and haberdashery along with a beautiful bird cage but that had been sold by the time I got there... there were mill spools and all sorts of gorgeous things on offer... yes I bought a few bits! who wouldn't it was gorgeous and so tempting.

The Little Green Door were there and I had not seen them before not only was there some absolutely gorgeous vintage pieces but this lady does hand embroidery too.  There were handmade soaps, vintage books, glass bottles and china to name but a few bits ... It was a feast for the eyes a wonderfully talented lady with her embroidery .  It was a pleasure to look and take it all in and a pleasure too to photograph as well.

Rosebud Decorative were the other side of Hellish designs and although by the time I got there she had sold lots there was still some gorgeous treasures to be had.  It all looked so pretty and inviting.There was a gorgeous little drawer unit, ceramics and linens along with a basket of hand made cushions and a great wire garden display for potted plants ... if we had moved or had a date that would have come home with me for sure!

Cachepot was next to little green door and had the most wonderful display of eclectic wares it
was outstanding, every time you looked around this beautifully set up stall your eye caught something else you had not seen and again taking photos was a real joy. Again I fell in love with the red and white jug and bowl but I felt we have no room for it right now but I am kind of kicking myself about it as I should have just popped it away for eventual move ... I did not stick to my rule, when you see if it, if you love it and have the cash .. get it! ah well.

Well it was time to say goodbye to the fair and head off to the farm shop that was on the outskirts of Midhurst and then slowly meander home and have dinner.  It was a great day out and I felt so tired because I was so relaxed for a day... I had missed it and I am so glad to be back.  Lets hope today there is no drama and I can at last pick up my needle and thread because my days have not been complete with out it.  I hope you have enjoyed a little peek around this outstanding vintage fair and I would like to say a huge Thank You to Lucy Hayward for organising yet another gorgeous Love Lane Vintage Fair ..... It must take a huge amount of work even if it is made to look easy and I can probably speak for all who attended it was fantastic!

Have a wonderful day and with a fair bit of luck I will be back here on Thursday with where I went on Sunday ......

Happy Stitching! XX

Monday 24 April 2017

Wise Words Book to start a new week!

A stitch in time
saves nine ...
Wise Words Book

Well it is good to be back.  This week back started for me at the weekend when I went to a the Love Lane Vintage Spring fair in Midhurst, West Sussex on Saturday.  I will be reporting on it for you all but as usual there is the collating of all the photos first.

Today though I would like to firstly say thank you for all your lovely comments and for saying that you missed my ramblings both on here, Instagram and Facebook it was really lovely and it made me smile.  I am having a go at being on here four days a week but of course if there is a big problem then I will be absent on ocassion's so forgive me but at least you all know why now.

A while ago I picked up this dear little book and I have not really had time to read it properly and look through but I did this weekend and I am so pleased with it.  It is a little old book with wise
words and gorgeous illustrations .....

I actually found this little gem at the Cowslip Christmas fair back last year and it was presented in a little bag.  I had a quick flick through and decided to purchase it but it was not until sorting through some things in my sewing room ( yes it has started in earnest a few hours here and there - at the moment I do not have time to throw 2 days at it and I think that is what it would take) I decided before it went on the book shelf I would give it a good read, it is only a little book after all.  

Loving the 'wise words' and the pictures to go with them and it sort of has a moral too I think it is truly delightful.  There of course were thoughts
running through my head then.  In book form will it really be seen?  Should I break it down and frame each one for a wall in my sewing room?  But I love books too and if they are not falling apart it would break my heart to dismember this little beauty ... When we finally move it could just be on the side to flick through for anyone who is there ...... Of course that is what will happen because I really do not think I could destroy such a lovely thing.  I have never seen this before or since so not sure how rare it is.

This picture with a little girl watching her Cousin Jane stitching away is my

favourite with her little hands placed just so and patiently observing .... First you think it is her Mum but when you read the poem you see the little girl has chosen to run for help to someone who will not scold her!

The words on the next page are lovely because there is a little poem of what has happened then the wise words are at the top of the page, in this case 'A stitch in time saves nine'  

When I play with brother John
I tear the clothes that I have on and then I run to Cousin Jane, and she just sews them up again.  We have to be as quick can be, before the holes grow big ... you see!

Further investigation into Millicent Sowerby and I was amazed at all the  little books that have been published.  Then there is another member of the family who illustrates them it seems Githa Sowerby her Sister.

This is what I found out about the Sowerby's.... from Google ...

Amy Millicent Sowerby (1878–1967), known as Millicent Sowerby, was an English painter and illustrator, known for her illustrations of classic children's stories such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and A Child's Garden of Verses, her postcards featuring children, nursery rhymes, and Shakespeare scenes, and children's books created with her sister Githa Sowerby.
Sowerby was born in Gateshead, England in 1878 to John G. Sowerby, artist and grandson of naturalist James Sowerby, and Amy Margaret Sowerby (née Hewison). Sowerby was the fourth in a family of six children, including sisters Helen and Katherine Githa. The family eventually settled in Sutton Courtenay. Millicent took some art classes in Newcastle upon Tyne but was largely self-taught. She initially studied watercolours and landscape painting, before becoming influenced by the work of artists such as Thomas Crane and Kate Greenaway and the Arts and Crafts movement, and pursuing postcard and children's illustration as well as landscapes in oil and watercolours.[ Her postcard series "Postcards for the Little Ones" was quite popular, consistently selling thousands of copies.
Sowerby was among the earliest women to illustrate Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland, originally published in 1865. In 1907, the book entered the public domain in the United Kingdom, and at least 8 new editions were published that year, with Sowerby's being the first of the new lot to appear. A collective review in The Academy of the 1907 editions – while regarding her rendition of the mad-hatter's tea party her best illustration, and Father William replying to his son her best use of colour – opined "Sowerby attempts work rather too difficult for her, and she has not much imagination". Her artwork in Childhood, written by her sister Githa, however, was regarded as "much better" than her work in Alice: "The bistre drawings have a charming effect, and [Sowerby] has a pretty fancy." Her illustrations of Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses were received as "characteristically excellent", and a 1911 review of three books produced with Githa proclaimed "Millicent Sowerby is Kate Greenaway come to life again."
Millicent remained unmarried, and continued to paint into her 80s. She died in 1967 at the age of 89

So you see this dear little book should not be broken up and framed but stay as a whole as Millicent would have wanted me to do.  I am enthralled by her work and will now actively look for some more of her dear little books for my collection.

I think you can all guess what these wise words are going to be but the little poem is lovely ... have a read of this

We've sat here by the fire so long and waited for the
the pot to bubble.  It's sad to think our bread and milk.
Should give us so much trouble!

and the moral of this story ....


Today I am going for a little visit to my Mum has she had an unsettled weekend and I think it is because of our absence, this is what we were told that if we continued to go daily she would see us as carers which would not do her or us any good.  If we do not leave her a day or two at a time she will
always be unsettled which will be sorrowful for her and means that if we ever went on holiday or we were unwell she would just go mad again.  Then she would never be able to go in to the lovely care home we have chosen for her after her hospital stay...... So I will go with my Sister at 11 this morning and be back for an afternoon of ........ STITCHING Yayyyyyy!  all being equal.

We are to say now that we are going home when we leave but we will be back ... give no time or date because they do not understand it and never say I will see you tomorrow.... This has been a huge learning curve for us but hopefully over the next few weeks with this new routine she will settle down.

I have to finish a Christmas sampler before I start afresh ... can you believe it!  The weeks have flown with all this going on and turned into months!

Hoping to get to look through my design book later this evening to decide on what to do next and make up some design baskets .... Oooh talking of baskets I might have bought two more over the weekend.  More about that later in the week.

Give away time will be coming up too so watch this space.

Have a good day whatever you are up to and as always Happy Stitching! XX