Friday, 22 September 2017

Fabric, buttons, embroidery, list and excitement!

Needles threaded, fabrics sorted,
gorgeous bits and bobs to be added.
The joy of gift making.

It is the Daylesford vintage fair tomorrow, well in point of fact it starts today but we are going tomorrow and of course meeting up with our wonderful friends.  I am gearing up to laugh a huge amount as I always do.  Last month when we met up my tummy hurt from laughing for days ... The best soul food ever in my opinion.

So first thing this morning I was going through my stashes and seeing about anything I would like to purchase or indeed need.  I can tell you I need very little but would like, well that is a little longer list. However I am going to be good and wait to go Stateside so my list is very small indeed.

I will take lots of photos for you all to see and report back on it next week,  Tuesday,  after I have collated all the photos on Monday afternoon, then it will be easier to write my blog for you.

So after my early morning curl up in my chair in my stitchery room cuddled in a quilt and watching the birds outside eating there seeds and fruit ( they get fed first in this house daily) I was sipping my first cup of coffee ( no syrup) and writing my list.  My attention then turned to the gifts I want to make for family members and friends for Christmas presents and I spied some great little bits and bobs in one of my clear boxes stacked at the side of the armoir.... Then it was a case of best not start moving those about so early and wake the household up!!

So after this I am going to go through some of my boxes and gather some little bits up and then get
those all in the basket for gift making.  Then I can really settle down to lots of work later, this is my plan of attack today.  As Coco Chanel said add more red lipstick and attack!

My husband works from home on a Friday, I love Friday's for that reason alone to be perfectly honest with you.  I get to each lunch with someone and he is just there, working, but there.  Commute is no time when he finishes and of course as we are up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to get to Daylesford, well it is lovely to be able to have an early supper too.  He also worked from home on Monday as well which was great, unexpected but really lovely.  We take it turns making warm drinks .. I love it.

I have also decided to do some embroidery on some ribbon again, I enjoyed doing that last year I think it was and I want to stitch some flowers on some very old ribbon.  I have my hoop out ready and thought that was a great thing to do this  up and coming week for a little change and also it is really lovely to have some ready when needed in a design.  It looks so nice when its stitched and then wound around a old peg ready for use.  I have chosen a very pale green colour ribbon and it will be a gorgeous embellishment on a sampler even.

Loving having stock ready and waiting it is so great when some things are done already and little white and lemon daisies over the ribbon or other tiny flowers will go with so many things, even if I end up tying it around a little gift for someone it is lovely to have it in hand.

Enjoyment at the moment is knowing apart from personal items that I want to stitch or gifts my sewing for the next month or so is done.  I will be starting my next years designs when I return from holiday but I will be starting on next years Summer, Autumn and Winter designs so I am well and truly ahead of my game, such a difference to last year and this ...

My wire basket that I keep out with rolls of pretty fabrics in and quilt pieces has got to go away.  I want to empty it and put it all away with the lavender bags around it all .. safely tucked up.  I keep
bits out when I am here for inspiration, photo shoots and of course design.  However when I am not on patrol for the munchers!! and I can not expect my friend to remember to start worrying about it so I am going to put it 'all to bed' and leave the basket empty then when I return I can  have lots of  fun choosing some more bits to pop in there. It will be changed from Summer colours to winter reds ...

There will be things to pop away in my sewing room upon my return, including my gorgeous threads but I have made room for things and I am very pleased.  I am hoping that at the Vintage Emporium in Concord I will find some more amazing carved mother of pearl button and some antique sewing trade cards as well.

It is strange as well because of the English settlers all those many years ago, they came into Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth NH, bringing with them bits from here.  Then you go over on holiday and find something that started its life here and finally returns back to its original home shores .. Always on the look out for the odd gorgeous quilt as well, bears paw would be a find I can tell you, in muted colours it would be a dream of a find.

Anyway that is it for me today as I really must get on.  I am going to make us a warm drink here and get on with my day.  I am looking forward to this weekend and I hope if you are going to Daylesford you will come and say hello.  Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope the weather holds out for us all and you have a great time.  As always Happy Stitching! XX

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Seasonal little leaves ...

“The woods transform From green to red.
Small creatures build Their wintry beds.
The radiance of Summer wanes,
displaced by soft September rains.
As spiders spin Their silver webs,
 The ghostly mists Of autumn spread.
The nights are trimmed With candle flames
As autumn's magic Fills my days.”
 Amelia Dashwood.

Leaves of all sizes, shapes, colours and types are filing my mind and I am having such wonderful fun and creative pleasure from making them.  It watching them from my stitchery room window in the light rain and light winds the past few days ... They have captured my imagination and my heart.  I keep thinking of all the gorgeous leaves I will be picking up in Henniker, New Hampshire, especially in the grounds of the Shaker Village ... the most stunning of colours and so many hues of each colour of red, orange, yellow, brown and green.

Of course my adaption for my work purpose is that of whimsical, made with paisleys and paper and watercolours ... My imagination is going into overdrive and I would like to make some to stick into my travel journal along with the real thing.

The picture here is maple leaves I cut out after drawing them and on little acorn leaf to see how it will look.  Then it was time to get the water colours out ....

I had some fun with mixing colours and making them look a little whimsy and colourful yet ragged around the edge and not take away the fact they are made from extremely old French paper with old writing on it so I wanted them to be Autumnal coloured leaves but wishy washy enough to see the
original beauty of the paper beneath and I feel I am getting there nicely.

I got out my baby watercolour palette as it had all the colours that I needed within, so I did not need to get all the tubes out and mix anything more than what was contained in the palette.  I need to do a little more to them but the picture was taken when still wet for the second time to show you.  I am pleased with them ...

Having enormous fun with mixed media work at the moment and of course I am continuing with Monsieur Fat Robin too so whilst things are drying I have things to do.

In addition to this I decided to play further and these will be for my holiday journal to put in some pages, I wanted to make it very visual as well as descriptive of my time.  As you know I want to collect some maple leaves and others with their incredible colours but thought I would pre decorated some of the pages in my journal.  I know I will sketch bits but as I had all the old paper out I decided to play ...

So trying to think of other things Autumnal apart from leaves I sketched out three size pumpkins to paint and also two acorns and an acorn leaf ..

So now it is a case of doing a little water colour magic on them and sticking them in my journal ...

Having had so much fun with antique empherma over the last week or so tomorrow will be back to pure fabrics.  I have so stitching to do and to add to The Robin picture and now its time to add fabrics, buttons and some hand embroidery.  That done I will get on with some making of a few gifts I think.  In addition it is time to finish my Autumn sampler and I have had it pinned up to keep looking at it as I pass by.  I have decided what I feel it needs to finish it so that is on my list to do this week if possible and probably into next week I will see.  These things should never be rushed it is best to make sure you do not spoil something at the last moment with time pressuring yourself.

Having already had two wonderful large coffee's oh and I this morning on the second one I added some pumpkin spice syrup to it.  I only drink black coffee no sugar normally but I decided to treat myself to a little sweetness and it made me all happy and autumnal ... as if I needed any further push in the general direction ....  Its not even October and I am in overload!

So it is time to make a herbal tea.  My desk is set up with what I need to start with today so all that remains for me to say is have a great day whatever you are up to and as always ............

Happy Stitching! XX

Monday, 18 September 2017

Loving mixed media.

Little tiny slow stitches
watercolours and old
French papers...
creative happiness.

So after a bit of a bits and bobs and faffing kind of day yesterday ( and a fabulous long while in my button boxes!) I have settled down once more and have set up my day today. Today is focus and get some things done.  I have set out my table and will make a warm drink - head down.  There was a while very early this morning that I lingered over my old papers box for a tad more than I perhaps needed to, to be honest - but no I am ready to go.   I think it is about never loosing your wonder in things that helps me be happy in my work, apart from I love it but you know what I mean.  It helps to see wonder in everything ( except arachnids - I just look for an escape route where those creepy long legged, too bloomin fast things are concerned) and that is when you can apply yourself to create I believe.  Working with papers and paints/inks as well as slow stitches and fabrics is different and exciting for me at the moment.  I am enjoying the mixed media and being able to experiment with the mediums ..

I have sorted the fabric for the mistletoe leaves and the tiniest of mother of pearl buttons for the white creamy berries .. that mistletoe has. The buttons in this photo are smaller than the picture looks - teeny weeny!

Robin is coming along nicely and is positioned firmly in place now on the gorgeous piece of very old linen like French paper document and I am pleased with it so far.  I drew and tore out Mr fat robin from another piece of old paper and when you look at him you see the script through the light brushed watercolours.
(pictured below)

In addition I thought when I have finished some of these I could take photos, and then print them on to the linen fabric and make with them as well with my design.  It might be rather lovely on a wall hanging I think.

I must tell you the woodpecker finally came back on Friday! I could not believe my eyes it was sat in
the bird table just looking around and I had to call in my husband from his office to see it too.  Actually it was a lady one .. so not the same but however a wood pecker it was .. result! my mother in law told me how to determine male or female so I wonder if these two are a pair.  Also she told me to pop out desiccated coconut for them they love it and I have bought some so I am going to see if they will be daily visitors from now on. One other very strange thing I still have fox gloves out in my garden and the backdrop is Autumn I must take a photo and show you, I have never known them to last this long before.  
Sorry I digress but it just popped into my head so I wanted to share with you whilst I remembered ...

So there is a lot more work to do for this piece but I am pleased so far.  The watercolour is now dry from yesterday and so it is about a little bit more detail.  I will be cutting out the mistletoe leaves and hand stitching those in place and I may get to the point where the buttons will get stitched on. I am undecided as to whether to make a top hat for Mr Robin so that is a think for today... It would be out of fabric not painted. More papers to be added and some layering going on plus some of that gorgeous old green silk sari fabric as well.  So you can see there is some work for me to do today.

In addition to that when I need things to dry or to just leave to look a little later on there is the matter of a Autumn sampler with little acorns to continue with - it will be framed so I am thinking of doing some old paper leaves as well to mix in with the fabric ones.  I am trying to create a dancing circle of leaves and I think some old paper ones that have been lightly water coloured may look grand so I can make some of those and let them dry and then see later in the week how they will look with the little acorns as well.... In the picture above you can see the outlines of two small staring hares ! ... with a little mixing going on for Mr Hares nose...  I keep all bits of paper however small and of course I could add to my jar of hearts, with paper ones as well I am thinking or indeed start a paper jar of hearts ... hmmmm!

Well that is it for me today as I really should be getting on with some of this, I am set up and ready to go so I hope you all have a fabulous day and have enjoyed your read and little look at my continuing work.  All that is left to say is Happy Stitching! XX

Dream * Design * Stitch

If you can Dream it 
you can do it !

Words that I live by, except my husband did point out that sometimes I do dream I can fly and these dreams are very real.  I just stand somewhere in a field and do a little bounce and then I am up and soaring over the roof tops and when I want to come down I just seem to stop mid air and point my feet down and land perfectly and lightly.  In my dream my tummy does a little roll ( like when you go over a bump) ...  however these words mean more to me in the design and stitching department ! but I do love his realism, its the job he does and actually the way he is wired in his head and me, well I am the dreamer and he is the dream maker in our marriage and I am extremely lucky.

I had to purchase this little spoon that was hand decorated, it is a vintage silver spoon and the words and the decoration has been put on by a very clever lady, I love this little spoon and the inspiration that it gives me daily.

I have been thinking and jotting down ideas for my design journal in my rough book and this is where I actually doodle and play to see if it makes sense on paper as much as it does in my thoughts.  I see stitching in everything, even a leaf.  I can pick it up and study and before I know it I am thinking how best to portray it in some sewing.  How it would look best, or what medium and if I could embroider it to be a little whimsical but still look like a leaf .... 

Trying at the moment to make a few little bits as gifts as well, actually just sort of cutting out and
designing stage but then they will go in a basket and I can pick them up to stitch because I have it all ready and waiting for me.  I have so many things that I would like to do and finish and start and trying to settle me down at the moment as I am so excited about so many great things that are happening over the next few months that I keep finding myself straying off of what I should be doing.

Every week my sister and I take my mum out for a girl adventure and we always have lunch out with her.  I must tell you the role reversal in all this, we are the ones coaxing her to eat her savoury with the promise of ice cream for after! last week it took ages for her to eat her mac and cheese she chose but when it came to a huge ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce! poof it was gone and what a smile she gave when she was eating it up! I would try and take some hand stitching over and sitting with her but she will not let me do any because she keeps tugging at it bless her.  I am wanting to spend lots of time with her before I go away so trying to have my lunch with her helps her and me...  

My Mum was never a stitcher and she marvels that I am, and when I sit and stitch she thinks it is boring bless her ( I over look that defect in her as she is my Mum - grin. BORING HUH!) She does remember I have been in magazines though and she will recall a Great Grandma of hers that liked to sew ... funny what is remembered and what is forgotten..... she also likes to talk about the fact that I loved playing with my Grandmas button tin.  As soon as I walked in the door I would go find the old quality street tin and the contents would be tipped on the floor and for literally hours I would be sorting and looking and I remember with her, those times with great affection and love.

Still like that today because most weeks I am going through my buttons although basically they are only linen ones or mother of pearl ( strangely those were the ones I loved most as a child too, its the magpie in me!) I could spend hours and hours doing it but have to be a bit strict with myself.  Today I have to go through to find some ( honestly I do need to!) I need little ones that are carved but all different but around the same size so I may be some time : oh what a shame never mind!!!

Still trying to decide on what cross stitch to start as well I have 20 yes 20 patterns to choose from and I need to get stitching one at least so that I can sort out the threads to use and again that can be ready for me to pick up and start.  

As you can see it is what I call a bits and bobs day and so think of me sorting all through everything I need to do and continuing with some work by after lunch I hope.

Hoping you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Friday, 15 September 2017

Coloured hand dyed threads with a Autumnal hue.

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket
 than all the other seasons. 

Jim Bishop.  

 Today's little rummage around in my sewing room whilst drinking my coffee and with the candles on was in my precious box of hand dyed shaker threads.  I can not help it and as I am up really early when my husband leaves to for work at silly o'clock when in London then I have extra time to potter in my beloved stitchery room. I sit with my first coffee of the day and ponder, looking at the birds busy scrubbing around out there, although they had there seeds, nuts and meal worms I put out plus I  cut up some pear and blackberries too .... Miss Muddy Beak becomes Miss Berry Beak at this point!  Anyway I got to thinking of threads, as I do and Autumn colours danced about my brain so when I had finished my coffee I started going through my thread box, pulling out colours that had the most  stunning of colour hues. Today though my husband is working from home but I still had to get up quietly and watch the birds about their breakfast that I popped out for them.

With the most gorgeous of names  to entice you as well like ... pumpkin patch, toffee apple, corn husk you get the general idea here - so delicious!
I was undone and in my own little stitchery world of wonder it happens an awful lot, well daily actually.. grin!

Then you see I had to look through my paisley draw and fabric stashes and sort all sorts out that felt like Autumn and what I needed to look at to get my inspiration.  I feel a lovely long walk through the New Forest this weekend coming,
 looking at the mushrooms, leaves and changing colours with my camera and then I can refer to that along side all the vintage treasure that I have been pulling out and photographing this morning.  Keeping some bits out to create with too or add to my creations.

I am looking forward to having this weekend at home and hopefully we will go out to the New Forest for a lovely long walk and a pub lunch after.  It all depends on the weather.  Cold, frost, snow even I am OK with but I do not like hiking in the rain .. so it remains to be seen if the weather plays ball for us.

The camera will come with me and I will be snapping lots of things hopefully that will become inspiration for me when I design at a later date and I am really hoping we get to do that.

Next weekend we are at Daylesford vintage fair and we will be meeting up with our friends again the jolly six will be making merry once more and I am looking forward to that very much indeed. Although trying to be good before America I have made a little list and it will be the last fair before we head out as not going to go to any more.  I will make the most of the photo opportunities for you so that you can see it if you are not attending.

Today I have a full day designing and stitching, well what I mean is I can do what I feel like doing today and I will keep going on my mixed media but if I want to walk away from it to ' let it speak for its self' then I have a design journal at the ready to be able to go to and work on as well.

I thought with getting out some of my beautiful threads today and some other lovely treasures I could gather some inspiration and also it would help me think of new and exciting designs for next season for my design journal - and besides which I love doing it! ha ha....
I mean how could you not love stroking these sorts of colour palettes .. its impossible for me!

In addition to that they have been moved in to a larger box in readiness for the others that will be flying back with me.  I have, as you know, pre ordered some threads so I thought is best to decant what I have and to make space for some more upon our return.  With jet lag it helps if I just know where to put things away and not have to then hunt about for bigger real estate for the hand dyed beauties to live in...

The acorns and leaves that are pictured at the top of this page will be stitched to a Autumn sampler that I am stitching as well, as you see its like when I read books ( generally two or three at a time and choose daily which I am in the mood for as they are never the same genre)  its the same for projects I like to have a few on the go and then I finish that little cluster before moving on ....  The oak leaves cut from old paisley will be embroidered for texture and just to add depth to them.  Little stitches will secure the acorns firmly in place and hold the cups there too.

With all this talk of Autumn and the cold spell that  has started to come in (sunny but cooler) I decided that if today stays nice I might sit in the garden in a chair with a blanket over my lap and take some stitchery outside to catch some of the beautiful Autumn sunlight.  We still have b b q's in the Winter if it is dry with throws on us and it is so much fun, plus it is usually colder then than now so even though it might only be 14 degrees out there right now I think it might be rather nice.  The tame Monsieur Robin may come up and sit near me too and then I can snap some more photos of the handsome chap. I think the vintage red wool thread would be perfect for his breast poking out of his jacket ....

Well that is it for today and all that is left to say is have a very Happy Weekend all whatever you are up to and as always Happy Stitching! XX

See you Monday ....

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Creative sewing and mixed media, Autumn, Candles and Tea Drinking! - Bliss

Come little leaves said the wind one day
come over the meadows with me and play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold
Summer has gone and the days grow cold.

Soon as the leaves heard the winds loud call
down they came fluttering, one and all.
Over the fields they danced and flew
singing the soft little songs they knew.


Sat here this morning before writing this blog today and sipping my first cup of coffee, sat in my gorgeous chair in my sewing room ( why is it the first cup of tea of coffee of the day is the best ever?) I was watching the leaves swirling in the breeze, I can not help it but it makes me all cosy and happy and content.  The candles had been lit and I was wrapped in a quilt and contemplating my day ahead.

I adore leaves and as you know I will collect some maple leaves and others when I am Stateside and press them firmly in my journal.  I love cutting them from fabric and making acorns from fabrics with real acorn cups, whimsical I know but it pleases me to make them and to use them in my work.  They can be a little fiddly at times but it is so worth the effort as is anything that is handmade.  I know for sure I am an Autumn girl at heart.

These mornings and days ahead are giving me inspiration for the next year ahead in the publication department which always has to be done months in advance.  I am designing and writing down all my ideas to draw upon when it is January and fairly bleak outside, when the leaves have all gone and Jack Frost has come a calling.  Then I can open my journal and I am able to create and be in this special time of year once more: even if it only in my imagination .......

 On the cooking front here have bought several things lately the first is some honeycomb or some call it cinder toffee or hokey pokey .. well I have bought it as treat for crushing up a little and topping ice-cream with.  It is not just the little ones of this family who like it but it is basically sugar so is considered a real treat in this house.  This reminds me Autumn is here because its only this time of year I buy a pack for that purpose.  I think it really great that we only have something once a year -
makes it so special.

The second thing is a slow cooker so that I can make one pot meals in the morning, leave it cooking all day when I am busy and then in the evening when my husband comes home we have our in a bowl meal and a glass of wine and talk about our day.  I will have fun making up or tweaking recipes for this.  Actually there was a third thing a Panini maker because we love a to have half of one each to go with a bowl of homemade soup too ( come back in the slow cooker! - for this too) so I feel that I am getting somewhere on the save time for sewing and creating campaign.  The jury is still out for a cleaner but I think once a week would help me greatly ....

I believe that the clocks are going faster of late, my days whoosh by and I am forever chasing my tail right now.  I know it sounds crazy but I have started making Christmas list - hear me out those of you who are now screeching at your screen reading this!  There is a very good reason for it as when we go Stateside I would like to do a little Christmas shopping and I do not want to purchase bits and then decide who to give them too, SOOOOOOO I thought well write a little list of who we give gifts to and then decide who might like some bits from say Quilted Threads, well there is a couple of candidates in the family I can tell you!  This all saves me going mad and then thinking well I have bought too much or wrongly ... So Christmas list to take with me and then I can refer to it when I am there....  I always finish my Christmas gift shopping in November as I hate doing it in December, preferring just to pick up a little extra if I see it and not run around looking bedraggled and in despair
because that is what I see come December, in faces of people doing that.  Spreading the shopping and gift wrapping etc over a few months works for me.  We do not plan a party a week before the event and hope for the best so why people do it for the biggest world event I do not know.

Lists of lists right now and I am making the trees, and would like to make two more presents as well that will be well received so I am trying to get that done before our holiday.  At the moment I am between seasons and working on Autumn designs which I am loving and then going back to my mixed media Christmas piece as well ... I am as happy as a mud lark!

Well my cup of cinnamon tea is beckoning and today with it I am going to treat myself and have a toasted cinnamon and raisin bagel with it too, yes with butter.  So when I have had that I will wash my buttery fingers and get on with my creative day a head.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and of course as always Happy Stitching ! XX

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Old Papers, watercolours, fabrics and threads - Such fun.

Loving the colour palettes
that I am working with.
Orange, Brown, Green and Reds....

Yesterday was such fun in my stitchery room cutting out, threading needles and water colours mixed. I had such a wonderful time and today it continues.

Mistletoe - well the cream berries look fabulous because they are stitched on, tiny mother of pearl buttons and the colour of these are perfect.

I decided to experiment on a little piece of precious old paper and see if you could needle felt on it. There was varying degrees of success but with the stronger papers it work not too badly at all.  I like to experiment it is what brings new and exciting ideas to life. Not that I think I will end up using that but thought it might make fabulous berries ... we will see.

It all takes time and trial and error with mixed media, trying not to have to many in the error department because of working with very old French papers and they are not cheap and can not always be found of this quality I picked up and that is only two.  So slowly and carefully.

I have cut out all my Christmas trees as well, the weather yesterday was basically awful, there was some sun but it was windy and the 'showers' were heavy... I watched all this from my cosy stitchery room window as my desk faces out to the back garden.  You do not see the birds in this weather very much and the butterflies that were around at the weekend have disappeared in this cold, wet and windy spell. That is my sadness of summer ending.

Here though its all Hygee with candles, throws and change around of bedding and quilts.  I have filled the coal hods and the baskets are full with logs that are lovely and dry. So in my husbands
words ' bring it on' .... We are embracing the Autumn and Winter here.  Yesterday the little lamps were on in my sewing room and then off, then on, then off ... you get the picture! so in the end they stayed on for the 10 minutes of sun and 20 minutes of dark and rain..... When you are working in detail it is difficult with the constant light changing and makes my eyes tired so lots of cinnamon tea was drunk too for a break.

Happy am I, in my own stitchery world that time fly's by and I can not believe where my days are going.  I am sort of wishing the time for October to be here but I have so many lovely things to look forward to before and after.  There is the Daylesford vintage fair on Saturday 23 September and we are out to dinner with our friends in the evening again.  Then in December I am in London for four days for my Birthday and we are going having a great time, included in that is going to The Ballet to see the traditional Nut Cracker.  The hotel rooms are booked and it will be amazing with all the others things that are planned too.  Then our friend from Australia is here for months and is having Christmas with us, looking after our home whilst we are away..

Thinking it would be a long dark winter this year and getting my Christmas Star Quilt pieces ready to stitch - I wonder how much I will get done.  Actually it was always for the Jan/Feb months that seem so dreary weather wise but I think this year it will fly by with fun, laughter and creative pursuits...

Autumn, the years last
loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant.

In amongst the showers that have been happening I am watching the leaves change in our garden and it is such a beautiful sight.  I love the warm jumpers and jeans weather with crisp walks in the New Forest, this time of year and of course its when I married Andrew and that was such a beautiful day for so many reasons so that could be another reason why I love this time of year so much and of course the cinnamon, pumkin and pecan season is always good.

First thing this morning I was looking through my infamous paisley drawer and came across the most beautiful autumn like one and I had to get it out and touch it.  It is so beautiful and so I had to cut a few leaves out of some just to add to my Autumn sampler....

Still as you see like an excited puppy happily going from one thing to another, hopefully I will have something to show you come Thursday!  Well that is it for today so I will see you back here on Thursday.  Have a fabulous day everyone and as always..... Happy Stitching! XX