Wednesday 17 August 2022

Whispers of time.


It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness!

Peter Pan.

There are so many types of threads and fibers to create with and it is a case of finding what you personally like and what suits the ideas you have or project you are working on. You can use embroidery stitches to add a decorative element to fabrics, linens or quilt pieces or indeed very simple running stitches to add depth and meaning to your piece of hand stitching. I personally love antique threads and fabrics because for me it adds extra depth and meaning to a piece of stitchery, put simply it adds a whisper of time gone by.

For me personally that is the secret ingredient to any piece of hand stitchery and what makes it special, all these years on I can look at something I have stitched and still imagine stories that this or that piece of fabric could tell if only it could speak.  We almost smile at one another as I make yet another story up in my head about its life before I found it and repurposed part of it to be enjoyed once more.

The last month or so has been extremely hot here on The Jurassic Coast it has hit 34 degrees here inland and that is very unusual for England.  Not much stitching has taken place but I have been designing and going for swims at the beach as well as sitting with my Mum, who against all odds is still with us.  We did manage to get her in a wheel chair a few weeks ago and walk her to the cliff top to see the sea.  Her one to one pushed her and we put sunglasses on her.  I watched her face at the delight of seeing the water.  It was an unusual day that she was not very sleepy and both my sister and I felt some good sea air would do her the world of good and it did and it did us good to be there with her to see her joy.

There have been beautiful starry skies as well and a 'super moon' to boot.  To sit in the garden and feel a little breeze at the end of a really hot day and gaze into the inky starry sky has been a real treat and to be honest a welcome relief from the heat of the day.

We have been promised some rain and to my happiness and pleasure the skies opened up and we had a really big downpour. The garden drank with a huge thirst and a little green has come back to what is now straw for grass.  There is thunder forecast as well and I really hope that it appears and brings a little freshness to the air, then some hand stitchery can resume once more.  My needle kept slipping through my fingers and a few times I pricked myself and blood appeared, which is not great on antique fabrics as you can imagine.  I miss it too.  I have tried to keep busy with stitchery things like clearing drawers and folding fabrics but nothing beats sitting and stitching.

I am in the middle of a sampler to be framed and it seems its been going on forever.  I have had to protect it from the glaring sun on a number of occasions but with the promised weather change I should be able to get on with it this week.  The temperatures have gone down to a manageable early twenties and this will help sewing again. My studio is cooler than anywhere I have to say but without some breeze everywhere has been airless, except by the sea and I tend to go later in the day when others are leaving.  There is something about walking through the water on the shoreline and having that cooler sea breeze in your face.

There are a few vintage fairs on the horizon too and I am hoping to attend a few of them, apart from the excitement of a good truffle it is about meeting up with friends and catching up with them.  Having a drink and laughing... best medicine in the world.

The lack of stitching has given way to sorting out some workshops as well.  Both online and at the Threads of time studio here in Dorset.  I think a little cooler weather will be just the ticket and to stitch with like minded people and chat as we go will be so wonderful, I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

My garden at Thimble has suffered a little in this hot weather but my wild garden has thrived!  The honey and bumble bees have had a field day going from flower to flower and collecting pollen.  It has been a real treat to watch.  I have kept them going by watering every morning early and a little at the end of the day when the severe sun goes down but the garden has suffered this year in this very dry and
hot heat in general.  I went for a drive through the English countryside the other day, with the air con on ( method in my madness) and it was so sad to see our normal lush green country side looking baron and dry.  Large trees with dead leaves on them and such a beige out look. It was like Autumn but without the colour!

I have bought some vintage sari silk ribbon and am planning to do some hand dyeing with it and then some embroidery on there too.  This will be added to a design I am working on.  I have put out a little bucket to catch some rain water for that very purpose to heat up and use. I am going to go and pick some wild blackberries this week and some mint from my garden to dye some with.  I am hoping for a really lovely light lavender colour with a hint of mint!  I will be keeping a record of what I use and how much so that if it is what I have imagined it to be like I can replicate it again.  Wish me luck and I will be taking some photos of my endeavours to show you next time.

Whilst writing this today I have been waiting for the thunder and rain but as yet it is a no show here, which is disappointing to say the least, a good storm really does clear the air and no rain water for my
dyeing either ... feel a pout coming on here!!

In other news I must show you a find that I have.  It was a few weeks ago now but two beautiful boxes of brand new but very old ink nibs for my dip pen.  There are different sizes and widths in each box, which is original.  I am over the moon with this precious find and will not need and nibs for years I should suspect.  What do you think?

I have had really lots of fun in sorting through the boxes and popping different nibs on and seeing what they produce when dipped in sepia ink and the most gorgeous lilac ink as well.

The sun has come out again and the sticky heat has returned once more, so I am off to make a further batch of fresh watermelon lemonade which is so refreshing especially over ice.  A little rain dance may issue later in the day, so that I get my rain water and my garden can have a further drink! not to be captured on camera I am afraid!!  I hope you all stay safe and find a lovely cool place to sit and stitch.

Take great care and as always Happy Stitching! 

Sarah XX