Thursday 31 August 2017

Wisborough Green Vintage Fair

On a gorgeous hot August day
on a beautiful green in the 
middle of a Wisborough village
were marquee's full of treasure!

Wisborough green fair was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was out and in the middle of a green in the centre of a village with a cricket match being played one side and village pub on the other it had something for everyone.  Ladies husbands had pulled up chairs to watch the cricket and had newspapers with them and the sun shone brightly.

As you walked into the fair with stalls outside as well as in a large marquee you had a wonderful old caravan that has been converted into a gin selling pop up vintage pub with tables and chairs around it ready for later in the day.  There was another marquee for the pop up vintage cafe and this was being run by the talented Hector and Fox with beautiful salads, cakes and drinks for sale.

It was so lovely and warm and so many people that I knew and was able to catch up with, more about that later.

Not in any particular order but this was the first stall that was there as you walked in and it was the lovely and talented Simmone from Ayres and Graces with her beautiful animals both embroidered on to cushions and pictures and also she makes the most incredible life like with a bit of whimsey thrown in ornaments and fabric hares and all sorts of gorgeous!

Just take a look at the stitching mice and the knitting hedgehogs ..... Stunning!

Liz and Jack were here from The Washerwoman fame and selling gorgeous fabrics and linens along with haberdashery and vintage treasures from France.  It was so lovely to see them as we have all been so busy and at different fairs that we have not seen one another for a few weeks or so.  Always set up like the most wonderful vintage shop in the world it was lovely to go truffling around there large stall in the sun.

They also told me they were going to be at The Dorset Brocante on the Bank Holiday Monday!

Little Red Robin were there with the most gorgeous flowers and garden bits including the iron poppy seed ornaments along with the shepherds crooks for lanterns.  We have both in our garden.  All around the borders are the shepherd crooks with lanterns on and fairy lights in them and then we have poppy seed heads in groups as well and it looks really lovely .....

This is a very talented husband and wife team and he is the blacksmith and makes gorgeous ironwork for gardens.  The flowers and arrangements are all the the wife and she is a talented florist to be sure.  Her displays are gasp worthy.  It all looked so gorgeous ...

Velvet Ribbon was there with some gorgeous fabric and vintage goodies including some old French paper documents as well.  There was some beautiful things on offer as always and it was lovely to catch up with each other.  I think it is partly why I take so long to go round what with taking photos, trying to see if there are any treasure that are on my list, or not but are heart needed plus the social aspect of these gorgeous fairs...

Suzi of Hearts N Kisses was there with her beautiful stitchery stall.  I had seen her at The Cotswolds Fair the weekend before but still we had things to tell each other.  She had got there late for setting up because of that terrible accident on the M1... obviously at this point we did not know how bad it was but she did not get there until 9.30am and the doors opened at 10 so it was all rush for her.  Never the less her stall looked beautiful as always.  She had left extra early to be able to set up and then sit outside in the sun with her breakfast and a drink before her busy day started poor thing.

Wild Willow was there in the marquee with some gorgeous flowers that made the air fill with beautiful scents, with the heat of the day but the slightly cooler air in the marquee with the sides open.  Stunning bouquets and displays and all with the heavenly scent of Summer!

Walking around with happy faces everywhere people were so impressed you could tell.  Also with cricket on the men were all happy which left us ladies free to shop.  The day was getting warmer and
the marquee was full of scents of summer.  Lavender filled the air with people selling pillow filled with that and roses.  It really was such a great atmosphere.

To my delight Emma of Little Wren Vintage was there with her beautiful stall with quilts, yes quilts but I was good! and piece of old quilt pieces, fabrics, linens, buttons and French vintage goodies.  Every time you see this lady she is smiling and happy and we were able to have a little natter which was rather good.

Those French shutters in the picture were already sold by the time I got to Emma's stall aren't they gorgeous!  Also she had started picking apart a 1930's Suffolk puff quilt and selling the puffs in bags of so many......

Right next door to her was Lisa of Lisa Giles Antiques also known as Lovely Hudson on Instagram.  Hudson is Lisa,s beautiful dog and as it was a hot day she had left him with her parents, he was not complaining as he is terribly spoilt there and has such things as poached eggs with spinach for breakfast! I know! I want to book in with her parents too, I just need to fashion some ears to be believed!  Anyway there was a wonderful aroma coming from her stall with lavender filled pillows on offer, along with other gorgeous goodies.

In the background with the marquee's sides open for a breeze you could hear the clapping and the crack of leather on willow from the cricket being played with little cheers and and well done and oooh from the spectators outside.  I was getting thirsty and just in time my husband pops up with a cold bottle of water for me as he knew I would not break just yet .. bless him.

Wayward Rose was next with some beautiful vintage goodies to truffle through, everyone there had made such an effort to make their stall inviting and eye catching and so much vintage and antique goodies to choose from it was outstanding.

All Things Vintage and Beautiful were there and that was fabulous as I had not seen
them in ages, it happens being so many vintage fairs around and all over the country.  We live on the  South Coast as you know and travel miles and miles to go to as many as we possibly can.  Some are on the same day so it is about which one to go to.  Anyway it was lovely to say hello and have a little chat, the fair by now, was very busy indeed.  Not so you could not move but never the less people wanted to look at everything so I took some photos and moved along.

Suitably Vintage were there and as always there was some gorgeous haberdashery along with inspiration packs and other gorgeous vintage treasures.  They had been at the Cotswolds fair and were going to be at The Dorset Brocante on the Bank Holiday also.  We had a quick chat and I was able to take some photos with out hands that were everywhere looking through the treasure on offer!

Rosehip was there too and this is who I buy those strips of vintage fabrics from with calligraphy
tags on from.    There are other gorgeous vintage goodies on offer as well and the stall looked beautiful it was fairly difficult to get good photos with so many people but I managed in the end.... Plus buying a few little bits as well..

The Ostrich and the Silkworm was there and of course her beautiful doggie as well. He was a bit hot to sit in his usual metal tub or basket he preferred the coolness of the grass underfoot.  I did fan him with a piece of card and he enjoyed that.  I was able to have a good look around and a little chat and of course take some photos for you all...

Lois Kirsten was there with all her beautiful vintage treasure laid out with such flare, It threw
me a little because she did not have her twig support with little bottles dangling with flowers in on her stall and I did not know it was her to begin with.  We all look for people or know its their stall by the props they all have and when they change it or decide to do something completely different well it is of course exciting but makes us all surprised ..... We were chatting about it and she said it was time for a change and it looked really stunning....

Little Green Door was there with her beautiful stitchery and we had a little chat, what was lovely she told me the last time I saw her earlier this year and put pictures on my blog she got so much new business from it and thanked me.  It was so nice to hear.  It does work with helping each other and so many of you have travelled miles to come to some of these fairs because of reading about them here so advertising and helping one another helps us all.....  There was some beautiful embroidery on offer she is very talented indeed.

Then who should I spy but Maud of Beyond France fame with her gorgeous linens.  There
was so much to look at and we had a little catch up.  She always asked about my Mum and we catch up. You will have to wait and see what we bought from her for our bedroom but we were very happy with our purchase....

This is just a few of the very talented people who were stalling at Wisborough, there was no programme this time so I am unable to name each vendor I am sorry.

It was time to have a little lunch and we went in search of drinks and some of those gorgeous salads that Hector and Fox had on offer either in a wrap or indeed in a box with a slice of Frittata as well.  All the things apart from the lettuce and the feta were grown in there own gardens and it was just what was needed on such a hot day.   The picture on the left is of some of their home grown produce  from their land. My husband did have a slice or two of their cakes later in the day, and said they were scrummy, It was just too hot for me to eat much.  Whilst we were sat there a Stitchworks, her name was Brenda and she and her husband came and shared our table over lunch and we had a lovely chat.  It is great when readers come and say hello and she was very complimentary about my blog.... I am so glad to get feed back.  It was lovely to meet you both Brenda and I hope you enjoyed the Vintage Fair as much as we did....
lady came up to me and asked if I was Sarah from Homespun

Earlier when I was walking around who did I spy but Chris and her husband of Cosy Chris and Cosy Club fame!  It was so lovely to see them.  We decided we needed to keep truffling but to meet up later which we did.  And we all went across the road and had some champagne in the pub garden listening to the cricket still going on.  We celebrated her book that came out earlier this month and had a fabulous hour or so catching up.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Well I hope that you have enjoyed this little look at the Wisborough fair and I would like to thank Lucy and her team for bringing together yet another fabulous event.  Lucy will be organising Daylesford fair next month and we will be attending there and meeting up with friends again for dinner in the evening.

Well that is it for today I hope you have enjoyed a little peek at this fair and hope that you have a wonderful day whatever you are up to.  Happy Stitching! XX

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Itching to be stitching!

Autumn is whispering in
the trees as I look out of
my sewing room window.
Mr squirrel has become 
very busy indeed .. sure sign.

After a absolutely fabulous weekend I am so ready to be sat in my stitchery room with my needles threaded,  awaiting the start of my sewing and creative day.  The fairs were amazing and I will be reporting on them for you when photos are collated and photos are taken of my treasures.

The whole atmosphere of this kind of long weekend is amazing and with others to talk to about fabrics and threads it just gets you happy to be at home and sewing and full of enthusiasm, which I never lack in but it gets your creative juices flowing and wanting to create and slow stitch.

 I was thinking about my stitching to take on holiday and thought you know I could make the Christmas trees on the plane and then stuff them when I get home etc.  That way they are light and easy to just tuck in my carry on .... So with that in mind, the above picture of some gorgeous old quilt that I have, I think that may make some of them, what do you think?  I thought if I cut them out before I go I could do a little hand embroidery on them on the plane and then stitch them up on the machine when I get home.

Another little thing I could take are some buttons to cover as long as I cut out the fabric before I go as I like long sharp scissors for that and it is not permitted on the plane just little embroidery scissors ( its the length of the blades) so I could do some of those as well .... It may seem like I am taking some work with me but it is not.  I want to make them as gifts to decorate presents under the tree and the ladies then get a Christmas tree to keep as well.  I was thinking I could embroider some with words like 'Oh Holy Night' or' Angels Gather' or some such.

Back to present day and I am in full sort of Autumn swing.  I will be changing bits around in my house for Autumn ( quilts for beds as well as some glass pumpkins will be brought out.)  I like them all out for September and November.  I am trying to finish my Autumn sampler at the moment and some spin offs from it (little projects on the theme)

Also I want to design a sleeping hare picture, so will have to get my sketch journal out and my HB's and see what I can come up with, I love my design time.  I used to design and sketch every Wednesday but with all that has been going on this year its sort of snippets here and there right now.  This will be a joy on my holiday when I can go round taking photos and sketching things, I am looking forward to the freedom of just

Bumbling is an art form that some great friends of ours taught me and my husband years ago now.  It is when you are away from home even if it is for the day ... its holding hands and strolling along, stopping for several coffees or depending on the time of day a glass of wine and basically going no where fast .. bumbling is such a cleansing and unwinding pass time and we have decided to bumble lots on our travels ... of course when we return the clocks I believe will have reverted back so longer dark evenings will be here.  That is what I miss when the Summer season is over the light for stitching and even the daylight bulbs just do not have the same brightness and I always miss the butterflies in the garden, it is such a sadness in me when they are gone I can't explain it.  They are the first thing I look for when summer starts.

I have been making lists of things that I have to do and its getting to the point of me making lists about lists!!  Having to make sure that I have things ready to meet deadlines for work I am stitching before I go so that everything is done.  When I get back it is working on things for 2018 - it is such a scary thought but there it is.

It is time for me to fill up my coffee cup again and get on with my day with lots of things to do before I pick up a needle so with that in mind all that is left to say is have a fabulous day and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Friday 25 August 2017

Friday stitching and a long weekend.

Stitching away in my sewing room
watching Miss Muddy Beak 
The sun is out and there
is peace and creativity in my heart.

This morning early when I was getting things ready for my day here in my sewing room I was watching the birds all feeding and wandering around the garden.  I have my first coffee of the day  sat in my so very comfy old chair with a quilt around me and it is a great and peaceful way to start my day.  I have a candle burning whilst I am typing this to you and it has a hint of cinnamon and reminds me of what is to come on our American adventure.
I was trying to decide whether to take some stitching or not with me on the plain ride, I think I will try and do some stitching it will make my time pass a little quicker.  So I have been sorting out some bits of fabrics and threads and looking through my design journal to see what to take to stitch nothing too big just maybe two smaller projects and I really was still doing that before thinking I must start
typing this to  you all. I have phoned Virgin Atlantic and I am allowed to take a needle and tiny pair of scissors on the plane and so I think some slow stitching is in order to keep me busy.  I can never sleep coming home on the plane so I am going to save the films for my return flight as the lights go down on night flights so sewing will be impossible and that is the way I have decided to do it this time.

We do sit sometimes and relax whilst away, going back to the Inns we stay in.  My husband always takes some magazines, normally car ones and likes to read and relax.  I do take a book as well and buy some magazines over there that we can not get here but I can fidget so I think some sewing maybe in order even if it does not get done it is not heavy to take in my carry on for the plane ... So this has been my morning thus far - faffing about with stitchery and what to take!

This weekend we are off to Wisborough Green for the Love lane Vintage fair on Saturday in West Sussex and then on Bank Holiday Monday it is off to Deans Court in Wimborne which is just down the road from us.  Alix who bakes all the cakes is taking some of her new recipe chocolate salami and I want to buy some for us for Christmas and some to take to our American friends to sample.  Thom has Italian blood too and I think he might like this very much and of course all the family because who does not like a little Chocolate right? at least at that time of year and this one has fig in it as well as the usual ingredients so I am eager to sample a little and buy
a few to take away.  I have seen photos and they are wrapped beautifully ...

I will be catching up with some friends, different from last weekend and so it will be lovely to have a good chat and hope that the weather behaves for both events.  Both are in marquees but it is so much better when the sun comes out to play too.

So it goes without saying I will be back here on Tuesday with a blog but the two events will probably be  reported on later next week and early  the following week.  Of course show and tells as well which may be all in one blog as I really am trying to be good and wanting to save my money to go to some of the vintage places in New Hampshire and hopefully pick up some wonderful mother of pearl buttons and more ....

I am going to continue with my Autumnal sampler today and have needles threaded at the ready but 
I still have some things to sort first because I spent longer drinking my warm drink and watching the wildlife going around our garden then I do usually.  So many thoughts running through my head and I had a bit of a blip in the week to do with my Mum, she is ok by the way it was things my sister and I had to sort out and it was a sad day for us.

Our pear tree it is laden with pears so much so branches are bent to the floor with them and thought you may like a look!  Gosh I am going to be busy in September !  Some I will have to gift away because there are hundreds literally and being away in October they will rot so they have to all be picked, In addition to that our grape vines are laden too! ..... although they will happily hang and
sweeten on the vine I think. They are only just starting to ripen slowly.  They are lovely with cheese and biscuits!

Although it is August Bank Holiday weekend and should be, in theory blazing summer sun, there is a Autumn feel in the air.  I have ordered our chimney sweep to come in September just in case when we get home after our holiday its open fires time ... I will not light until they are swept each year.  I will make sure logs and coal are in and ready.

When I sorted my stitchery room I sorted out my vintage pieces of quilt and chose only the different
and what I needed and they have a little shelf of their own, there was space for more.  I need to report that the space is filling up so I need to think about what to do with some of it ... as you can see from the photo!

On Sunday I might have a little doodle in my design book just so I can use some up quickly.  I might make some Christmas trees out of some as gifts for Christmas if I have some Christmas colours .. who am I kidding of course there is reds and whites in the pile!!!! The picture right now that would make a great Christmas tree, minus the clock face!

Well that is it for today's vintage ramble all that is left to say is have a wonderful long weekend and I hope to see some of you reading this at a fair over the weekend.  Lets hope our British weather behaves and of course as always Happy Stitching! XX

Thursday 24 August 2017

Treasure and stitchery talk ....

Vintage treasure hunting and truffling
brings great happiness and
Beautiful rewards ...

It really was a treat of a weekend at The Cotswold's Vintage Fair as I told you on Tuesday so what did I buy.?

In no particular order let me show you.  Well actually the first thing I bought was some fabulous bits of quilt.  There is a little story to this so here we go.  When I arrived at the fair I went and found Jo of Hesta Nesta firstly because I saw her first and secondly we had last minute arrangements to make for the evening of merriment ahead of us later that evening.  When I saw her she said she had seen some lovely patchwork piece and it was, she was sure, so me!  So we walked along and she showed me the stall where she had seen it.  To my happiness there it was still and it measured 38" x 31.5" and it was the most gorgeous old piece of log cabin that I had seen that large in a long time.  Now you will never guess I only paid the £8 for it ..... yes I know but that was the price and I could not believe my luck.  Isn't it beautiful.  Well not much of a story I hear you say but it is not over yet.  So I bought it and later on in the day I was walking around again and came upon the same stall again, as you do and I could not believe my eyes there was two more pieces safety pinned together for sale for £5!  They measure 16" x 14 " and 17" x 17" respectively .... I could not believe it.  I was laughing
with the lady and she said, you know I forgot to unpack it earlier in the day and found them and just put them out, you were so meant to have these!  and I of course agreed!

I am not sure what I will make with some of this wonderful pieces of quilt but a cushion has got to be done for me personally and then some of the squares will be cut so I can stitch in them and frame them in a row.  Then who knows I maybe will sell some on to a good home and stitcher who will do something different to me and treasure it as well.

In addition to the above I bought this really pretty mouse and he is now hung in my sewing room on my Armoir door!  He is made of very old linen and is hand embroidered eyes, nose and whiskers along with a very pretty vintage fabric patch on his back!  The label as you see tells me what to do with him and I will for sure look after this pesky mouse! who has now been named Maisie!

I had to photograph the tag for you because it made me smile so much I thought it may do the same for you.  This pesky mouse is happy in her new home and thus far there have been no known shenanigans!  .....

These were all bought from Little English House.

Then look at these very old indeed wool mill bobbins I bought the wood is gorgeous the colours of the wool wound round are so pretty for display and there are numbers and letters on the bobbins which obviously meant something in there day in the mill when they were working bobbins.  They were just so pretty and decorative I could not pass these three up.

I photographed them on one of my old quilts in red and white  baskets all over the quilt and thought it looked like they were inside the basket in a way.  They now live in a lovely old terracotta pot in my sewing room and I can
look at them daily.

 I love the fact that I have saved some history.  That is what we are all doing these days now that vintage and antiques have become so popular ...... The things that were thrown out
years ago for the more ' modern' things, breaks my heart.  I know my mum told me years ago that when her Grandma died that her parents were throwing things from the window onto a bonfire .. I nearly fainted!!!!
These were from The Apple Loft.

Then I spotted a tablecloth that I know my Grandma owned (my mums mum) and it is the same
colour one I am sure.  I remember Sunday tea laid up on it with fresh cut bread, butter, cheese and hams on plates.  Lemon Curd and marmite.  Toasted teacakes with butter and salads....  Then always a couple of homemade cakes as well and cherry pop for the children.... It was such a memory that I was stood there looking and then realised I had a huge smile on my face so it came home with me.  It is now on our kitchen table minus the goodies!!

This was from Sammi Lou.

On my list I had some vintage cottons and I found three of what I was looking for which is happy days.  I do use the cotton to embroider with on occasions.  You see when you are doing delicate filling in of a leaf or flower petal it is perfect .... Old vintage cottons that are not made anymore with these colours and hues....

oops sorry forgot in my excitement to jot down the name of who I bought these from and so was the oxo book ...

I have an old oxo tin here at home on a shelf and it was packed up for the move that has not happened yet but when I saw this little book on oxo for cooking I thought they would look perfect together so it  jumped into my basket and was not on the list I wrote at all ....

My tin is much older than this book which I think is around the fifties but I do believe they are meant to be together for prosperity ...

Now take a little look at this I did not strictly buy this at the fair as I went to Alison's shop Betty and Violet on the Sunday morning but I did get two of her gorgeous magazines from Jeanne d'Arc they
are more like a book really and filled with gorgeous images and some recipes too.
I took those on to read back at the hotel in the afternoon but look what I picked up in Ali's shop.

It has a carved mother of pearl top and it is wax for your needle and there is still some original wax on it.  I will not use the wax as I can not replace it but I keep imagining the work box that it came from.  It would have not been a normal house hold as these were expensive to by in their day and so it would have come from a wealthy house hold.  I wonder who owned it and wonder about them.  A little stitchery mystery but the stories in my head that I imagine are fascinating!

I then thought I was done because I am being good because I have a few more to go to before we go on Holiday to America and of course I would like to bring goodies back from there but I had seen a gorgeous quilt stand.  I looked at them all and took photos.  Oh they were all lovely but one took my eye.  I stroked it and then explained about being good.  Said thank you and went off.  What I did not know is my Husband had been watching me and had gone up after and asked about what I was looking at.  The Dresden plate quilt ... He was told that I had said it was stunning but about my holiday and more fairs.

However that darling of a man bought it for me and said to me it is our Wedding Anniversary in October while we are in America, which of course I know but I thought the trip and the meal out was going to be more than enough.  He had other ideas.

He gets why I love what I do, he gets my love of quilts and has become very fond of them himself.  He drives me around the country to look and report on them for you all and for me to buy at and he never complains.  I am one lucky lucky lady I can tell you.

Not only that but we stayed in a beautiful hotel and went out with friends for a wonderful meal and hours of laughter and great talk of all sorts including vintage but mostly catching up on what we are all doing at the moment.

We had such a lovely weekend and it is going to happen again in September so I am very excited as we normally on catch up outside of our vintage work once a year with Alison and her husband and maybe a few times with Jo and Andy ....

I will be missing fairs here in England in October but will be at Christmas ones through November until early December ...

Well that is it for today I really hope you have enjoyed your read and little look at my treasures.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching! XX

Tuesday 22 August 2017

The most wonderful Cotswold's Fair ......

Cotton reels full of gorgeous vintage threads.
Fabrics pre worn and pre loved tied with ribbon.
Vintage Treasures galore.
Winston the gorgeous dog.
Catching up with wonderful friends.......
The Cotswold Vintage Fair

Oh my what a great and fabulous weekend, my tummy hurts from the laughter and my basket stuffed with vintage treasures .... what was not to like!

From the moment you drive into Gloucestershire and the most beautiful Cotswolds you relax, open fields and wild flowers growing by the sides of the roads, green grass and trees and farmers bringing in their crops and hay it is so good for the soul. What else could be better ? well in amongst all this gorgeous English countryside at its best there is The Cotswold's vintage fair!  It
happens to be one of my favourites of the year and I will not miss it unless really pushed.  Even last year with my Mum so bad I managed a weekend there ....

There is plenty of parking which is great and then you are greeted by beautiful flowers arranged at the door of the village hall and of course the star ... Winston the bull dog! He is the face of this show now I think and he was there quietly watching and eating a large bone treat to keep him very happy indeed.

The hall is full with wonderful exhibitors with some exquisite treasures, there is a pop up vintage cafe selling sandwiches, cakes, cold drinks and teas and coffees.  My husband sampled a few I can tell you.  I was told by several people he had been back a few times! ... He comes and finds me and shows me and makes me take a bite of every piece of cake he purchases as he knows I will only have one piece myself.  The choice for me on this particular day was a cinnamon bun and oh my with a welcomed cup of coffee from a china vintage tea cup and saucer it hit the spot after our journey.  He however went on to have lemon drizzle cake, after his bun and them came with a oat and ginger cookie ( extremely large) and there were several others that came up and offered me a bite as well. The chocolate swedish cake I was told was unctious , but he said he could not find me to taste that one! ... hmmmm!

In the background there is wonderful old music playing and some how shopping to the sounds of Frank Sinatra makes it all even better! if that is at all possible.  Every little detail is thought out and I really feel this is such a great event.

Outside there is a large marquee and this is full of exhibitors as well all around the perimeter  with tables and chairs in the middle with vintage embroidered table cloths on them and jars of flowers for people to sit and have their cake and drinks whilst still looking around at all the treasure that is offered for purchase.

In addition to this there are other smaller gazebo's with even more vintage wares including one that was just antique quilts! yes honestly and there was something for all even the men!

I walked around catching up with friends and taking a few photos for you to look at.  I met up with Maureen who reads my blog on her and her lovely hubby Jimmy and they had made the journey from Scotland to be there on my recommendation that this was a great vintage event, I am glad to say they were not disappointed.  Even her husband found some man treasures!

Then a lady came up to me and I recognised her from last year we had such a lovely chat and got to know each other a little.  She had read on my blog I was returning this year and she had come down to see me!  How wonderful was that.  Her husband had driven her and was sat in the car with books and sandwiches and she had come to say hello and have a catch up.  Thank you so much Brenda Corrieri  ...... it was so lovely to see you and be able to say hello again, same time next year?

Then I bumped into Theresa of Cherub Antiques who was not stalling but looking around and there to
do a little treasure shopping of her own.....  This is what else is so fabulous about these kind of events it is so social as well we meet and make friends with the most lovely like minded people who understand our obsession for vintage and antique.  We all have our own 'thing' that we like and era but we all understand one another perfectly.

Also at the fair was the lovely Kathryn ( Demon Shopper on Instagram) and she was next to the Suzi
of Hearts and kisses!  Both of their stalls looked amazing.  Also this could only mean one thing ..  Kathryns sister known to most of you is Vintage_Dahling was there with one of her lovely sons, Milo and he has become so well known because of all the lovely photos he features in.

It seemed so many people were there wandering around and buying it was perfect!

I found these lovely ladies on their stall all dressed up and looking fabulous and joy of joy they did
not mind me taking a photo of them.  Lots of people do not mind their stalls being featured but they do not like the the camera pointed in their directions. Chrissy in the red hat is a hair dresser and she specialises in vintage hair designs and put ups.  The little Vintage Hair parlour is her business and if you would like to learn more is the place to have a look or phone on 07791423983.  The other lady owns Déjá Vu Vintage and specialises in 1940/1950,s.

The weather played fairly this time, there was a tiny shower but that was that the rest of the time was warm although slightly overcast but it was not boiling hot which was great too.

There is something about looking for treasures and I did find some, mostly what was on my list but I did go off piste slightly, well I can resist anything but temptation, in the words of Oscar Wilde! I actually did not buy that much but I bought some lovely things ... show and tell later in the week.

I had met up with Alison ( Betty and Violet) as she not only has a shop in The Broadway, which is only a few miles down the road but she also loves to attend this fair yearly with all her beautiful antiques.  We later were all going out for dinner so were making the last of the plans for meet time as well as I purchased a few things from her as well.

The other part of the jolly dinner party that night was Jo and Andy of Hesta Nesta fame and we all
had been chatting away as well.  There were six of us for an evening of such fun and laughter and a little grape juice .... the fermented kind!!!

By now the place was nicely packed, still some room to move but very busy and our tummy was telling us it was lunchtime, well mine was because I had not eaten the cake stall!  We both had a sandwich and a cold drink.  Beef and onion marmalade it was really lovely.

I caught up with Suitably Vintage who as always had the most lovely of displays and were in their own Gazebo outside.  We talked about how wonderful and lucky we were with the weather because last year some were holding on to the stock and stands outside to stop it being blown away.  By the way the dapper guy in the hat above, its my husband. That smile is a smile of a man who has eaten the cake stall !!!

There we lots of people who where stalling at the great fair and I would like to name them all for you so you know who you might see next year if you are going to attend. ...

Yarnit *  Paper and Plastics *  Rosablue *  Village Green Vintage *  Hill and Home * Vintage Gatherings *   Dawn Jones Antiques *  Liz Morris Decorative Interiors *  Kathryn McFall aka Demon Shopper! *    Jet Kessell *   Rosiebud Decorative Vintage *   Hesta Nesta *   Betty & Violet *
Pretty Cotswold Vintage *   Hellish Designs *   Vintage Pink *   DéJá Vu Vintage *   Linda Campbell Down *   Kerri and Al Noris *   Suitably Vintage *   All Things Vintage and Beautiful *   John and Hayley Buckley *   Hearts n Kisses *   Sugar Hill Living *  The Blueberry Patch *  Angela and Anthony Evans *   Vintage Treasures *  The Little English House *   Heirs Interiors *   The Painted Room *   Pear Tree Designs *   Blighty Antique *   Samimi Lou Vintage *    Trev and Su Vintage *
New Patina *   The Apple Loft *   Clare Rocks *

Every year I think this great vintage fair seems to get better and of course you do have different people who stall here but you are sure to see some great people and revel in the treasures that lay there on offer for you to purchase.  It has a wonderful atmosphere and is truly well organised.  No one can for see what weather we will get but this year we were lucky.  I personally would be there in thunder and lightning it really is such a great event.

So for this year it is over ( hangs head) but there are still some great ones still to go this year is not over yet.

Next weekend ( Bank Holiday)  There is the Vintage on the Green on Saturday 26th August at Wisborough Green in West Sussex.  10.00 am until 4pm.  

Then there is The Dorset Brocante on Monday 28th August at Deans Court in Wimborne Dorset. 11.00 am - 4.30pm  and I will be at both of these so I hope to see some of your there too.  This year as well the Dorset Brocante is going to be doing a Christmas event at Kingston Maurward in Dorchester so more about that later in the year! ....

Well that is it for today I hope you enjoyed a little insight into this great vintage fair  I will be back here on Thursday so please join me, there is a show and tell and stitching talk....

Happy Stitching!

Monday 21 August 2017

Inspired to stitch !

With the needles threaded &
the fabric and buttons laid out
Inspiration runs through my soul.

The one thing about such a gorgeous fair is the inspiration that it gives you to get back and stitch.  With so much beautiful treasure on offer you can not help but to want to be in your favourite sewing spot with needles at the ready and creating.  We had a fabulous time and I will tell you all about it tomorrow.

Inspired by threads, fabrics and the slight change in the air of Autumn I am ready to start a Autumn sampler and with tiny leaves cut out to applique, you remember I cut some out this summer on a slightly breeze filled day and chased one of them around the garden with Miss Muddy beak and all looking on at me in some amusement. Yes now you remember! well I was cutting out petals and things for something else you see but there was some lovely pre loved fabrics and it made me thing of leaves so I cut some out whilst I was there.... I have to cut some more I think but its looking hopeful as I laid it all out on my dinning room table this morning to see how it might look before starting. 

Then I decide if more is needed and then get set to on that.  I take a photo or two just so I remember how I have set out something like this and that is  part to me design pattern as the other part I get my design journal out too, to check and reflect back on ..... 
Nothing is written or in this case sketched in stone and if I feel this or that should be added or taken away now is the time to reflect and decide on it.  Taking the photos just helps me as I go along.

I have also been looking at the dyed shaker threads and see what is what. I pre order them before going to America because some of them I have quite a few and do not want to deplete their stock.  Becky of Quilted threads who has become a lovely friend over the years we have been going to her, gets them ordered and ready for me to pick up and pay, then I wander around and add to my list when I see other stitching bits. Sorry still so excited as it is about 7 weeks until we fly! and trying so hard to calm down about it all as we were not going to go but Mum is so settled and my sister can go visit that we were talked into it ( did not take much) .... stitching stitching - back to today!!!
Well as you can see I have made a little progress so I am ready to start cutting a few more leaves out and want to check out what other leaves I might like.  I have some oak leaves cut out with their distinctive curves and some like maple leaves - I know they are not really native but I love their shape and to me they are a bit like a plant in our front garden ( only a less sort of frilly leaf) so I have added
some of those.

I have been trying something as well with some vintage ribbon and it may work!  I am going to see if I can tack it or pin it to the piece and see if it will look any good because I can not tell.  So you can see I have my jobs sorted for today to keep me very busy, including sorting all the photos of the fair out for tomorrows blog ready for me to slot in to my ramblings.....

Thursday there will be a show and tell of what I purchased as normal and any updates about my stitching week and whether the ants in my pants have settled to let me get really focused ...

Just a quick reminder for anyone who would like the chance to win a mouse mat with Homespun Stitchworks designs and fabrics on it and contact details, you have until 6pm this Thursday to leave a comment on last Fridays blog and I will get my lovely neighbour to pick out three pieces of paper from the vintage bowl......  Winners announced this Friday.

So that is it for today as I really must be getting on with this sampler and photographing treasures etc so that I can put them away. I have really been good in my sewing room at keeping it tidy and neat.  Having a small hand held dyson in here helps and I really do not mind dusting in here around all the old kilner jars filled with buttons, thread, ribbons and all sorts of treasures.... 

Have a great day and Happy Stitching! XX

Friday 18 August 2017

That Friday feeling ..

Slow stitches make pretty
artistic fabric art. Embroidery
& vintage buttons finish a piece ...

I am loving my hand stitching and being back this week but today is going to be a challenge because I am so excited about a few things, firstly we are off to the beautiful Cotswolds to the vintage fair at Toddington this weekend and out with friends in the evening it is going to be such a beautiful weekend and to catch up with such wonderful like minded people is the cherry on top! The fair is at Toddington but we are out for a meal in the most picturesque town of Broadway.  We did this last year and it was such fun we decided, lets to it again.

The second thing is we have decided to go back to America for our holiday this year we need the break so we are going to book our flights and go for 20 days ..... Meet up with our friends over there and generally have a total relax!  I am excited to the point my tummy is doing little butterfly movements all the time and the smile will not come off of my face!

We have a friend to house sit which is fabulous and so our birds will get fed and watered.  This year we were not worried about hanging baskets or flowers because my husband put in an irrigation system so everything gets watered three times a day and it is really fantastic.

I will be doing a blog when we arrive just to say we are there and will resume a few days after my return and take lots of photos of stitchery things for you see, other than that I will be taking time out of a difficult year just to soak it all up.  I will let you know nearer the time the dates.  I will need a few days upon my return because I get jet lag coming back this way and not going.  We will visit Quilted Threads and The Canterbury Shaker Village and along our journey visit stitchery and vintage shops as we come across them.  We are also going to Cape Cod so my design journal will be out.....

When we arrive home our lovely friend from Australia will be here staying so it will be an exciting
arrival home as well....

You can now see why today is a challenge for me because I actually can not settle to anything in particular I am sooooo excited and want to just scurry around like a child ....

This morning I have been going through my hand dyed shaker threads and also looking on the website at the colours I need to pre order to pick up when I am there.  We go to Quilted Threads and buy them but because I go for larger amounts it helps both myself and Becky if I select before I go and they are just there for me to pay and pick up.  When I then get back to the Inn we stay at I lay them all out and have a good old look and feel ... its like the best treasure hunt of colour and I enjoy myself thoroughly....

For now though I have to come down to earth and prepare for this
weekend of fun and a vintage fair along with getting on with my
stitchery and not get too distracted by my butterfly tummy!

I finished the words on the quilt pieces and the Christmas sampler and now I have embarked on another piece.  I have to make a trip to the photographer and then on to the framer next week but I would like to get another piece finished.  I need to settle down.  No more coffee for me today I am already hyper as it is ... grin!

I have had a look through some bits to add to my list for the weekend in the Cotswolds so that is now sorted.  From such a difficult start to 2017 I feel it will end on a high.  Mum is settled and well taken care of.  I have started to sleep again soundly knowing this and we have so much to look forward to.
What started as such a bad year for me and my family has smoothed its self out and now we can go away.  Last year we could not go because of it all but now, well things are remarkably settled.

Who would like a mouse mat with homespun stitchworks on it ?  I have several to give away so if you leave your name on here and say why you might like one I have three to give away so all the names will go into a vintage china bowl.....

I will let the three lucky winners know next week on Thursday so you have nearly a week to enter.

I will be reporting on the fair for you and the blog will be going out on Tuesday next week after I have collated all the photos for you.

Sorting out a basket to take to carry any little treasures that I might find tomorrow at this gorgeous
event, it is one of my absolute favourites and if it can help it I will never miss this yearly event.  Winston the dog is always at the door to greet everyone and he is almost the star of the show he gets so much attention and of course he takes it all in his stride ...

My thoughts are turning to an Autumn state of mind not only because of going to see New England and New Hampshire in the Fall but because it has a slight feel in the air here about it.  So I am starting a Autumnal sampler today and I am really going to enjoy that.

Well that is it for today and sorry its a little later than normal but it has been an exciting start to the day.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday morning.

   Happy Stitching! XX