Friday 25 August 2017

Friday stitching and a long weekend.

Stitching away in my sewing room
watching Miss Muddy Beak 
The sun is out and there
is peace and creativity in my heart.

This morning early when I was getting things ready for my day here in my sewing room I was watching the birds all feeding and wandering around the garden.  I have my first coffee of the day  sat in my so very comfy old chair with a quilt around me and it is a great and peaceful way to start my day.  I have a candle burning whilst I am typing this to you and it has a hint of cinnamon and reminds me of what is to come on our American adventure.
I was trying to decide whether to take some stitching or not with me on the plain ride, I think I will try and do some stitching it will make my time pass a little quicker.  So I have been sorting out some bits of fabrics and threads and looking through my design journal to see what to take to stitch nothing too big just maybe two smaller projects and I really was still doing that before thinking I must start
typing this to  you all. I have phoned Virgin Atlantic and I am allowed to take a needle and tiny pair of scissors on the plane and so I think some slow stitching is in order to keep me busy.  I can never sleep coming home on the plane so I am going to save the films for my return flight as the lights go down on night flights so sewing will be impossible and that is the way I have decided to do it this time.

We do sit sometimes and relax whilst away, going back to the Inns we stay in.  My husband always takes some magazines, normally car ones and likes to read and relax.  I do take a book as well and buy some magazines over there that we can not get here but I can fidget so I think some sewing maybe in order even if it does not get done it is not heavy to take in my carry on for the plane ... So this has been my morning thus far - faffing about with stitchery and what to take!

This weekend we are off to Wisborough Green for the Love lane Vintage fair on Saturday in West Sussex and then on Bank Holiday Monday it is off to Deans Court in Wimborne which is just down the road from us.  Alix who bakes all the cakes is taking some of her new recipe chocolate salami and I want to buy some for us for Christmas and some to take to our American friends to sample.  Thom has Italian blood too and I think he might like this very much and of course all the family because who does not like a little Chocolate right? at least at that time of year and this one has fig in it as well as the usual ingredients so I am eager to sample a little and buy
a few to take away.  I have seen photos and they are wrapped beautifully ...

I will be catching up with some friends, different from last weekend and so it will be lovely to have a good chat and hope that the weather behaves for both events.  Both are in marquees but it is so much better when the sun comes out to play too.

So it goes without saying I will be back here on Tuesday with a blog but the two events will probably be  reported on later next week and early  the following week.  Of course show and tells as well which may be all in one blog as I really am trying to be good and wanting to save my money to go to some of the vintage places in New Hampshire and hopefully pick up some wonderful mother of pearl buttons and more ....

I am going to continue with my Autumnal sampler today and have needles threaded at the ready but 
I still have some things to sort first because I spent longer drinking my warm drink and watching the wildlife going around our garden then I do usually.  So many thoughts running through my head and I had a bit of a blip in the week to do with my Mum, she is ok by the way it was things my sister and I had to sort out and it was a sad day for us.

Our pear tree it is laden with pears so much so branches are bent to the floor with them and thought you may like a look!  Gosh I am going to be busy in September !  Some I will have to gift away because there are hundreds literally and being away in October they will rot so they have to all be picked, In addition to that our grape vines are laden too! ..... although they will happily hang and
sweeten on the vine I think. They are only just starting to ripen slowly.  They are lovely with cheese and biscuits!

Although it is August Bank Holiday weekend and should be, in theory blazing summer sun, there is a Autumn feel in the air.  I have ordered our chimney sweep to come in September just in case when we get home after our holiday its open fires time ... I will not light until they are swept each year.  I will make sure logs and coal are in and ready.

When I sorted my stitchery room I sorted out my vintage pieces of quilt and chose only the different
and what I needed and they have a little shelf of their own, there was space for more.  I need to report that the space is filling up so I need to think about what to do with some of it ... as you can see from the photo!

On Sunday I might have a little doodle in my design book just so I can use some up quickly.  I might make some Christmas trees out of some as gifts for Christmas if I have some Christmas colours .. who am I kidding of course there is reds and whites in the pile!!!! The picture right now that would make a great Christmas tree, minus the clock face!

Well that is it for today's vintage ramble all that is left to say is have a wonderful long weekend and I hope to see some of you reading this at a fair over the weekend.  Lets hope our British weather behaves and of course as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful weekend.

    Pears will store in a cool dry place

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie
      Thank you I am looking forward to this weekend as it's 3 days as well.
      We are shopping on Sunday for bits for the holiday. I always take a box of medicine just incase .. this far this has served us well.

      How long will conference pears last Julie?

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I think you're going to have as much fun planning and daydreaming about your trip as you will when you get there.
    Love all your fabrics especially the quilt on your chair. Do your quilts survive the washing machine ok? I'm hesitant about buying them for our bed and sofas as they will end up dogified and need frequent washing. Sadly, I had to return the two new American quilts that I bought as they weren't good enough quality. I would love old quilts just like the one you have.
    Enjoy your day xxx

    1. Hi Dawn

      Yes we are having fun counting down the days ! Prefer that to weeks.
      I hand Wash my old quilts in the bath. Then I put them in washing machine on a rinse and spin cycle.
      If there are no tears to speak of they are fairly robust...
      But probably not good for claws on paws ...

      Sorry to hear you had to send back the quilts, what a shame! Have you tried forever England quilts ? .. they are online.
      Maybe put old quilt on sofa but on the back not the seat? And a blanket on the chair part? ... your gorgeous doggies would only lean on that then?!

      I hope the weather stays good for the weekend for your garden project ...
      Have a lovely few days.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Hi Sarah
    Its a beautiful day here in Barnsley, quite afew miles away from you. Our apple tree has only a handful this year compared to an abundance last year! Our British weather has a lot to answer for! Another interesting and enjoyable blog thanks, enjoy your weekend, take care xx

    1. Thank you Barbara! I think that fruit trees have a two year cycle. One year lots next not so much. It's always been that way with ours.

      This year I helped the bees and went out with a little paint brush and pollinated around with it from flower to flower! Think I over did it!
      Here in the South we have had a corker of a summer only a 2 week blip! ..

      So pleased you enjoy reading my rambles and that you comment, I love to know thoughts or stories from my readers.
      Have a fabulous weekend.

      Sarah xx