Friday 18 August 2017

That Friday feeling ..

Slow stitches make pretty
artistic fabric art. Embroidery
& vintage buttons finish a piece ...

I am loving my hand stitching and being back this week but today is going to be a challenge because I am so excited about a few things, firstly we are off to the beautiful Cotswolds to the vintage fair at Toddington this weekend and out with friends in the evening it is going to be such a beautiful weekend and to catch up with such wonderful like minded people is the cherry on top! The fair is at Toddington but we are out for a meal in the most picturesque town of Broadway.  We did this last year and it was such fun we decided, lets to it again.

The second thing is we have decided to go back to America for our holiday this year we need the break so we are going to book our flights and go for 20 days ..... Meet up with our friends over there and generally have a total relax!  I am excited to the point my tummy is doing little butterfly movements all the time and the smile will not come off of my face!

We have a friend to house sit which is fabulous and so our birds will get fed and watered.  This year we were not worried about hanging baskets or flowers because my husband put in an irrigation system so everything gets watered three times a day and it is really fantastic.

I will be doing a blog when we arrive just to say we are there and will resume a few days after my return and take lots of photos of stitchery things for you see, other than that I will be taking time out of a difficult year just to soak it all up.  I will let you know nearer the time the dates.  I will need a few days upon my return because I get jet lag coming back this way and not going.  We will visit Quilted Threads and The Canterbury Shaker Village and along our journey visit stitchery and vintage shops as we come across them.  We are also going to Cape Cod so my design journal will be out.....

When we arrive home our lovely friend from Australia will be here staying so it will be an exciting
arrival home as well....

You can now see why today is a challenge for me because I actually can not settle to anything in particular I am sooooo excited and want to just scurry around like a child ....

This morning I have been going through my hand dyed shaker threads and also looking on the website at the colours I need to pre order to pick up when I am there.  We go to Quilted Threads and buy them but because I go for larger amounts it helps both myself and Becky if I select before I go and they are just there for me to pay and pick up.  When I then get back to the Inn we stay at I lay them all out and have a good old look and feel ... its like the best treasure hunt of colour and I enjoy myself thoroughly....

For now though I have to come down to earth and prepare for this
weekend of fun and a vintage fair along with getting on with my
stitchery and not get too distracted by my butterfly tummy!

I finished the words on the quilt pieces and the Christmas sampler and now I have embarked on another piece.  I have to make a trip to the photographer and then on to the framer next week but I would like to get another piece finished.  I need to settle down.  No more coffee for me today I am already hyper as it is ... grin!

I have had a look through some bits to add to my list for the weekend in the Cotswolds so that is now sorted.  From such a difficult start to 2017 I feel it will end on a high.  Mum is settled and well taken care of.  I have started to sleep again soundly knowing this and we have so much to look forward to.
What started as such a bad year for me and my family has smoothed its self out and now we can go away.  Last year we could not go because of it all but now, well things are remarkably settled.

Who would like a mouse mat with homespun stitchworks on it ?  I have several to give away so if you leave your name on here and say why you might like one I have three to give away so all the names will go into a vintage china bowl.....

I will let the three lucky winners know next week on Thursday so you have nearly a week to enter.

I will be reporting on the fair for you and the blog will be going out on Tuesday next week after I have collated all the photos for you.

Sorting out a basket to take to carry any little treasures that I might find tomorrow at this gorgeous
event, it is one of my absolute favourites and if it can help it I will never miss this yearly event.  Winston the dog is always at the door to greet everyone and he is almost the star of the show he gets so much attention and of course he takes it all in his stride ...

My thoughts are turning to an Autumn state of mind not only because of going to see New England and New Hampshire in the Fall but because it has a slight feel in the air here about it.  So I am starting a Autumnal sampler today and I am really going to enjoy that.

Well that is it for today and sorry its a little later than normal but it has been an exciting start to the day.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you back here on Monday morning.

   Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Have a lovely break. Glad your mum has settled

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie it is such a relief, she still has her moments but they are fewer and to see her smile and feel safe well that is all I need to help me be happy too.

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Oh wow no wonder you are so excited. Lots and lots of lovely things to look forward to and you deserve it.

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you! yes I am over excited as you can imagine and I have this lovely weekend to look forward to meeting up with some great friends and a vintage fair ..... What more can a girl ask for?

      I am in full prep for our holiday and part of it is the build up and the excitement too.
      For now though it is about stitching and getting my basket and list ready for going tomorrow.

      Have a lovely weekend.

      Sarah xxx

  3. I love New England in Autum I am excited for you just thinking about it.

    1. Thank you Diane ...
      I am so excited.
      I am afraid I miss the PO today, first thing Monday your book will be on its way xxx

  4. Wow Sarah, what a marvellously exciting day and one I must say, you deserve. It is lovely to have something positive to focus on and this will give you the well deserved chance to just chill and recover from the stresses of the previous few months. I am jealous obviously, because I love Ne England, but delighted for you too 😂 😂. I have been so excited about the Cotswold fair I've not really given any thought to what I want part from EVERY THING I SEE. We are staying overnight in Tewkesbury so I am just thinking about compiling a list; goodness where to start......Mo xx

    1. Hello Mo
      Just picked this up.... Oh what a show it was.
      Lists went out the window and treasure hunting was on everyones mind.

      Blog about the show to follow on Tuesday.

      Sarah xxxx

  5. Hi Sarah I would love to be entered into the draw absolutely love your work and your interesting blog, take care xx

    1. Barbara you are in ... forgetting that lots of people now have I Pads so I am going to say please PM your address and one is yours ...

      Sarah xx