Thursday 3 August 2017

Slow Stitching brings relaxation and inner peace.

Slow stitching allows me to simply
focus on enjoying the
moment of creation.

David Martinez

Whilst slow and deliberate stitching is going and I get into the slow rhythm of what I am creating.  It allows me to not only focus on enjoying what I am doing but to think and design in my head.  I am able to think of ways to stitch a flower or about a piece of fabric that caught my eye in my vast collection and what imaginings of design it conjured.  It is relaxing along with being a creative art.
It actually relaxes me as well and there is a inner peace that I can not explain.

This is my job but it helps the every day stresses and strains we all have and I am able to immerse myself in what I am creating and erase noise and mayhem of the world around me.  It is a form of mediation that is so good for the soul.

We have had a week of darker days, not raining but just so dull and not sunny so instead of being a bit down about not being able to stitch in the garden because of light have turned on the table lamps and lit lots of candles and got on with the task in hand.  The lights and candles bring the Hygge back and make it really a beautiful atmosphere to create in.
I am hoping for some nicer weather next week for my friends visit so that we can at least go for a long walk along the beaches at Sandbanks and go sea treasure hunting one day ... It is better if it is not scorching hot because then the beach is full and it is impossible to treasure hunt like that.  So a dull day but not rainy will do us .... If it is hot well we can go down the beach later when they all go home and take a bottle of wine and a cheese board and watch the sunset. Although he is coming earlier now but will be here all next week too.  This side of the holiday looks set to be rainy! such a shame but we have so much to catch up on and I bought a couple of new films to watch just in case as well.  We are all readers with our books and when I am stitching and our friend is sketching my husband gets a car magazine out and we are all happy in each others company doing what we all like to do but still chat and maybe drink some wine, depending on the time of day.

A while ago now I was walking along the beach looking for what she may give up and place on the shore to be found and I found this beautiful piece of sea glass in the shape of a heart.  It is one of my favourite treasures that I have truffled by the ocean.  So it would be lovely to be able to have the weather to just amble along.  It is best if it is not really hot because the beaches are full then, just not raining and too windy...

When we were in America last I bought the most stunning mermaid and she is very treasured, It has given me an idea to make one in fabrics one day ..It was her hair and face the made me pick her up and she is fairly large.  All things give inspiration for me and I think in fabric she will go well with my seahorse in the bathroom......

Vintage cottons that I collect sometimes get used for embroidery for fine work and I do have some
really beautiful colours.  I can not stop picking up greens, pinks and beige at the moment.  All different hues of those colours and they are great for details like spines on leaves in the greens.

I know they are not strictly for embroidery but for me it is perfect for very detailed and dainty stitches and being cotton it is very strong as well.

I think some of those cottons for the scales on the mermaids tale would look good and in those colours too, make them there but not really visible and with those different colours and hues it will look like the scales on fishes that change colour in the sunlight I think, what do you think?

The sewing room is still really tidy I like to put things away at night and keep it very tidy and clean.  I have a small dyson in my sewing room and at the end of each working day I go around with it and keep the carpet nice and clean and free of bits of cotton.  I check first for any bits of fabric because as you know I do not like to waste even the tiniest of pieces.. they now go for the birds to pick up for nests.....

I have finished a couple of projects this week that I am pleased with and one will go to the framer and the other I have framed myself in on of the glass frames with a piece of fabric instead of a chain to hang it with .... Must put my own little touches to be different!

Well that is it for my vintage rambling today and time to get my stitching out.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Pretty piece of sea-glass, and I love the mermaid

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie I was so pleased when I found both of them. One in America ( mermaid) and the other along our beach at Sandbanks.


  2. Gosh, I feel so relaxed now just reading your words....I can almost hear the lapping of the waves!
    Love love love the sea glass and the mermaid, now there's a magical story to be told about them I'm sure.
    Lots of lovely ideas Sarah x

  3. I am so pleased that you enjoyed my ramblings Dawn, it is lovely to hear that people are enjoying what I write and reading it all over the world.

    Pleased that I have been able to relax you from here behind my screen !!

    Sarah xxxx