Friday 12 May 2017

Vintage collections .....

Love of beauty is taste.
 The creation of beauty is art.

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

Do you remember me showing you that little book I bought called wise words with the art work by Millicent and Githa Sowerby?  I was saying to you all how I would like to have some of the pictures framed but did not think I could bare to destroy this gorgeous book?  Well joy of joy I found that
these two extremely talented sisters did other things..... they did postcards too.

So I have been a little busy collecting some of these from Ebay for the last week.  I am very pleased with what has turned up so far.  I have three more on the way and then I am done so that I can frame them to hang up in my sewing room.

Look at the evening Primrose art work how beautiful is that.  I have a pansy in this series on its way and a love in the mist one as well.  I think the three together will look so very beautiful indeed.

Then I bought this one  which is a beautiful card with a elf/fairy  asleep in a nest and the Mumma bird (Mrs Thomas Tit as it says in the poem) left wondering what on earth is going on and I fell in love with the little rhyme too.  There is a series of these apparently and I think it is called babes in the wood but I may be wrong.

I am going to keep a look out for a couple more of this series or at least another one to frame with this one ....

I found two rare photos of the sisters Sowerby  well one is a photo and the other is a picture of a
painting of the other sister and it took some searching I can tell you.  I am fascinated by them and their art.
Amy Millicent Sowerby (1878–1967), known as Millicent Sowerby, was an English painter and illustrator, known for her illustrations of classic children's stories such as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and A Child's Garden of verses her postcards featuring children, nursery rhymes, and Shakespeare scenes, and children's books created with her sister Githa.

This is a picture of a painting of her sister Githa born in 1876 and Portrait of Githa Sowerby is  by George Percy Jacomb-Hood, circa 1912.
Katherine Githa Sowerby (6 October 1876 – 30 June 1970), also known under her penname  K. G.
Sowerby, was an English playwright, children's writer, and member of the Fabian Society. A feminist, she was well-known during the early twentieth century for her 1912 hit play Rutherford & Son , but lapsed into obscurity in later decades.
Rutherford & Son was first revived in 1980, and since then there have been several productions, including one at the Royal National Theatre  in 1994 and, most recently, by Northern Broadsides . A biography of Sowerby by Pat Riley, Looking for Githa, appeared in 2009. In addition to several plays, Sowerby wrote books of poetry and short stories for children, illustrated by her sister Millicent.   Her papers and memorabilia are in the collections at the Tyne and Wear Archives and I would not mind having a look at those one day ....

I have one other postcard which has arrived which is this beautiful one and a little different to the
others but I just loved it . It is about trying cherries that are for sale but saying they are so sweet and juicy you will want to buy them all.... I loved the clothes they are wearing and so I think this will be framed on its own  and what a joy to look at.  At  this rate I will need more wall space in my sewing room .....

As you can see I am busy collecting more things to go in my wonderful girl cave but  I have to be careful or my new found space will become a built up area again.  I am doing some inspiration packs to sell of fabrics that I have used or patchwork pieces and will be putting them on Facebook for sale on Homespun Stitchworks page if any one is interested it will be a few weeks time I think .. well when the room is completed and I can then make them up and photograph them.

Well that is it for today and I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  I will be taking photos at Eridge but will have to collate them to show you so it will be later next week.  I will however be back here on Monday so until then  Happy Stitching! XX

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Bygone days .....

Fill your house with stacks
of books, in all the
crannies and in all the nooks!

Dr Seuss

So before I starts today's ramble drum role please.... The Winner of the little Vintage markets and fairs books is ....

Donna Howard! ... Donna please DM me your address for me to send it to you next week ... Well Done and  thank you for those of you who took part.  There will be another competition soon and All of you are welcome to participate, even if you entered this one.

I love books and journals as I think you all know that by now, shocker I hear you all cry !  The thing is I can understand the kindle life especially when on holiday so that you can pop it in your hand luggage but here's the thing.  I
love books.  I love opening it up and smelling the pages and with ones that have pictures it is even more appealing to me to have the book and not yet another screen to stare at in my life!

There is a part of me that is so bygone times.  I love hand writing letters and receiving them too.  When a letter drops through my letter box it is such a special thing and is treated as such.  I will wait to open it when I can curl up in a chair with a herbal tea or a glass of wine and read it and read it again.  I belong to a little Happy Mail group and I only have two people who I write to as at the moment I really can not take on any more which is a great sadness to me.  I love long letter writing and I love getting them back.  I have wax guns and seals to make them special and I often write with my calligraphy pen in sepia ink ..... I am only half an inch away from writing by candle with a quill quite frankly ... see photo, yes I have a quill !

I believe in books and I know they can collect dust and take up room but I would, if I could, have a whole room dedicated to them.  Yes a home library room and I am so lucky that my husband feels the same as well.  I imagine having a room with built in beautiful shelves line with books.  A fireplace on in the middle of one wall with armchairs either side and in the window a writing desk with a lamp
and all my calligraphy pens, inks and seals and wax in the desks.  There would be a drawer for writing papers and envelopes and I would always have postal stamps in.  This is where I would write my letters and where I would write my Christmas cards as well as sit and read.  My husband loves reading too and he needs more light than me so he could have a standard lamp by him or a little lamp with the a reading light attached.  Andrew could listen to music whilst reading but I can not do that but a crackling fire and a glass of wine .. now that's me happy.  When we read we will catch each others eye and read a little to one another if we think it will amuse or be of interest. 

Vintage papers and books and journals are all part of my creative thought patterns as well and I love to incorporate these things sometimes in my sewing.  If you are making a sampler/picture to be framed then of course you can use these because there is no washing of it.  If it is a quilt then you can copy it onto photocopy fabric sheets and use them this way.

One of my hobbies was always my family tree and I did genealogy for a living in a past life as I call it, before doing what I do now.  That said I still take on some work of that nature for Solicitors sometimes and at the moment a private client .... If it is a hard one to do.  I have a journal for this, shocker!  but it is how I work.  I have just started bullet journaling too and that is a lot of fun.  I love writing and creating in any way so for me this is not a chore but pure pleasure.

When it is Christmas or my Birthday if I am given a journal the squeal of delight is like I have received a huge diamond or something ... think if I got one of those I might go quiet and gulp though!

I am totally immersed in my vintage and bygone days and traditions although I do embrace technology too.  I love that we have laptops and email so that I can write my blog as I am now and the world can read it with a touch of a button that says PUBLISH!  The  iphone that I carry has become a useful technology tool, it means that I  can still check on my blog if need be or text a friend ... it all has its place especially in business or in times of urgency but I still love the gentle art of writing and hand stitching ..... for me it feeds my soul and makes me happy.

I am still awaiting my William Morris lavender scented drawer liners ..... argghhhhh want to get on with it all but decided the put away and get it all out again idea was futile but have had enough of the things all through the hall and into the spare room.  I know you have to break eggs to make an omelette as the saying goes but I am so keen to get sewing again and until this is complete I can not because I can not find a thing right now.  Although I have a project to just finish but there is not much to do so that is why I am taking my time.

Not long now until Eridge vintage fair and I will be going so I am very excited indeed.  Anyone else
reading this that is going?  I know that The Old Haberdashery will be there stalling and that is one of
my favourites with old silko spools of thread and buttons and lots of goodies.... I have a whole drawer dedicated to threads with I might add a little space! LOL so that bit of my sewing room has been sorted!  I am looking where to put Suffolk puffs too, wanting for everything to have its own space with a little spare is going to be more that difficult I think but hey I will give it a go!

Well this morning I am off to visit Mum and sit with her hopefully in the garden there with my sister and we take in lovely coffees with us.  Then we sit and chat about all sorts of begone memories that make her really happy.  She has become very cuddly too wanting cuddles and holding both our hands .... We still have some of her left so these are very special times indeed.  Then it will be back to see if a delivery might have turned up and if so get on with packing away .....

I have an idea to run past my husband later, he is my dream maker and if it can be done it will be.  This one involves some hooks in the ceiling in a corner and a shelf on the wall ( if there are no cables behind the plaster - he has got there just in the nick of time before now when one of my ideas could not wait! a story for another day!)

Have a wonderful day all and as always Happy Stitching! XX

The World is a book and those
who do not travel read only but one page ....

food for thought!

Monday 8 May 2017

Ideas and Designing Day ... Pure pleasure!

Styles come and go.
Good design is a language,
not a style.

Massimo Vignelli

There is something about a blank page in my design journal with my pencils and putty rubber at the ready.  To sit and stare out the window and think.  I also like to gather bits of fabrics and notions such as lace, buttons, papers and threads ... laid out for me to look at.  I have to say generally I see a design in fabric and know what I would like to do with it to some extent.

With the sun out and the birds singing and me ready to get some ideas. Firstly I write ideas down on a scrap piece of paper and from there I start to sketch, not a serious kind of drawing but an outline of what I am thinking with notes in margins about colours, buttons or possible changes that could happen if something is not working in my head.

This will be me tomorrow afternoon and hopefully in a really nearly finished sewing studio that I am having great fun preparing and displaying.  I will when it is finished take some photos for you to see or a little video or some sort .... which ever my technology non expertise will allow, probably photos.

I am awaiting some drawer liners ( lavender scented for the munchers ...) I looked everywhere and could not find any but good old Amazon came up trumps.  The thing is they will take day but they are William Morris too so they are forgiven.  My dilemma is do I put everything away then take it all out and put the liners in and it back (seems like a ghastly thing to have to do) or wait which could be days.  Whilst waiting everything is in boxes because of the munchers or I would never sleep!  It has put me back days and with so much to do I am like a cat on a hot tin roof ... but there it is.

Inspiration differs with the weather too.  If it is hot and sunny then I am simply drawn to paler colours, where as when the North wind doth blow then it is reds and creams all the way!

I am trying to ( space permitting because even when you think you have lots of it - it disappears very quickly with fabric and quilts!) sort fabrics in to colour ways so blues, greens, lemons, creams and whites, reds and lilacs and black and white ... It is going to be a bit of hard thing but it will work out if the space allows.  Then it is the lace and buttons it is going to take me all week I think but it will be so worth it.  That said tomorrow I would like some hours designing so that is what I am going to do.  

In addition I still have two projects to finish as well all of which is slow stitching and will be very enjoyable.  Looking forward to making up project baskets for the Summer stitching.  I am so pleased I was so organised before Christmas with projects for publishing I am really ahead with that and what a good thing with Mum being so poorly from March this year and all that goes along with Alzheimer's.

 There will come a time when Mum will not know us and it is not sitting easy with me.  Thus I am not taking stitching with me when I visit right now but talking to her about her childhood memories of Cornwall and family ..along with decade recognition so the 1950, 1960, 1970 for her.  Learning not to contradict her when she says her Mum has been there with her but leading her down another path instead talking of things that make her really happy not sad. There will be plenty of time to just sit with her and stitch and talk to her...

I would like to get several projects stitched this Summer and I have lots of fresh ideas rolling around
my head right now so that is why it is time to start designing before they just roll away again...

There are lots of delicious Summer must not miss Vintage Fairs coming up as well and I have been updating my work diary so that I know which ones I will attend.  The one in Toddington in August is one of my absolute favourites and is firmly in the dairy - it is also a time when we get together with two other couples who are good friends and of course in the vintage trade, well us ladies all are and our husbands support us and luckily get on really well too ... it is a really fun weekend.

When time is taken up with so much right now I live by lists and a sort of timetable so that I can best utilise my time wisely and not get too bogged down with things piling up to get done.  Sitting slow stitching can also be done later in the day now as the daylight hours are longer so I am able to fit more in right now.

I do not like to say this too loudly but the weather has been glorious and is making me feel like getting our wooden furniture out for the summer and hanging baskets etc.  It will be out before Bank Holiday weekend that is for sure, which means sewing in the garden with a cold drink and an umbrella up so I can see what I am doing and the sun is not on the delicate fabrics but my legs poked out in the sun to get some colour!!!

Well that is is for today I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back here on Thursdays so until then enjoy the sunshine ( shhhhhhh - don't tell it) and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Creative Slow Stitching - A time to reflect

Slow stitching  means setting
aside time for myself and my creative 
business.  I can loose myself in the
 threads and stitches and go to a calm
 and reflective happy place.

We can choose to connect to our stitching and times gone by, if only for a few minutes or hours a day. Slow stitching is so relaxing and allows me to focus on enjoying creating something handmade and unique and moments of contemplation and time to reflect. Somehow it is down time for my brain
when I am hand stitching in a chair with a warm cup of herbal tea.

I find to be creative I have to declutter my mind and if I have an untidy home or sewing room I really can not think properly! We do not live in a show home by any way or form and for those of you who have seen my overloaded dresser in the kitchen you will know we are far from minimalists but I do like some order to my clutter.  Anyone else like me out there who can not be creative with a jumbled mind and work space?

Over the weekend I have taken a single bed out of my sewing room and brought in some furniture instead, settling for if anyone needs to sleep over in that room we have a large blow up mattress that can be put in there instead (which is generally over the Christmas and New Year period so why keep the space with the single bed there) ... bring in some lovely furniture/cupboards and make the room just what it is suppose to be.  We have another large spare bedroom which is just that so it is only over spill in my stitchery room......  It was fun and games and there is stuff everywhere right now whilst I put it all away but it is making me do it and pull out furniture and dust and hoover ... makes me feel better.  This room was my children's room years ago but as they left I decorated it and had it as a half sewing room.  Then taking one single bed out and keeping the other .... it has been a slow process to just have it as my space.  When we do move when Mum is settled then of course I will have more rooms but for now and for me to work in a better format ... the beds are both in storage.

I am excited about getting some things out of boxes that were stacked high and having it in order in cupboards and drawers plus making it look really pretty and relaxing for me to work and look out in the back garden.  I only want to use my dining room table for eating of course and cutting out large pieces of fabrics and linens .....  With this new found space this should now happen.

On the sunny days to come I can take a basket of sewing into the garden and on cold days I can cosy in a chair in the lounge or snug if I would like.  Other than that I can be in my sewing room watching Miss Muddy Beak about her hustle and bustle of her daily life.... She is nesting right now and she is very busy and hungry indeed.

 I also have family photos along the  window sill that make me smile  and  they are all there.! Even a photo of a family hamster called Bramley who was much loved, and a  total character.  You would not see him during the day but at around 5pm he would come out and was the James Bond of hamsters -- very active and loved swinging around his large cage.  Some family members are missed but not forgotten and always in my thoughts ....

Paisley drawer is being sorted and put else where I think but until I have unpacked things I am not totally sure.  Then it is spring clean the spare room for a visit from a great friend and a re arrange about in our tiny conservatory with a large cupboard going out there so things are away instead of on a table out there and under it ... you see its a Spring Clean.

This all done it will be back to serious business of creating and slow stitching projects .. the cobwebs will all be gone from not only my head but the home ......  leaving me more focused on sewing and looking after my Mum.

I have been sorting through my vintage kilner jars with fabric tops I made to make sure each one has the correct things in them that I use mostly ... some of the threads have gone away in a drawer instead.  My husband has been taking down the bed and with the help of a lovely neighbour carrying furniture up the stairs ( I do not have that kind of strength in my back!)  Laughing at me with where best to display and use the typewriter and put my work baskets.  Then there is the little ( well large matter actually) of quilts.... I want to display some out and some must go away so I can chop and change but I am so petrified of moths!  So I have been told lavender oil so I am going to get some to pop on the carpets in the corners in there and have a lavender candle in there plus cedar wood.

I panic about those little munchers of wool and fabrics and all things gorgeous! so I know when there are some folded and displayed and not under plastic with air sucked out I will be forever checking on them!

Well that is it for today, I hope you have enjoyed a vintage rambling read ...

Whatever you are up to today I hope it is enjoyable - Happy Stitching! XX

Friday 5 May 2017

A Thank You Giveaway! ....

I can no other answer make, but, thanks and
thanks ....

William Shakespeare

This week being a Bank Holiday has gone very quickly for me with lots going on in my weeks now it seems to fly by.

Well today I would like to thank you all for all you support and kind words over my Mum so am
having a give away ....

All you need to do is go on here, not facebook but on this blog so it is all in the one place and leave a comment why you would like to win this gorgeous book.  It has the larger Vintage and Antique and  fairs in England and is the best little book ( I have a copy)....

I need it all on here so that I can write down all your names and not search about for them and pop them in a bowl and get my husband to pick out a piece of paper to see who has been the lucky one and I will send it to you with a little pack of gorgeous fabrics as well.

Please join in with this bit of fun and who know it could be you who wins this book.  Closing date is Monday and I will get my husband to pick a name on Tuesday night.  It does not matter where you live in the world if you would like a chance to win this book then just join in ...

As you can see there is a great contents and some stunning photos in this little book.  It tells you where you might find certain items such as haberdashery and fabrics or gardenelia or clocks.  Basically what ever you are a collector of there is a fair out there somewhere for you.  Some fairs are so big its all there so you can pick around the country ....

I will choose some lovely fabrics from my collection and make up a little pack and that will be
coming along with this book to the lucky winner.

Having had so many of you email me to ask how I am and letting me know you are thinking of me has been a great source of comfort and I really appreciate it.  This is just a tiny thank you and hope that you will all join in this bit of fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and the sun comes out for us all.  I will be back here on Monday, its a full week ahead and I am hoping to get some serious stitching in but who knows ....

So think of why you would like to win this book and some fabric and pop your comment below on here ... do not forget for those of you using the facebook link the comment has to be on here as then I do not miss anyone, with it being bonkers at the moment it could happen.

I hope you will all join in this bit of fun, and you have to be in it to win it !!!!

 As Always Happy Stitching!XX

A Huge Thank You For
Your Support ....

Thursday 4 May 2017

The Larmer Tree Vintage Fair .... such a wonderful way to spend May Day.

“May, queen of blossoms, and fulfilling flowers, 
With what pretty music Shall we charm the hours?
 Wilt thou have pipe and reed, Blown in the open mead? 
Or to the lute give heed In the green bowers.”

 Lord Edward Thurlow

As you know I received a wonderful surprise through the post, a VIP ticket to The Larmer Tree Vintage Fair for May Day.  Going along to be there a 10am and I kept hoping the weather would hold because the weather forecast the day before had been terrible... the sun was shining and I was so pleased.  It was a gorgeous drive to Tollard Royal where the Larmer Tree is and there were lambs in the fields all the way around the country lanes playing in the sun.  It was a beautiful drive ( I was being driven so I could look all about the fields and at all the blue bell woods we passed along the way.  It was just lovely to be out and invited to such a wonderful vintage fair.

We were greeted by the most wonderful sight, a peacock who was displaying his gorgeous plumage and happy to keep turning around and about for photos to be taken.

As you can see, he was a handsome one indeed and I had not realised the noise the feathers make when they shake them to attract a mate ........

There was so much to see and do here as the gardens are all open as well for you to wander about in.

In no particular order I came across the lovely Lisa Giles Antiques and Little Wren Vintage who were sharing a stall outside in the
entrance.  They had all the home wares there and the fabrics were inside ( just in case of inclement weather!  As always everything looked beautiful with such gorgeous displays.

Next door was the wonderful Sprout and Flower who always comes with the most amazing of garden displays.  Old vintage gardenalia all planted out and oh my I could have bought a few bits.  I did settle for one beauty but you will have to wait to see which one I did decide on for the garden ...

I loved it all and when you have to stand and decide it can be very tricky!!

Going inside the place was buzzing, all the stalls had been set up awaiting the public that would come through the gates in half an hour.  I had a chance to snap some great photos before that happened.  It was to become so busy, indeed more busy than had been anticipated by the lovely organisers but right now it was really calm and I was able to start taking the photos without hands and bodies that I normally have to dodge.

Right by the door was the lovely Nicholas and Steele with such a beautifully display area.  It was a real show stopper of a display with lots of gorgeous treasure to tempt everyone.  I decided not to buy anything straight away but to use the time only for taking photos .... I felt it would be unfair of me so I was just happy to snap away and chat to lots of people I knew....

Mercer and Rose were there as well and there is always something gorgeous on this stall.
 Today was no different with lots of things all set out beautifully.  Last minute tidying of stalls and the odd move about was happening it was lovely also to see other stall holders wandering around looking at other traders stalls and taking photos as well.  Mutual admiration for others artist talents is so lovely to see.

There is a larger front hall then there is a door way to another hall and its like an L shape and then another little bit to one side.  It is hard to explain and may sound bitty but it just flows and the way the organisers had set out the tables was just right.

Then I spied the very talented Nicki Fretwell who had the most lovely stall and with lots of her own design and makes .... I have two of Nicki's dolls at home and love her talent.   She will also be at the Kirsty Allsop handmade show, which you have to be invited to attend as a stall holder.

The Little Green Door was there as well and I had first seen this talented lady at the Love Lane Vintage fair the weekend before.  She had set up partly in a corner and it looked really pretty with vintage goodies and her hand embroidery all there displayed for people to purchase ....  As you can see it was so beautifully set out.  Good job I got there early as there were swarms of people starting to arrive by now.

Vintage Pink was there with some most outstanding vintage quilts and quilt pieces on display.  I did resist buying further quilts as I think I need to go through what I have really.  Yes still sorting my sewing room a few hours a week so I need to take stock but oh my! as you will see.

Because I was so busy taking photo's I did not stop to really look as I did not want to be tempted until I have had a kind of stock take....

Vintage Jane was there with lots of gorgeous vintage goodies displayed it was a great eclectic
array of temptation.  It looked really beautiful.  It was lovely to see M as I have not seen her to talk to for ages it seemed to me.  We had a very quick catch up as by now the doors had opened to everyone else and so it became suddenly extremely busy indeed....

The lovely Jack and Liz who have become such lovely friends of ours were there of The Washerwoman fame and as always with the table lamps aglow and the array of outstanding vintage French goodies along with beautiful fabrics.  It is always lovely to see them and catch up a little.  There were fabrics, buttons, books, 1950 fabric flowers, French fabric stamps and lots lots more to tempt.

Just around the corner from Jack and Liz was my lovely friend Jenny of Tilly-D fame and we
were able to have some time to chat as the swarms of people had started to come in.  I am really not sure I have ever seen it so busy before.  My husband had said the car park (fields) was getting packed with cars parking.  At this point I did see a couple of bits that Jenny had and did make a purchase as everyone else was coming in now.

As you can see from the photo is was every fabric lovers dream .......

Then right next door was the lovely Jane of Kiss the Book with all her beautiful antique books and craft empherma packs ..... Jane had made me up a beautiful pack of bits and had wrapped them as a gift for me! I couldn't believe it.  Such a beautiful and generous thing to do.  It was so lovely of her and she is such a warm and gentle lady that I am proud to call a friend...... Thank you again Jane xx

Who did I spy opposite but Clare of Daisy Darling and her family, it always lovely to see them and her youngest daughter always gives me the best cuddles in the world!  I get a few throughout the day and this day was no exception. (wonderful)  Clare had made some beautiful cloche hats and her milliners skills are outstanding.  I was so busy looking and snapping away I forget to say to her that I am in need of a summer hat so if you are reading this Clare ... now you know!

Right next door to Clare was Teresa of Cherub Antiques with lots of really beautiful antique jewellery.  It looked just like a grown ups sweet shop! with rows of bead necklaces and gorgeous brooches along with bangles and rings .... just so beautiful to see.

Then I heard someone say hello Sarah and it was Sue and her husband of Suitably Vintage.
Always with some wonderful haberdashery and fabrics the stall looked beautiful.  By now people were everywhere and it was time for my husband and I to go and get a cup of coffee and some cake.  Well I had a piece of cake and my husband throughout the afternoon sampled a few bits as you can imagine ... yes Nicki he did not let you down.  Its a dirty job but someone has to do it!!! his words.

As we wandered down through the gardens there was a ukulele band singing and playing on the beautiful stage by the big lawn.  People had started to get deck chairs and picnic rugs out and were happily clapping and singing along.

There was the vintage ice cream van Rosies was parked by the side and already a queue had formed to buy some.
The sun was warm and the grass was dry and very green and inviting to sit on and with the music in the air and children playing and happy.

In addition was a coffee and tea vendor selling from a beautiful old horse box in cream that had been made so pretty with hanging lights and I asked about and it was really good coffee I was told as well.  This was for people who did not want to have cake of any kind of food and just sit with a warm drink and watch the singing and of course the peacocks that were wandering around with their distinctive cries ....

The planning and the thought that had gone into this wonderful vintage fair was outstanding and it is in my must attend calendar every year.  I would love to go to them all but I can not, although I do go to many .... There are some though I always do attend.

The Big Bang Pizza Company had fired up the pizza oven and you could smell the aroma of logs burning
which was gorgeous ....  I was to visit them later for a pizza which was delicious.  The queue was long and the pizza worth it.  The only trouble was they ran out because no one had thought that so many people would be there.  I believe there must have been over 1000 people went through that day.  All the food vendors ran out, it was a very well attended event that was well thought out and was in such a wonderful setting in Tollard Royal a gorgeous Dorset village ....

We had finally made it to the marque for coffee and cake.  As you will see it was outstanding! There was chocolate cake, coffee cake, rose and pistachio shortbread, raspberry and earl grey cake, apple cake, peanut and banana cake.  There was sausage rolls, soup and bread a filo tart and ploughmans just to name a few.  All lovingly made with such passion and talent by Alix-Fauvel- Cakesmith.  Alix is the organiser and maker  of this gorgeous pop up cafe and helps Sally organise the event as well so you can imagine how busy her day was .....

My husband tried some Apple cake with his tea and I had a piece of chocolate cake with my coffee ... it was outstanding.  Later we came back to the marquee and I had a ginger beer and my husband bless him had another tea and some soup along with more apple cake and banana and peanut butter cake, raspberry and earl grey along with some shortbread ( which I had to have a couple of bites of as it was divine!  Andrew said that the peanut butter and banana was a great iconic blend a true classic and he loved the apple cake which he still maintains is the best!!  He tried most things as his job as tester and did a fine job at it .... where he puts it I am astounded and so was Alix !!

There was a b b q going on in the grounds as well offering sausages and burgers with coleslaw but I just could not get close enough to take a photo I am afraid.

It was time now to see a few more stalls before closing  and we came across The Little Red Robin who was selling the garden Shepherd hooks that we have with lights on in our garden along with some fine wrought iron poppy seed heads as well .... we might have!!

I am a collector of these bits for the garden and they will come with us where ever we eventually end up living but for now they adorn our garden here by the sea.....

Tiddler and Fox were there with some beautiful vintage treasures all displayed with thought and care and with so much temptation.!

As you can see from the photo there was vintage china, glass and handmade cushions from delicious vintage fabrics along with vintage terracotta plant pots made into candles .... with the flowers that were there too it smelt beautiful.


Honeysuckle and Rose were inside and as always everything was laid out and displayed beautifully. Everyone at this fair had gone that extra mile it seemed to make everything look every bit a Dorset Brocante.  I always seem to find something I neeeeeed on this stall ...

As I had said Little Wren Vintage had some fabrics inside in case of rain and some really beautiful quilts ... it was a great decision because about an hour before the end of the show the heavens opened and the hail came down... The food vendors had sold out in time it seemed but then the inside became really busy again ...

It was time for us to head on home now and I was pleased that Andrew had taken my purchases already to the car so it was a case of run and get a bit wet !!

What a beautiful fair and so much work and planning goes into these events.  I would like to thank the organiser of this must go to vintage fair Sally for all her hard work and planning.  In addition, for
sending me a ticket to be able to get in earlier to bring some great photos for you to see of some talented makers and sellers of all things antique and vintage .....

I will leave you with one fella that was not bothered by the storm and was watching I am sure with amusement at everyone getting wet and running to cars or inside to do a last bit of treasure hunting ...

Hoping you enjoyed a little peek and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Tuesday 2 May 2017

Treasure of Cranborne !

English country village
at its best ....

The plunder from Cranborne garden centre vintage fair has now been photographed and popped away but I was so happy with it.

Firstly I bought the most equisite piece of vintage cotton trimming from Jenny of Tilly-D there is a good length of it and I loved the pattern of it too.  Then there was the little matter of a lovely needle craft book.  I have one of these but this one has been hand written in with the date as well so this is my keeper.  With the other I am going to cover it in a piece of hand embroidered linen and sell it so watch this space .... very soon.  Have a look at these two lovely pieces.

Here is a little look inside this beautiful needle craft book, not only embroidery but knitting and
crochet and how to make tea cosies and all sorts of lovely craft bits.  I loved that it had been dated and hand written and a lovely book plate with the name of the recipent was in the front too.   It all adds to its pre loved condition and history and soul of this book.

Now from Elaine of Fab Fairs the long awaited for basket.  It was a long deliberation as you remember and I had a elimination process ... I would have bought all three of the ones I liked.  There were around 7 to choose from so to just purchase one was a very hard and not to be rushed decision.

In the end this one got picked because of its shape with a little muffin top shape in the middle of it  with a bit in the middle that is wider than the top and bottom and I just loved the happy colours of it ...

Look at these views of this gorgeous basket and the lemon base inside it is such a happy looking basket and will be lovingly looked after.  I am going to give it a little clean and wipe down and then
probably this will be a basket that I take to a vintage fair to put my treasures in ....

Then from Anne Marie of Sky Bleu these most beautiful buttons.  All porcelin and hand painted
with flowers that are so tiny it looks like mice painted them.  There are two with forget me nots on them.  Then one with a rose and one with lily of the valley .... Oh they truly are so beautiful and they have been wrapped carefully awaiting a design that they will star in  ....

Lavender and Belle had so much lovely things to choose from but I settled for a packet with several old thimbles in it plus a vintage packet of needles firstly.

Then these two packs of vintage empherma for me to do some designing with plus I can photo copy
them onto the fabric so that they can be used in stitchery as well.  I have also bought some old seed packets from her but they are coming in the post .... she had 20 of them so I will photograph them for you to see soon.

Well that is it for today I have a whole day today to stitch as long as the hospital does not phone me so I am going to make the most of the day.  Firstly collating all the photos from The Larmer Tree Vintage Fair and then getting them ready for the blog this week and lots of hours I hope of hand stitching and listening to the radio.  I just can not believe it is May already .. need the earth to slow up a bit for me to catch up!!

I hope you all have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX