Wednesday 29 June 2016

Suffolk puff wonders! .... (yo yo's to some)

Simplicity is not the goal, it is
the by-product of a good idea and
modest expectations .....

Paul Rand.

Suffolk puffs/yo yo's to some around the world, whatever you call them they are a great invention and the vintage ones made from very old and faded fabrics happen to be a favourite of mine.

I have recently bought some that were part of a quilt and the quilt has been taken apart as in some places it was too worn and thread bare.  The bi product of this is that you can get some very old ones. Then you can unpick them from one another and separate them to use.

You can stitch them to things that you make or a sampler as I will be doing or stitch a cluster to a blouse to vintage pimp it or indeed a cushion maybe.  They are so very versatile and beautiful in my humble opinion that even just in a little vintage china bowl on my work table when I was sat unpicking them carefully, so as not to tear the delicate fabric.  As the pretty red and white bowl started to fill I thought to myself .. even that looks
beautiful! I wonder whilst working on these what stories these fabrics could tell if only they could speak ....

Go one step further and unpick the middle where they have been gathered originally to make the suffolk puff and because it has been stitched like this for so very long it does not unravel at all.  Then peel it back to reveal inside the lip of the puff the original colour of the fabric ... it is truly beautiful and then I am going to stitch some to a sampler ...

I pressed them lightly to keep them opened out like you can see in the picture ... They look so lovely.  These a fairly large suffolk puffs but with smaller ones as well they look like flower heads,

I can not wait to create with these, they were part of my design days this week and I am on the finishing touches to start to create a sampler.
The fabric on these is time worn and being that they are cottons have faded beautifully with a softness to  them with such grace and charm.

This one on the left is a soft grey looking colour and is yet to be opened up to reveal the true original colour and beauty.   When I have my tea break this afternoon I will be unpicking this one to see what it looks like.   If I do two a day they soon build up in my bowl and then I can use them as and when.  This particular puff has a little white embroidery square shapes on it so it will be very interesting to see what is what later.

One of the puffs with the most gorgeous white back ground and tiny blue flowers and dots has not faded much, it seems to me, and so I may keep this one whole and pop it on something.  I really do not know yet so that is on a little pile of  decide to open or not ... I do not like to go all  steam ahead and regret it later. It is nice to unpick them from one another and then look at each one individually and closely to decide what you think first, before disturbing the original stitching that is already neatly in place.

I actually think looking at the photo again that I will keep this beauty whole and not peel back the layer ... it is just lovely as it is ... What do you think?  Any comments or suggestions ??

Well that is it for today I must away to my current stitching and I have two puffs with me to unpick today at some point.  I am looking forward to another apple and mint loose tea this afternoon, I have become quite addicted to it.   My husband bought me a large pack of it and also a lemongrass and ginger loose one as well.  They are so pretty when you pop them in a glass infuser.  I have heard that Whittard's do a mint and cucumber and that is on my list to investigate as well.

Just before I go I would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO Dawn Robson, who was the winner
of the Summer giveaway the other week.  She sent me a beautiful thank you card and some 'soul gifts' as she put it.  I received them in the post on Tuesday.  You fairly made my day Dawn... did not stop smiling ....   I wanted to share it with you all.

I have some lovely readers because I had a gorgeous pack of vintage goodies from Julie who is a regular reader on here too and I did not think to photograph that  and pop it on here.... How silly was I but believe me it was very generous indeed.

Thank you to both of you for your kindness and thought..... xx

Have a fabulous day today everyone and as always Happy Stitching .. X

Monday 27 June 2016

Diaries out ladies and gents ... Vintage fair dates for July & Aug

Diaries out, shopping bags at the ready
Vintage shopping, a piece of cake and a cuppa
and catching up with vintage friends ...

So Ladies and Gents these are the following dates for July and August for vintage events.  I stress that these are the ones I have been informed about.

There are probably more around the country
going on and if reading this you know of one, please email me and I will pop it in here for you if it is after July 2nd 2016.....

These are not to missed and fabulous events that I always try to attend.....

Put them in your dairies and maybe I will see some of you there, please come and say hello if you see me.....

So have a little look through and plan ahead.

Sarah Moore Summer Barn Sale
Saturday 2nd July

Hill Lands Farm
West Sussex
PO18 9JY

9.00am - 5pm
Entry .... Free
Pop up tearoom.

Isle of Wight 1940's Steam Railway Event
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd July

Haven Street
Isle of Wight
PO33 4DS

10.00am - 5pm
Entry £14.50 for Adult.
 Child £7.00 (5yrs to 15yrs)
Infant ... FREE

Lots and Lots going on including not only the steam railway rides but a tea dance where you can jitterbug along with the Cinque Port Lindy Hoppers, try hairstyles and clothes of the day and a victory bar along with food of the era ...... and so much more!

Vintage and Handmade Jumbles
Saturday 16th July

The Village Hall
South Gloucestershire
BS37 7LZ

10.00am - 1pm
Entry .... Free and parking.  Plus tearoom.

The Vintage Bazaar
Giant Jumble Sale

Saturday 30th July

The Cheese and Grain
BA11 1BE

9.00am - 3pm
Entry .... £2
There is a great cafe at the cheese and grain.

Firle Vintage Fair
Saturday 13th and 14th August

The Street
West Firle
East Sussex

10.00am - 5.30pm
Entry on the door £7 Adult
Children under 10 years are Free.
Advance tickets available at £5 per adult (contact: for more info.

There is a champagne bar, vintage cars, a range of antique and decorative vintage stands, French furniture, artisan tearoom, artisan Firle beer and Victorian hand painted fair rides just to name a little of what is on offer at this fair.

1940's Weekend Event
Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August.

Calbourne Water Mill
Newport Road
Isle of Wight
PO30 4GN

10.00am - 4pm
Entry £10 which includes free admission for a year after event.

The Cotswold Vintage Fair
Saturday 20th August

Toddington Village Hall
Stow Road
GL54 5DU

10.00am - 4pm
Entry .... £2
Drinks, cakes and light lunches available.

Jaynes Vintage and Retro Fair
Sunday 21st August.

Whippingham Hall
Alverston Road
P032 6NZ
Isle of Wight

10am - 4pm
Entry ... FREE
plus FREE parking

There is a fabulous pop up vintage tea parlour at this event.  Always a great selection of amazing cakes along with teas and coffee and soft drinks, cream teas as well.   Also a really great menu for savoury foods including hot home cooked ... at really reasonable prices and includes a Gluten Free meals to choose from as well.... highly recommended by me, as went to this fair last year. 5 star food.

Vintage on the Green
(Love Lane Vintage)
Saturday 27th August

The Green
Wisborough Green
RH14 0BN

10.00am - 4pm
Entry £5 (children free)
Dogs welcome.

Baskets full of beautiful fabrics and a design day ahead.

“Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add,
 but when there is nothing left to take away.”

 –Antoine de Saint-Exupery

When I am designing I am in a beautiful bubble, sorting through fabrics, quilt pieces, laces, ribbons and threads.  Adding in lace, buttons and embroidery and sometimes antique pieces of paper too.  I
have often said 'let your work speak for itself ' and it is true.

I have a process that I follow by first looking at the fabrics and the colours that I have, sorting and blending, putting in and taking away.  I have a note book with me and take down ideas or suggestions to myself as to what I am seeing and liking or not liking .. this works for me, everyone is different.

Things do not have to be absolute, let me explain, if you have some antique paper piecing patchwork and they are just stitched to the paper, you can stitch them together and applique them on to fabric.  In
addition if the card the delicious fabric is stitched to has vintage beautiful writing on it, then it can be appliqued like that ... its a twist and is different and in my eyes beautiful.  Gone are the days of stitching when everything has to be 'the correct way' or precise .. the naive way for stitching is in and anything but anything goes ...

It is the freedom to create and put your little bit of soul and personality into a piece of art and with the popular multi media art, you can really mix things up and design and create different pieces.

The process for me then is in the form of ideas and I start to sketch, not a full blown Picasso but sketch and idea or themes on an idea.  I put notes in pencil on them too and ideas for a saying or a little poem maybe - sometimes I use the sayings, sometimes I do not.

I start by drawing lightly on to a piece of fabric or maybe drawing on fabric to cut out and applique.  I make all my own patterns and keep them in folders.  I enjoy embroidery and stitchery and use both in my work.  I like adding vintage beads and silk flowers occasionally for texture and depth and I like to build up on hand embroidery too.  Adding lace or ribbon and embroidering over the top of it .. this all
adds to the picture and makes it interesting and tactile.  If you see a beautiful stitching picture and it is built in layers, it makes you want to touch it or stand near and then stand back to look at the prospective of the picture or scene you have created ....

As you know at this point I make up design baskets and put in all the fabrics and notions along with threads and needles that I feel is needed to complete the design but still its not carved in stone or written in blood.  As you are stitching you start to see it form and you may wish to not add something or indeed look for something else that you think would go better.  Do not forget stitch the bones of the design first then add the buttons, embroidery and embellishments last. 

Do you remember I said that when I went to The Summer Brocante at Cowdray I was looking for something to stitch on to a picture that I am stitching, but I did not know exactly what it was, then I
found the string of silk flowers on The Old Haberdashery stall ... this is what I am talking about, let your work speak for itself and go with the flow.  Enjoy being creative and having the freedom to create.

So today that is what I am going to be up to, I am going to have a design day and go through the processes that I have mentioned above ... Its one of my favourite days ahead.  On Wednesday I will probably make up some design baskets from today's sort and sketch day .....

These sort of days I love as a tiny break from hand stitching, do not get me wrong I adore stitching and embroidery but it is good to have a break and look at your stitching with fresh eyes, what you did or did not see the day before may change ..

I also have a new herbal tea, Apple and Mint and it is sooo very good.  I love black coffee in the morning but come the afternoon I am a delicate herbal tea drinker.  So I will be having a few of these in my break to stand back and look at what I have hunted and gathered together.  Sip the tea and stare and see if it is what was in my imagination and indeed if it looks like it flows.

Well that is it for this Monday morning, I hope you enjoyed listening to how I work and that you all have a great day.  As always Happy Stitching! x

Saturday 25 June 2016

How to Print on Fabric with an Inkjet Printer and Freezer Paper - Washab...

Good Morning and Happy Weekend!

This is a tutorial to print on fabric with an inkjet printer at home.  Then you can sew it on to any project you like.  It is a great little tutorial around 11 minutes long but worth a watch, believe me.

The sky is the limit with this.  You could make a memory quilt for yourself or a loved one.  Take old photos and print onto fabrics and incorporate them into a quilt or wall hanging with added
embroidery maybe.

How about you get people to write on the fabric in pencil with their name and you embroider it.  I wish I had got my late father to do that ... how lovely would that have been.  I am going to get my mum to do it for me on a piece of fabric ....

Well we are off house hunting, wish us luck.

Have a fabulous weekend ... Happy Stitching!and enjoy the tutorial, its rather interesting! ...

Friday 24 June 2016

Sorting through my beautiful fabrics ....

I could display fabrics in 
beautiful baskets and have
them all on show all the time.  
For my love of vintage ...

One of the parts of my job is sorting through, putting away the fabrics that I buy.  It is a hard job, but someone has to do it .. Grin!!

After my slight shopping spree of gorgeous vintage fabrics, ribbons, lace and such they have to go away until use, after the photo shoot.  Today is that day for me.  I can hardly bare to to it.  I think they may have to pile into a vintage basket and stay a while out in the sunshine....

Today is a short day for me as I am going to take a friends grand daughter to the hairdressers and back for her prom tonight and also over later to Lymington to her friends where she is getting ready with her besty to be picked up for the prom... I can not wait to see her all dressed up, hair done and of course in the most beautiful dress imaginable ....  I will see pictures of it all together over the weekend I am sure.

I volunteered as her Mum is one of the organisers of this particular Prom and being run of her feet, plus the weather is so unpredictable at the moment that I would hate for her to be rained on.

So it is little jobs today until the times I need to take the princess to her appointments for the Ball...

She used to come and help in the school holiday cutting out and covering buttons from when she was 13 years old until 15 ... then she got herself a little job that was a regular thing and now she is nearly 17 years old and going on to A levels and Uni eventually ... I miss her excitement and chatter and can not believe where those years have gone at all.

I will hopefully get some stitching in as well, but sorting the fabrics will take some time... What do you think?  I think they look wonderful in the basket.  As long as they are out of the sun not to be damaged in anyway, I think these will look beautiful just as they are safely in the basket.   I love having buttons in kilner jars so that they can be seen in all their vintage beauty and glory along with glass jars filled with vintage ribbons... I love sitting in my sewing room surrounded by history and beauty ... If some of the things could talk, what stories might they tell.

I check for moths regularly and have lots of cedar wood and rose around plus lavender as well which they seem to hate.  I am afraid if they are seen they are evicted or squished depending ... no one gets away with nibbling at my fabrics ... grrrrrr

I ask you how can these possibly go into a drawer or a box until use ... it would be a crime!

I want to have some time to design for a day or so next week, always on a Wednesday I do but I may
run into the next day or even start designing at the begining of the week with a fresh eye .. we will see.  Then Wednesday I could just stitch away, hopefully in the garden if summer appears again.  Two years ago we had a fabulous summer. A great friend of ours lived here with us for 9 months whilst trying to buy somewhere in Devon.  Every day we were in the garden, me stitching.  I have photos of us eating in the garden every night and walking to the beach for an evening swim because it was so warm.  Then last year it was a monsoon and it looks like this year is going to be the same... It has been such a long winter, we need that sun.   Well that is my little moan, typically English, as it is about weather!  We are near the end of June already!.

Where has this week gone, I can not believe it this year is rattling on so quickly, it seems to me at least.

Well there will be a little blog tomorrow and also tomorrow is exciting because we are house hunting and hopefully we will be able to look at two of them as well ... fingers crossed for us.

Anyway have a great day and of course as always Happy Stitching! ......

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Vintage treasures .....

One mans rubbish is another's treasure!

and what treasures I found, who on
earth could bare to part with these ... so glad they did though!

Vintage treasure a plenty!  Yes The Country Brocante at Cowdray House was packed full of beautiful things and most of all gorgeous fabrics and notions for me to work with that I simply got some great goodies.

From The Old Haberdashery I bought some really gorgeous Sylko threads in palest of pinks and a
lilac colour plus a beautiful inspiration pack.  Not only did that have a lovely piece of fabric, buttons, lace and a beautiful coloured linen thread but a string of silk flowers and that is what made me pick it up.  I had been looking for something ( I did not know exactly to be honest with you, just something different and unusual) to add on to a piece of stitchery that I am in the
middle of doing and here it was at the very first stall that I went to....

Aren't they beautiful, I am so very pleased with them indeed and when I put them on my piece of work in progress it was perfect, you can just see it under the flowers.

They were in the pack that is pictured and you can see the beautiful sylko threads too in the most lovely colour ways and hues.  I like to embroider with them sometimes for delicate flowers and these will be added to the same piece of work as well.  There is a lovely crocheted flower too... this will be added to something else, when the right design presents its self.

From Will and Bea I bought this beautiful little antique boots pot and I just loved it so much.  I can
not explain but it will go in the bathroom eventually and when we move I would like a pretty shelf to put bits on like guest soaps and such along with antique bits like this... As I have to dust and clean it does not matter having a display .. just because!

Then from the Vintage Blanket Co. that was sharing the same stall I bought the most beautiful lace and pair of lace butterflies! Yes I know not a blanket .. that fooled you didn't it.  There were beautiful blankets as you saw in Tuesdays blog but she also had a little table with vintage goodies on to tempt as well.

The lace is wound around a piece of painted wood and is so beautiful and delicate and I thought the butterflies so unusual and pretty....

From Velvet Ribbon I purchased some stunning fabrics and ribbons .  Gorgeous colours and hues and
so unusual as well.  To say I am thrilled is an understatement.  I love these and there was not a moments hesitation when I saw them.  Take a look..  Greens, blues and pinks all dusky coloured and faded florals .. so so beautiful.  Delicate floral patterns work best in my work and so these were such a fab find.

Rosie's Armoir ... Well Helen has an eye and her stock that she sells shouts out to me.  It is what I love and need in my work.  In addition she sell antique papers and envelopes and I have started to incorporate them in some of my work as well.  If you remember she had also looked out some brown/beige colour blanket for me for a design and she gifted it to me which was so incredible kind and generous of her.  Thank you again Helen.XX

Also some of the vintage hangers that were used in pharmacies in France and such to hang stock onto and move about on some sort of system.  I have an idea for these beauties to hang some of my small wall hangings on .....

From Christine of The Sea Garden I bought a few bits including some vintage suffolk puffs from an
antique quilt she is unpicking along with a picture with the little cut out and painted boats that she bought ( she did a blog about them ... see The Mermaids tale blog link on the top of my home page here)  plus a beautiful hand stitched cushion with Victorian flowers attached to it and a stitched little saying by Christine.  Now here is the strange thing it is attached to one of those vintage pharmacy hangers !!! The beautiful cushion is on the top left ...  plus I bought an inspiration pack as well, pictured bottom right.

Emma of Little Wren Vintage had some really beautiful antique papers and some vintage quilt pieces.  They were so unusual and old that they came home with me straight away.  I love the colours here too and I am using more and more vintage papers in my work these days...

Then I found a great quilt piece on Lovely Hudson stall .. there was a basket full and it took me some
time to choose one.  It is the fun in that as well that is great.  Truffling through and seeing which piece to have.  Putting them in a row and looking at them all.  I loved the faded colours of the piece I settled on, and I am sure you will see why.

Then my one purchase for self was a little sampler made by the talented Suzi of Hearts N' Kisses and it is stitched on a piece of quilt which is battered torn and loved ... There is a beauty in a piece that has a little fraying around the edges.  I know this is like a marmite dilemma ... love it or hate it, personally to me it is what vintage is all about and I will treasure it ...


From Found Country Antiques  I bought the most beautiful piece of patchwork fabric.  It has
been a quilt by the looks of it and the faded fabrics stitched together blend beautifully.  I loved the colours and the delicate patterns in the fabrics themselves.  It was a bargain price and will eventually be made into something that I love.  Maybe two wall hangings eventually, I really am not sure yet but still it has come home with me to get an up cycle of its own ...

Mercer and Rose had a great antique pot from Sainsbury's with Bloater pate written on it ... It amused me and is now with a collection in my stitching room but also they had some beautiful silk flowers as well and it is nice to add to things or indeed keep them together in a display ... But the tiny ones can be added in between hand embroidered flowers for depth and texture to a sampler type picture.  Also there was a dear little antique clock face ... and that was actually on my list!!

My husband bought us some Mint and some very unusual sweet peas for our tub in the garden, they are white with a light blue edging around them when they come out ... So I look forward to those. When they bloom I will take a photo for you all ... Also he was told that these ones have a fabulous scent with them as well ... all good on a warm Summer day ( if we get some).

And to finish a little story.  When I was talking to Mercer and Rose she told me in another village near the Cowdray fair was another antique fair being held in a museum ... So on our way back we popped in 15 minutes before it closed and not enough time to take photos I am afraid but I saw some familiar faces and there was some great fabrics so I had just enough time to buy a few and a reel of vintage cotton too just on the one stall.  There was a great quilt stall as well and I have taken details from them for when I move .... Some stunning quilts I can tell you!

Some stunning faded paisley ( two pieces) and two pieces of delicate flowered fabric early 19C I was told so I was very happy indeed.

Well I hope that you have enjoyed a little look at my latest vintage treasure trove and I hope you all have a great day ....  Happy Stitching! x

Tuesday 21 June 2016

The Summer Brocante in the grounds of Cowdray House!

I love the countryside. I love the calm and tranquillity,
trees, wildlife and flowers.
Then pop up a marquee for a day filled with vintage
goodies .... heaven on earth! ....... SJH

As if going to a vintage fair is not enough, to have it held in the grounds of somewhere like Cowdray House it is quite frankly amazing.  I love the countryside, wildlife and trees .... lots and lots of trees and to be in a setting like
that and going into a vintage fair of this magnitude well its exciting! The weather behaved thank goodness but the thought that had gone into this fair was amazing.  Two large marquees were set up but also outside there was a marquee for a pop up cafe/restaurant and a horse shoe of little marquees so that people who had fabrics and delicate's were protected too, either from the rain if it came or sun.

 Also there were people in the middle outside with garden objects and a rather fine shepherds hut on display with details how you could order your own!!!  Oh let me tell you if when we move I can fit
one of those babies in .. I will.

It was an amazing vintage event and the work that must have gone into it was outstanding.  Even the tiny detail of  toilets was thought about beautifully because they were not just your all common port a loo ... they were beautifully clean and thought about with the basins that look like raised bowls, proper hand wash and spare everything within.

They had a proper coffee stand inside the cafe with a couple who actually roast their own and it was delicious as well as just before you go in a takeaway coffee van too.  In the centre next to the shepherds hut was a great stall that sold homemade cordials such as lime and chilli, nettle or
elderflower to name just three and you could have those or you could add a gin! very civilised ...

There was plenty of parking being that it was held in the grounds of Cowdray and it was marshalled so it was so easy in and out.  On the way out you could go either way and had been sign posted so that you knew in which direction you needed ... as I say every fine detail had been thought out and it showed.

I was on the hunt for certain things as you know and mainly fabrics and things for my work,  the choice was outstanding.  We arrived when it opened so I had chance to look around without crowds and that is what I did first and then later I took photos for you all to look at.  Again I could not take photos of everyone but I did ask and take photos of all the stalls that I bought from and who I get near enough to take good photos without disturbing the buyers, which was easier in the end because it became very busy .. but not over crowed which was wonderful.

Cowdray House and grounds is sort of nestled between Midhurst and Petworth towns and has a lovely drive up with the view of the big house.  They were also offering rides around the Estate in a Land Rover for £5 each as well.

In the pop up cafe they served beautiful cakes and cold drinks along with an array of quiches, salads, large homemade sausage rolls and Scotch eggs .. all of which where handmade and not mass produced and bought it.  Each table had little jars of wild flowers on them along with leaflets and flyers of further events for your diaries.  I can report that the salads and scotch eggs were really very good indeed.  We did not have cake at all, not even my cake searching husband!! I know, I did ask if he was ill at all .....

Well not in any particular order I went in through to wonderland when we paid, it is just like walking through the best shopping centre in the entire world, vintage goodies everywhere you look.
 Outstanding and beautiful displays and a atmosphere all of its own.

First I spied The Old Haberdashery and went up and caught up with the lovely Sonia.  When I was very poorly earlier this year Sonia would put up gorgeous photos of things in her shop and would send me things through the post ... Helped me no end to my recovery.  As normal her stall was beautiful and with lots to tempt.  I bought some vintage sylko threads and an inspiration pack with a beautiful line of vintage flowers to stitch onto a piece of work that I am in the middle of stitching at the moment.  I was looking for something but was not sure what ... until I saw this pack so I am now going to be incorporating it into my piece of stitchery this week.

Then I spied Emma of Little Wren Vintage and she always has an eye catching stand with oodles of
gorgeous fabrics and quilt pieces ... today was not exception.  I looked around here twice actually and bought some wonderful bits and bobs, which of course I will be showing you all my vintage finds and treasures later in the week, but for now take a look at Emma's amazing stand.  We were able to catch up and laugh about my looming move ( if we find a house soon that is)  I keep buying things for a house I do not have as yet and it is a source of mine and Emma's amusement to laugh about how it will all come together .. and hope there is room for it all too!! eeeek.

Then I remembered that I had to find Rosie's Armoir because I had ordered some bits of blanket in light browns and beige colours and I wanted to make sure that Helen knew I had arrived so I went in search of her, which was not easy because she was meant to be in the main marque but was actually outside in the horse shoe of the little marque's in the corner ...  I luckily found her and we caught up.  Helen handed me some blanket bits and would not take one penny for them , so very kind and I would like to thank you again Helen.  I also bought some lovely fabric bundles and bits from her and of course later on in the week you will see everything I bought at this amazing vintage fair.

Then wandering around guess who I found .. The lovely Simmone of Ayres and Grace .. Oh this is one very talented lady indeed.  Simmone makes all sorts of animals.  They look so real but in a sort of
whimsical way.  I was talking about it with her and she said that they have to look lifelike and real even if they are wearing a dress or pantaloons!!  I agree too, it is all in the face and features and we are like sisters in a way about how we feel about things ... as always such a lovely catch up with such a wonderful lady.  I have several of her pieces of work and am thinking about other bits that I should get from her.... Its this bloomin,' house move thing .. decorating before I have it, so I was a little restrained.

Then the smiling face of Suzi of Hearts 'n Kisses caught my line of vision and I went over for a quick chat and a photo shoot!  As I was doing this Suzi became mobbed with people but I did manage a little purchase of my own!  As always her stall looked really beautiful and people had come especially to find her ...

She did manage to tell me that she had made something for one of her sons for his and his girlfriends house together .. It has become a talking point between their friends.  It is so lovely that he sees his Mums talent and likes it.

Turning around I found the lovely Christine of The Sea Garden and of A Mermaids Tale blog fame.
 Christine is such a lovely gentle soul and a very talented maker of all things gorgeous!  Of course I succumbed to some fabric bits and something that she had made .. one of her new designs as a matter of fact and I am the first person to have one ...

Christine lives in Cornwall and has a shop, she loves beach combing and the sea but has branched out with her new design but you will have to come back Thursday to have a peek of her new designs but there is one on the top far left of this picture ... more about it on Thursday though..

Then by chance I spied Chalk and Paisley and went over for a chat and catch up.  Her stall was so very beautiful.  I had a little look whilst doing a photo shoot but alas there was no paisley fabric as fabric but there was some lovely antique bits and handmade things on offer.

Some really beautiful cushions too ... I didn't succumb to any more not yet .... I keep thinking it will look to crowded here to sell if I do but now I think I should have got some and wrapped them up and put them away until after the move .. Never mind, I did not take my own advice and buy it when you see it policy!!

Next door to was The Apple Loft again with so much to look at and purchase.  There is another one
of the Love Lane Vintage events in August and another later in the year.  I only hope I will be moved by October time and that I can pick up some scrummy bits from these people then.  I know some of them will be back then so I was again very good in not buying for the home.

I was off to find The Velvet Ribbon stall outside in one of the individual marque's and there she was, I was so pleased.  Always but always there is a pile of stunning fabrics and today to my absolute pleasure I was not disappointed at all.  Each bundle had a vintage ribbon on with a corresponding palette and there were a few vintage ribbons singularly that matched some other fabric pieces ... yes ladies and gents I did.  It had to be done and it is for work so therefore I can buy it without thinking about it being for a particular room in a house that I have not bought yet!!  As you know I will be putting together a work box for my first weeks or so survival of the move and I am collecting with that in mind ...

Mercer and Rose were there and at another show they attended I bought that darling little blue drawer
set if you remember.  There were some bits there that I needed from my shopping list including some little silk flowers so I was able to purchase some things and catch up.  This is where I got the heads up that the salads in the pop up cafe were amazing and they were right too, they were!!

I spied that hat box in the picture but again I did not listen to my own advice ... kicking myself now.

Then joy of joy I found Lisa of Lovely Hudson, Hudson is Lisa's beautiful dog and is so famous on Instagram I can tell you.  It is fitting that her business is named after such a handsome chap.  Well Lisa had lots to tempt all as well, with some beautiful furniture pieces but again I was restrained.  There was however a basket of vintage quilt pieces so I did come home with a piece for my collection.  It will be used in a design yet to be thought about and is waiting patiently for me to up cycle it into something that people will look at daily and not hide in a cupboard or drawer....

Found Country Antiques was there and there was a most beautiful vintage swing seat but it had
already been sold, which is a shame for me, because that would have come home that day.  I would like a swing in the next house for me to sit on in the garden and watch the wildlife.  I love swings and have never grown up when they are about, and I never will I suspect!  Alas it was not to be this time but it just goes to show things are out there in the Antique and Vintage world, you just need to be patient and look.  All was not lost though as there was a beautiful piece of vintage patchwork fabrics stitched together and I came away with that tucked into my basket of goodies!

I must just show you the homemade cordial stall that was outside and they are for hire at events as well.  They make all there own cordials and these  can be drunk as a long refreshing drink or mixed as a cocktail or a Gin and  tonic.

 There are some fabulous flavours which change all the time with the seasons and what is about in the hedgerows for foraging  ... thus the name.
Hedgerow Cordials ....  I might have to get them to our house warming party me thinks!!  Such a lovely couple with a great homemade products.

Will and Bea and The Vintage Blanket Co. were sharing a stall which works very well indeed because their things blend perfectly somehow.  I was tempted to some bits from both of them and they were tucked into my trusty vintage basket .... By this time my lovely husband had been back to the car for me to put things in so that my basket was empty as I went around.

I found some beautiful lace and a great little stone antique pot jar with Boots on it ... pictures later in the week.

Outside was a huge stall and it was a mother and daughter team.  There were two names as they were different business but I can only find Three Angels but between them they had some gorgeous things.  The Daughter had vintage linens dyed in France by a lady and it must have been Woad because the colours were amazing ... different shades of blue.  There was antiques for the home and garden as well and it was one of those stalls you had to walk around and around to take in all the beauty.  I apologise for losing a slip of paper but if you are reading this please leave a message to add you name to this.  We had a lovely chat and it is such a shame I have been such a numpty and lost your details ..

And last but certainly not least was Nicholas and Steele and there stall of vintage treasures, from old
pots that used to contain Cream ( this was in stone and cranberry colours) or Marmalade jars and more.  There was an amazing windmill along side some antique chocolate moulds.  Some unusual and beautiful pieces as always ...

There were antique books, china and little ducklings .. it all looked so lovely and inviting.

Well it was then time to head off slowly home.  We decided to eat at home and have dinner cosied up together as the rain had just started to head in on our way home.  The clouds were black as night and the rain fell ... so we decided to meander home through the Sussex country side but not stop and have a warm bowl of soup when we got home instead .....

Hoping you have enjoyed a little look around the fair and if you have never been and ever get the chance to visit a Love Lane Vintage Event then do, they are so worth making the effort for.  It is a two hour journey for us.  We go on the motorways and return the scenic route every time.  The Sussex country side is magnificent and worth taking your time over.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!