Friday 10 June 2016

A stash of stunning fabrics, quilts pieces and more .... What to design?

Summer - the heady smell of roses and sweet peas
bees busy tip toeing across the lavender and daisies
and the warm summer sun on our faces ..... SJH

I am loving this beautiful weather at the moment and being able to sit some of my day in the garden with my hand stitching, it is really glorious.

I have recently purchased two bundles of pure inspiration... I love buying little packs of vintage fabrics to that you can already have a colour palette.  These are beautiful and with the hues of green, purples and lilacs they are totally delicious.  The other bundle is a dusky pink with some lilacs and greys.

There is some vintage blanket included as well as some netting.  Add a few buttons and some embroidery and hey presto something scrummy.

Although I am at the design stage on these I wanted to share them with you.  Tied with string and an old price tag .. you almost do not want to disturb them at all.  There are some vintage patchwork pieces pinned in place as well to add on to things and all in all I am thrilled with them.

When you do eventually and begrudgingly open them to reveal all the layers of goodies that are contained within these bundles and start to shuffle them about, adding and taking away the ideas and thoughts start to tickle at your brain with ideas and then it is time to have a little think and ponder and get your design journal out.  I always write ideas down first in a note book then from there I will start to sketch.  Look at these two beautiful pieces of patchwork crying out to be added to something and not hidden in a drawer or left in a pile of fabrics ......

I can feel a sort of collage coming along but made into a picture with added quilting and embroidery along with buttons and lace ......

There is vintage bits of blanket and linens of the same hues and also some lovely pale pink netting as well ... which I have had a little idea for to be added ..
So at the moment I am having a lot of fun designing with these two bundles of wonderful vintage fabrics as you can see.  There are some really stunning bits of vintage quilt pieces just crying out to be used in some sort of collage/picture and now I am off to sort through my threads colours as well..... I could be some time.  

I have given myself two hours on this as I have several pictures that I really must set to and get
finished.  It has been a strange couple of weeks because I have been working but nothing seems to be gaining ground on the finish side of things.

I am aware in the summer sat in the garden stitching that I do stop and watch the birds, bees and butterflies ... I can not help it, this is part of the the special part of summer but I really do need to get my head down today .....

The weeks seem to be rattling on and I do not know where the hours go in my day.. it frightening, when I was a child life's clock seemed to tick slower .....

Anyway I am away to my two hour design time and then stitch stitch stitch!  Have a fabulous day and do not forget there will be a little blog tomorrow.  If you can not come back until next week then have a great weekend and as always Happy Stitching!

                                                                           Soooo scrummy!


  1. Gorgeous colours
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Thank you Julie.. I am very pleased.

    Enjoy your holiday.

    Sarah xxx