Sunday 12 June 2016

Happily stitching and embroidering away! ... whilst trying to keep my mind occupied.

Sew v.t   fasten material pieces by passing
thread again and again through holes made with
threaded needle or awl.

Embroider v.t  ornament (cloth etc) 
with needlework.

Scissors  n. pl,   instrument for cutting fabrics etc
made of two blades with handles for thumb and one
finger so pivoted that their cutting edges close on
what is to be cut.

Pin  n. thin piece of wire with sharp point and
round broadened head for fastening together parts of
fabrics, papers etc; thing of small value
(don't care a pin)

I am loving the sewing definitions it amuses me.  When I stitch a piece that almost consumes me with all the attention to details that I can give it, I also am generally thinking.  Either about a complicated piece of stitching that I am doing to make sure it is correct or how to improve it or indeed silly things in my head that I wonder at, like what the dictionary might say of the tools of the trade.  These are
just some obviously but it really did amuse me.

I did some stitching over the weekend and half had my eye on the garden and was trying to take my mind off of things that have been bothering me lately.  One such thing is a cat got into our garden and killed a bird ... it was carnage.  Tears streaming down my face I go out to the lawn to see feathers every where.  I wanted to make sure nothing was suffering and although I just could do nothing about that myself, I have a neighbour who can, for the animals sake.  To my horror it was a lady blackbirds feathers .... MISS MUDDY BEAK!!! could it be her!  I have been searching and looking in the garden.  There has been little blackbird song and I had convinced myself it was my lady of song.

So I have been sat stitching on a vigil to see if I can see her.  This is why I have been trying to keep extra busy whilst sewing.   Well to my utter relief it was not her but birds have stayed away for over a week not coming as usual.  There is a killer on the loose and they know it!  my darling lady is ok and although it sound awful I am relieved it was not her.....

So this is why these thoughts have been popping in my head ..... Sewing definitons!  I have also (in my head) re-designed the drawers in my stitching room and put some order into fabrics and colours that might work ... especially my prized paisley drawer.

With the music of the beautiful birds that have now returned to our garden ( all be it very nervously) another design popped into my head so that is something I will explore in the next few weeks....

So in utter relief and in celebration I am having a summer give away.. A lovely inspiration pack with fabrics and pieces of vintage quilts and blankets plus more .... All you need to do is leave a comment on here.  Something about sewing or summer ... a quote, a thought.   The comment has to be on this particular blog  and I will get my lovely husband to pull a name from a bowl (vintage of course) next Sunday 19th June 2016 in the evening after 8pm ....  and the winner will be announced on here next Monday morning! So what have you got to loose.  I will read every comment that is placed on here and hope lots of you participate in celebration with me of Miss Muddy beaks return...

Well I must away to my stitching ... Have a great day and of course Happy Stitching and please leave a comment....

Sarah xx


  1. As Jane Austen once said 'There is something interesting in the bustle of going away..the prospect of summers by the sea'.... I would add the prospect of summers and stitching by the sea... a truly authentic homespun vintage experience !!!
    Nicola Stevenette

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  2. Reading about your garden birds brought to mind an Edward Thomas poem that I think you would like. It's called 'I Never Saw That Land Before'and this is my favourite passage...
    I should use, as the trees and birds did,
    A language not to be betrayed;
    And what was hid should still be hid
    Excepting from those like me made
    Who answer when such whispers bid'

    I maybe interpreting it incorrectly but I think he's suggesting a secret language that only those truly in touch and in love with nature can understand. I'm like you Sarah, I can't bear for any creature to suffer.
    I'm so pleased that it wasn't Miss Muddy Beak.
    Speaking of birds,I am currently sewing a small goose shelf sitter as a housewarming gift for a friend, the fabric is vintage style ( duck egg blue of course) with pretty pink roses and partly filled with some lovely Lavender. Best wishes Dawn Robson

    1. Hello Dawn

      Thank you so much for playing along here with me, I love to hear from people who read my blog, tells me I am not talking to myself!!
      What a beautiful piece of poetry and yes I think you are right about the meaning. I can sit and watch nature in the garden for hours.
      I was watering the garden the other day and I kept seeing every night that things had grown in the day or over night and it is a wonder to me..

      Miss Muddy Beak is coming back to the garden more again but she is very skittish at the moment, where once she was positively tame with me, but she is alive and well.

      Your sewing shelf sitter sounds wonderful, what a truly lucky friend. Wouldn't mind seeing a photo of it if you would share .... Thank you for your lovely comment and good luck in the draw...

      Happy Stitching

    2. Thank you for your reply. I've been reading more of your blog today and the 'dining room table' story made me smile. We've all been there! Best wishes Dawn

    3. Hi Dawn
      I did tidy it however I have settled in again today! Eeeeek!

      Sarah x

  3. Ohhh Sarah...nature is so beautiful and sometimes cruel. Here in Normandy it's also all day long birds that are singing. If it's not to cold outside opening the windows is the first thing I do. Out here in the country I've seen also cats, fox, falcons & hawks. And they all wil be hunting. I concentrate my on my work and listen to the birds all around me, just being part of nature. In our smaller garden in the Netherlands my little white dog would chase the young black birds in the bushes and once caught one. I fellt terrible. Since then I always keep an eye on this doggie...she really hunts. Have nice day and a lot off birds singing for you today �� greetings from La Normandie��Petra Cleuskens

    1. Bonjour Petra!

      Wow how wonderful that you have taken the time to leave a lovely comment all the way from Nornandie!
      To say I am thrilled is an understatement ...
      I love nature and you are right with all the hunters out there and I understand most of it. Animals hunt for food and it is the way it is but the fat domestic cats that kill to play and then go home to celebrate with there bowl of biscuits and kitty Kat and fresh bowl of water ... they annoy me I am afraid. I love Miss Muddy Beak and she was so very tame, not so now and I hope as she is very frightened still, but I sit and talk to her patiently with me stitching ... in the hope she will calm a little.

      Thank you so much for your comment and thoughts and playing along with me on here. Good luck in the draw later in the week and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my ramblings on here.


  4. That is so sad, but glad Mrs Muddy-Beak has returned. We have a pair of blackbirds in our front garden, and a Robin in the back garden. They so tame they help us to garden, we dig the and they come along and collect the worms. I chat to them all the time, the neighbours think I'm talking to myself!

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      I love that sometimes nature trusts us to get close. I talk to my robin, Miss Muddy beak and a very tame squirrel who comes up and bangs on the conservatory door to ask for food! .. 😁Xx