Friday 24 June 2016

Sorting through my beautiful fabrics ....

I could display fabrics in 
beautiful baskets and have
them all on show all the time.  
For my love of vintage ...

One of the parts of my job is sorting through, putting away the fabrics that I buy.  It is a hard job, but someone has to do it .. Grin!!

After my slight shopping spree of gorgeous vintage fabrics, ribbons, lace and such they have to go away until use, after the photo shoot.  Today is that day for me.  I can hardly bare to to it.  I think they may have to pile into a vintage basket and stay a while out in the sunshine....

Today is a short day for me as I am going to take a friends grand daughter to the hairdressers and back for her prom tonight and also over later to Lymington to her friends where she is getting ready with her besty to be picked up for the prom... I can not wait to see her all dressed up, hair done and of course in the most beautiful dress imaginable ....  I will see pictures of it all together over the weekend I am sure.

I volunteered as her Mum is one of the organisers of this particular Prom and being run of her feet, plus the weather is so unpredictable at the moment that I would hate for her to be rained on.

So it is little jobs today until the times I need to take the princess to her appointments for the Ball...

She used to come and help in the school holiday cutting out and covering buttons from when she was 13 years old until 15 ... then she got herself a little job that was a regular thing and now she is nearly 17 years old and going on to A levels and Uni eventually ... I miss her excitement and chatter and can not believe where those years have gone at all.

I will hopefully get some stitching in as well, but sorting the fabrics will take some time... What do you think?  I think they look wonderful in the basket.  As long as they are out of the sun not to be damaged in anyway, I think these will look beautiful just as they are safely in the basket.   I love having buttons in kilner jars so that they can be seen in all their vintage beauty and glory along with glass jars filled with vintage ribbons... I love sitting in my sewing room surrounded by history and beauty ... If some of the things could talk, what stories might they tell.

I check for moths regularly and have lots of cedar wood and rose around plus lavender as well which they seem to hate.  I am afraid if they are seen they are evicted or squished depending ... no one gets away with nibbling at my fabrics ... grrrrrr

I ask you how can these possibly go into a drawer or a box until use ... it would be a crime!

I want to have some time to design for a day or so next week, always on a Wednesday I do but I may
run into the next day or even start designing at the begining of the week with a fresh eye .. we will see.  Then Wednesday I could just stitch away, hopefully in the garden if summer appears again.  Two years ago we had a fabulous summer. A great friend of ours lived here with us for 9 months whilst trying to buy somewhere in Devon.  Every day we were in the garden, me stitching.  I have photos of us eating in the garden every night and walking to the beach for an evening swim because it was so warm.  Then last year it was a monsoon and it looks like this year is going to be the same... It has been such a long winter, we need that sun.   Well that is my little moan, typically English, as it is about weather!  We are near the end of June already!.

Where has this week gone, I can not believe it this year is rattling on so quickly, it seems to me at least.

Well there will be a little blog tomorrow and also tomorrow is exciting because we are house hunting and hopefully we will be able to look at two of them as well ... fingers crossed for us.

Anyway have a great day and of course as always Happy Stitching! ......


  1. I just wish everything would slow down a bit, June already! What has happened to last six months. I don't feel I have done anything........

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. I know Julie! It's so unreal .. It's like the world has speeded up!
    Sarah xxxx

  3. Beautiful basket of treasures. I also love vintage baskets. My sewing room is also my sanctuary from this hectic life. Sewing concentrates the mind and worries disappear for a while. Just looking at a pretty fabric can lift my spirits. Good luck for tomorrow. X

  4. Hi Dawn

    You are so right, I go into my vintage bubble. Like walking through the wardrobe to Narnia!!

    Thank you ..fingers crossed this is the one, we have two concerns but hoping we are wrong .

    We will see.

    Have a great weekend.

    Sarah xxx