Saturday 31 May 2014

Vintage mother of pearl brooch..... Stunning!

Happy Weekend!... Well as you know tomorrow I am off to a private vintage fabric sale - to say I am looking forward to it is such an understatement.

I have my little list and I did email and ask for a few items if they have them...

Bag packed and ready for our lovely day out and I really am hoping the sun with grace us with its company... No matter though when I am in the company of vintage fabrics and such wonderful people, nothing could dampen my spirits!

The other week I bought this most stunning brooch off of a lady selling her collection to buy her daughter the prom dress of her dreams... I hope that the daughter knows how lucky she is.

There were lots of different ones pictured on facebook but I decided on this one as I thought its heart stopping beauty was to good to pass up.  It has come to a home where it will be well looked after and of course worn.... putting it in a box for the world not to see, is not an option.

What do you think?... I am very happy with it.  I may even wear it tomorrow on my buying trip.

Whatever you are doing have a wonderful weekend.....

Happy Stitching!

Friday 30 May 2014

Off to a wonderful private vintage fair this weekend!

Good morning all!

Well this week has flown by, my weeks generally do but when they are a four day week it's like they are jet propelled!

I am very much looking forward to this weekend as I am off to an invite only vintage textile buying day.  It is at a private house and I am afraid I can not say much about it.  It will be held in a marquee so the weather can do what it pleases as far as the fabrics are concerned and talking of fabrics there will be lots of beautiful French textiles for sale.....

I will take a few photos of inside of the marquee and let you know about my day and what I managed to find at such a wonderful event.  I feel very privileged to have been invited at all.

Other fairs this weekend include:

Vintage and Handmade Fair
Saturday 31st May
Chipping Sodbury Town Hall
Broad Street
Chipping Sodbury
South Gloucestershire BS37 6AD

There is a £1 entry fee and a Vintage tearoom

Vintage nostalgia show
30th, 31st May and 1st June
Stockton Park
call 07771 643227 or for more information

Also later in June there is the Vintage Bazaar at the Cheese and Grain in Frome Somerset.  It is on the 21st June and is always a great event.... that's one for your calender not to miss!

I am now away to my sewing room as I have a little machine stitching to do and then I will be able to settle down with my hand embroidery today, more and more of my work has hand stitching or embroidery on it and I am so pleased.  It does take longer of course but honestly It looks, to me at least, so much better. When you are working with vintage and time worn fabrics, it somehow blends more!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Stitching!

This is sitting on my dinning room table now..... I was playing with flowers in a pretty vintage teacup and saucer and this is what it finished up like.....

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Art in stitches ........... Susan Lenz

Oh readers do I have a treat for you!

I found, by chance, a wonderfully talented lady named Susan Lenz.

She is happily married and has two grown up Children.  A few years ago now she changed direction in her life and is an Artist, she says for less money and longer hours, but she is thoroughly happy in her career choice ..... and boy does it show! Susan is now a full time professional studio artist.

Generally Susan uses vintage and re-cycled materials, mostly using a needle and thread for self expression. Combine that with meticulous handwork and WOW!... In addition she sometimes uses stitched text and free motion machine embroidery which, she says, adds visual and emotional layers.

Susan Lenz lives in America and is available for teaching, lectures and workshops!... Lucky USA

Having read her blog and scoured her facebook page to look at the art that Susan creates out of all sorts of mediums not only her unbelievable talent shines through but her joy in her work and the art that she creates. Take a look for yourself ...... It is not to be missed.  I am going to become a member of her blog so I do not miss a thing!  I am going to America again this year and only wish I was nearer to where this lovely lady lives because I would love to chat with her and learn more.

Also Susan and I share a passion for vintage spools BUT look what she does with hers!!

They are stunning aren't they?

This is one of Susans 'windows'......

Susan has a facebook page
Also a blog plus you can find her on

Susan Lenz

I would like to thank Susan for letting me show you some of her wonderful work and for letting me put it on my blog for you all to see.  I found Susan by chance when I typed into google 'vintage wooden spools'..........What an amazing find!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Vintage embroidered table linens......... idea!

Good Morning all..

I have seen an idea that really appeals to me greatly, a lot of work but I think worth it.

Making a quilt from old vintage embroidered table linens.  Cut out all different embroidered bits, like flowers or a birds ( it would have to be a linens that have small designs on them)  and then cut the plain parts into strips.  You could make a log cabin quilt one square at a time....

Surprise surprise I have a few of said table cloths in my collection of vintage fabric and linen wares and it would make a lovely stunning quilt as say a throw over a sofa.....

Each log cabin centre, which is a square, could be a cut out piece of vintage embroidery and the rest could be in the cream and white linen scraps..... it would not matter if the colours were slightly different, it looks as it should then in my opinion .. vintage and time worn..

Flowers like this are perfect to cut into a square...


Some middles could be white from vintage raised white work?

So can you imagine the above with a vintage embroidered square and the rest in vintage linen.  You could put a little embroidery on some of the vintage linen strips..... a name or date or a bee?  A button here or there maybe...... I am going to give it a go....

Well this is my stitching so I must away to my day job, also lovely embroidery today but now I am itching to start my lovely quilt......

Happy Stitching......

Vintage Heaven......

Good Morning all

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some of the lovely weather that came our way.  We had a lovely time but I am ready to get back into my sewing room, I miss not being in there.......My little bit of vintage heaven.

I am going to write a list of things to do and must be done today... only so I do not forget really. Ideas pop into my head and I like to write them down daily, I can then look back on them for future reference or cross them off as completed.

I have a few things that I would like to make personally for myself and our home.... So when I say I am having a weekend off, I mean from commissions and publications.  My husband loves to clean cars... (go figure) anyway if he says he might do that, I rush up to my room and have some personal stitching time.

I have started my vintage hankie panel.  Originally I thought I would have ties at the top to hold it in place on the pole, but have decided that the pole can just slot through like you would in a normal net with wire, but thicker.  I have also decided that vintage carved mother of pearl buttons across the top might be good as well....... Also I might hand embroider a little something on there in addition to the already hand embroidered bits on the vintage hankies..... So something old and something new if you like.......

One of my hankies has a beautiful butterfly on it which is actually 3D.... I have starched it so it sits proudly and thought I would hand embroider a bee.....

When it is finished I will take a photo for you all to see......  And I am going to make some vintage hankie bunting as well ( no not for the downstairs cloakroom!.. I am not that mad ) but it is always nice for parties in the garden.

But for now I must put my stitching aside and get on with a piece for a magazine.......

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!!

My collection of vintage hankies... can you see the butterfly in the middle of this picture? it is a duck egg blue colour. This is before I ironed and starched them...... Soon to be a panel for a window....... :))

Saturday 24 May 2014

Bank Holiday

I hope you are all having a most wonderful Bank Holiday despite the weather!  My normal blog will resume on Tuesday 27th MAY.......

Enjoy and Happy Stitching .........

Thursday 22 May 2014

A Vintage Bank Holiday weekend......what will you be doing?

Good Morning all

Well it is another Bank Holiday here in England and It promises to be not great weather!! Today as I write this it is high winds and rain, very disappointing as I really wanted to be in the garden... C'est la vie!

I am going to have the whole 3 days off... we are meeting some friends and other wise pottering about and see what takes our fancy.   However there a few vintage events this weekend so I wanted to let you all know..

Firstly .....
The West Country Vintage Textile Market
Othery Village Hall
Fore Street

Saturday 24th May
9am - 2pm  ...... with a £1 entry fee

Lou Lou's Vintage fair
At the Bath Pavilion

The Wahoos are performing as well.... they are humdinging jazz cats!
Great music whilst you ponder over 100 stalls.... they are playing two set. 12.15pm and 2.15pm
(sorry could not find a postal code for this venue but there is only one Pavilion in Bath and the event will be sign posted)

Sunday 25th May
11am - 4pm ....... with £2 entry fee

Wimborne Antiques and Collectors Fair
Allendale Centre
Hanham Road
BH21 1AS

Monday 26th May
10am - 4pm........ with a £2 entry fee

If you are near any of these then they will be worth a visit.  All have refreshments on offer as well.

I am looking for some vintage hankies as you know to make my curtain for the downstairs cloakroom.  I have some and only yesterday bought two more from Ebay...... two beauties as well..  I am hoping to get to the Wimborne one and possibly the one in Bath, but we are meeting friends on the Saturday so we will not be able to attend the West Country one...... I could leave a message on our door to come in and help themselves but it really isn't cricket when you have invited friends to eat with you... is it? ......

I hope you have a wonderful weekend all and my blog will return on Tuesday 27th May.......

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday 21 May 2014

A talented lady and her work........Anna Matthews

Magpie :- used figuratively to refer to a person
who obsessively collects things or chatters idly.
A place to hold treasures, collectables and keepsakes.

Anna Matthews is the owner of a business called Morningmistermagpie.  Anna makes beautiful boxes for keepsakes and treasures and uses decoupage and ink drawings.

She is a very talented and busy lady who has young children too and her and husband are renovating a house as well.  Anna has always loved art and craft and thinks that because of her mums influence with sewing that is where her talent comes from.

Anna's day starts very early and she loves where she lives and listening to the dawn chorus, this she says is her thinking time when the world is still and her lovely children have not yet stirred....

Before Anna was a wife and mum she studied fashion at university and her work was shown at London fashion week..... she remarks.. 'not bad for a girl who could not sew until my degree'!.... not bad at all!!

She gets her love of collecting things from her Nan and has always loved art and pretty papers and pens and sketching..... It shows in her work which dear readers is stunning. I myself am going to be purchasing one of the boxes.... it will take pride of place in my sewing room for vintage treasures.

Anna and a friend over coffee one day decided to start a webpage called U-ni-k gifts as they could not find lovely bits for children.  The name is derived from both their first born children.  You will find Anna's boxes on there plus lots more.... .... Here you will be able to buy one of Anna boxes.  Also check out her facebook page.  you will be able to keep up to date with Anna and her work and see new designs.  If you LIKE her page you will be able to see any knew news as it happens...... Also you can message Anna on facebook and talk to her about your personal needs for your box, she likes to make them unique for the needs of each buyer....

Teddy treasure box

 Anna's work in progress!

The beautiful mouse with decoupage name Fred, Freddy, Frederick.. Stunning


Some of Anna's stunning work... visit Morningmistermagpie today!

Happy Stitching!........

Tuesday 20 May 2014

For the love of vintage!

Good morning all

Brrrr it has gone cold again can you believe.  Last week I was sat in the garden with my hand stitching and actually had to be partly in the shade so that I could see the stitches I was doing!! Got to love our English weather! ... I am struggling to keep warm again.

Well today I am doing a little sorting in my stitching room.  I would like to change a few bits around and also go through my vintage fabric drawer.  I am preparing for another competition on here.  I will be giving a away some vintage fabric and some buttons.  One of the fabrics is some of my beloved paisley...... so watch this space.

When I went into my stitching room this morning I had to turn on the little lamps as it was dark and it seems to me all wild life has burrowed down again, because there were no bees or birds at all.

I am trying out some samples today.  I have been looking at lots of different embroidery stitches and today I want to embroider a basket of daisies.  I am going to do a basket weave and fill the basket so it brims with beautiful white and lemon flowers.  There might well be a few honey bees buzzing around the top as well.

I am looking forward to the next vintage fair that I am going to on the 1st June.  It is by invitation only so I am not at liberty to put out any details as such, as it is at a private home... But I will be taking some pictures on the day of the marquee and reporting to you all about what was there and what I purchased. Then it will only be 20 days until the next Vintage Bazaar in Frome and I am equally looking forward to that as well.  The people who attend these events are all like minded and such wonderful people and interesting to talk to... plus I will be on the look out for the great ladies and gents who dress the part as well.

I hope you all have a lovely day and I must away to my stitching room... can you believe the heating is on again and I have all my little lamps on.... looks cosy though!

Happy Stitching!

 Hand dyed wool threads in vintage kilners jars in my sewing room.

My cosy sewing room and book shelf with just a few books!!.. my design journals are housed there too!!... honest. Can you see my beautiful carved wood angel wings?

My inspiration for today..... as it is summer in my heart!

Monday 19 May 2014

Wonderful vintage hankie ideas.

Good morning all

At the moment I am collecting vintage hankies to make a couple of bits with.  I have been wandering around vintage fairs and Oh My! some of them are stunning.  They can be so delicate with embroidery and little flowers or monograms.

I know they have been washed and ironed but I always do the same when I get them home... it is the OCD in me I think......

I am going to make a net like curtain for our downstairs cloakroom with some.  Literally stitch them together to make the size of your window.  I am going to put fabric tags on the top to tie them to the pole.  It will be delicate and pretty and still let light in to the cloakroom.  You can add lace or buttons to your design and ribbon if you would like......

The other project I have in mind is to make bunting from some as well.  The most simple way is get a long piece of binding or ribbon and iron the hankies in half to make a triangle then stitch along.  I always add a little more binding or ribbon at each end so that I can tie a bow to attach my bunting to trees etc easily.... It looks so beautiful with the delicate hankies moving in the breeze and has a wonderful delicate vintage feel to an event..... garden parties or wedding....

I hope you give it a go.....

Happy Stitching!

I found this on google to show you one that someone has made by just folding them over....

Embroidery and that vintage look!

Embroidery has a natural affinity for flowers
It can also, of course, represent nothing at all!
Chris Rankin

Good Morning all

I like the above quote a lot.  It is so true, your embroidery can be formal or in a crazy kind of style depending on your likes and dislikes.  Take free motion embroidery on things all done in black cotton, I am sure my needlework teacher at school would have fainted!  It is a very personal thing, and beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. 

I however am in the middle here, I do like  subtle colours and the vintage look and of course that is not for everybody.  Vintage however has become very popular and as I have said before young people are wanting the look, in the hair and clothes, and also prefer to buy from second hand shops and boot sales.  In addition they are looking for handmade goods as well as wanting to learn how to make themselves.

Going to every vintage fair that I can at the moment, I have noticed young people in there late teens, early twenties dressed in forties clothes.  Girls in lovely dresses and a hat.  Boys in hats and shirt and braces...... I will ask next time if I may take photos and put them on here for you to see, because they look so good.

I also like finding vintage embroidery on stained table clothes and then cutting those up to stitch on to things as well.  With some of my work I favour applique and embroidery together and it really seems to bring dimension to a piece.  I enjoy playing with ideas on scraps of fabrics, It is really a good way of seeing what you like and what you don't.  It is not ideal to be unpicking on delicate fabrics unless you really have to.

Anyway I must away and start my stitching day, In the garden if it stays nice or sat in my sewing room which looks over our back garden.  Even if it is raining it is a great view.  I also know (although can not quite see) that the beach is not far away either and that is another great source of inspiration for me.

Happy Stitching!

Vintage embroidered hanky ..... it is beautiful is it not!

Saturday 17 May 2014

A stunning vintage book find.....

Hello and Good morning!

I am so excited as I purchased the most divine book!  It looks like it is all Christmas, by the cover, but it is not!  There are lots of sayings a rhymes inside for children mostly so it will be fantastic for Nursery samplers.

The book has been written and illustrated by a married couple by the name of Lizzie and Robert Ellice Mack.  The book was published around 1887.  The water colours are astounding and little old fashioned nursery rhymes and quotes will be perfect.

The book is published by Griffith, Farran and Company.  It is called The Christmas Tree Fairy.

I have tried to find out more for you about this couple but to no avail.  They wrote and illustrated several books but I can find nothing historical about their life.  Do any of you know anything?

I will be able to design some lovely Nursery samplers with this book in mind and use some of the little poems, sayings and rhymes from this dear little book.  There are a few Christmas ones too.... for later in the year!

I hope you all have a lovely day, I am going to curl up with this book and my design journal for a while..... Then to some lovely embroidery.

Have a wonderful Stitching Day!!

Thursday 15 May 2014

It can not be the begining of the weekend!.......Must be happy in my work!!

Good morning all

Well would you believe we are nearly at the weekend again.  The weekend starts in this house when my husband returns from work tonight. My week has gone so quickly.

I am busy working on several projects and enjoying my stitching days BUT long for some warmer weather.   Last week in the South of England the rain was biblical and never ending, although from Wednesday it has been getting gradually warmer! :))   I would like, this weekend, to get out and plant out my hanging baskets.  I am not so fond of gardening that I wish to do it in galoshes and a mack!!

I have taken great inspiration from the garden in a few of my up and coming designs, with flowers and bees....  I am learning all the time as I stitch and also teach myself new stitches from vintage samplers. I  actually never knew of some of the stitches existed... for instance palestrina stitch?  At the moment I am trying to learn a new stitch every few weeks.  Some of them would not work in my designs but no matter, it is the joy of learning and practising as well, that said I have learnt some wonderful stitches for flowers and that really has been great seeing what can be done with a needle and thread.

As I am writing this I can see birds in my garden eating the food I put out for them and the sun is out and getting warmer.  I think today I will take out my hand stitching and sit out for a while.    

I hope you all have the most wonderful weekend and enjoy some of this wonderful weather that promises to be here for a while!

Happy Stitching!!

Wednesday 14 May 2014

When designing my work....... The process can be very time consuming but worth it, I hope.

Hello all

Yesterday I talked about samplers and the fact that at the moment I am in the middle of stitching a couple of my designs.

I always sketch my designs as I have told you but also I do an awful lot of research.

 I like to research antique samplers for not only aspiration but maybe long forgotten or not so used stitches.  I am always looking for different shades of embroidery thread.... I favour the hand dyed shaker threads that I purchase from America and of course every time I get a new thread or re-order one the shade is slightly different being hand dyed.... I find this enchanting!

I also do a great deal of practise on embroidery stitches at the moment as my work now has a great deal more embroidery in it.  I have looked at tutorials on google and I, particularly, find this more useful than  looking at a stitch in a book.  Sometimes I find them hard to understand.

I am always researching something and I have to say, over the last year, learnt so much.

Although I adore a hand written letter instead of an email..... The Internet has been a great tool in helping me learn new skills in embroidery and applique and taking in information and facts.  In addition I have taught myself to be able to start dating fabrics as well.  I always put that kind of information on the back of my pictures so I have to be correct.

When I am designing a new sampler or picture at the moment it starts with an idea of what I want to achieve.  I sketch, research, water colour and look for just the correct embroidery threads and fabrics. The process is not a quick one.... BUT I hope that this shines through in my work and that is what brings so much pleasure from the people who purchase from me....

I am taking a few more commissions for this summer so if any of you are interested just email me for a chat of what it is you require and prices.

Have a most wonderful day and .....Happy Stitching!!

Samplers, Stitches and techniques....

Good morning!

One of my great passions is samplers, I think that is why I love to design them, but add antique fabric into the mix....

I am collecting antique samplers for our home and become amazed at the ages of children who have completed samplers years ago.  The stitching is tiny and some of the work astounds me.  I am sure that not a lot of 6 year old could do this sort of work now.

I am always looking at antique samplers for inspiration and quite frankly just to please me.  I hope that when I design samplers now that these will be admired as a samplers with a twist.

The Victoria and Albert museum has a exhibitions of samplers ranging from the 16thC to 19thC. They are well worth taking a look at.  Also there a fascinating facts like the first known printed pattern book was published by Johann Schonsperger in Augsburg Germany in about 1523, this was followed by others in Germany, Italy, France and England.  The increasing availability of pattern books brought new sources of reference to apply to ladies work.

I have a few samplers that I am stitching at the moment and enjoy so much watching them grow and also the fact of adding stunning vintage fabric and a button here or there.  But always there is either a stitched saying or ABC and 123. I am also dabbling with doing a sampler with squares of different stitches ......

I am doing one for print and one as a commission at the moment, They make beautiful nursery pictures too, depending on what you stitch on them.  I am going to do one for our home as well.  I am absolutely enchanted by samplers.  I hope to be able so show you some of my designs very soon.

Take a look if you can in the Victoria and Albert it really is a wonderful place to visit.

Of female arts in usefulness
The needle far exceeds the rest
In ornament there's no device 
Affords adornment half so nice
While thus we practice every art
To adorn and grace our mortal part
Let us with no less care devise
To improve the mind that never dies.

This is a linen sampler. Embroidered with silk in double
running stitch pattern.  Stitcher unknown.
Egypt 15th - 16th Century.
Given to the Victoria and Albert by
Mrs F H Cook.

Tuesday 13 May 2014

A wonderful Vintage summer of fairs, Stitching and snippets of an 1860 Ball Gown !

Good morning!

Well having been to two lovely vintage events, I have lots of vintage fabrics and goodies for me to create my new designs.  I will be putting my head down and getting on with completing some designs from my design journal.

I have to complete some bits for magazines and also another up and coming exciting project.

The next vintage buying spree I a going on is on 21st June and that is the Frome Vintage Bazaar, and another at the beginning of June which is invitation only, and I am lucky enough to be invited as it is in a private home and grounds.

I bought some most beautiful bits of embroidery salvaged from a 1860 Ball Gown.... Oh it is is stunning and in creams and all hand stitched with bits of ribbon and threads.  Some of these will be going onto a Wedding Sampler.  I have a design that I have been working on and these little delicate very old antique beauties will be a stunning addition. I bought this bundle of vintage gorgeousness at a vintage fair.  I will be able to attached them on by doing tiny little stitches.....

Some commissions are coming in and are Wedding and Nursery based gifts, so when you pick up such wonderful bits of history to decorate the samplers with it is very exciting... There is then so much history attached to it before it is handed down to future generations...

I really hope to carry on with my blog and hope that google can sort it out.  We will see.  I hope those of you that have joined do enjoy the reading of my ramblings....

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

Circa 1860 Ball Gown embroidery

Monday 12 May 2014

My designing days and design journals....

Good morning all

I thought today I would talk to you about how I design and about my journals I keep.

Firstly I would like to say I am a doodle bug.... If I am on the phone, I have a notebook or scrap of paper and pencil and whilst talking ... I doodle.  Always have even before I started Homespun Stitchworks.

So it was not much of a stretch to keep journals and note books of what I do and how I think it should be done.  I always sketch out my designs and sometimes water colour a little and always put little scraps of fabrics with the design ,for ideas.  I date and sign each one.  Some of my designs have never been made, but could do further down the line.

I have a lined notebook with me to jot down ideas or tasks for the day, write blog, update business Facebook page, twitter and emails and in addition to all of that any phone calls needed to be made and that is all before I thread my needle....... Before that it is housework and household chores, my day starts early.

Journals for me are a must and I think a great heirloom too.  I wish I had something from my own grandparents or great grandparents ( I do have scribblings from a great grandfather and a book he was writing, it is very fragile now and I MUST get round to typing it out for keep sake).. I have a journal for sayings and quotes as well.  Some are other peoples words and some are mine. I also jot down fabrics and linens I buy and of course what they cost..... This helps me price my work too.

I live by my journals.  I covered a journal in vintage wool blanket and hand stitched and put a mother of pearl button on it.  Also I had on their 'follow your dreams'  This journal is sold and was bought by some co workers for a leaving present for a colleague.  This lady was leaving to follow her dream and going to design and needlework college.  I had amazing feedback from both the people who had clubbed together to purchase it and the lady whom it had been given.

The lady who was following her dream said ' This is most wonderful and I loved the fact that you list all the vintage materials used and the dates of fabrics and buttons used.... Thank you so much!'  ...... This made my day that someone really appreciated what I had designed and made, and loved that I take the time to date the materials used in the cover of each journal I make.

Personally I could not do without my journals...... Do you keep any?

Have a wonderful day stitching!

Saturday 10 May 2014

Happy Weekend....New fabrics and designs to play with next week!

Good Morning all

Well I have just popped in to say have a wonderful weekend.  We have a friend here for a few days so I am having weekend off.  Although we do talk stitching actually and I always have my note book with me as I do bounce ideas with my lovely friend...

I hope you all have a great time and enjoy your time off.  I am hoping for great weather all weekend and a bit of having meals in the garden.  Evenings are still a little chilly though but we do have a chiminea to keep us toasty!

Whatever you are doing this weekend have a wonderful time.

Friday 9 May 2014

Antique French Linens....Oooh La La!


For me, at least, I believe that vintage French linen sheets are the best basis for my vintage samplers and pictures.

I love the weave and this makes the base strong along with the hue of the linen, just right for what I am creating.

I remember buying my first Vintage French linen sheet, it cost a lot of money and was pre 1900. When I got it home and had washed and pressed it, I just stared at this thing of beauty.  I was going to cut it up, was I mad?

I went and got my journal out with my sketches to check that one.. I was happy with the design and two ..  it was worth carving this piece of history up!!  When I actually had the scissors in my hand I was shaking dreadfully!

Now, well I buy for my needs and justify it to myself that on each sampler at the back there is a handmade paper envelope with a little card inside detailing the materials used.  How old the linen is and the fabrics and buttons. The provenience of each scrap contained for future generations.  It can be handed down that little bit of history..... but it already has over 100 years of history behind the glass because of the age of the fabrics and materials used, and that pleases me.

Vintage carved mother of pearl buttons that are once again being seen as a thing of beauty and not in a box in a drawer somewhere and in addition to that there is the matter of the fabrics used that are now on show too!

Working with such stunning materials and putting together a thing of beauty that may be cherished once more, makes my day, and from my feedback makes the recipients as well.  I believe that a thing of beauty in our home makes us happy, it is pleasing to the eye,and that makes the heart happy and the soul sing....

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

And a little personal note. Happy Birthday Dad I miss you so much, forever in my thoughts x

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Deans Court Vintage textile and garden fair.... Wonderful day out!.. take a look.

Hello and good morning all

Well yesterday at the vintage textile fair at Deans Court in Wimborne it was really delightful!  The sun shone and danced on the river, birds were singing and the grounds were filled with lots of vintage hunters.  They had a cafe open and it sold homemade cakes and filled rolls and real coffee!!  There were tables both inside and out.

The textile fair was in a huge white marquee in the grounds by the river and we wandered along taking in the most stunning of settings.  You could hardly believe that just outside of these 13 acres was the busy little village of Wimborne in Dorset.

The marquee was packed to the gills with stalls with so many stunning things to tempt you.

The grounds are really very beautiful
 and a river runs through.

The daisy garden.

We went inside the marquee and it was pure eye candy for those of us who are in love with all things vintage.  The stall holders were all helpful and talkative.  Every stall had been carefully decorated and made to look stunning.  There was so much on display, I had to walk around a few times to each stall, because you saw something different every time....

I went and found Liz and her husband Jack. ( this is the lady who got that 3 meters of vintage paisley from before)  They had just come back from a buying trip in France so you can imagine the stunning vintage goodies and fabrics that were on display.  I picked up a box of vintage monograms and some fabrics....... It had to be done!

The ceiling in the marquee had fairy lights and chandelier lights.

It was buzzing inside the marquee and there was so much choice.  I always have a little list of things that I am looking for, I am doing a sampler and it is Autumnal and I have been looking for some vintage eiderdown fabric for some of the design.  The colours I wanted had to match some embroidery thread that I had, and I have not been able to get anything that is quite right..... The search is over!! I found a good size piece today and I am very happy indeed.

Here it is... Just the right piece of vintage eiderdown fabric in a paisley design.
It measures 25 1/2 X28 1/2 inches ....

Inside the marquee lots of wonderful stalls to tempt you!

These two photos are of a stall by Donna Flower. Beautiful fabrics and Vintage French notions!

I bought some lovely pieces of vintage eiderdown fabrics from Donna Flower and her mum.  There was so much to look at, with buttons and photo,s, ribbons and fabrics and Eiderdowns that were in very good condition and sold for the purpose of going back on a bed to make it look inviting!

Another passion of mine... vintage wool thread for embroidery and tapestry.. Jars of it and in so many very beautiful colours.....

This stall had antique quilts to tempt you with, in the most beautiful colours imaginable!

It was a wonderful few hours spent wandering around in such a lovely setting and by a river.  We sat in the cafe and chatted and I ticked quiet a few things from my list as well.  I did however buy a little something for me.  It is a small sampler dated circa 1835 and it is not framed.  I thought it was so pretty so it has come home with me and I will take it to be framed and will have pride of place over our bed.

The little sampler circa 1835 

Thank you to Deans Court for opening there beautiful home and grounds to hordes of vintage lovers, My Mum and myself had such a lovely time.  I have found that people in the vintage world are so delightful to talk to and helpful and interesting..... It was a wonderful day.

Deans court gardens.

 I am now off to cut out some of that Autumnal fabric for the sampler...
Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

Vintage textile fair today!

Good morning

Well today I am off to a vintage fair.  It is the textile fair at Deans Court in Wimborne in Dorset.  It starts at 10am - 5pm.

I am going with my Mum as she lives in Wimborne and really has a great eye for colours and vintage in general.  My Mum is very artistic and I am guessing that is what has rubbed off on me, although for her it is drawing and painting and she says she could not stitch.  'where you get that from' she told me ' I really do not know!'.....

Anyway it's an excuse to spend the day together and for her to meet some of my friends and of course she knows there will be cake...... We call her Mrs Tiggy from Beatrix Potter!!!!

We will also pop to my lovely Dad and leave some flowers as his Birthday would have been on the 9th May....

I wonder what I will find today?  I will let you know and I will write all about it on tomorrows blog. All the fun of the fair!!

Have a Happy Stitching day!

Deans Court in Wimborne.... breath taking venue for a vintage fair.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Joining blog problems!


It has come to my attention by lots of people that they are having problems 'joining' my blog and other blogs too.....

Google say they are FIXING IT.... It is very frustrating and I am so very sorry.  I am going to give you a how to that another lady with a blog has found and people have been able to become a member of her blog.  I am also going to give my email address out so you can email me with any problems and then I can look at them and inform GOOGLE!!!

So a little solution for now......

If you get a blank pop up window with the text 'We are sorry..... (like they do)..THEN DO THIS.

Look at the google friend gadget... Join this site button
See those tiny squares at the top right of it? ... They are white and joined together.

It will open the 'FOLLOW' pop up window.
There you still have the apologies and rubbish they write in the box on the right.
             Do not worry!

Next to the button 'FOLLOW' .... Which does not work... There is a button 'MORE OPTIONS' click on that one.

On the next screen Click on 'Follow' and on the next screen click on 'Follow'

That is it!


I am so very very sorry and this has been going on a very long time.  Use my email and let me know your problems....... It is frustrating for you I know and frustrating for me.  I want to continue with my blog so can we all try this for a little while please......

I believe you do need google account but you do not have to use gmail.... It is free and secure.

I really do apologise for all of this and hope that together we can continue Homespun Stitchworks blog.

Take a look at the ... Curly Magpie!...

Good morning all

I would like to introduce you all to a fabulous site called the Curly Magpie.  It was created by Sarah and Leanne as a platform for their shared love of craft.

They have known each other and been best friends for over 25 years now and share lots of interests as well as a long friendship.  They love craft and going to car boot sales, antique fairs and so much more.

Sarah and Leanne run great vintage and handmade markets and fairs and have lots of events planned for this year.  I am personally going to get one of these events and meet them both face to face and take a wander around their event and take in the talent that is handmade and vintage.  The vintage scene is getting ever more popular and these fairs are great places to purchase gifts for people.  I always like to buy for people for Christmas, It is handmade and not on the high street and of course very unique and special......

A few dates for your diaries !

The pop up vintage and handmade market

SUNDAY 18th MAY 2014

Sharpe's Pottery Museum
23 West Street
DE11 9DG

10am - 3pm

The pop up and vintage handmade market

SATURDAY 5th and SUNDAY 6th JULY 2014

The Vintage years festival
The National Brewers Centre
Burton upon Trent
DE14 1NG

10am - 6pm

For further information of the above events and future ones in the year please go and take a look at http:/

This is a beautiful site and worth a virtual wander around....

Have a wonderful day stitching!