Tuesday 6 May 2014

Joining blog problems!


It has come to my attention by lots of people that they are having problems 'joining' my blog and other blogs too.....

Google say they are FIXING IT.... It is very frustrating and I am so very sorry.  I am going to give you a how to that another lady with a blog has found and people have been able to become a member of her blog.  I am also going to give my email address out so you can email me with any problems and then I can look at them and inform GOOGLE!!!


So a little solution for now......

If you get a blank pop up window with the text 'We are sorry..... (like they do)..THEN DO THIS.

Look at the google friend gadget... Join this site button
See those tiny squares at the top right of it? ... They are white and joined together.

It will open the 'FOLLOW' pop up window.
There you still have the apologies and rubbish they write in the box on the right.
             Do not worry!

Next to the button 'FOLLOW' .... Which does not work... There is a button 'MORE OPTIONS' click on that one.

On the next screen Click on 'Follow' and on the next screen click on 'Follow'

That is it!


I am so very very sorry and this has been going on a very long time.  Use my email and let me know your problems....... It is frustrating for you I know and frustrating for me.  I want to continue with my blog so can we all try this for a little while please......

I believe you do need google account but you do not have to use gmail.... It is free and secure.

I really do apologise for all of this and hope that together we can continue Homespun Stitchworks blog.

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