Wednesday 28 May 2014

Art in stitches ........... Susan Lenz

Oh readers do I have a treat for you!

I found, by chance, a wonderfully talented lady named Susan Lenz.

She is happily married and has two grown up Children.  A few years ago now she changed direction in her life and is an Artist, she says for less money and longer hours, but she is thoroughly happy in her career choice ..... and boy does it show! Susan is now a full time professional studio artist.

Generally Susan uses vintage and re-cycled materials, mostly using a needle and thread for self expression. Combine that with meticulous handwork and WOW!... In addition she sometimes uses stitched text and free motion machine embroidery which, she says, adds visual and emotional layers.

Susan Lenz lives in America and is available for teaching, lectures and workshops!... Lucky USA

Having read her blog and scoured her facebook page to look at the art that Susan creates out of all sorts of mediums not only her unbelievable talent shines through but her joy in her work and the art that she creates. Take a look for yourself ...... It is not to be missed.  I am going to become a member of her blog so I do not miss a thing!  I am going to America again this year and only wish I was nearer to where this lovely lady lives because I would love to chat with her and learn more.

Also Susan and I share a passion for vintage spools BUT look what she does with hers!!

They are stunning aren't they?

This is one of Susans 'windows'......

Susan has a facebook page
Also a blog plus you can find her on

Susan Lenz

I would like to thank Susan for letting me show you some of her wonderful work and for letting me put it on my blog for you all to see.  I found Susan by chance when I typed into google 'vintage wooden spools'..........What an amazing find!


  1. Thanks Sarah - I'm off to check her out!!

    1. You will love her work Gill.... She is a lovely lady. We have been chatting via email as Susan is in the States.... One day I would love to meet her. Enjoy your read and looking at her stunning work.

  2. Clever lady and lovely work ...

  3. Thanks so very much for sharing my work! So ... where are you going in the USA this summer?

  4. Hi Susan
    It has been a pleasure not only to have found you and your wonderful work but to chat to a like minded person. We are heading to the States in the Fall. x