Tuesday 13 May 2014

A wonderful Vintage summer of fairs, Stitching and snippets of an 1860 Ball Gown !

Good morning!

Well having been to two lovely vintage events, I have lots of vintage fabrics and goodies for me to create my new designs.  I will be putting my head down and getting on with completing some designs from my design journal.

I have to complete some bits for magazines and also another up and coming exciting project.

The next vintage buying spree I a going on is on 21st June and that is the Frome Vintage Bazaar, and another at the beginning of June which is invitation only, and I am lucky enough to be invited as it is in a private home and grounds.

I bought some most beautiful bits of embroidery salvaged from a 1860 Ball Gown.... Oh it is is stunning and in creams and all hand stitched with bits of ribbon and threads.  Some of these will be going onto a Wedding Sampler.  I have a design that I have been working on and these little delicate very old antique beauties will be a stunning addition. I bought this bundle of vintage gorgeousness at a vintage fair.  I will be able to attached them on by doing tiny little stitches.....

Some commissions are coming in and are Wedding and Nursery based gifts, so when you pick up such wonderful bits of history to decorate the samplers with it is very exciting... There is then so much history attached to it before it is handed down to future generations...

I really hope to carry on with my blog and hope that google can sort it out.  We will see.  I hope those of you that have joined do enjoy the reading of my ramblings....

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!

Circa 1860 Ball Gown embroidery

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