Friday 2 May 2014

The Art of VINTIQUE Fair

Good morning all

Well today I am doing a little stock check and a would like list as I am off to another vintage fair.  This one is ' The Art of VINTIQUE Fair and is in Great Barrington Village Hall, Nr Burford, Cotswolds.

One or two of the lovely stall holders from The vintage bazaar in Frome gave me the card with the details about this event.

Well it would be too good to miss I believe so we are off tomorrow to go and see what might be there.  There will of course be a few familar stalls but also lots of new ones because it is a different area.

I will be getting ready for that this weekend and also doing some hand embroidery today as well.  I might even buy some bits for yet another competition!  so watch this space.

Have a wonderful weekend and I am hoping the lovely weather will appear.  b-b-q time starts in our home.  Eating  Al Fresco is always popular here.  We like to make pizza's from scratch including the dough and the tomato topping and cook them on the b-b-q on our pizza stone.  The summer is finally here......

Have a wonderful weekend and I will be putting up pictures and all the details about tomorrows vintage event on Monday..... do not miss it... Plus a possible competition draw, so 'join' this blog today for a chance to win vintage goodies.....


10am - 4pm
Saturday 3rd May 2014


  1. Hi Sarah! I love the sound of all fresco barbecue! And nothing tastes better than homemade pizzas! Hope the weather will be good for you all! I`m waiting to see photos!

  2. Hi Debbie
    Willing to give you my tomato sauce recipe if you would like it or pizza.

    I am looking forward to tomorrow and I know it is for my work but it does not feel like it. I promise to take lots of photo,s and always look forward to what people think.

    You have a lovely long weekend and here's hoping for some sun.