Wednesday 7 May 2014

Vintage textile fair today!

Good morning

Well today I am off to a vintage fair.  It is the textile fair at Deans Court in Wimborne in Dorset.  It starts at 10am - 5pm.

I am going with my Mum as she lives in Wimborne and really has a great eye for colours and vintage in general.  My Mum is very artistic and I am guessing that is what has rubbed off on me, although for her it is drawing and painting and she says she could not stitch.  'where you get that from' she told me ' I really do not know!'.....

Anyway it's an excuse to spend the day together and for her to meet some of my friends and of course she knows there will be cake...... We call her Mrs Tiggy from Beatrix Potter!!!!

We will also pop to my lovely Dad and leave some flowers as his Birthday would have been on the 9th May....

I wonder what I will find today?  I will let you know and I will write all about it on tomorrows blog. All the fun of the fair!!

Have a Happy Stitching day!

Deans Court in Wimborne.... breath taking venue for a vintage fair.


  1. Hope you had a lovely day! M x

  2. I had the most wonderful time, Thank you. The sun came out as well. x