Thursday 1 May 2014

Vintage fabrics made into something pretty....Professionally framed?

Good morning all

Well I have been playing with bits of fabrics and linen and looking at a new design for a picture... And it is nearly finished for the framer to work the magic.  It is a hard job they have because I take in different sizes all the time and in addition there are always a button or three so they have to be raised but not in a box frame..... I am rather particular as to how it should look when finished!!

The thing is it costs a lot to get it framed but it really does need doing properly.  When you are using vintage fabrics and buttons and linens etc, you have already spent good money.  Plus if a mistake is made than it is not a case of ... going to the fabric shop and buying some more.  Vintage fabrics are rare and beautiful and you get what you get.  I have never seen any of my fabrics that I buy again, with rare exceptions.  So I am careful not to waste and my framer is careful not to break buttons or squash the delicate fabrics..... It is team work and an awful lot of trust.

If a picture goes to a proper framer and is laced properly the work is highlighted somehow and so although it has to be passed on to the buyer, they indeed have a piece of art that is displayed properly and shows it off to it's full potential.

The whole vintage scene is huge and not just people wanting to buy the kind of work I do with vintage fabrics but clothes and kitchen goods.  When I was at one of the vintage fairs I attended recently there was a young couple searching for vintage mismatched bowls and plates for the home, because they did not want a new set from a super market with no character or soul!!  So the bug is hitting the late teens and early twenties as well.  It seems they want well made and not massed produced and to me it is refreshing as a few years ago that age seemed to be more of a disposable society......

Well I am off to my woman cave! trying to detect any stray pins along the way!!

Happy Stitching ...

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