Wednesday 30 April 2014

With this wonderful vintage paisley fabric.....

Good morning all

I have been staring at some stunning vintage paisley fabric that I bought at The vintage bazaar a couple weeks ago!  With its light green, duck egg, pink and beige colours......( one on the right)

I love it so much and today I am going to do a design with it as the star of the piece.....  I have a few idea's but I am going to keep sketching until I think it is just right for that particular fabric.  I will then go through my beautiful hand dyed shaker embroidery threads for just the right colours to enhance the design.... Today dear readers I am in vintage heaven my pure and utter utopia !!

When I finish here I will be sharpening my pencils and starting a new page in my design journal, probably a few pages to get it just so...........

I hope you all have a most wonderful day whatever you are doing and enjoy your stitching.

The vintage paisley in question is the one on the right of the picture!
It really is stunning is it not?

Happy Stitching Day !!!