Wednesday 9 April 2014

How could I resist......

Good morning all

Well whilst trying to finish my home sweet home Sampler picture I had such good idea about my nursery picture.... That I had to design it and cut out the applique and draw on the embroidery lines and the saying..

I could not resist..... You see as soon as the last few embroidery stitches are in place, I can start the other one!! how impatient is that....

I can not show you a picture of it BUT I can tell you what it is called... So tiny So small.....

I would say it is more for a baby girl as it is has flowery pattern vintage fabrics on it ( or it will, they have been cut)

But It could be done for a little boy in different fabric and there will only ever be one of each for sale. They will be unique and a lovely addition for a Mum and Dad, to hang in their new baby's nursery.

I have to say that I used to worry that my idea's would dry up and cease to exsist.... I would have nightmares about staring at a blank piece of vintage French linen and think 'what to do'.... I touch my wooden head when I say this, that thus far, it has not happened.  I actually need two of me to do what I want and need to do right now.

Before though, that I get carried away, I have to sit and focus and finish my other sampler to go to the framers... there is not a lot left to do but it needs a little more.  As I have said before you can be in danger of over doing something but I am a great believer in that your work speaks for its self...... and as yet it is only whispering to me....

Well I am away to see what needs to be done and then tidy my stitchery room.  Tomorrow is another day and possibly another project.....

Have a wonderful day and HAPPY STITCHING !

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  1. this picture of the tredle machine takes me back to my childhood; my Mother had a machine just like this one and I could never use it properly as it would always go backwords for me!!!!!
    A great reminder of what they WERE like!!!!
    No1 FanXXXX