Monday 28 April 2014

The sewing room!..... A woman cave!!

Good morning all

Well today I thought I might discuss sewing rooms.  Now I know we are all not lucky enough to have one, I in fact only got to have a room for that 2 years ago.  I do have a single bed in there just in case. We have another double spare room but well if you can have one more bed it is always good.  I have quilts over it and vintage cushions so it looks like a day bed but it is very easy to make it look like a comfortable nights rest place.

I love my stitching room and have a built in double wardrobe for storage plus a chest of drawers and bits, but confession time, the room is filling up.....

I was up early today to do a bit of a tidy up and sort through but I now really only have what is needed in there... I guess dear readers if I had double the space I would fill it!!

The thing is I know I am lucky but I would love a cutting table.  I have a lovely vintage table with my sewing machine on and at the back of that there are two antique enamel pots with scissors and marking pens in, and a small basket with bits of stitching examples in that I toy with., BUT I need to take it all off to cut out or gather what I need and go to our dinning room table! so I had to tell myself I am lucky and not to complain because so many have not got the space that I have.

Whilst taking a break the other day I put 'vintage craft and sewing rooms ' into google..... WoooooW!!
That is when I was designing in my head what I might have if I had double the room... then I realised I would just fill it with fabrics and buttons and notions ...... and then run out of space again!

Well that is my rambling for today and I hope it has at least made you smile and maybe some of you will relate to it and some will say BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE WHAT YOU HAVE -

Have the happiest of Stitching days - wherever you are lucky enough to be sewing!

I hope that made you all smile!! ...... 


  1. I would love a sewing and crafting room. At the moment I am restricted to the kitchen table :(

  2. You see that is what I was saying.... I am lucky because after cutting out downstairs I can take my work to my sewing room and do not have to clear it to do dinner.... So cutting table or not I am thrilled with what I have.

    One day..... You will be able to clear a YOU space x