Thursday 17 April 2014

Vintage vintage all the way!

Good morning all

Today sorting myself out for Easter and for my return to work in earnest after Easter I am going to sort through my big cupboard I have in my stitching room.  I have stacked clear drawer units in there and thought I would go through and make sure of contents....

With sorting through things it gives a fresh and uncluttered start.  Plus as you know I have the vintage textile bazaar to attend on Saturday so making room for new vintage goodies to make new and hopefully lovely things out of.  I will be going to see Liz who has the most scrummy textiles on her stall and the difficulty is choosing!  There are over 40 stalls on Saturday in Frome....... choices choices!

I have a lot of work to get through in the next few months with published work and a little to sell.

I enjoy very much thinking up and designing new products.  I live by my journals too.  I have one just for quotes and sayings that I like and may use in my work.  I also have one that I list things I have bought for my work. What, where and how much..... this enables me to price my work at the end of the day.  I also have my design books that I keep, in the margins putting little notes about which fabrics, buttons etc that I think will be good for the design.... in brackets if I have these in my stock or if I have to have a search for them.  In my work I like to keep notes of everything I do and buy, it is helpful and needed.

I would like to collect some vintage embroidery books as well, You will remember in an earlier blog this year I recommended one such book, but I am looking for more....  I would like to learn old techniques and designs to incorporate in my vintage style work.

So with my little bit of a Spring clean and stock check I will feel happier starting my working week again.  My cough and cold is hanging on, but I am hoping with this nice weather that has started, it will be forced to leave me so that I can get on with my busy week next week and not feel so tired!

What ever you are doing today have a good one.

Happy Stitching! 

Embroidered vintage book binding...... I must decorated my own journals more!!

Vintage Bazaar Frome..... with the lovely Liz on the right....

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