Tuesday 29 April 2014

Vintage Summer begins....with vintage fairs and stitching projects!

Good morning all

Well we must not speak too loudly must we but here in England it looks like the summer is starting.
I will be doing my hanging baskets for the garden and get out the wooden garden furniture ready to eat Al Fresco and to be able to sit in the garden and do my hand embroidery and stitching.

I am being inspired by the flowers that are appearing, all the lovely daisies and all the bumble bees that are starting to buzzzzz busily around.  I feel a new design coming along.

Sometimes when I look into the sky at a white fluffy cloud passing by I see a shape in it and that sparks an idea for a design.... New and wonderful designs are all around us and they are inspiring me.... how about you?

I have an idea for a design and have been sketching and water colour painting in my journal.. I think it may be ready soon for me to have a play as to how to put this together.  I would like a few pairs of arms to stitch two projects together sometimes (although buying a top would be fun) It is just me at Homespun Stitchworks so I have to try and put things in order (and importance sometimes) commissions and magazine work has to be at the top and the other bits fight for the right in my head!!

I love my seasons and there really is not one I do not like.... and each one brings new and exciting ideas for me. What season is your favourite?

So I am away to wander around nature for some summer stitching inspiration.....

Happy Stitching!


  1. Both projects look amazing! Fingers crossed for a beautiful summer! :))

  2. Thank you Debbie, and here's hoping we get a great summer with long warm evenings.... :))