Wednesday 7 December 2022

Busy stitching, filming and making for my new website.


Winter is the time for comfort, for warming food and for talking and sewing by the fireside and a time for being at home in a cosy chair.

Sometimes the thought of winter can bring dread to some and I do understand it, however for me I try and embrace each season in turn, even though our weather sometimes forgets which season it is in.

For me Winter is a time for all of the above and I cherish that time and feel lucky to work from home, although you have to be organised and some what disciplined with yourself.

It has been a very busy week or so with my website being built and me running around sewing and writing things and filming for it.  Getting a draft through from my website builder and getting them to understand firstly its a vintage website and slow stitching! Making it simple to use not technical particularly ... obviously it has to work but I do not want it to portray modern anything really.  I adore vintage and slow stitching and if you are reading this blog on a regular basis, you do too so it must seem like you know the website and what kind of things will be available.   Firstly there will be online workshops to buy and download and also some workshops actually at The Threads of Time studio.   There will be a vintage shop to purchase fabric kits and inspiration packs along with antique finds for sale and so much more.

The gentle art of hand sewing is such a calming and charming pass time in which you can make some really beautiful and unique things for yourself, home or gifts. I would love to convert people into doing it and not being afraid.  Slow stitching has no rules it is not like some precise embroidery - anything goes and is enjoyable and can be very simplistic in style.  For me its slows my heart beat and relaxation is felt through my soul.  To be honest with a Mum who is very poorly indeed and all the things that life throws at us, it is a haven to me in a chaotic world.

I hate to throw this in but its true, Christmas is just around the corner and of course we all have so much to do and purchase this time of year.  My lists are getting longer

and the time is getting shorter.  I am hosting Christmas here at Thimble for a few people this year so there are lots of things to do.  One of my closest friends will be here staying over the whole of Christmas and New Year, we are so looking forward to it.  She loves to sew and knit and crochet so the bit in between Christmas and New year will be spent doing some of that for the sheer joy of it, by the fire with a mulled wine.  Warming our toes by the log burner and keeping warm.  She may well be moving to OZ next year to be with her family so this is going to be a very special time for us.  I miss her already but understand the pull of family.  Her husband died 4 years ago and well friends are one thing and family is another.

So with everything going on this will be me last blog until after Christmas and by which time my website will be going live.  2023 is an exciting prospect for me business wise with lots of things happening.  I am happy to sit and stitch with my Mum and there will be lots of that going on I think.

I really hope that you all have a cosy and peaceful Christmas, this too can be a sad and lonely time for some but I hope everyone reading this will have a healthy and peaceful one at least.  I will be back on here with lots of news after the 3rd of Jan.

Thank you all for all the support and messages this year and I hope you will return in the New Year for lots of updates and news.

Hoping Santa will leave you a little something under the tree that you have been hoping for, I would like a few books and some vintage threads so fingers crossed i have been a really good girl..   Until the next time ...

Happy Stitching and Happy New Year to you all.

Sarah XX