Wednesday 7 December 2022

Busy stitching, filming and making for my new website.


Winter is the time for comfort, for warming food and for talking and sewing by the fireside and a time for being at home in a cosy chair.

Sometimes the thought of winter can bring dread to some and I do understand it, however for me I try and embrace each season in turn, even though our weather sometimes forgets which season it is in.

For me Winter is a time for all of the above and I cherish that time and feel lucky to work from home, although you have to be organised and some what disciplined with yourself.

It has been a very busy week or so with my website being built and me running around sewing and writing things and filming for it.  Getting a draft through from my website builder and getting them to understand firstly its a vintage website and slow stitching! Making it simple to use not technical particularly ... obviously it has to work but I do not want it to portray modern anything really.  I adore vintage and slow stitching and if you are reading this blog on a regular basis, you do too so it must seem like you know the website and what kind of things will be available.   Firstly there will be online workshops to buy and download and also some workshops actually at The Threads of Time studio.   There will be a vintage shop to purchase fabric kits and inspiration packs along with antique finds for sale and so much more.

The gentle art of hand sewing is such a calming and charming pass time in which you can make some really beautiful and unique things for yourself, home or gifts. I would love to convert people into doing it and not being afraid.  Slow stitching has no rules it is not like some precise embroidery - anything goes and is enjoyable and can be very simplistic in style.  For me its slows my heart beat and relaxation is felt through my soul.  To be honest with a Mum who is very poorly indeed and all the things that life throws at us, it is a haven to me in a chaotic world.

I hate to throw this in but its true, Christmas is just around the corner and of course we all have so much to do and purchase this time of year.  My lists are getting longer

and the time is getting shorter.  I am hosting Christmas here at Thimble for a few people this year so there are lots of things to do.  One of my closest friends will be here staying over the whole of Christmas and New Year, we are so looking forward to it.  She loves to sew and knit and crochet so the bit in between Christmas and New year will be spent doing some of that for the sheer joy of it, by the fire with a mulled wine.  Warming our toes by the log burner and keeping warm.  She may well be moving to OZ next year to be with her family so this is going to be a very special time for us.  I miss her already but understand the pull of family.  Her husband died 4 years ago and well friends are one thing and family is another.

So with everything going on this will be me last blog until after Christmas and by which time my website will be going live.  2023 is an exciting prospect for me business wise with lots of things happening.  I am happy to sit and stitch with my Mum and there will be lots of that going on I think.

I really hope that you all have a cosy and peaceful Christmas, this too can be a sad and lonely time for some but I hope everyone reading this will have a healthy and peaceful one at least.  I will be back on here with lots of news after the 3rd of Jan.

Thank you all for all the support and messages this year and I hope you will return in the New Year for lots of updates and news.

Hoping Santa will leave you a little something under the tree that you have been hoping for, I would like a few books and some vintage threads so fingers crossed i have been a really good girl..   Until the next time ...

Happy Stitching and Happy New Year to you all.

Sarah XX

Tuesday 22 November 2022

The exquisite Potting Shed vintage fair ... Wow!


 They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  In my eyes this fair was utter perfection and the wonderful setting with amazing decoration was, to this beholder,  exquisite.

So when I set off on Friday to attend this lovely fair I was, in truth, very excited.  I had seen photos of the last one of these fairs, which is organised by the lovely Tara Franklin and Adi of Hoof Brocante who goes to France on a regular basis to purchase her stock.  She is a great lover of textiles and a expert to boot, so I knew there would be too much choice but too much is just enough.

I went the day before because of the long journey and I wanted to stay over and get to the fair when it opened without leaving at stupid O'clock ... The sun was out and the journey was a really pretty one. The weather had calmed a little and the sun was shinning and had its hat on.

I arrived at the most beautiful of bed and breakfasts and was greeted by Lynn and Ray and their adorable dog Cyril!  The log burner was lit and I was offered a glass of wine and we had a lovely evening indeed.  Lynn is a lover of all things vintage and their
beautiful home really portrayed that to the full.

The dinning room in the morning for breakfast was so beautiful and the breakfast well I can not even begin to tell you how lovely it was.  I could not eat all the breakfast but it was lovely.  To start yoghurt, stewed apples and damsons.  Fresh baked bread and several jams, followed by a full English breakfast and washed down with a pot of good coffee and pressed fresh apples.  I actually did not want to leave at all.  We had so much in common.  The bedroom was beautiful and comfortable and it was a short but enjoyable stay indeed.

The journey to the Potting Shed vintage fair was so easy and only 10 minutes up the road so I arrived a little later than planned as Lynn and I kept on talking over coffee!

Adi of Hoof Brocante fame and indeed The bidding room was on the door to greet people to pay to get in and it was only £2.50, the work that had gone into this event was incredible and it was just like a Winter wonderland.  They had a cafe there and also a coffee van that also sold snacks, The coffee was outstanding as well.  The sun was shinning and the stalls were all breath taking, two marques of vintage only items.  People who had made things from antique and vintage quilts and other beautiful handmade products along with piles of antique linens and quilts, fabrics and lace.  

The atmosphere was electric filled with laughter and chatter.  I met up with friends
that I had not seen in some months as well as friends that I have seen recently.  Everyone was commenting on how beautifully put together this fair was.

I met up with Liz and Jack (The washerwoman), Emma (Little Wren Vintage), Simone who was visiting but not trading that day and so many more.

I wandered around very happily not only browsing and purchasing but standing and chatting with old and new friends.

There was so much to see and take in and I must of gone around and around so many

times.  I went out to get a coffee and Adi asked if I would watch the door and take the entrance money whilst he visited the boys room, which I did.  I had a coffee and was chatting to everyone who went in and out.  I was there for about 15 minutes or more and then Adi came back and said ' sorry I forgot I was chatting to people' until Tara caught sight of him and asked 'What are you doing here? who is on the door?' and he said Oh gosh Sarah I have to run!! made me laugh!  but I was happy enough sat sipping my coffee and taking entrance money! from very happy smiling people.

The work that went into decorating the venue was unreal with lots of twinkling lights

and winter foliage, it smelt like Christmas.  All the stalls looked amazing, the work that goes into an event like this is unbelievable.  All I can say to that is the hard work paid off because people were in awe and wonder.  Then of course when we all go it all has to be taken down again so Thank you Tara for your tireless work and vision.  It was so lovely to see you too.

I purchased some beautiful things including some old child's ice skates with red ribbon and bells on to hang in my cottage for Christmas.  Childs ice skates are rare and really appealing to hang as a Christmas decoration being small.  I bought some fabrics, ribbon, a large old spool of cotton and a old beautiful patty pan to put tealights in from Liz and Jack as well.

Two beautiful Christmas stockings made from red and white antique quilt from Emma and have since, started to stitch things on them to hang from my fireplace at my cottage.  Six gorgeous rare mother of pearl buttons that have been carved.  It now looks like the stockings could be laced up like old boots!

I bought some hanging hearts and old linens along with some really stunning old French linen tea towels for a project I have in mind for my studio here at Thimble.

I purchased some Christmas presents and lots of antique stitchery bits as well - three bags full of gorgeous vintage and antique goodies.

It was gone lunchtime and it was time for me to leave because just down the road at

Ticehurst was The Old Haberdashery shop who is owned and run by the lovely Sonia and I wanted to pop in there.  I have seen her at many a vintage fair but never visited her shop so it was time to say my fair wells and go.

I arrived at the shop which was open but unfortunately Sonia was not in there but a lovely lady in the shop on her own and oh boy it was very busy indeed.

I was able to purchase some old cottons and some new embroidery needles I needed plus a few other bits that were not on any list but unresistible never the less.

Ticehurst is a very picturesque little town with lots of independent shops and cafes serving good coffee and food.  Wandering round there was a real delight and a lovely way to end my adventure.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings about my wonderful weekend and that you all keep well and of course as always ...

Happy Stitching!

Sarah XXX

Monday 14 November 2022

Inspirational little slow stitches.


“Memories are stitched with love.”

 - Unknown -

With needles threaded and my design book at the ready and stunning antique pieces of fabric and quilt pieces I am never happier to be on the road of a new creation of fabric art that is slow stitching. It’s an art form that gradually comes together, a stitched picture that comes from your heart and ideas that feed your very soul. You can go to vintage fairs and purchase some wonderful pieces of antique quilts or bits of 1930's paisley or ticking.  There are very old French linens along with buttons, ribbons and vintage sari ribbons as well.

Online as well on Etsy, Instagram or Ebay you can find some wonderful things to add to your creative arsenal, however for me the pleasure of seeing and feeling fabrics is the best way.  During the COVID  two years this was not possible and I missed it so much, never again will I take the freedom we have again for granted.  I go to everyone that I possibly can.  There are so very many around England and I do travel sometimes 3 or more hours on occasions.  If I could, I could probably attend at least one a week or more... Its just not possible.

Of course if you have some older clothes or embroidered cloths that were your grandmothers or baby clothes that mean something to you,  you can cut up and make into a beautiful and meaningful to you, a quilt or picture maybe.  I have one of my Dads shirts.  When he died in 1999 I grabbed his favourite short sleeve shirt from his wardrobe.  I can not cut it up because I put it on over whatever I am wearing if I miss him, which is lots and its like he his cuddling me.  If I had been thinking straight at the time, I would have had them all and made a quilt for my bed.  I did not think at all for three months by which time my Mum, egged on by other family had taken all his clothes to a charity shop! I could not believe it ... so it is this one shirt is precious to me in the form that it is in. So vintage and antique Brocantes and fairs it is for me...

However last Friday there was The Dorset Christmas Brocante on and it was held
only around 10 miles from me, what a pleasure!  I purchased my ticket online and got the early bird ticket to go in on the first day early so that not so many people were there for a couple of hours, what a delight that was, a real treat.  So getting up at at a reasonable time having had coffee and breakfast I arrived at 9.30 am on the dot.

It was held at the Larmer tree which as I said is not far from me, The drive there is a beautiful one and with the ever changing of the leaves on the trees and the sun coming out for this event it was a lovely.

It was a pretty fair but for me a little disappointing to be honest because there were so many stalls that were selling new.  I go purely for antique vintage and there was not a lot there.  Never the less it was very beautiful.  Sheep in the fields with a tree lined drive up.  

There are peacocks roaming around freely and two good coffee vans there for a lovely sit in the garden on a seat and watching the world go by.  The peacocks made me laugh a few times, obviously used to people and liked to put on a little show for us all.  They seem fairly tame and very photogenic at all times.

Typically me I was on the hunt for antique fabrics and stitchery things and there

really was not much there at all that I could see, normally I spot it straight away as I am tuned in to it so unless my brain has a cold and I missed it I really could not find things.  So I went Christmas shopping for friends and family who like new and not old.  I met some lovely new friends and for the first time ever I really did not know many stall holders at all.

I was after some candles and per chance there was a lady there selling candles of all kinds and some candle holders etc.  So I was able to purchase what I needed there.

I only spent a couple of hours there in all but had a lovely time meeting new people, us vintage crowd are very chatty indeed.  

Driving back home again I was deciding what to do and it was well, I must clean the log burner out for this evening and supper was sorted because I had  put on the slow cooker ... So it was down to my studio and to slow stitch and faff a little.  

Getting it already to film some online courses next week, exciting and a little daunting too.  So many of you have said you would like online courses so that wherever you live be it England, America or Canada it seems, you can do a workshop.  So lots of faffing in the studio and getting to grips with my camera and lighting with tripod ...   

So that was my afternoon set out for me.  I love being in The Threads of Time Studio with my radio on, humming along and with piles of antique threads, fabrics and buttons around me.  the tidying up takes the longest it seems.

Later on this week I am off to a fair that I have not been to before at The Potting Shed and is run by Tara Franklin and Hoof Brocante. Its at the King Johns Nursery TN197AZ.  Its a Winter Brocante and I know for a fact that Tara is fresh back from France and will have some exquisite textiles.  There will be The Washerwoman and her textiles too and so many more.  I am staying over for the night as it is fair way to go.  

So watch out for my next blog on that event.

Anyway I must away and go and tackle some filming. 

Take care and as always Happy Stitching.

Sarah XX

Friday 4 November 2022

Ultramod - The best Mercerie in Paris


In timeless Paris I turned a page, and there is was Ultramod the best Mercerie in Paris

How to begin to explain this most wonderful of adventures.  Well as you know from my last post I went to Paris and had the best of times.  One thing that happened practically on the last day of my visit was that I  went into a great department store in Paris and I saw a book ( it was in French but I was drawn to the cover on this exquisite

hard back large book), I was looking through and a wonderful lady who worked there came up and realising I was in fact English starting talking to me about the book.  She then said we have a copy in English if you are interested, and of course I was very interested indeed and into my basket it went. The book is called Timeless Paris as you will see from the above photo.

Well after my shopping it was time for a little lunch and a drink so I went and found a quiet spot and looked through and to my utter joy found Ultramod.  Looking it up on google I found that it opened the next day on the Saturday after lunch and I was there when the shutters went up.  I was first through the door and the wonderful lady who owned it spoke wonderful English and here is where this little adventure began that day.

Ultramod is strategically located near the  Palais-Royal, and has long been famed as the hatmakers and milliners district.  The most amazing business has a history that spans nearly 200 years and the records show that the same name at this address on Rue de Choiseul is traced back to 1832.

Some years later it sold products referred to as' menue mercerie' which translates to all the essential accessories for sewing and embroidery.

Francios Morin, a former finance executive, purchased the notions store, followed by the milliner's boutique, in the late 1900s.  It was said he was literally captivated by the history of these places and acquired their historic inventory.

Today the two shops face one another and each with their own particular activities.

The Mercier side has shelves and buttons, ribbons and threads and every conceivable thing you may need to create some beautiful project.  They have old and new stock but
the old stock is what actually took my breath away.

The lady who owns the shops spoke perfect English and we started chatting.  She realised that I was English and we talked about the shops.  She was so pleased I had made the journey to see her and was happy for me to snap away with my camera.  

Boxes of buttons were pulled out and I was able to just look, rummage and snap away.

I asked her about the milliners across the road and she said was not open all the time and today was one of those days, it is used as a sewing sanctuary and seeing probably my disappointment got one of her staff to open up for me to wander around with me and I was able to take photo's there as well.  What an absolute treat for me.  So lovely are these ladies I can not tell you.

There are hats on stands partly made as they were decades ago. Boxes of sample cards of ribbons and lace to choose for your hat and are over a hundred years old. The shelves in the milliners shop are filled with endless felt forms ready to be moulded into bespoke measurements for hats in their own boxes.  There is an amazing array of feathers and silk flowers to make any beautiful hat your own.  I closed my eyes for a moment and could imagine what it must of been like to go there as a lady ordering a new hat or two. 
The customers service and the choices.  You could almost hear the excited chatter and 

The smell that is in the shops is heady and beautiful the way antique things should be.

The old counters in both shops run the length of them and the old tills still remain. 
There are numerous large chests of drawers all with the original patinaed.  Some of these still bear the name 'Cartier-Bresson' and this is a brand of thread that is now obsolete, but made the fortune of the famous photographers family.  All these things make the atmosphere which makes these shops so appealing, it is indeed a timeless stitchery haven with such a warm and inviting atmosphere.  To wander, chat, see and be there for a few hours was magical.

There are thousands of buttons, ribbons, felt fashioned from rabbit hair, veiling of the highest quality.  Ribbons of both silk and velvet.  Ribbons with hand embroidery on them and all arranged by colour.

An array of embroidery threads of every imaginable hue and colour, its wonderland for those of us who love to embroider or stitch.

We need to treasure these antique places that still exist and never loose them.  If I lived in Paris I would, for sure, make a weekly visit.  That this kind of Mercier is still in business today is testimony to the fact they are still very much loved and needed.  

For those of us who slow stitch now with antique and vintage fabrics, ribbons, lace and buttons.  That we choose to use antique threads when we can get hold of them, these amazing shops are our nirvana ....

I am going to make a trip back hopefully sometime next year for a few days and there are now, I have found out,  tours that will take you from one beautifully old shop to the next and I very much want to be on one of those!

Now lots of you have messaged me on here and my Facebook page asking me about the old buttons that I purchased.  They were not cheap but hey they were coming home with me.  They are gorgeous glass and silver buttons and they are stock from 1900 and it was still written on the box they were in.  I picked out 6 of each size and they were popped into a little glassine packet.  The star of the show...

I would like to thank all the staff at these most beautiful of shops in Paris for their patience and their customer service.  Nothing was too much trouble and they were all so helpful and kind.  They could see I was enthralled and they made my last day in Paris the best.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this little window into an amazing 200 year old Mercier in Paris.

Take care as always and Happy Stitching!

Sarah XX

Thursday 3 November 2022

Paris, /Street Brocante and so much more.


Paris is always a good idea

Audrey Hepburn

Well as you may have guessed from the title and the above I have been to Paris for a week.  I had the most wonderful time and thought I might share it with you all.  From 400 stalls of an antique street brocante to the resting place of Oscar Wilde, Versaille and Monet's Garden and house ...

Its been a hectic Summer and I have so much to catch up on with you so be prepared  to get a lovely cup of something warm and cosy up for a vintage read.

Well firstly I had my little cottage garden done, fence painted and a beautiful raised border made from antique train sleepers to put all my miniture fruit trees in, they were in  very large pots and to honest they needed to be planted out.  They have lights on them that are charged from the sun and on these cold winters evenings that are drawing in fast, they cheer me when I look out.  There are plug in fairy lights around the fence and they were at my old home and still going strong. 

Suddenly Summer turned to Autumn/Fall and you could feel it in the air, This was in mid September.  From scorching Summer days and warm still nights the change of pace in the weather was a welcome and beautiful thing.

So back to Paris, a wonderful 10 days of treasure hunting and sight seeing.  I have
been before, however my long time wish was to visit Monet's house and gardens and Oh WOW! The day I had pre booked my ticket for was a glorious hot day and with the sun and a little light breeze the day was perfection.  

Walking around the gardens and the lily pond was breath taking.  I could not believe I was there, it was like being in one of his paintings.  The painting where he has the little bridge in with the lily  pond behind it with full bloom lily's twinkling in the sunlight on the water... I stood where he painted that it seemed surreal somehow.  I know I was smiling all day.

There are two parts to his gardens.  There is the garden in front of his house called Clos Normond and then the Japanese inspired water garden and the two contrast and compliment each other.

Monet and his family settled in Giverny in 1883 and he designed the gardens.  He kept chickens as well and they still do today and they are so handsome.  The central bit of the garden has arches all the way down which hang with scented roses and the floor is covered in nasturtiums it really is a sight to see.  There are different flowers and heights in all the borders and it was still blooming in the hot sun when I visited.

Monet's house is just as wonderful with shutters on all the windows.  He loved entertaining and it has a large dinning room and a large gorgeous kitchen.  Wandering around I wanted to soak it all up and I did.  It felt like I was actually in one of his most

famous paintings, A bit like Mary Poppins jumping in to a street chalk drawing.

It made me want to get my water colours out and do some paintings of my ideas.

On the Saturday at 7am sharp I went to the huge street Brocante in Paris and oh my I was in truffling heaven.  I bought some gorgeous fabrics  and sewing bits I did not leave it until after 1pm ... so much to look at and to take in. Again the weather was so warm and the pleasure of being there surrounded by such treasures was like a dream come true. I did not take any slow stitching with me to actually have time off and re-think and look through fresh eyes.  I did however take my ideas journal and wrote in it everywhere I went.

I did so much and had such fun.  Lunchtime cruise on the river Seine  with three course lunch and wine and champagne,  The catacombs, art galleries and the Champs Elysees  where I had lunch as well as visiting my favourite shop ... Chanel . There are two and one of them is where CoCo Chanel first started her business and still stands today.  My bucket list was getting a few ticks.

The Paris street Brocante was to be honest over whelming and I enjoyed every part of it.  I picked up some fabrics, laundry labels that had H O on them... now those are to be cut in a line of three... have you guessed yet?  That will read HO HO HO for Christmas samplers of the future!  Buttons were bought from somewhere really special, this will need its own blog and believe me if you love antique and vintage

sewing you will want a look at that one.  

I purchased an amazing pure linen sheet with a monogram and it is stunning, this is for my own bed in the hot Summer months next year to keep cool at night. 

The weather was hot and the evening warm enough to sit outside of Paris Bistro's and have a glass of wine and evening meal.

Versailles was totally outstanding and the hall of mirrors was so very beautiful.  The gardens and the fountains were really really incredible.  I loved just getting lost in there and finding unusual statues and walk ways.  My camera did not stop.

This was all at the end of September and it was just what I needed, a beautiful break with sewing, culture and cuisine!

The trip was a fabulous treat all in all and I came back full of ideas, thoughts and all fired up working towards online courses etc.  This is now in full progress and should be up and running before Christmas if all goes to plan. The history and the love of antique and vintage along with the love of sewing was just what I needed.

Getting lost in this world for 10 days was absolutely amazing and with the treasure I brought back along with photos and memories.  Meeting like minded people in one of the most beautiful cities in the world was for me such a treat.

Little sketches and ideas for beautiful slow stitching projects and meeting and collecting contacts as well has been one of the greatest experiences to me.

Be sure to come back again soon and see the place I found in Paris with so much history and beauty of stitching and some amazing extremely old and beautiful buttons I purchased.  The book that I found there and in English to show me forgotten Paris places that directed me in the right direction.  It really does need a blog of it's own.

I can not even begin to describe the beautiful food produce that is there with the most exquisite pastries, cakes, tomatoes and breads.  Chocolate shops that looked like fine art in their own right.  Bistro's and the feeling of feeling safe wherever you went.

Amazing food, company and a complete emersion of artist and stitching pursuits was food for the soul.  I had the very best time.  

When it was time to leave I was sad but had so much to look forward to upon my return as some dear dear friends from New York were coming over to visit and that was so wonderful.  We had wine and cosy dinners here and the chat and the laughter never stopped.  Going to Bridport, Bruton and vintage shops.  October flew by as well and here we are in November and I am totally focused on making my online courses and planning, drawing, designing slow stitching projects

Watch this space!

I promise it will not be long before another blog is on here...

Take care dear blogger friends and as always Happy Stitching!

Sarah XX


Wednesday 17 August 2022

Whispers of time.


It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness!

Peter Pan.

There are so many types of threads and fibers to create with and it is a case of finding what you personally like and what suits the ideas you have or project you are working on. You can use embroidery stitches to add a decorative element to fabrics, linens or quilt pieces or indeed very simple running stitches to add depth and meaning to your piece of hand stitching. I personally love antique threads and fabrics because for me it adds extra depth and meaning to a piece of stitchery, put simply it adds a whisper of time gone by.

For me personally that is the secret ingredient to any piece of hand stitchery and what makes it special, all these years on I can look at something I have stitched and still imagine stories that this or that piece of fabric could tell if only it could speak.  We almost smile at one another as I make yet another story up in my head about its life before I found it and repurposed part of it to be enjoyed once more.

The last month or so has been extremely hot here on The Jurassic Coast it has hit 34 degrees here inland and that is very unusual for England.  Not much stitching has taken place but I have been designing and going for swims at the beach as well as sitting with my Mum, who against all odds is still with us.  We did manage to get her in a wheel chair a few weeks ago and walk her to the cliff top to see the sea.  Her one to one pushed her and we put sunglasses on her.  I watched her face at the delight of seeing the water.  It was an unusual day that she was not very sleepy and both my sister and I felt some good sea air would do her the world of good and it did and it did us good to be there with her to see her joy.

There have been beautiful starry skies as well and a 'super moon' to boot.  To sit in the garden and feel a little breeze at the end of a really hot day and gaze into the inky starry sky has been a real treat and to be honest a welcome relief from the heat of the day.

We have been promised some rain and to my happiness and pleasure the skies opened up and we had a really big downpour. The garden drank with a huge thirst and a little green has come back to what is now straw for grass.  There is thunder forecast as well and I really hope that it appears and brings a little freshness to the air, then some hand stitchery can resume once more.  My needle kept slipping through my fingers and a few times I pricked myself and blood appeared, which is not great on antique fabrics as you can imagine.  I miss it too.  I have tried to keep busy with stitchery things like clearing drawers and folding fabrics but nothing beats sitting and stitching.

I am in the middle of a sampler to be framed and it seems its been going on forever.  I have had to protect it from the glaring sun on a number of occasions but with the promised weather change I should be able to get on with it this week.  The temperatures have gone down to a manageable early twenties and this will help sewing again. My studio is cooler than anywhere I have to say but without some breeze everywhere has been airless, except by the sea and I tend to go later in the day when others are leaving.  There is something about walking through the water on the shoreline and having that cooler sea breeze in your face.

There are a few vintage fairs on the horizon too and I am hoping to attend a few of them, apart from the excitement of a good truffle it is about meeting up with friends and catching up with them.  Having a drink and laughing... best medicine in the world.

The lack of stitching has given way to sorting out some workshops as well.  Both online and at the Threads of time studio here in Dorset.  I think a little cooler weather will be just the ticket and to stitch with like minded people and chat as we go will be so wonderful, I am thoroughly looking forward to it.

My garden at Thimble has suffered a little in this hot weather but my wild garden has thrived!  The honey and bumble bees have had a field day going from flower to flower and collecting pollen.  It has been a real treat to watch.  I have kept them going by watering every morning early and a little at the end of the day when the severe sun goes down but the garden has suffered this year in this very dry and
hot heat in general.  I went for a drive through the English countryside the other day, with the air con on ( method in my madness) and it was so sad to see our normal lush green country side looking baron and dry.  Large trees with dead leaves on them and such a beige out look. It was like Autumn but without the colour!

I have bought some vintage sari silk ribbon and am planning to do some hand dyeing with it and then some embroidery on there too.  This will be added to a design I am working on.  I have put out a little bucket to catch some rain water for that very purpose to heat up and use. I am going to go and pick some wild blackberries this week and some mint from my garden to dye some with.  I am hoping for a really lovely light lavender colour with a hint of mint!  I will be keeping a record of what I use and how much so that if it is what I have imagined it to be like I can replicate it again.  Wish me luck and I will be taking some photos of my endeavours to show you next time.

Whilst writing this today I have been waiting for the thunder and rain but as yet it is a no show here, which is disappointing to say the least, a good storm really does clear the air and no rain water for my
dyeing either ... feel a pout coming on here!!

In other news I must show you a find that I have.  It was a few weeks ago now but two beautiful boxes of brand new but very old ink nibs for my dip pen.  There are different sizes and widths in each box, which is original.  I am over the moon with this precious find and will not need and nibs for years I should suspect.  What do you think?

I have had really lots of fun in sorting through the boxes and popping different nibs on and seeing what they produce when dipped in sepia ink and the most gorgeous lilac ink as well.

The sun has come out again and the sticky heat has returned once more, so I am off to make a further batch of fresh watermelon lemonade which is so refreshing especially over ice.  A little rain dance may issue later in the day, so that I get my rain water and my garden can have a further drink! not to be captured on camera I am afraid!!  I hope you all stay safe and find a lovely cool place to sit and stitch.

Take great care and as always Happy Stitching! 

Sarah XX