Tuesday 22 November 2022

The exquisite Potting Shed vintage fair ... Wow!


 They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  In my eyes this fair was utter perfection and the wonderful setting with amazing decoration was, to this beholder,  exquisite.

So when I set off on Friday to attend this lovely fair I was, in truth, very excited.  I had seen photos of the last one of these fairs, which is organised by the lovely Tara Franklin and Adi of Hoof Brocante who goes to France on a regular basis to purchase her stock.  She is a great lover of textiles and a expert to boot, so I knew there would be too much choice but too much is just enough.

I went the day before because of the long journey and I wanted to stay over and get to the fair when it opened without leaving at stupid O'clock ... The sun was out and the journey was a really pretty one. The weather had calmed a little and the sun was shinning and had its hat on.

I arrived at the most beautiful of bed and breakfasts and was greeted by Lynn and Ray and their adorable dog Cyril!  The log burner was lit and I was offered a glass of wine and we had a lovely evening indeed.  Lynn is a lover of all things vintage and their
beautiful home really portrayed that to the full.

The dinning room in the morning for breakfast was so beautiful and the breakfast well I can not even begin to tell you how lovely it was.  I could not eat all the breakfast but it was lovely.  To start yoghurt, stewed apples and damsons.  Fresh baked bread and several jams, followed by a full English breakfast and washed down with a pot of good coffee and pressed fresh apples.  I actually did not want to leave at all.  We had so much in common.  The bedroom was beautiful and comfortable and it was a short but enjoyable stay indeed.

The journey to the Potting Shed vintage fair was so easy and only 10 minutes up the road so I arrived a little later than planned as Lynn and I kept on talking over coffee!

Adi of Hoof Brocante fame and indeed The bidding room was on the door to greet people to pay to get in and it was only £2.50, the work that had gone into this event was incredible and it was just like a Winter wonderland.  They had a cafe there and also a coffee van that also sold snacks, The coffee was outstanding as well.  The sun was shinning and the stalls were all breath taking, two marques of vintage only items.  People who had made things from antique and vintage quilts and other beautiful handmade products along with piles of antique linens and quilts, fabrics and lace.  

The atmosphere was electric filled with laughter and chatter.  I met up with friends
that I had not seen in some months as well as friends that I have seen recently.  Everyone was commenting on how beautifully put together this fair was.

I met up with Liz and Jack (The washerwoman), Emma (Little Wren Vintage), Simone who was visiting but not trading that day and so many more.

I wandered around very happily not only browsing and purchasing but standing and chatting with old and new friends.

There was so much to see and take in and I must of gone around and around so many

times.  I went out to get a coffee and Adi asked if I would watch the door and take the entrance money whilst he visited the boys room, which I did.  I had a coffee and was chatting to everyone who went in and out.  I was there for about 15 minutes or more and then Adi came back and said ' sorry I forgot I was chatting to people' until Tara caught sight of him and asked 'What are you doing here? who is on the door?' and he said Oh gosh Sarah I have to run!! made me laugh!  but I was happy enough sat sipping my coffee and taking entrance money! from very happy smiling people.

The work that went into decorating the venue was unreal with lots of twinkling lights

and winter foliage, it smelt like Christmas.  All the stalls looked amazing, the work that goes into an event like this is unbelievable.  All I can say to that is the hard work paid off because people were in awe and wonder.  Then of course when we all go it all has to be taken down again so Thank you Tara for your tireless work and vision.  It was so lovely to see you too.

I purchased some beautiful things including some old child's ice skates with red ribbon and bells on to hang in my cottage for Christmas.  Childs ice skates are rare and really appealing to hang as a Christmas decoration being small.  I bought some fabrics, ribbon, a large old spool of cotton and a old beautiful patty pan to put tealights in from Liz and Jack as well.

Two beautiful Christmas stockings made from red and white antique quilt from Emma and have since, started to stitch things on them to hang from my fireplace at my cottage.  Six gorgeous rare mother of pearl buttons that have been carved.  It now looks like the stockings could be laced up like old boots!

I bought some hanging hearts and old linens along with some really stunning old French linen tea towels for a project I have in mind for my studio here at Thimble.

I purchased some Christmas presents and lots of antique stitchery bits as well - three bags full of gorgeous vintage and antique goodies.

It was gone lunchtime and it was time for me to leave because just down the road at

Ticehurst was The Old Haberdashery shop who is owned and run by the lovely Sonia and I wanted to pop in there.  I have seen her at many a vintage fair but never visited her shop so it was time to say my fair wells and go.

I arrived at the shop which was open but unfortunately Sonia was not in there but a lovely lady in the shop on her own and oh boy it was very busy indeed.

I was able to purchase some old cottons and some new embroidery needles I needed plus a few other bits that were not on any list but unresistible never the less.

Ticehurst is a very picturesque little town with lots of independent shops and cafes serving good coffee and food.  Wandering round there was a real delight and a lovely way to end my adventure.

Well I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings about my wonderful weekend and that you all keep well and of course as always ...

Happy Stitching!

Sarah XXX


  1. So lovely to see you in the depths of the countryside on Saturday. It really was a wonderful event which we always love being part of!

    1. Lizzie it was fabulous, every bit of it. Wonderful set up in a most beautiful yet simple settings. All of the stalls had so much choice and variation of proper vintage and antiques. Laughter and chatter ringing out. Outstanding. It was so good to see you both xx

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely time and thank you fir showing us the gorgeous photos. So many beautiful bits.

    1. Hi so glad you enjoyed your read of my lovely weekend at such a gorgeous fair. The photos were great, because the way each stall was dressed was totally photogenic .

  3. Sounds idyllic Sarah …… thanks for sharing x

    1. Hello! I am so pleased you enjoyed the read. It was such a pleasure to share and to write about. The stalls were so beautiful, which made the photos so really lovely to look at. Thank you for commenting it is great to get feedback.