Thursday 3 November 2022

Paris, /Street Brocante and so much more.


Paris is always a good idea

Audrey Hepburn

Well as you may have guessed from the title and the above I have been to Paris for a week.  I had the most wonderful time and thought I might share it with you all.  From 400 stalls of an antique street brocante to the resting place of Oscar Wilde, Versaille and Monet's Garden and house ...

Its been a hectic Summer and I have so much to catch up on with you so be prepared  to get a lovely cup of something warm and cosy up for a vintage read.

Well firstly I had my little cottage garden done, fence painted and a beautiful raised border made from antique train sleepers to put all my miniture fruit trees in, they were in  very large pots and to honest they needed to be planted out.  They have lights on them that are charged from the sun and on these cold winters evenings that are drawing in fast, they cheer me when I look out.  There are plug in fairy lights around the fence and they were at my old home and still going strong. 

Suddenly Summer turned to Autumn/Fall and you could feel it in the air, This was in mid September.  From scorching Summer days and warm still nights the change of pace in the weather was a welcome and beautiful thing.

So back to Paris, a wonderful 10 days of treasure hunting and sight seeing.  I have
been before, however my long time wish was to visit Monet's house and gardens and Oh WOW! The day I had pre booked my ticket for was a glorious hot day and with the sun and a little light breeze the day was perfection.  

Walking around the gardens and the lily pond was breath taking.  I could not believe I was there, it was like being in one of his paintings.  The painting where he has the little bridge in with the lily  pond behind it with full bloom lily's twinkling in the sunlight on the water... I stood where he painted that it seemed surreal somehow.  I know I was smiling all day.

There are two parts to his gardens.  There is the garden in front of his house called Clos Normond and then the Japanese inspired water garden and the two contrast and compliment each other.

Monet and his family settled in Giverny in 1883 and he designed the gardens.  He kept chickens as well and they still do today and they are so handsome.  The central bit of the garden has arches all the way down which hang with scented roses and the floor is covered in nasturtiums it really is a sight to see.  There are different flowers and heights in all the borders and it was still blooming in the hot sun when I visited.

Monet's house is just as wonderful with shutters on all the windows.  He loved entertaining and it has a large dinning room and a large gorgeous kitchen.  Wandering around I wanted to soak it all up and I did.  It felt like I was actually in one of his most

famous paintings, A bit like Mary Poppins jumping in to a street chalk drawing.

It made me want to get my water colours out and do some paintings of my ideas.

On the Saturday at 7am sharp I went to the huge street Brocante in Paris and oh my I was in truffling heaven.  I bought some gorgeous fabrics  and sewing bits I did not leave it until after 1pm ... so much to look at and to take in. Again the weather was so warm and the pleasure of being there surrounded by such treasures was like a dream come true. I did not take any slow stitching with me to actually have time off and re-think and look through fresh eyes.  I did however take my ideas journal and wrote in it everywhere I went.

I did so much and had such fun.  Lunchtime cruise on the river Seine  with three course lunch and wine and champagne,  The catacombs, art galleries and the Champs Elysees  where I had lunch as well as visiting my favourite shop ... Chanel . There are two and one of them is where CoCo Chanel first started her business and still stands today.  My bucket list was getting a few ticks.

The Paris street Brocante was to be honest over whelming and I enjoyed every part of it.  I picked up some fabrics, laundry labels that had H O on them... now those are to be cut in a line of three... have you guessed yet?  That will read HO HO HO for Christmas samplers of the future!  Buttons were bought from somewhere really special, this will need its own blog and believe me if you love antique and vintage

sewing you will want a look at that one.  

I purchased an amazing pure linen sheet with a monogram and it is stunning, this is for my own bed in the hot Summer months next year to keep cool at night. 

The weather was hot and the evening warm enough to sit outside of Paris Bistro's and have a glass of wine and evening meal.

Versailles was totally outstanding and the hall of mirrors was so very beautiful.  The gardens and the fountains were really really incredible.  I loved just getting lost in there and finding unusual statues and walk ways.  My camera did not stop.

This was all at the end of September and it was just what I needed, a beautiful break with sewing, culture and cuisine!

The trip was a fabulous treat all in all and I came back full of ideas, thoughts and all fired up working towards online courses etc.  This is now in full progress and should be up and running before Christmas if all goes to plan. The history and the love of antique and vintage along with the love of sewing was just what I needed.

Getting lost in this world for 10 days was absolutely amazing and with the treasure I brought back along with photos and memories.  Meeting like minded people in one of the most beautiful cities in the world was for me such a treat.

Little sketches and ideas for beautiful slow stitching projects and meeting and collecting contacts as well has been one of the greatest experiences to me.

Be sure to come back again soon and see the place I found in Paris with so much history and beauty of stitching and some amazing extremely old and beautiful buttons I purchased.  The book that I found there and in English to show me forgotten Paris places that directed me in the right direction.  It really does need a blog of it's own.

I can not even begin to describe the beautiful food produce that is there with the most exquisite pastries, cakes, tomatoes and breads.  Chocolate shops that looked like fine art in their own right.  Bistro's and the feeling of feeling safe wherever you went.

Amazing food, company and a complete emersion of artist and stitching pursuits was food for the soul.  I had the very best time.  

When it was time to leave I was sad but had so much to look forward to upon my return as some dear dear friends from New York were coming over to visit and that was so wonderful.  We had wine and cosy dinners here and the chat and the laughter never stopped.  Going to Bridport, Bruton and vintage shops.  October flew by as well and here we are in November and I am totally focused on making my online courses and planning, drawing, designing slow stitching projects

Watch this space!

I promise it will not be long before another blog is on here...

Take care dear blogger friends and as always Happy Stitching!

Sarah XX



  1. Your trip tto Paris sounds wonderful especially to stand in Monets garden. Can't wait to hear about the buttons. Take care stay safe x

  2. Thank you Sue i am so pleased you enjoyed reading my ramblings of my adventure. The buttons will be on the next blog.