Saturday 29 August 2015

Portuguese Knotted Stem .. by Mary Corbet

Good Morning All

Today is Saturday and stitch of the week day, and the lovely Mary Corbet will be putting us through our paces.  This is a very beautiful stitch and useful as well.  So why not make a warm drink and enjoy this tutorial.

Today I am off to another vintage fair and this time it is in West Sussex as you know.  It is the Vintage on the Green fair and there will be lots of wonderful stalls there along with some lovely friends of mine to catch up with .... a vintage gathering!

I will be as usual taking photos for you all to look at next week and of course there will be a show and tell of what I have purchased.

Have a wonderful weekend all and as always Happy Stitching!

Enjoy this great tutorial.........

Friday 28 August 2015

Mixed media pictures ....... Having a great time!

Loving the fact that when you do a picture and have it framed you can put anything in there.  It will never be washed so you can use antique papers and all sorts.  A sort of collage of wall art but protected by a frame.

Last week I told you I wanted to make some different pictures and one in particular as a present so that one I can not show you but I have been playing around with different ideas.

I am going to make a couple for the Vintage Bazaar I think for October to sell and I really love the look with bits of antique papers and envelopes stitched to fabrics and things.

You can play around with bits as I have in this photo.  I have decided on some papers so that is stitched to vintage French linen and then I am literally moving bits in and out of the little picture to see what I think looks good.  If you have some fabric that means something to you or someone like piece of some baby clothes, wedding gown or a scrap of quilt then you can add it and look and see how it all comes together before stitching it in place and getting it framed.

Family tree embroidery can be added or a bride and grooms name anything that means anything or as in my case bits of vintage history all arranged together to make an unusual and pretty picture for a wall.
You can theme them ( wedding, birth, stitchery lover etc) your imagination and artistic nature can go wild with these.....  You can add applique flowers or embroidery the possibilities are endless and so much fun to design and stitch.

I am going to do one for stitchery to sell so someone can buy it maybe as a present for a stitcher in their life and maybe a wedding or baby one too or an idea is to applique a fabric cup and saucer on to paper and put something like ' everything stops for tea' as i said endless possibilities,
we will see what time allows as they need to be framed as well.

Talking about this has reminded me I really must get on with my work so I hope whatever you are doing today that you have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! ... I am off to my sewing room to continue with my stitching and making ...

Thursday 27 August 2015

Cross Stitch ... under used embroidery stitch!

Simplicity is the ultimate 

The statement above is so true, I think, at least.  People tend to over look this stitch because it is easy! well it is in one way but if you are following a pattern for a whole picture in this stitch and their are colour changes you do have to be on the ball and count properly.....
I myself love cross stitch and especially samplers.  I showed you my red on white sampler with hares on and the alphabet early this summer... it is now at the framers and I was on the look out for some more for our home.  I love rabbits and hares and they are meant to be a sign of good luck and tranquillity and happiness in a home.

I found some beautiful patterns in America and bought them and they have arrived through the post! to say I am thrilled is an understatement and of course I do stitch the pattern but always do a little
something of my own to it, like add fabric border for instance.  Add buttons even if there are none, that kind of thing.  On the theme of rabbits and hares have a look at this beauty.
The words on here read .. The dew upon the berry reflects the morning sun.  It glistens like a diamond until the rabbits come.

Isn't is beautiful?  I am going to add a few antique carved mother of pearl buttons to it and possibly a vintage fabric border.

I bought some more as well ... yes I was thinking buy a few to keep me busy in the Winter evenings and maybe on the plane to the States ( although I am going to be stitching a present or two as well so we will see about being done on the plane)

I bought these two lovely Hare cross stitch pictures and they are rather primitive and I like that a lot, I could not decide so thought the both would look beautiful together.

Then with my rabbit and hare addiction satisfied I went on to get this beautiful Quaker  house sampler pattern that again is primitive in design and also is beautiful with a quilt kind of pattern attached to it really.  I thought it was really beautiful and so I purchased that too.  The top of the picture is the largest pattern and then there is a little spin off which is pictured at the bottom.  I really liked the three houses in a row with the patterns though.

Then I bought two more tiny patterns as I loved them.  The first one is for a button card so you can store buttons on there but I would like to cross stitch it slightly larger and then stitch on some
beautiful hand carved antique mother of pearl buttons and have it framed for all eternity to preserve some of my most treasured ones that I have kept.  Some of these buttons can be expensive and so therefore stitched on something to sell rather bumps the price up so instead, because I love these buttons I am going to make a picture of them for me.

You can see the general idea.  Loving birds as well (basically nature in general I thought this pattern would be wonderful and then I can add my little touches to it as well and the buttons will be there to be looked at rather than in a drawer or a tin which would be criminal.

Finally but not at all least this was another smaller pattern and it is made into a pin cushion which is possible or I may just do my thing and make it into a picture as well ... undecided at present but if any of you would like to tell me what you think then I would love to hear your views on it or any of the other cross stitch patterns that I have purchased.

I think it is a beautiful pattern and I am truly very pleased with my cross stitch Winter stitching for me to do.

I do like to have some personal stitchery on the go and especially in the Winter months.  My husband is not a nine to five guy and when it starts getting dark at 3.30pm in the afternoon my work days become a little shorter and I snuggle down and do some of my own stitchery.  I am also doing quilt squares as you know so I have lots to keep me busy whilst waiting for my husbands train to bring him home for dinner and our chat about our day we have both had.  Sat by the fire later with a glass of wine he is always interested in what my day has consisted of and what stitchery I am doing and its progress for us.....

If any of you are interested in cross stitch then I would just like to say if you buy the gold plated cross stitch needles they are so much better and actually glide through the linens or aida really well and easily.  This makes stitching even more enjoyable as you can imagine.

I hope you have enjoyed a little look at my purchases and as you can see even though Winter can be a dark time, as long as you are doing something you really enjoy then it is quiet bearable and fun.

Well this all has to be put away for now as we are still in August but it is ready for me to start and I am able to choose my threads for each one and get each project ready to start.  I might use some of the hand dyed shaker threads from America on these.  I have my order in but can always pick up more when I am actually there.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching!

Tuesday 25 August 2015

The Cotswold's vintage fair ..... Show and tell

What a contrast in weather from the weekend! if this rain continues I will need to start making an Ark!  August has been basically a washout here and it is such a shame.

However when I went to the Cotswold's vintage fair and wandered around some wonderful stalls I found some great things to bring back with me.  I hope looking at some lovely vintage goodies will cheer you all up if you are in England and having this soggy weather we are in the South.

I bought these beautiful vintage letter cards.  There were so many letters to choose from and I ended up with these to spell For The Love Of Vintage.  I am really pleased with them and there is a possibility that they may be framed like this.. What do you think?

I had also pre ordered some cushions to be made by the lovely Emma of Little Wren Vintage.  Her stitching is sublime and her soft furnishing making is really outstanding.  I ordered two of them in the colours that you see.  Emma had a photo
to work from of a vintage eiderdown that I purchased and I wanted the cushions to blend with that for one of the bedrooms for summer bedding.  She has made piping from vintage linen around them and also they have zips so that they can be washed gently ... I think you
will agree the cushions are stunning and I am very very pleased with them ... Thank you again Emma!  In addition to the cushions I bought two vintage books from Emma and have a great project in mind for them.

I had several bits on my little list that I was actually looking for and one of the things was some old antique French hand stamps and I knew the stall that I should head for, so I went along to Liz and
Jack of Washerwoman fame and to my delight there was two baskets of them so I picked out a few
for a project I have in mind to keep me busy this winter and I am really very pleased with them.

I found a lovely stall selling lots of eclectic bits and it is where I bought the small vintage cards from
in the first picture.  They did not put a card in the bag and as you can imagine this stall was very busy so there were no actual photos of it.  If anyone recognises this stall please let me know and I can then put a name to the lovely purchases that I made from them.  I bought some inspiration packs from here as well ~ three were fabric packs with vintage pieces of blanket, fabrics, buttons and antique
quilt and one pack was a paper pack with interesting bits in for me to use in my designs.  I am really pleased with it all but in particular the grey blanket with blue blanket stitch edging ....

As you can see I was on a role and ticking my list down nicely.  I stumbled upon a great picture
which has been crossed stitched and is 1940/50 and the colours are just beautiful and will go in my hallway so well on the cream walls.  I loved the words as well, Home Sweet Home and so although not on my list, this beauty found its way home with us.  I am waiting for my husband to hang it now as I think we have decided where it is to go.

Whilst looking around outside there was a stall with some baskets for sale and I bought the most beautiful basket with drop handles which is always great for storage reasons.  It is large and I fell in love with it ... again not on the list but as I have always said if you see something you love and you
can afford it then buy it because you will always regret not doing so.  These things are antiques and it is not like you can go back tomorrow and choose one of them off a shelf ( thank goodness) they are vintage pure and simple and a great link to our past .... I am so pleased it has joined my little collection of wicker baskets .....

When I was chatting away to Alison of Betty and Violet about her exciting news of opening her shop
in Broadway, in the Cotswold's my husband was busily looking around her table of goodies and pointed out to me that she had some wonderful vintage mother of pearl buttons!  do not know why I did not see them except I was so interested in her news and the fact that she had a some time to tell me all about it ... but thanks to my husband they came home with me for my collection to use in my designs.  They are beautiful aren't they?

Yesterday when I was telling you all about the beautiful stall that was like a by gone haberdashery
shop called Retrouve and I had said that there were some vintage cotton spools from Coates, well did you really think I would not come back with a couple ... I bought a brown and a beige one and they are now nestled with my little stash of them.

It was coming to nearly the end of this fabulous vintage fair that I have to say is a must attend yearly event for me.  Even if it is over two hours away I really would not miss this one.  Hiding on Will and Bea stall was a very pretty
china sugar bowl in blue and white and yes this little piece of china has come home safely with me.  I do think this is a personal keeper for me and is waiting to be washed and found space on my kitchen dresser ( much to the despair of the dresser who is slightly groaning under the weight of it all!)

I did buy a few bits more but they are for me to either do something with or re sell at the Vintage Bazaar in October so you will have to come along for yourself and see or wait for the photos of this wonderful vintage fair a few days after.

I had a thoroughly great day and my husband really did have a great time especially at the pop up vintage café, I do not think there was a cake he did not try.  I choose a piece of there chocolate cake and actually only ate half so that he could try that one as well !!

I am looking forward to the next vintage fair that I am going to on Saturday 29th August and is one of the Vintage on the Green events.  There are over 50 stalls there and tea room ( just for my husband!) along with a plant stall of cottage garden plants .... I will of course be doing a blog about it next week as well as a show and tell as well.

Now I really must go and get on with my days stitching ... I may even sit in the conservatory bit on our house in my lovely Lloyd loom chair and listen to the rain tapping on the roof . I do love to listen to rain, plus the light in there is great for hand stitching on such a dull day.

Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing and try not to get too wet if you are heading out and of course as always Happy Stitching!

Monday 24 August 2015

The Cotswolds Vintage Fair at Toddington.

This really is a most beautiful fair set in the picturesque Cotswold's countryside in a newly built village hall nestled in the most breathtaking views over the Cotswold hills.

As well as the village hall they have a large marquee outside with stalls inside plus tressal tables through the middle of the marquee with chairs for people to sit and have food and drinks from the pop up vintage tearoom, which serves tea, coffee and cold drinks along side scrummy cakes and light lunches.  There is also outside tables for people to sit at and other stall holders with gazebo's outside as well.  My husband found the cakes within minutes of going through the doors and I left him there having a cup of tea and munching on something.  He had driven us from Bournemouth and it was a two and half hour drive to get there ( to be fair to him it was his breakfast!)

The whole thing is well organised and made so beautiful with bunting, tables clothes and wild flowers in tiny bottles on the tables .....

There is an eclectic gathering of stallholders selling housewares, textiles, linens, furniture, jewellery, china, costumes and clothes and people who take antique/vintage items and make beautiful things for your home or personal use.  They all have one thing in common the fairs leaflet says - We all love something vintage!

The first time I went to this fair was last year and I fell in love with it so it was firmly in my calender for this year, I was not going to miss it.

There were some beautiful stalls and I was happily going around to each one having a little look at what was on offer.  The fair was packed and the weather was sunny and hot ... luckily the doors were all open in the village hall and the marquee so the slight breeze that was flowing through was very welcome.  It was beautiful weather for a beautiful fair.

I was looking for a lady that was there last year selling vintage patchwork quilts but she was not in attendance - sad but probably saved my bank balance because antique patchwork quilts is a bit of a passion for me..... And as I am going to be in America later this year and going on the antique trail and looking for patchwork quilts there it was probably just as well.  Never the less this fair was full of wonderful and talented people.

At the fair was the lovely Liz and Jack of The Washerwoman fame and it was great to catch up with these lovely friends of ours.  They were in a gazebo outside in the sunshine and had gorgeous French linens, textiles and French goodies on offer.  Jo of Hesta Nesta was there too and as always her stall was stunning with textiles and antique little shoes and costumes, feathers and all sorts or wonderful things to tempt you with.

Emma from Little Wren Vintage was there and I found her first because she had made me two cushions to order and such a clever lady as all she had was a photo of an eiderdown that I have for one the bedrooms at home and I wanted two large cushions to go with them.... I was thrilled with them and they will be in the show and tell tomorrow!

Suzy from Hearts 'n' Kisses was there with her beautiful stall.  Suzy is very talented and makes the most beautiful decorative items from
vintage fabrics and linens and as always her stall looked wonderful.

Then we caught up with Trixi who has moved back to the Cotswold's and she had a wonderful stall full of things for the home and garden.  There will be more about her in the next few weeks because she is doing an interview for me and we can learn all about her new business venture that is has embarked on.  It was really
funny because she saw my husband (buying more cakes!) and just said do you need a hand carrying all this.... We did not know she had moved and that she would be there.. I was sat at the table waiting for my cup of coffee and a slice of cake and Trixi walked up with him, it was a lovely catch up and a happy surprise.

Will and Bea had a beautiful stall there and bunches of lavender in a antique large bucket which filled the air in the marquee with the most beautiful aroma.  There was beautiful china and vintage books and cards of vintage buttons displayed for people to look through.

There was a really lovely stall called Vintage Green Vintage Ltd and it had all sorts of vintage goodies on offer from baskets to old manual typewriters.  I love looking around stalls like this because you never ever know what you will find there.  My husband bought some very old and beautiful cup handles from this stall to put on to a drawer unit he has in his garage... He loves old tools as well and buys old furniture to store them in so one of these is going to be getting a face lift I think!

Tansy Tulip was next outside and there was so much to look at with great antique garden items.  From galvanised buckets to signs, watering cans and lavender plants....

Country Chic had a gazebo full of wonders including vintage eiderdowns, fabrics and vintage linen clothes.  There was tressell tables inside and these had books, china and all sorts of wonderful goodies to tempt you with.

Heirs and Interiors was just inside the large marquee and again there was an eclectic mix of vintage goodies to look at including dolls, china and some enamel.

Retrouve had lots of vintage stitchery goodies including vintage Coates reels of cotton!  Yes I was tempted and yes some came home with me.  There were buttons and ribbons and fabric packs as well.  It is always great when I see a stall like this because it is like going back in time to an old fashioned haberdashery shop and for me at least I can while away time browsing every single item....

Then I found Heartfelt Designs with the most stunning French enamel jugs and coffee pots that I have seen all in one place.  There was china and beautiful fabric hearts in a basket and so much more. her

The Vintage Blanket Company was there too but too busy to be able to take good photos along with Hellish Designs, Paper and Plastics, Vintage Treasures, Vintage Alice, Pear Tree Designs, The Cotswold Craft Room, Tigley Textiles, Polly Medly, Rosablue, Rosies Armoire and Anthing goes.... and a few more stalls that I did not see the names of.  It is such a shame really that I can not get to get photos of everyone but it is nearly impossible to do.

Along with buying myself as well and often getting caught up in chatter with friends old and new the time just disappears.  We did not arrive until nearly midday ( because of traffic) and we left when they were packing up just before 4pm so I really did do my best.

But I would like to finish with someone else that was there.  Alison from Betty and Violet, you may all remember I did an interview with her a while back.  But instead of showing pictures of her beautiful stall on Saturday I would like to announce Alison's exciting news.  She is opening a shop called Betty and Violet.  It opens on Friday 28th August and is in the most beautiful town of
Broadway in the Cotswold's the address is 14 Cotswold Court, Broadway, WR12 7AA.

The opening times are 10.00am - 5.00pm daily !  Alison has picked the perfect spot and the town of Broadway is really very beautiful indeed.  We had a walk around there after we left the fair and it is a old fashioned town of really incredible beauty and history.  They still have the old red telephone boxes in place on the green and I have to say I much prefer these pieces of English history than the new BT glass ones!!

We had supper in the Broadway Hotel before we left and a good mooch around this Cotswold town.  I would like to wish Alison and Betty and Violet lots of luck, although it is not needed because this shop will be a hit in this wonderful town.  We are going up in September to look around the shop so I will take photos with Alison's permission to give you a tiny taster and I hope those of you that can make the journey to see for yourself...

We had a wonderful day although the journey home was interesting in the pouring rain and thunder and lightning ( what a contrast from the day its self) although it had become very humid by the time we left so we were not surprised....

Well I am off to my stitching room and to take photos of my purchases for the show and tell tomorrow so don't miss it because I really did find some great vintage goods!

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

I will leave you with Alison's words to describe her shop -

A delightful new boutique offering an eclectic mix of vintage, antique and handmade goods.  Sharing a passion for time ~ worn treasures from the past... textiles, decorative interior pieces, vintage fashion and gorgeous gifts.

Saturday 22 August 2015

Basket Stitch by Mary Corbet.

Happy Weekend! Well today we are going to be taken through our paces with the lovely Mary Corbet with the very very useful Basket Stitch.  You can apply this to a stitched basket to then fill with flowers ... daisy's and roses maybe.

You can draw a basket and apply this stitch and it will look amazing.  Also along with other stitches that have been shown to you over the year you could do as Mary has done and embroider a cockrel with all its wonderful feathers.

Enjoy your tutorial and make a warm drink and learn this great stitch.

Happy Stitching!

Friday 21 August 2015

Embroidery threads .....

There are all sorts of embroidery threads and needles and sizes.  I have been asked recently about this subject so I have gathered what I know and researched as well on wiki and this is the best piece of overall information on the subject that I found.

I think really you need to use what you like and as long as you have the correct needle for the job then there is no right or wrong.  I prefer hand dyed threads and also my preference is not perle ones which are more shiny ... for me the matt colours and some with different hues of the same colour within a length of thread pleases me.  Especially blues for sea or shell colours they look more natural when stitched to the real thing...

If I can find some vintage thread then of course I will use that when possible, especially if you get a nice little bundle that will last for your design.  I have picked up a whole package of white cotton thread that is around 1930's and I am over the moon with it. Also the above cottons still in original packaging boxes from Italy.... so they can be found still, just keep your eyes peeled at vintage fairs and jumble sales and even the odd boot sale when someone is house clearing!

Embroidery thread is yarn that is manufactured or hand-spun specifically for embroidery  and other forms of  needlework.
Threads for hand embroidery include:
  • Crewel yarn is a fine 2-ply yarn of wool  or, less often, a wool-like acrylic .
  • Embroidery floss or stranded cotton is a loosely twisted, slightly glossy 6-strand thread, usually of cotton but also manufactured in silk, linen and rayon. . Cotton floss is the standard thread for cross stitch. Extremely shiny rayon floss is characteristic of Brazilian embroidery . Historically, stranded silk embroidery threads were described as sleaved or sleided in the sixteenth century.
  • Filoselle is a historical term for embroidery floss made using the leftover waste from reeled silk.
  • Matte embroidery cotton or French coton à broder is a matte-finish (not glossy) twisted 5-ply thread.
  • Medici or broder medici is a fine, light-weight wool thread formerly manufactured by DMC Group.
  • Perle cotton, pearl cotton, or French  coton perlé is an S-twisted, 2-ply thread with high sheen, sold in five sizes or weights (No. 3, 5, 8, 12 and 16 (Finca), with 3 being the heaviest and 16 the finest).
  • Persian yarn is a loosely twisted 3-strand yarn of wool or acrylic, often used for needlepoint. t.
  • Tapestry yarn or tapestry wool is a tightly twisted 4-ply yarn.

Well I hope you have found the above useful with all the different cotton threads that are available and as I say keep looking for vintage ones as well.

So my list for tomorrow is getting longer!  Have a great weekend and do not forget to come back tomorrow with a great stitch of the week from Mary Corbet ........

Happy Stitching!

Thursday 20 August 2015

Gathering thoughts .... Fabrics, buttons, threads and linens

Never give up, keep your thoughts and your mind always
on the goal.  One of the secrets of success is to refuse to let temporary
setbacks defeat you!

I go through so many journals and notebooks it is incredible.  I write everything down.  Even my blog ideas and thoughts so that I hope you mostly have interesting things to read and not just ramblings of a self confessed vintage and stitchery junkie!  Also with ideas come occasionally, difficulties in 'how can I achieve that look that I have in my head ... so workings out of how it can be stitched as well.

This statement in mind I am always on the look out for some smaller notebooks as well to transport with me wherever I go so that if an idea or thought comes into my head I am able to take a note for myself.  This I call gathering thoughts!

So imagine my utter delight when I picked up a set of three small journal/notebooks with one page lined and the other plain for sketching AND beautiful art work with gathering thoughts!  The illustrations are by Elise Hurst and I love them.

So I have three little stunner's and have been organising which one for which.

I am going to take one on holiday with me for designs and thoughts that I have in America and where and when.  I always sign and date all my designs.  Some used as late as 2 years later but they are all used.  You can not copyright a butterfly, a heart, a flower or a bird lets say but it is what you do with it and the words you may use.  If you use part of a quote from say a Shelley poem that you should put Shelley on there because it is not your words but we can borrow if we are polite about it......

I noticed that someone had done a very similar thing as I have been working on with butterfly's but it is not the same just similar.  This design I sketch over a year ago and have only just started to stitch now for publication .... it is the way of the world. But I have my books of sketches and I keep them all.

One of these little books is now my official list for things that I am looking for at vintage fairs over the next few months and I have been making lists.  This Saturday I am going to a vintage fair in Toddington and so I will have my list book so that I can remember to come home (hopefully) with at least some of what I need..

The full address for this fair is as follows:
Toddington Village Hall
Stow Road
GL54 5DU

I am really excited as I have been so busy I have not been to a vintage fair for over a month now and I am starting to get withdrawal  symptoms and of course I am on the look out for some more beautiful linens, paisleys and buttons.

As you know I have had a slight clear out of my paisley drawer and have put some in inspiration packs to sell in October ( keeping a little of each one for my personal use as well) but ones that have been used in design have been re-cycled on... I know aren't I good and not too many nightmares about the decision!!

Anyway as always I will take photos on Saturday and show you all on Monday about the fair and of course there will be a show and tell later in the week as well as to what I have purchased.

Well I am off to my stitchery so I hope you all have a wonderful day and of course Happy Stitching!

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Beach combing and designs for next year....

“In every out thrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
Rachel Carson

Although we have not had the Summer that I might have wished for there have been some compensations along the way.

If the sun is blazing the beaches are packed to bursting and people everywhere.  But on Summer days where is is not as cold as Winter might be but not hot enough for the masses to take residence among the dunes and by the shoreline is my kind of day for beach combing.

Walking along Shell Bay in Dorset you can find beautiful shells and sea glass along with sea pottery and all sorts of treasures given up by the sea.  Little bits of sea weed to look at and of course some sea wood on occasion's too!

I am able to wander along basically uninterrupted with a basket and collect treasures from way back when and also I can sit and sketch happily.  On dull days with no real wind and no rain it really is a joy sat there working and hearing the waves lap the shore and the sound of gulls calling...

I found, last time I went, a small piece of red sea glass the shape of a heart and my heart jumped for joy! how wonderful is that!

I am wanting to do about six summer designs for next year and I am filling pages of my sketch journal with different designs.  I will continue this when I go to America and I am able to sit on their vast shore lines along the coast and stare out at the Ocean and see sea lions playing and watching for the fishing boats coming in and of course all the different wildlife and the seas treasures that they might give up to me to collect and get ideas and inspiration from.

Nature, the sea and the countryside full of flowers and a different look at nature are all my loves and passions and I enjoy every single season and what it brings for us to see and stare at.  Seeing beauty in everything I believe is a gift for me and even patterns of frost on leaves and windows make my imagination spark with all sorts of wonders....

So this week on a dull day I am scheduling a visit to the shore line to see what I can see..... The picture above on the left is Shell Bay......

For now though it is stitching day and some wonderful hand embroidery time.  Whatever you are doing have a great day and enjoy ..... Happy Stitching!

Monday 17 August 2015

Seasons bring changes to stitching.......

The snow loves the trees and fields that it kisses them so gently,
like it is covering them in a white quilt & perhaps it says,
'go to sleep darlings until Summer is here again.....

I know in August we really do not want to be thinker Autumn and Winter but it is merely weeks away.  This Summer has not been the best one and at times has actually felt Autumnal.  Friends of mine have actually had their log burners going this Summer, although I have not given in to that but have myself snuggled under a patchwork quilt on these cold Summer evenings we have been having lately.  It has been a real contrast to this time last year which was wonderful and so hot.  We ate out in the garden every night!

With these dark cold and rainy days we have been having my thoughts have turned to some seasonal stitching so I have been designing bits and bobs.  I would like to take some small projects of stitchery on the plane to America in October and so I have been gathering some things together to do just that.

Personal stitching for presents for some of my friends and some Christmas/Winter type small pictures to decorate our home with at that time of year.

This is a special year as my great friend Joanna is coming back to England from Australia for her two yearly visit and I know that is one lovely friend who would adore something stitched rather than bought....She does read this blog so I can not say what I am doing ( now Jo, that has you thinking!!)

I think that is is a great gift when someone has put such thought into something and made you something.  It is a double present as not only have you something unique and wonderful that has been made especially for you but you have been given the gift of their time, which we all know is a precious commodity these days in our busy schedules and lives...

I am enjoying my designing and also making things to take to the VB in October so it is all go here.  I am loving that on plans now we can stitch again and needles and tiny scissors are permitted.  I like to watch a film as well but usually there is only one I would like to see, so it is nice to be able to be creative as well .....

This is a great week ahead too as on Saturday I am going to a vintage fair and will be clutching my list... of course I will take photos and let you know about the day to those of you reading this who are too far away to attend it in the Cotswolds....

So today I will be a very busy bee and will be finishing some stitching and also getting some personal stitchery ready to take with me in October ( I feel that I am getting ahead nicely).

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

Saturday 15 August 2015

How To Transfer an Embroidery Pattern

This is a great little tutorial from the lovely Wendy Graz on how to transfer embroidery patterns to fabrics so that you can embroider them.
I make my own or I use vintage iron on ones and there are several ways to transfer depending on what or how you use.  You can of course just free hand draw, which I also do as well but it is great to know all your options.

The sun is out today! (shhh or it might disappear again) So enjoy this great tutorial and have a great weekend whatever you are up too!

Friday 14 August 2015

hand quilted squares of memories and words......

A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.

Who ever said the above, I believe to be so correct!   Although I am not talking a whole quilt here but of course you could make a memory quilt with individual quilted squares.

I am talking fabric, embroidery, buttons and words and as these squares are to be made into pictures then you can use mixed media and stitch on antique papers as well if you would like.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to draw around your child or grandchild's hand and foot and then embroider it on a square of fabric with their name or stitch on your wedding invitation of your parents onto a piece of fabric or linen and decorate around it with embroidery quotes or sayings.  Little pictures of memories and words is what I am talking about......

You can then hand quilt the fabric to make is more 3D and interesting not just flat in a frame. In addition you can add all sorts of things that mean anything to you or that you like.  I have just stitched a bird on a square and will be adding a real feather by the side ..... This picture is called the lost feather.  It is a lovely little bird that feeds in our garden and I believe it is a tiny thrush, who lost one of its feathers and I picked it up and sprayed it lightly with a clear disinfectant and hung it to dry.  Then with tiny stitches, I will
stitch it in place ....

You can quote a poem or part of one or a stitching phrase that you like and make beautiful pictures or as I said just use fabrics, linens and embroidery and join the squares to make a throw for your bed or a cot sized one .. or indeed a whole large quilt. Squares of fabrics from baby clothes or a clothes no
longer worn but have been kept because of memories.  When my Dad died 18 years ago now I kept one of his shirts, I just didn't want to loose all of him.  It has hung in my wardrobe ever since and has been known for me to put it on and wrap it around myself when I have been sad.  Now I have decided to use some in a memory square and have it on my wall .....

A holiday memory or a honeymoon one.  Maybe you went to Paris or Rome and have some tickets for a show you kept.  Your first date, anything that is a wonderful memory or has meaning for you.  

A picture for a stitcher friends birthday .... Your imagination can run wild with this.  I will show you some of mine next week when I have finished but until then I have found some pictures for ideas for you.

Now I am off to my stitchery and I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  Do not forget to come back tomorrow I have a great tutorial for you all to watch......

Happy Stitching!

This picture was on pinterest
and not my work but so you 
get the general idea of what I am up