Wednesday 5 August 2015

Homespun apron.... to wear at the Vintage Bazaar

I have been chasing my tail this week, it started with panic and will probably end near the same.  It is because I have work to complete for deadlines for publication and also because I am doing the Vintage Bazaar in October!

Let me explain, we are going to America again this year which is our one holiday a year and we love. We enjoy going after the summer holidays and going in the Fall/Autumn because one it is the most beautiful sights to see and the weather is wonderful as well.  It is still warm by our standards in England and because my favourite time of the year is, and always will be, Autumn.

The thing is we fly back over night with no sleep on the Thursday and the fair is on the Saturday, SO I have to have everything ready before we go and packed and in our hallway for when we get back it is the unpacking and catching up on some sleep, together with the jet lag that I can suffer from.  So I am trying to sort things for that as well as my normal work all before October so that I can pack happily and actually enjoy our break.

So I am trying to complete all sorts of things including my banner and making up inspiration packs to sell along with other bits and bobs.  Also sorting out my table cloth and of course an apron to wear.

Well the Apron is complete!  This was easy as it is done on the sewing machine you see so I set to and designed and finished it. I have, as you can see put a patch on the pocket and appliqued 'For the love of vintage' on there as well.  At the top on the corner is a beautiful flower brooch made from vintage fabrics and with a vintage mother of pearl button.  This flower brooch was made by Vintage to Victorian and I bought two from Sue who is the maker and owner.  This flower brooch just finished it off beautifully and I am grateful to Sue for making these beautiful brooches to sell and for
me having the wisdom to buy some from her!!

I am really pleased with my apron so that is a big tick on a very long list of to do things! My wonderful husband has sorted a card machine for me and I am near completing my banner which will fly on the day...... I also want to make a little bit of bunting and then it is collecting and making for my stall ... so you see my panic that I awoke to on Monday!

So my day is set out for me ... I have completed and have had framed a couple of pictures I have made with applique and embroidery to sell and there will be lots of other goodies too.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

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