Monday 10 August 2015

Hearts, quilting and stitches!

Hearts and Kisses and Angel wishes!

This is the last peek into some things that will be coming to the Vintage Bazaar with me in October.  There has to be some surprises you know!!

I am bringing some pictures with me and one I have finished over the weekend and is going to the framers today ....

I have two here which are hearts ..... I love hearts ( pardon the pun) and I think they make beautiful pictures as well.

Both of these have been professionally framed with non reflective glass and sealed so that if you should want one in a bathroom or kitchen you can as no moisture will escape in it ( I have my framers guarantee of that) so I am happy to pass that information on to you.

This piece is of all antique bits of quilts and has been hand quilted together to make a pretty piece of wall art enclosed in a frame.  The hand quilting that went into this took some hours I can tell you!

The picture is does not do it justice but is only part of it for you to see.  The other picture is a heart too and has some very very old fabric used in there as well.  In fact so does the other one (1790 pieces of fabric)

Little pieces of history all stitched and sewn together to make pretty pictures ... personally I think
both would be lovely in a Bedroom.  In the second picture is a piece of hand made felt from an old jumper! All bits of history and made to be preserved!  Every picture I make has a little envelope on the back and inside is hand written the dates of fabrics used and has a wax seal.....

They would make beautiful gifts for loved ones or indeed a treat for the purchaser...

Well I am off to my stitchery and and another tick on my list ......

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

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