Thursday 20 August 2015

Gathering thoughts .... Fabrics, buttons, threads and linens

Never give up, keep your thoughts and your mind always
on the goal.  One of the secrets of success is to refuse to let temporary
setbacks defeat you!

I go through so many journals and notebooks it is incredible.  I write everything down.  Even my blog ideas and thoughts so that I hope you mostly have interesting things to read and not just ramblings of a self confessed vintage and stitchery junkie!  Also with ideas come occasionally, difficulties in 'how can I achieve that look that I have in my head ... so workings out of how it can be stitched as well.

This statement in mind I am always on the look out for some smaller notebooks as well to transport with me wherever I go so that if an idea or thought comes into my head I am able to take a note for myself.  This I call gathering thoughts!

So imagine my utter delight when I picked up a set of three small journal/notebooks with one page lined and the other plain for sketching AND beautiful art work with gathering thoughts!  The illustrations are by Elise Hurst and I love them.

So I have three little stunner's and have been organising which one for which.

I am going to take one on holiday with me for designs and thoughts that I have in America and where and when.  I always sign and date all my designs.  Some used as late as 2 years later but they are all used.  You can not copyright a butterfly, a heart, a flower or a bird lets say but it is what you do with it and the words you may use.  If you use part of a quote from say a Shelley poem that you should put Shelley on there because it is not your words but we can borrow if we are polite about it......

I noticed that someone had done a very similar thing as I have been working on with butterfly's but it is not the same just similar.  This design I sketch over a year ago and have only just started to stitch now for publication .... it is the way of the world. But I have my books of sketches and I keep them all.

One of these little books is now my official list for things that I am looking for at vintage fairs over the next few months and I have been making lists.  This Saturday I am going to a vintage fair in Toddington and so I will have my list book so that I can remember to come home (hopefully) with at least some of what I need..

The full address for this fair is as follows:
Toddington Village Hall
Stow Road
GL54 5DU

I am really excited as I have been so busy I have not been to a vintage fair for over a month now and I am starting to get withdrawal  symptoms and of course I am on the look out for some more beautiful linens, paisleys and buttons.

As you know I have had a slight clear out of my paisley drawer and have put some in inspiration packs to sell in October ( keeping a little of each one for my personal use as well) but ones that have been used in design have been re-cycled on... I know aren't I good and not too many nightmares about the decision!!

Anyway as always I will take photos on Saturday and show you all on Monday about the fair and of course there will be a show and tell later in the week as well as to what I have purchased.

Well I am off to my stitchery so I hope you all have a wonderful day and of course Happy Stitching!

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