Friday 28 August 2015

Mixed media pictures ....... Having a great time!

Loving the fact that when you do a picture and have it framed you can put anything in there.  It will never be washed so you can use antique papers and all sorts.  A sort of collage of wall art but protected by a frame.

Last week I told you I wanted to make some different pictures and one in particular as a present so that one I can not show you but I have been playing around with different ideas.

I am going to make a couple for the Vintage Bazaar I think for October to sell and I really love the look with bits of antique papers and envelopes stitched to fabrics and things.

You can play around with bits as I have in this photo.  I have decided on some papers so that is stitched to vintage French linen and then I am literally moving bits in and out of the little picture to see what I think looks good.  If you have some fabric that means something to you or someone like piece of some baby clothes, wedding gown or a scrap of quilt then you can add it and look and see how it all comes together before stitching it in place and getting it framed.

Family tree embroidery can be added or a bride and grooms name anything that means anything or as in my case bits of vintage history all arranged together to make an unusual and pretty picture for a wall.
You can theme them ( wedding, birth, stitchery lover etc) your imagination and artistic nature can go wild with these.....  You can add applique flowers or embroidery the possibilities are endless and so much fun to design and stitch.

I am going to do one for stitchery to sell so someone can buy it maybe as a present for a stitcher in their life and maybe a wedding or baby one too or an idea is to applique a fabric cup and saucer on to paper and put something like ' everything stops for tea' as i said endless possibilities,
we will see what time allows as they need to be framed as well.

Talking about this has reminded me I really must get on with my work so I hope whatever you are doing today that you have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! ... I am off to my sewing room to continue with my stitching and making ...

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