Tuesday 18 August 2015

Beach combing and designs for next year....

“In every out thrust headland, in every curving beach, in every grain of sand there is the story of the earth.”
Rachel Carson

Although we have not had the Summer that I might have wished for there have been some compensations along the way.

If the sun is blazing the beaches are packed to bursting and people everywhere.  But on Summer days where is is not as cold as Winter might be but not hot enough for the masses to take residence among the dunes and by the shoreline is my kind of day for beach combing.

Walking along Shell Bay in Dorset you can find beautiful shells and sea glass along with sea pottery and all sorts of treasures given up by the sea.  Little bits of sea weed to look at and of course some sea wood on occasion's too!

I am able to wander along basically uninterrupted with a basket and collect treasures from way back when and also I can sit and sketch happily.  On dull days with no real wind and no rain it really is a joy sat there working and hearing the waves lap the shore and the sound of gulls calling...

I found, last time I went, a small piece of red sea glass the shape of a heart and my heart jumped for joy! how wonderful is that!

I am wanting to do about six summer designs for next year and I am filling pages of my sketch journal with different designs.  I will continue this when I go to America and I am able to sit on their vast shore lines along the coast and stare out at the Ocean and see sea lions playing and watching for the fishing boats coming in and of course all the different wildlife and the seas treasures that they might give up to me to collect and get ideas and inspiration from.

Nature, the sea and the countryside full of flowers and a different look at nature are all my loves and passions and I enjoy every single season and what it brings for us to see and stare at.  Seeing beauty in everything I believe is a gift for me and even patterns of frost on leaves and windows make my imagination spark with all sorts of wonders....

So this week on a dull day I am scheduling a visit to the shore line to see what I can see..... The picture above on the left is Shell Bay......

For now though it is stitching day and some wonderful hand embroidery time.  Whatever you are doing have a great day and enjoy ..... Happy Stitching!


  1. Beach combing is my favourite occupation. I haven't discovered shell beach yet. Were abouts is it? I love your little red heart. X

  2. Hi Jane

    Shell Bay is the other side of Sandbanks Ferry but this side of the ferry is great too. You can walk miles along the shore line and I always take a basket and a tiny rake to scruff around the wet sand with.

    It is well worth a visit .... We ought to meet up and go together one day xx