Monday 17 August 2015

Seasons bring changes to stitching.......

The snow loves the trees and fields that it kisses them so gently,
like it is covering them in a white quilt & perhaps it says,
'go to sleep darlings until Summer is here again.....

I know in August we really do not want to be thinker Autumn and Winter but it is merely weeks away.  This Summer has not been the best one and at times has actually felt Autumnal.  Friends of mine have actually had their log burners going this Summer, although I have not given in to that but have myself snuggled under a patchwork quilt on these cold Summer evenings we have been having lately.  It has been a real contrast to this time last year which was wonderful and so hot.  We ate out in the garden every night!

With these dark cold and rainy days we have been having my thoughts have turned to some seasonal stitching so I have been designing bits and bobs.  I would like to take some small projects of stitchery on the plane to America in October and so I have been gathering some things together to do just that.

Personal stitching for presents for some of my friends and some Christmas/Winter type small pictures to decorate our home with at that time of year.

This is a special year as my great friend Joanna is coming back to England from Australia for her two yearly visit and I know that is one lovely friend who would adore something stitched rather than bought....She does read this blog so I can not say what I am doing ( now Jo, that has you thinking!!)

I think that is is a great gift when someone has put such thought into something and made you something.  It is a double present as not only have you something unique and wonderful that has been made especially for you but you have been given the gift of their time, which we all know is a precious commodity these days in our busy schedules and lives...

I am enjoying my designing and also making things to take to the VB in October so it is all go here.  I am loving that on plans now we can stitch again and needles and tiny scissors are permitted.  I like to watch a film as well but usually there is only one I would like to see, so it is nice to be able to be creative as well .....

This is a great week ahead too as on Saturday I am going to a vintage fair and will be clutching my list... of course I will take photos and let you know about the day to those of you reading this who are too far away to attend it in the Cotswolds....

So today I will be a very busy bee and will be finishing some stitching and also getting some personal stitchery ready to take with me in October ( I feel that I am getting ahead nicely).

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!


  1. It has been a real contrast to this time last year which was wonderful and so hot. We ate out in the garden every night! best sewing machine brands

    1. Yes Elizabeth it really was a beautiful hot summer last year and we did the same, ate outside every day. Plus the light for hand stitching was fabulous!

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