Friday 14 August 2015

hand quilted squares of memories and words......

A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.

Who ever said the above, I believe to be so correct!   Although I am not talking a whole quilt here but of course you could make a memory quilt with individual quilted squares.

I am talking fabric, embroidery, buttons and words and as these squares are to be made into pictures then you can use mixed media and stitch on antique papers as well if you would like.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to draw around your child or grandchild's hand and foot and then embroider it on a square of fabric with their name or stitch on your wedding invitation of your parents onto a piece of fabric or linen and decorate around it with embroidery quotes or sayings.  Little pictures of memories and words is what I am talking about......

You can then hand quilt the fabric to make is more 3D and interesting not just flat in a frame. In addition you can add all sorts of things that mean anything to you or that you like.  I have just stitched a bird on a square and will be adding a real feather by the side ..... This picture is called the lost feather.  It is a lovely little bird that feeds in our garden and I believe it is a tiny thrush, who lost one of its feathers and I picked it up and sprayed it lightly with a clear disinfectant and hung it to dry.  Then with tiny stitches, I will
stitch it in place ....

You can quote a poem or part of one or a stitching phrase that you like and make beautiful pictures or as I said just use fabrics, linens and embroidery and join the squares to make a throw for your bed or a cot sized one .. or indeed a whole large quilt. Squares of fabrics from baby clothes or a clothes no
longer worn but have been kept because of memories.  When my Dad died 18 years ago now I kept one of his shirts, I just didn't want to loose all of him.  It has hung in my wardrobe ever since and has been known for me to put it on and wrap it around myself when I have been sad.  Now I have decided to use some in a memory square and have it on my wall .....

A holiday memory or a honeymoon one.  Maybe you went to Paris or Rome and have some tickets for a show you kept.  Your first date, anything that is a wonderful memory or has meaning for you.  

A picture for a stitcher friends birthday .... Your imagination can run wild with this.  I will show you some of mine next week when I have finished but until then I have found some pictures for ideas for you.

Now I am off to my stitchery and I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend.  Do not forget to come back tomorrow I have a great tutorial for you all to watch......

Happy Stitching!

This picture was on pinterest
and not my work but so you 
get the general idea of what I am up

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