Monday 3 August 2015

Vintage French flower cards ...... stunning and helpful !

"Each flower is a soul opening out to nature." 
-  Gerald De Nerval

A while ago I purchased some beautiful cards in a pack, they are not playing cards but vintage French flower cards still in their original box and they show pictures and details of flowers and butterflies up close with their glorious detail.

I purchased these for about £2 If my memory serves me correctly and I am thrilled with them.  At the moment I am using them to look at details in flowers and they go back in their pack and into the draw.  This is not going to happen for long as I have decided to frame them because they are just to beautiful not to be seen.  I will keep the box and use it to put vintage buttons in probably.

I love them all and think that they should be shown off in some way.  They may well be framed in two or three frames and then they can hang on my stitchery room wall so that I can one, enjoy them daily and two can still use them as reference when ever they are needed.

The pack is complete and still has its original little piece of tissue paper on top, they are truly delightful in ever way.

I have already used them to look at the petals and details of pansies before now and they have been used an awful lot since my purchase of them earlier this year, I just feel that being in a box is not the place for such lovely pictures ...

As you can see from the photos they really are lovely and all are in immaculate condition as well.

It makes sketching flowers for my work an easier job I can tell you and as I said the detail on each flower is wonderful.

I wanted to share some with you to look at and when I get round to taking them to the framer I will take photos of them framed for you to look at.

I love matching colour threads to the flowers and the tones and hues of each one in the hope that I can replicate each flower in miniture forms to look as realistic as I possibly can and these cards have been a god send on occasions.  Some of these flowers I do not have growing in my garden so these cards come into their own for that very purpose.

Well I am away to my stitchery and vintage fabric inspiration pack making. This also means I am making more room for new to me fabrics for the vintage fairs that I am attending this month ( as a purchaser)....
Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching!

A close up of the pansy card.

"Perfumes are the feelings of flowers." 
-  Heinrich Heine

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