Tuesday 31 July 2018

Wee little stitches in the sun ....

Your mind is a garden
your thoughts are the seeds
you can grow flowers
or you can grow weeds .......⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘


Whilst stitching in the garden and taking in this most beautiful summer of 2018, my thoughts turn to all sorts of arty things.  What if I did a sampler with this or what if I put these words on a sampler etc etc .... With the saying above I always feel I have to actually weed my mind on occasions to make room for more thoughts to filter through, thus my journals...

I had my journal with me as I always do and Miss Muddy Beak decided to join me, and an idea just popped into my head so I had to put down my stitching and write down the ideas I had with her as the leading lady...  Tomorrow I am going to get sketching to see if it looks any good on paper as it looks fabulous in my head !! I am going to enjoy some sketch and journaling time. I feel it is so nice to be creating new ideas and projects to have in waiting ... It is exciting to have ideas come along.  Playing with colours with different mediums both water colour paints and fabrics that things might be made in.  It is a happy creative time indeed.  I can not remember when I had a design Wednesday of late... I love to mix water colours and change a hue of the original, make it lighter or darker, brighter or muted and then when they are dried on the paper I like to try and match antique old paisley or eiderdown fabrics to to colours that are my choices ... It is a design technique I always use.

We had some rain over the weekend and it has done the garden some good, the temperature has dropped to a manageable 21 degrees today and the all the birdies are much more alert and active.  I saw Mr Robin today and I have not seem him in weeks.  I wondered where he and his family had gone but it seems all were sheltering in leafy trees and bushes to escape the heat. Miss Muddy is back daily right now and I have seen her partner and also hear him sing in our elderflower tree as well.  The chuckle brothers ( magpies) are back too and still up to their antics... and to my relief butterflies again as there have been too many casualties in this heat so I heard on the news the other day...

Butterflies are self propelled flowers
R H Heinlein 

The sun has returned once more and today I am going to sit in the garden and stitch for as long as the back will allow me... It is a long process getting it all sorted and I am afraid my patience does not extend to being ill myself... I am a terrible patient ( my husbands words and I am in full agreement with him) The weather is set to rise again this week so I am going to make the most of sitting in the garden with the birds all being happier in the cooler few days...

I had an exciting time at the photographers as well with dressing some of the things I wanted him to take photos of for me.  It is a different world really with the technology they have at their finger tips and lenses of all shapes and sizes.  I have also opened a drop box with his help and that means he can take shots and up load them there and I have my pass word to get in.  I can see the photos and then tell him what I think or if I like this or that .... technology you have got to love how things are that instant haven't you.

Anyway back to the here and now.  I have a basket full of gorgeous things to stitch and I am going to enjoy today very much.  Where our garden furniture is there is a wall mounted fountain and it trickles away in the background.  It is soothing and peaceful sat there and the smell of the freshly rain
watered borders and grass fill the air with its scent that only rain can give the earth.  I have much to achieve over the next few weeks and I am glad to be back stitching again.

Our garden was a bit battered in the storms over the weekend but it is bouncing back as the plants seem to do and me well I am going to sit and take wee little stitches in the sun and get my creative juices flowing today.

I have some really beautiful French antique silk embroidery threads and one is pictured at the top of this page.  It is the most gorgeous of blues and I want to incorporate some of the precious thread in the Miss Muddy Beak new design.  I am very much looking forward to how it might turn out.

I have my week sorted out ( in principal anyway) and I have another appointment with the photographer at the end of the week.  Also going to see Mum and hope that the meds are working for her and of course the cooler weather may have cheered her some what.

For now though I have a whole day planned out to slow stitch and tomorrow planned for design and probably more sewing as well so I am happy and content. To be able to connect with the fabric and thread is very satisfying and calming.  I am going to take out a warm herbal tea ( I might have a blackcurrant one) and then start my day in earnest.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you back here on Thursday.

Happy Stitching! XX

Monday 30 July 2018

Treasures of Honiton visit.......

Truffling around an antique shop is
one of my favourite pass times and
my husband is as happy as I am
doing the same thing ..... treasure
hunting can happily go on for hours.

A few weeks ago we were in Devon as you know at our friends cottage and one of the mornings we ventured into Honiton and went to my favourite antiques shop there.  I have photographed the bits that I picked up for you to look at.  I love walking around Honiton and particularly in this Fountain Antique shop on the lower hill of the high street.

There is also a little museum in Honiton high street that is  dedicated to Honiton lace but unfortunately it was closed when we went that day.  They sell little bits of antique lace there in a basket by the till and have a lovely 20 minutes or so truffling about in there and bringing home some little gems.

Firstly my husband found this gorgeous desk blotter made from wood and with raised painted wood flowers on it.  I have given it a clean up with a damp cloth as I did my precious box a few weeks ago with wood soap and see how it come alive. This is the first clean and it will be cleaned once more just to get the rest of the dust of time out of the wood.  It is so pretty and will also be used.  My husband has cut bits of blotting paper to size to fit it for me and they are in my desk drawer ready for use as and when.

A little bit of writing history on my desk and again I can not help but wonder who owned this originally and what letters were written.  It says to me a lady that is for sure, it is not something I believe would have graced a mans writing desk.  So letters to family and friends or to her hat maker or indeed a love letter or two ... you see how my mind works!!! I get so carried away with my little stories from my truffled treasures ..   

I am very happy with it and it now sits with my calligraphy pens, wax seals and coloured inks.  It really is very vibrant and beautiful.

Then I think you may remember I bought two lace collars and on of them is Edwardian and it my
favourite of the two.  The detail and the work that went in to making that little collar is immense. I am not sure how to use it yet but it may be fashioned into one of the dresses that are being made, we will see.

In addition I purchased a bag of vintage embroidery transfers as well and it was lovely as their was a transfer in the books with the date on it as 1933 so I know when most of them were manufactured and probably in magazines or books of them sold in haberdashery shops of that year.

So with all the photographs now taken I can start to put it all away safely, but my back is preventing me still from having a good sort out and put away.  There is nothing that I can do but let it mend and keep exercising my back and going on walks to our beach slowly ... It is a good thing to go slowly as you see more than you would when you get a move on.  It may not be as good for the cardiovascular system but it yields lots of little wild flowers growing and butterflies along the way.

I try not to bend down though, my back is easing but it sure is hanging around too long for my liking so I had it checked out and it appears there is a bit of a kidney problem as well and its probably bruised and that is what is hurting more.  So plenty of water and fluids and be a little careful for a few more weeks... I am cross because I do not have time for this! Oh well....

The first thing I am going to do when it is fully recovered is go have a good rummage and truffle in my stitchery room in all the cupboards and drawers of gorgeous fabrics, linens and embroidery threads along with mother of pearl button stash, I have missed it and it has to be done! sniff and stroke all the fabrics and coo over the threads ... why is it when you can not bend so readily, everything you need seems to be at ground level!

 Anyway we had a wonderful weekend bumbling around and I did get some more little stitches done. We had no where to be in particular and so it was a relaxing time with lots of laughter and fun - just the two of us.

The weather is again beautiful and summer fills the air.  After I have finished chatting to you all I am going to make a cup of coffee and get my project basket and my journal and go and sit in our garden under the shade of our umbrella and start my day.  Fresh air and the garden with all the wildlife early before the sun makes them retreat.  Its not a bad work environment and I know how lucky I am believe me.
I am enjoying being in the garden stitching and something else we had a thunder storm with an hour of rain the other day, it did the garden some good.  The air and garden smelt fresh when it was over and the sun shone throughout! very unusual indeed.  It was the first rain we had here since April.  It has been forecast but never arrived until last week.

So on to this week well as I said last Friday I have a good amount of time to stitch which I am pleased with but also an appointment at the photographers later in the week.

Whilst sat stitching I gather my thoughts and sip at my coffee happily being proactive.  I have to say that I will have to get up every hour and have a wander other wise my back gets a bit sore.

Can you believe it is nearly August already?  August to me means one thing and it is the gorgeous Cotswolds fair and our annual get together with friends and dinner and laughter in the evening when we stay over.  I love this fair and it is only two weeks away so I am getting very excited about it.  When I look back though it does not seem like a year ago, where oh where has that gone?
Still until then my work has to be my focus.

Although more slowly than I personally like things are getting done and ticked off the list so I can see that there is progress, even though some days I feel that there has not been enough.  That is the great thing about list, you see the line through something completed and feel immense gratification, or at least I do anyway.

Well that is me for today and I will be back here tomorrow and update you on my antics, I can here Mr blackbird singing outside which is unusual in the morning at this time.  He must be happy.
Have a wonderful day today and as always ...   Happy Stitching! XX

Friday 27 July 2018

Pressed flowers and slow stitches .. perfection

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.” 
GĂ©rad de Nerval

This perfect summer, all be it a dry one for our gardens still produces some gorgeous gifts of nature. I had a lovely hour opening all the little paper towel envelopes of flowers that I have picked from our garden and have pressed in my old books on the mantel.  

Each hand made envelope I opened had me delighted with the results and they will be used in some great mixed media pieces that I am going to be working on as well as popped into wax seals on letters yet to be written to friends.  Some of them will nestle contently in the pages of my journals for future generations to discover and wonder over, although if they read the journal their questions will be answered for them.

As you know I love our seasons here in England and everyone has a joy contained in it for me, I can help being over joyed at what each one brings to my life and my work in general.

Yesterday I also picked some more buds from our beautiful rose bush and there were some more buds on our hydrangeas as well so they are now in their own little paper towel envelopes and tucked into the books to press and dry and to be used through our Autumn and Winter months ahead. In the Autumn other flowers and leaves are about and that is when I am out hunting for acorns and their cups.  I like to use their cups for some of my works and the acorns, well they are not wasted as I put a bowl out for the squirrels who can not believe their eyes and scurry back and forth greedily to hoard them for the winter to come.  Although they do stand in the garden and have a feast first.. nothing is wasted.

“If you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it's your world for a moment.” 
 Georgia O'Keeffe 

Time for me that is spent with nature is not only good for my work and my thought patterns but also for my well being.  I love looking closely at a flower and its interrogate details that for the petals and leaves.  Getting up close to butterflies and bees and watching them dance from flower to flower.  It fills me head with ideas and my soul with happiness.

Whilst wandering around our garden snipping at some more little flowers I noticed that one of our pots of mints had got a bit seedy and had little flowers on the top so I cut them all off so that the mint can get back to feeding its precious mint leaves that taste so good in cold drinks this time of the year but they did not go in the compost they have been presses as well.  When I tucked them up in their little paper towel envelope they smelt divine!  and they will forever remind me of the summer of 2018 that has been so warm and allowed us to make plans for b b q's and picnics without worrying what the weather might be like in a few days or a weeks time.

I got a little haul of delicate flowers and I have taken a photo for you to see it so that when they are pressed I can show you the wonderful results ....  As long as you do it right you can get some beautiful flowers that keep their wonderful colours and hues.

You can see from the photo the mint stalks with little white flower heads on.  Having never pressed these before I am not sure what the result will be but what fun it will be to open the packages in a few weeks and see for myself what they look and smell like ....

I have started to catch up with my journaling on the personal side and also writing a couple of pages in my family history journal as well to get that up to date and complete.  There is so much to write up as well.  When I got my journals out the other day I had forgotten that I had picked some flowers in my friends garden in Devon and it was such a lovely surprise.  They had all pressed beautifully and are now with my growing collections that I have to use through the autumn and winter months .... I chose some beauties as well and ones that I do not have growing here in our garden.

Also yesterday I went to visit my mum with my sister and she was OK for a little while but we left when she got agitated.  We can tell because her hands start to shake a little and we had my niece with us so we got out of there fairly quickly. It is a shame but hoping she will calm again soon.  There seems to be no apparent reason for it unless the heat is getting to her as well.

So I was back here earlier than expected and was able to continue in the shade in the garden on a new
project.  The first few wonderful little stitches always is exciting for me.  It is like a adventure and adding to a piece of history on some gorgeous antique fabric.  I love the whole process of what I do so much and have missed it with my back issues and tiredness as well. 

I seem to be coping with the heat better as well and my body is not getting so warm, therefore my hands are not as hot and the needle seems to behave its self more and there is less of the pricking of my fingers...  Miss Muddy Beak is pleased I am back that is for sure.  She normally visits me closely in the morning but I was astonished that she came back to sit in the shade with me around 4pm and was there a good half hour.  I chat away to her and I often wonder exactly what she does think.  The thing is she seems happy and I am more than happy and privileged to have her company daily for a while.

It is Friday all ready and my working week is nearly over before it actually begun but next week is a full one for me apart from my visit to my mum on Thursday.  I have lots that I would like to achieve and it will be another few days of back healing under my belt as it were so I am hoping I can report it is much better.

This Sunday we are having lunch with great friends in there beautiful garden and I am looking forward to that and to catching up with them.  Also being able to sit and be comfortable which gets better each day thank goodness.

I am not sure what we are up to on Saturday but if my husband has bits to do then I will happily sit in the garden and continue my sewing, I know it is work but it never actually feels like it at all - unless I am late for a deadline then it gets a bit tricky and less enjoyable.

Next week also sees me have an appointment with the photographer for some photos of some pieces as well so I am looking forward to a professional shoot and quiet excited about the prospect.  I am not just there as a spectator but also to dress it how I think it should look for my work so it will be fun to work with someone and get their thoughts and ideas too.  Then there is a dress fitting I believe later in the week ... so it will be all go.

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend yourselves and that you have enjoyed the two blogs this week ... next week full service will be activated.

Until then have a great few days and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Thursday 26 July 2018

Oh La La !

He who marvels at the beauty of the world
 in summer will find equal cause
 for wonder and admiration in winter.

 John Burroughs

It is good to be back, I am sorry to have been quiet on here but last week was another particularly difficult week with my mum and my back got hurt.  I could not sit properly at my laptop even in my gorgeous comfy chair so I gave into it.  At the weekend my husband took me out in the car as I was going a little stir crazy and I managed to get into a vintage fair in a church hall in Bridport for the last 50 minutes.  It was a tiny but good affair.  I did not take photos but I did make a few cheeky purchases whilst there.  Our great friends Liz and Jack were there and they always have amazing things from France so it was lovely to catch up with them as well.  They are of The Washerwoman fame. Also we managed to make a date to catch up together so it was a great time. 

This week has been a little bit of a struggle as my back is still not fully recovered but with pain killers it is manageable.  I did meet up with a pen friend on Tuesday as she was over from Belgium and I was not going to miss the opportunity to see her and her family in person.  So armed with pain killers I went to meet up with her and I am so glad that I did.  She loves all sorts of crafts and we had a wonderful few hours together.  It is lovely to meet pen pals, you know them already in a way but it just makes the friendship stronger and more special if you get to say hello face to face.

I can now sit and with a straight back and some cushions I am stitching as well so it is not too bad.  Thank you all for your messages on here and on Face book of concern and well wishes, truly you are a gorgeous caring bunch.  Not much housework has got done but hey ho!....

Today I am going to visit my Mum but if she is in a mood, I am turning about and going I am afraid as I can not afford any more time off and hopefully with a review of her medication she will be calmer in herself.

So what did I manage to purchase whilst at the talent for textiles fair in St Mary's Church Hall in Bridport ....

Well the most gorgeous piece of paisley that there ever was I feel, it is faded and soft with gentle
colours and the most tactile of fabrics.  There is history within its threads and I am so very pleased, yet a little surprised it was still there when I got there as the fair had been open since 9.30 in the morning and it as after 2pm when we arrived  ( late decision to go and a slow journey for the back)..

Also I bought a beautiful piece of old lace and it is crying out to be used on something lovely I think. You can see the paisley behind it and on the all the photos.  It is a large piece as well around half a metre I think so I will be able to do lots with it.

Then there was a French piece of check fabric and the colours are so pretty.  I kept looking at it as it is not normally something I might pick up readily but I thought in the Winter months as a border for some form or sampler it would be just the ticket.

Then there was a lady selling antique Eastern European linen and they were used in kitchens for hand towels I think but it is really lovely linen with a red stripe top and bottom.  It is very long and was only £10 unbelievably so I purchased one of those as well.  I was only in there about 40 minutes and mostly catching up with friends but it did my back good to be walking around a little.

My back is still sore but I am only taking tablets morning and night as before it was every four hours
and it was more than uncomfortable.  In addition I was so tired yet could not sleep for pain.  This week I have been able to sleep and that is a relief in its self I can tell you.

I have finished two pieces of work this week so that is good and I am going to start a new piece of slow stitching this week. I can not wait.

Later today I am going to open up lots of packages of my pressed flowers and see what has become of them.  I am hoping there will be some really beautiful surprises awaiting me.

Tomorrow I will report on it for you and start to get back to my slow stitching stories.

The summer here is really hot and dry and both my husband and I have been making sure the wild life has plenty of water and food.  The birds are suffering dreadfully.  The ground is too hard to hunt for juicy worms and I know there are lots of casualties which distresses me.  So this is a little reminder to all who read this, even if you do not feed the birds normally, to put out some water for them and any bacon scraps or things they might eat.  They are loving  the mealy worms we put out and loving bathing in the bird bath and drinking.

Miss Muddy is well and happy although she could not seem to understand why I have not been sat outside with her in the shade last week.  I just could not sit properly but she is happy that this morning I did sit with her for a while and normal service is well on its way to being resumed.

I am looking forward to getting all my new work baskets out and starting some more projects, luckily the baskets are all made up ready - well three of them and that will do for now.  My back is not up to getting down and rooting through drawers and cupboards just a while yet ...

As it is such a dry summer we have not much grass left but the borders are watered regularly so the
flowers are doing fairly well.  One of my rose bushes is so beautiful and I will be taking a few more cuttings for pressing.  This  rose bush has a story.  I found it in a little bargain shop and it was £1 and twiggy.  There was no label and so I decided to just plant it at the side of the bird table in our border ( this was three years ago) and had I have know how large it would get I would have planted it at the back of the border.  It is gorgeous and is loving this weather and it nightly soaking .... So more of those will be pressed later today.

The other thing in our garden that loves the Mediterranean weather is our grape vines ... Oh my with the watering system watering the ground  three times a day look at the fruit they have produced and the size of our grapes.  They are going to be as sweet as sweet and I will be delivering bunches of them to our neighbours on vine leaves .... When they are picked in by September.  Although this year is will be early I think looking at them.

It was time yesterday to cut away lots of the leaves so the sun could get to them to colour and ripen up.  The gardener we have now has been a god send and with his help the garden has kept its beauty in these unusually dry English summer.

Friends have said about making wine with these beauties but I have to say they are great with a good cheese and biscuits as our supper with a bottle of wine from the fridge .... so no wine making here for us.

Well that is me caught up a little with you all and I will be back here tomorrow morning and normal service is resumed I am glad to say.

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and as always ......

  Happy Stitching! XX

Tuesday 17 July 2018

Relaxed and ready to stitch.....

Flowers are the soul
of the earth .....

What a perfect few days in Devon, there is nothing like the peace and quiet with only the sound of the waterfall and stream running through the grounds of a 200 year old cottage.  Having my greatest friend look after me, cook bring me coffee and make me laugh, medicine indeed  Sat outside of an evening with the fairy lights and a glass of cold white wine was just the ticket.  

Now is the start of my week ahead although we were back on Sunday evening, yesterday I decided to just do housework and catch up in general on things and to then start me stitching and blogging week afresh.

Picked a few flowers and put them in a book whilst in Devon too, I love doing that and then they will either be used in mixed media work or just nestle happily between the pages of my journal.  I can decide later on.  Right now they are pressing happily and I will see how they turned out a few weeks from now.  The beautiful baby hydrangea you see in the photo above is now happy in a little old milk bottle and sat on my writing slope looking beautiful.

Home once again and the garden had a really good soaking and smells fresh and happy.  The birds were very pleased to see us and the bird baths were all but dry bless them, and the food had long gone it seemed.  Miss Muddy was a little pouted and ignored me yesterday but today she is sweetness its self.  It seems I am not allowed to go away at all.

So today is a new working week for me and I am going to see my mum on Thursday, until then I have some work to complete and I am looking forward to sitting and slow stitching in the garden this
morning.  In the shade and watching the bird bath antics.

I am not sure if it is the weather but I am extremely tired and have been for a couple of weeks.  When I was in Devon I was sleeping in past 9 am and was told my body obviously needed it.

It was a very relaxed an peaceful few days as we went on Thursday and came back yesterday.  I wandered around and picked some flowers to dry and it was great because they were different to what I have in our garden.  Armed with a little bowl and a pair of sharp scissors I wandered down by the waterfall and around the acre of
land.  Our friend has landscaped his front garden now and put in a hazel fence and a water feature along with fairy lights and different plants and I sat there sorting out my booty.  I took photos there to show you as you can see.

I am getting quiet a collection from this beautiful summer and the flowers are just blooming and blooming.

Our grape vines are amazing this year.  The grapes are fully formed and big already and it is a matter of ripening which will not take long in this heat and sun.

It is time to remove lots of the leaves now so that the sun can get to them.

We wandered around Honiton for an hour and went into our favourite cafe for brunch and I visited my favourite antique shop called Fountain Antiques and bought two really pretty lace collars and was thinking one could be added to one of my dresses... not sure yet but that was the plan when purchasing them.  One is Edwardian and so very beautiful.

There is also an award winning ice-cream place just up the road so we were taken there in the afternoon, well it had to be done.  It is on the side of the road but it has a large car park and then you
have a lovely grassy bit on the hill and the view whilst eating your ice cream is gorgeous.

The ice creams are award winning and I now see why. I highly recommend the blackcurrant ripple and the sea buckthorne ..... both scrummy and I had a scoop of each in a tub and sat and looked over the countryside ..

As you can see from the photo on the right the view was worth just sitting there and staring at in my opinion.

Well I am a little later today and I think that might be the way of it until this tiredness leaves me.  Today is a warm day but a little cloudy.  It is set to be 25 degrees here again but it may not be the beating down sun, which suits me and my slow stitching.
So my day is mapped out for me and I am hopefully going to be very productive.

I will be back here on Thursday and I hope that you all have a wonderful day and ......

As always Happy Stitching! XX

Thursday 12 July 2018

Happily stitching once more....

Time is a precious commodity we never know
 the balance in our time account as we make
our daily withdrawals. spend it wisely and live life
with passion and never give up, remember it is
 never to late to make a dream come true.

Bette Kelley

Breathing in the gorgeous scents of summer I have finally found a balance in my stitching life.  I have found a spot in the garden that is cool to hand stitch for a fair few hours and then I have fashioned a little nook inside by a fan that is cool with breeze and there I can get a few more hours in.  Finally I have found a balance!

 I do not want to complain about this gorgeous weather we are having and to be honest if you are not working or on a deadline it is perfect but I was getting hot and bothered and therefore my stitching suffered.  Not anymore, I have found a balance for getting up and getting on with what needs to be done and getting housework done early in the morning with all the doors and windows flung wide open.  A few hours a day gets it done and kept up. Now the scales are even and I am happy in my work again and watching the wildlife ... they are not out in the midday sun at all.  Early and late eating and I am guessing roosting in the shade of the leaves in the trees where they can get the breeze. 

More and more seagulls are coming for drinks in are garden and they fly off happily.  The do not bathe just have long drinks and fly off.  They are huge but oh so pretty and I have got know differences in some.  The one who does not seem to worry about me has the loveliest of eyes and its head cocks to one side when I talk to it.  I really do not know if it is a boy or a girl but gorgeous all the same.

It is a bit cooler at the moment as well and so I am trying to be productive but I am so very tired which is ridiculous as I do not have time to be tired at this point in time. I think it must be the heat, yet I am loving this summer of 2018, every day a beauty and it really is beautiful.  The garden needs
watering of course and we have our watering system as well but I find that I like to give it all a huge soak as well.

Some of you may have read on FB that my mums haircut did not go well.  She refused to have it done and lashed out too.  A very long story short is her hairdresser ended up with broken toes and my sister and I in tears.  It was not a good day on Tuesday and I did no stitching at all.  In fact when I got home from there I went and sat in the garden with a coffee in the shade and just stared in to no where.  Watched the birds, bees and butterflies and generally de-stressed myself.  I thought I was going to explode.  When my husband heard he came home earlier and took me out to dinner.  It was lovely and just what I needed, no cooking and to be with him.

I phoned the care home yesterday to see how mum is and guess what, the hairdresser that comes there anyway, its a guy, managed to cut my mums hair!! I think she thought it is a man an so he will not stand for any nonsense .. either way he will be cutting her hair from now on.  He goes to the home twice a week and can see what kind of mood she is in.  In addition they are going to ask the doctor to re adjust her meds to help with this anxiety and mood swings that are making her feisty! ( to put it politely)

So now that I know she is ok and that she feels more comfortable in the heat with her hair lovely and short again I can have a few days with my husband and relax.

Yesterday it was just such a slow start for me and I was licking my wounds a bit but I did manage some stitches, These things take time and today well I am more like me again and so I have sorted through my stitchery and also I have a few days off now to get myself together and have a rest as well.   My project basket is sorted and the sewing room is basically back to its normal neat self so I can concentrate now on stitching .... I have my design journal at the ready and also my two places to stitch today sorted so I am hoping for a really productive and peaceful day indeed.

Looking forward to seeing our friend from Devon as well and it should be a really lovely long weekend filled with rest, relaxation and laughter.  I hope whatever you are up to this coming weekend that you have the best time.

Will be seeing you back here next Tuesday morning and until then ...... 

Happy Stitching! XX

Tuesday 10 July 2018

Very slow summer stitching days ...

Live in each season as it passes,
breathe the air and resign yourself
to the influence of the earth.

Henry David Thoreau

As I am sat here writing this the window in my sewing room is wide open and there is a little welcome breeze rolling in from the sea.  The sun is out and the birds are about their daily business.  Seagulls are calling to one another and one of them is in our birdbath having a drink. Already the day has begun.

It is a different day today as I am off to see my Mum and it is haircut day.  You would think it would be straight forward but I am afraid it is not, It is like a military mission, which has probably started all ready.  I am afraid she  is not always keen now on personal care but my sister and I insist upon it so they really have to coax her for a shower and hair wash.  The shower seems to be OK its the hair wash she is not liking that much but today it is going to happen.  Then her long time hair dresser who now comes to my mum and cuts and blow drys her hair, will then only have to spray it wet again to cut it.  It will be much easier for her.

My sister and I will be there a good half hour before her hair dresser and it will take some time as she gets up mid anything for a wander these days. In this hot weather though, when it has been cut she will feel so much better in herself.  Then we are going on a picnic with her in the grounds of the care home which she likes.

We are loving our new large ceiling fan in our bedroom at night and it is quiet and oh so beautifully cool.  Finally we can sleep in this humid weather.  I love this summer it is beautiful but I do need my sleep and so does my husband with his silly hours.  His leg by the way is much better and he is now back working in the office.  Although working from home this Thursday and Friday.

I am going to take a long weekend this week so just to let you know there will be no blog on Friday
or next Monday.  This weather is making it hard to stitch for long and so I am taking a little break. Its Devon time and I will be taking my stitching because I am reliably informed within a over 200 year old cottage it is much cooler.  Hot outside and very much cooler in... happy days when the house is sleeping!

Yesterday though I managed to stitch longer as I have a fan next to a chair inside and that seemed to work and keep my needle from slipping.  So that is the new regime.  In the garden in the full shade in the morning and when the sun come around a little later to my shady spot I move inside by the fan. I am so behind on my stitching but what can you do but embrace this weather.  Luckily as usual I had some pieces done already and in advance for some things coming up, therefore I am not too worried.

Is anyone else finding stitching difficult in hot weather? for those of you that live in hot climates you must be laughing but we just are not used to it.  Our homes do not have AC either.  If I can get cool hands I can stitch and for sure the fans are doing their magic. So anyone got any tips for stitching in this hot weather.  We are in 29 degrees and above, although it is set to be a little cooler today at 26 degrees.

I still have a little bit of sorting in my sewing room and that is what I am aiming to do when I get back from my Mum, if it is not too late.  Other than that it is stitching by the fan time.  I would however like to finish the sewing room.

In addition I am still covering buttons for my dresses at this moment in time and I really must get up and see Debbie to show her the new fabric that I have from cabbages and roses... I would like to make sure she can get this one done some time.  Probably not in the next few months being wedding season!

I am patient I can wait all I know is that next year I will have some gorgeous dresses hanging in my wardrobe to wear and that is all that matters.   I think that with a poncho I could probably wear them in the winter at a fair as they are always inside, even if it is a marquee.  Then I thought maybe Debbie can make me a jacket from thicker French linen with a little collar made with paisley or eiderdown fabric.  I could do a little hand embroidery on it and ..... well there is another conversation to have with her.. when she is sat down!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and fun in the sun.  My sisters dog loves the paddling pool and jumps right in.  It is a fairly deep one and it comes to under his neck.  He just stand in it with his eyes closed bless him.  They have had to put a cover on it just in case he decides when they are not out there to get in.  They are worried he could slip.  But he has embraced the weather with his short hair cut and the pool!

That is it for today as I must get ready for operation hair cut, so wish me luck and I will see you back here on Thursday.  Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Monday 9 July 2018

Adventures and tea and not always in that order!...

She was an adventurer at heart
but oh how she loved to drinking 
this tea from this mug in this chair;
Oh how she loved to be home....


When I was tidying my home up after the scrum of trying to find 'that journal' as we now refer to it at Homespun HQ, I got distracted with putting away books and such.  Yes I had the book case out as well.  Both the one in my stitching room and the one in the study ... I am telling you bomb site!!
Anyway I digress, it was hot on Friday and I could not help but flick through pages of books and start to read them.  I realise that I am missing reading too much so I made a kind of mid way through the year resolution to read more.  To finish me work now around 6 pm and have an hours read before I start the supper of an evening whilst waiting for my husband to get in from work.  Also at a weekend when we are not actually having to rise with the larks and go off somewhere to have my first cup of coffee in bed and have an hour read before I get up and on with the day.  I believe our brain needs it and gosh you go into another world and an adventure and not leave the comfort of your home do you not?

At the moment and not wishing to wish our Summer months away, I am waiting patiently (er well, not really) for the new Kate Morton book to come and land on my mat in September.  It has been nearly two years since her last book and so The Clock Makers Daughter has been pre ordered and I can not wait to devour it. 

Other books have not been great for me lately and I guess that is why I had stopped reading yet I have 5 new to read.  I have decided though to re read one of Kate Morton's books though to get me back into the reading world.  I thought about telling Miss Muddy Beak about my plans but thought better of it as her disapproving look at the thought of me not feeding her at dawn of a weekend might get her all of dither!

Do you want your adventure now, or
would you like your tea first?
J M Barrie. Peter Pan.

Anyway I did manage to get some order in to the house and the stitching room on Friday and over the
weekend so that was good for me and my soul.  If it is all tidy I can be creative if it is not my head is a jumble and I really can not thing well.  I like to clear the decks basically.  Some like to work in a creative mess, I am afraid I am not one of them.

A weekend at our friend in Devon is nearly upon us too and I am looking forward to that.  It is always wonderful there and magical but when the sun is shining and the waterfall is running down into the stream well it is peaceful, tranquil and of course you surrender to the rest and relaxation of it all.  He is a chef and I do not have to worry about shopping lists and cooking for a few days so it is a great time for me.  I will take my little sketch journal ( now I have found the blighter) and hope not to loose it along the way.  Last summer when we were there in Devon I saw a beautiful kingfisher flying close to the water just above the top of the stream it was amazing and I had not realised until I had seen one up that close, just how tiny they are.  The two owls that are there talk to each other at night and all is well with the world.

I managed to also get some journaling done sitting at the table outside in the shade.  It was beautiful and hot but in the shade with the sea breeze well it just made it a really lovely place to be for a few hours.  There were lots of butterflies and bees around the sweet peas and lavender and every so often an most gorgeous dragon fly would swoop around the little fountain.

Over the weekend we sat out until it was dark and the fairy lights and candles were going and two
tiny bats were playing over the trees and eating up insects I would imagine.  They were so pretty and gave us the privilege of their company for a good half and hour as well.

Today though I have got my wicker basket full of my stitching that must be done and I am ready to get out in the garden to my 'summer office' and start in earnest and hope that the needle does not keep slipping.  I felt like a pin cushion the other week and it is amazing how much your fingers bleed too.

I have a little doodle pad with me and a pen and I will take out a fresh pot of coffee and a juice to start me off. 

I have high hopes of finishing two pieces of stitchery this week and I am going to do my upmost to get this done.  I have some buttons to cover as you know and they must be done this week as well so that I can take them down to Debbie for my dresses and give her some cabbage and roses fabric and say ... surprise! think she may ban me from vintage fairs if this continues.....

I hope where ever you are today that the sun is shining for you and that you have a most wonderful day... as always Happy Stitching! XX

I haven't been everywhere
but its on my list!
Susan Sontag

Friday 6 July 2018

Story ...

Sometimes the things that we have lost
can be found again in unexpected places.
Daniel Handler

Well as you all know by now I found my beloved journal that I had going on in America last year.  It had bits about our trip that I haven't even written up yet along with doodles and sketches and to top it off our tickets from the whale watch we went on and it was the very first time we had ever been.  There are leaves tucked in there from The Canterbury Shaker Village and lots of little silly things that I could never get back as it were.  Especially the leaves from Canterbury, I wander around and pick a few up every year I go.  They are all nestled happily between pages of a holiday journal and I could not bear the thought that these ones had ended up in a shredder or a rubbish tip. The thing is I just could not settle to anything, even sleep.  One night I dreamt my journal was in the bathroom cabinet.  I knew it would not be but I had to get up at 3 am and check anyway! Still it is back and so today I am going to write up from there what has not yet been done so that I do not have to go through this again.

You should see my sewing room, truly like a bomb sight so again that is going to be addressed today as well.  I think this should take up my whole day to be honest but then I can start next week fresh and get down to some serious stitching which has been on hold for far to long.  It has cooled here slightly and there is more of a sea breeze which is more than welcome here.

We are not that used to such hot weather in England and not for this long either and when I speak to friends they are all saying how lethargic they feel at the moment and I can actually say I do as well. It may be a combination of tearing the house apart for said journal and the heat, who knows but it feel I could go sleep more right now as well.

However I am resolute in the fact that today is tackle the mess day and then later on I will sit outside in the shade and actually go through the journal and get some things written up in the appropriate

Next week I have a list of things to be done and one of them at the top of list is to cover some buttons for two of my dresses that are being made.  I really must get on with that and give those to Debbie who is making for me.  I also have some embroidery to do on one as well so I guess we will swap over a bag of bits to each other.  I am very excited.  In addition, she does not know yet, that Cabbages and Roses fabrics have been bought ... eek and I would like a bit of a rush job on one of them.  Honestly she is going give me a look ( the one that says how many arms do you think I have Sarah and am I allowed to sleep occasionally!!)

I am still to finish my mushroom sampler and really I have so much to do.  This week has been a strange one as well with my Husband working from home as he has not been well at all. Last weekend he was bitten by something, not a midge either.  His leg is huge and it really has no ankle.  He can not get a shoe on and it is painful. He does not do ill very well so he has been a bit grumps!
He can not walk properly either so I am running around with drinks, tablets, food ... do you know I
never really appreciated how much he consumes in a day at work until this but it is rather like having a fledgling at home!! Bless him though he is in pain.  Trying to get him to elevate his leg is,well, a battle.  Thing is he is working from home so sat at his desk on a computer and so it is not until he finishes for the day can I get him to sit with his leg up.

Still ... I found my journal (big huge grin) so nothing else phases me right now ....

I can not believe however where this week has gone to, this time last week I was preparing to attend The Summer Brocante and Cowdray and getting everything ready and here we are Friday again.  The world is spinning too fast.

This morning early when I went out to fill the bird bath and feed the little birdies, including my gorgeous lady Miss Muddy Beak, I also took out a handful of strands of fabrics from paisleys and eiderdown fabrics that I have been using.  I popped them in our pear tree and and came back in.  I watched as Miss Muddy went back and forth so she is still sorting her residence out it seems.  Although she has moved and I wonder if Mr Robin became too much for her. Thing is he was not vocal with her it was the other way around he used to just stare at her.  I kept thinking it was a look that said 'woman be still and give others a chance' it did amuse me somewhat.

I have just taken a peak out and it has all gone and no it is not flying around in a ball in the garden,its been collected so there are some very fluffy and pretty nests out there in the garden and surrounding
trees today it seems.

Anyway enough of my rambles today, I am off to have some breakfast and a coffee and then it is hi ho off to work ( cleaning up) I go.  It will make me feel so much better I can tell you.

I am really looking forward to getting it all put away and then going in the garden with my journals.  The sound of the birds singing their songs and in the shade of the big umbrella I will be able to think and sort out my journals.  Monday will be a fresh start and hopefully the beginning of a very productive week indeed.

Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend and as always Happy Stitching! XX

Thursday 5 July 2018

Treasures of Cowdray .....

A box without hinges, key, or lid, 
yet golden treasure inside is hid.
 J. R. R. Tolkien

Before I do my show and tell I must just tell you all I found the journal, Dawn was right when she quoted 'For there is nothing lost, that may be found if sought' ... Spencer.

I was sat in my chair in my stitching room looking around at the mess I have created by tearing it apart looking and thinking about having to put it all back this week when my eyes looked at the pretty boxes I have stacked up .. some are made to look like books.  In one I have washi tapes ( it is a big box) then I looked at the one as I say that look like books and thought to myself ' I did not look in those' then I thought why though would I have put it in there.  Anyway I got the first one down and no but then the second one .. there it was and I had put it in there because of leaflets and things I had picked up on that holiday and there is was all snug and safe and not thrown out
at all...... Ta Dah! 
The sewing room looks dreadful but I have my journal with sketches in it and I am so relieved and happy I can tell you. I found my treasured journal now for the big clean up!!

Today though I have taken photos of the treasure I found at The Summer Brocante at Cowdray and without further to do I will show you.  Well the first thing is the fabrics I bought from Cabbages and Roses. Treasure indeed.  I bought 3 meters for £20 and two meters of another fabric for £30 and what a bargain .. both are going on further dresses for me and one I am very fond of and is out of production, thus the sale, I will have the whole skirt part made in this and then just a plain vintage French linen sheet top part.  Cover buttons in some for the back of the bodice and then I can do some hand embroidery and maybe applique  on it to make it my own.  I was so pleased as their clothes are very expensive and tops were £275 so I have a bargain for a dress bottom.

Then from Emma of Little Wren Vintage I bought four quilt panels in log cabin and they
really are beautiful.  I was so pleased with them. I had a good old truffle through her baskets of rolled up and packaged quilt pieces and for me it is all part of it.  It such an enjoyable time deciding on which to purchase and make into something scrummy later on.

Sonia of The Old Haberdashery had so much to choose from but I was fairly restrained. I had a look around the laces and trims but I had bought lots of those at the last fair at Eridge if you remember so I was looking at the vintage Sylko threads and I picked up some more of those.  I do all sorts with them so it worth having a little stash in a drawer.  Also she had so old cigarette cards there and they were butterflies and so I picked up a handful of those.  They were 3 for £1 so I went truffling in and looked at each and every one there and picked out these beauties to bring home.  Lots of used for them and of course there is
the mixed media side as well as little gifts for my lovely pen pals as well...

From Velvet Ribbon I bought the most beautiful piece of fabric and some fabric strip wound around a card along with three pieces of gorgeous ribbon.  I have been using these ribbons a lot of late so I was pleased to be able to replenish supplies ...

As I told you I had to go pick up four ribbon words from Kate of Oyster Bridge and there they
were all wrapped up for me and waiting.  Such great work and such a lovely lady indeed.  I love it when my orders come through from here it is such a delight to look at them all and the fabrics that are attached to them as well.

You will see the words in due course I am sure on here.

Then I bought some seed packets but I have forgotten which stall I bought them from .. so silly am I .  There were four in each pack and I have photographed both sides so that you can have a little look at them.  These are a great favourite of mine and wish seeds were sold in packets like this now.  How beautiful and artist were they ...

My last purchase of the day was a beautiful hand made sunhat and I fell in love with it.  It has a large rim all around and slightly floppy and is made to look like it is sort of crumpled as well.  I did not get the name of the lady who makes them again it was very busy indeed and I did not get to take photos of the ones that she had left and got to just try this on to bring home with me.  I liked it plain others had some flowers on them but I have antique milliners flowers here in my work room so I felt I could change them around or leave plain depending on which dress I am wearing.

If this weather is set to continue and it looks like it is then I think its a great thing to pile all my hair up and pop my hat on.  It is cooler without my hair all around my neck and because of the brim the sun does not go on my neck that generally is not on show to the sun with my long hair so no burnt neck....

It is made from very light materials and so it weighs nothing basically and it is light on my head to wear.  When I am in the garden now it is on my head.  I love it ...

Well all is well here now that Miss Muddy has come home, I have found my journal and today is my Mum time as well.  I am not even taking a grab bag in this heat I will just sit with her and hopefully she will be in the mood to have a little chat or a walk around the grounds.  On days like today they give out ice creams and she is a devil for them.... So hopefully she will be all smiles.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX ( if you can in this weather, my out put is down very much so but it can not be helped.)

Wednesday 4 July 2018

To all my beautiful American readers! .....

To all my beautiful American readers Happy Independence Day have a wonderful day with family and friends.  I simply adore your country ....

O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,   
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?   
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,   
O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming;   
And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;   
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave   
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?   
On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,   
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes, 
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,   
As it fitfully blows, now conceals, now discloses?   
Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,   
In full glory reflected now shines on the stream;   
‘Tis the star-spangled banner; O long may it wave 
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!   
And where is that band who so vauntingly swore   
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion   
A home and a country should leave us no more?   
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution. 
No refuge could save the hireling and slave,   
From the terror of flight and the gloom of the grave;   
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave   
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!   
O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand 
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation!   
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land,   
Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation.   
Then conquer we must, for our cause it is just.   
And this be our motto— “In God is our trust; " 
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave   
O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave. 

Francis Scott Key

Tuesday 3 July 2018

The Summer Brocante at Cowdray

I am more myself in a garden
than anywhere else on earth....
Especially one that belongs to
a gorgeous estate such as Cowdray....

On a beautiful June summers day in the most gorgeous settings, Cowdray Estate in West Sussex The Summer Brocante was in full swing on the second day of this two day event.  We set off early as we thought there might be lots of traffic and besides the heat of the day was already around 21 degrees and it was 6am when we woke.  So after getting ourselves washed and dressed and a cup of coffee inside us we set off on the beautiful drive to West Sussex.

We arrived around 45 minutes before the show officially opened but the toilets were open for those who had travelled a long way and also outside of the huge marquee's was a little coffee pop up stall so we were able to buy a coffee and we started chatting with a lovely couple who, as we had, thought the traffic would be bad as well.  The time flew chatting away and as we did lots of people started to line up to get in as well.

Finally it was 10 am and we went inside and the picture at the top was what greeted us, the beautiful flower displays in front of the desk to get your ticket and wristbands.  They smelt gorgeous in the heat of the day and we walked inside to wonderland....

In no particular order we wandered around looking at the beautifully dressed stalls and I had heard that Cabbages and Roses was there with sale bits so I had a look for them.  I found them and did not take a photo as it was a marquee on its own but is was what it said a sale .. with fabrics in boxes and rails of some clothes and then other clothes in a pile.  That said I dived in and managed to get some gorgeous fabrics in fact 5 meters of fabric, two of one and three of another.  I will show you in the show and tell later in the week and what a bargain too .. because some of the tops there made
up were £275 each .. and I paid £50 the lot....

Oyster Bridge was there and I went up to see Kate and as you must know by now one of the things that she does is the ribbon words and I had four to pick up. We managed a few little catch ups throughout the day and it was lovely to see her as always.  Normally we speak on email so it was just so nice to be able to be face to face.  Kate also sells other beautiful items as well and she was very busy indeed.

Then I came across Alexandra Cunha and her beautifully set out stall, at this moment in time
there were people coming in through the doors but I had gone to the furthest bit away to find Kate so I managed some great photos before there were lots of treasure hunters ...

Wild and Willow were there with vintage bucket after vintage bucket filled with gorgeous blooms for people to purchase and take home with them.  Little antique terracotta pots filled with beautiful blooms and all made to look stunning as well as smell divine...

Wandering in the sun and through the coolness of the marquees everyone was chatting around me and I spotted
Harriet's Attic in residence with some really lovely bits to purchase, along with dolls and rabbits that had been hand made as well.
the little oohs and ahs of delight echoed in the air.  The sides of the marquees had been opened for through breeze and it was pleasantly warm but with a welcome breeze. 

Caroline Turner Design was in the first marquee and this was eye catching and very
beautiful.  I managed to have a little chat with Caroline and we were discussing about protection from blatant copy cats of others designs and work.  I had my eyes opened I can tell you. Also a few others in the day were saying the same.  I was really shocked and realised why if I do something for publication I am not allowed to really put much of it out there before the event.  We agreed although plagiarism is a form of flattery, it is also sad that others do not have their own idea's ...

It was lovely to meet this great lady as I had never done so before.

Elizabeth Lee Interiors  was almost opposite so I went across to take some photos and
look around there at the lovely pieces that were there on offer.  There was a very pretty rocking horse and that is something I have always wanted.  When we do eventually move my lovely husband thinks one on the landing somewhere would be perfect too, as I do....

I decided to go on to another Marquee and guess who I spotted, the lovely Simone who is an incredible maker of the most whimsical and gorgeous animal figures as well as a great embroider too.  She is the maker behind Ayres & Graces and I have not seen her since last year and so it was wonderful to say hello and have a little catch up. As you know I am the proud owner of several of her beautiful creations including my sleeping hare that sits on our bed in blissful slumber.

Suzi Hearts 'n' Kisses was there and we stood having such a laugh as she regaled me of a
story from the previous night where she has been staying in a hotel.  I was crying with laughter.  At the time is was not funny for her but she too was in fits of laughter as well. Her stall was full of the most beautiful hand embroidered things such as tooth fairy cushions, pictures and hearts ... stunning work from this lovely lovely lady

Right opposite was Sonia of The Old Haberdashery fame with her beautiful stall full to the brim of gorgeous slow stitching products.  There were antique spools of Slyko threads, French trims and laces, embroidery threads, epherma in the shape of butterfly cigarette cards.  Antique coloured glass and so so much

Penny was there of Rosablue fame and she was next to Suzi Hearts 'n' Kisses and also she was

with Suzi at the hotel the nights before as well and was with us laughing when the stories came out.  The hard work they all put into being at an event like this one is enormous and we forget sometimes the financial expenditure they have.  The cost of their stall at such an event along with accommodation and food for three days and nights.....   then there is the fun they have even though they are tired and it makes it worth while.  Even if the there is a power cut at the hotel and you can not find things!!

Little Wren Vintage was there and it was so lovely to see Emma again.  We had a chat and I looked after her stall for a little while whilst she went to look at something.  I sat there hoping I could answer any questions that might arise from the hoards of treasure hunters that had turned up.... I saw first hand from the other side as it were.  The last time I had seen Emma was at Eridge and we had helped pack up with her there.  I am really getting to see what kind of hard work goes into these beautiful events...

It was time to find my husband as I was thirsty and ready for some lunch so we met up and went to the pop up restaurant marquee ... it was cool with a breeze running through and we had quiche and salads with a cold drink each.  Then he disappeared off and brought back a glass of champagne each as well.  Wiston was there and he bought two of their special bottles for us to take home with us..

Painted Anthology was there only a few spaces away from Emma so I went in to say hello
to this lovely husband and wife team.  Holly is very talented and a word smith like me.  She collects quotes, sayings and poetry as well and her out let for them is to juggle them about a little and paint the words onto vintage terracotta pots, stainless steel watering cans and buckets and some more unusual pieces like very old French tiles as well.  Unfortunately her work has been copied and it is a shame because she has made up her own styled alphabet as well and has such a talent.  Her pieces are just gorgeous so if you see this lady at a fair her work is unique and made in a way that the paint will not come off in the elements as well.  I am the proud owner of more than one piece of her work and love them.

I was getting a little hot and decided to go back inside one of the other marquees to see if they had become a little less busy and I found Velvet Ribbon and had missed her first time round, how I do not know.  Anyway it was lovely to see Emma and have a little chat.  I always find some goodies here and today was no exception to the rule!   so with my treasure wrapped in tissue and placed in my basket I was off again...

Nook was there and I was able now to get in and have a good old truffle about and take some
photos as I went along. It is always good I think to also go back to some stalls and take a second look because always you either miss something or they have re stocked a little.

Little Red Robbin were just outside the largest of the marquee,s and it is always lovely to see this husband and wife team as well.  As you know we are great fans of this company and have some gorgeous shepherd crooks and lanterns around our garden from here along with some great poppy seed heads as well. Not only are they a favourite of ours but our lovely birds love sitting on them all as well.  Mr Robbin flies from one to the other all around our garden, which does make me chuckle given the name of this great business.

Wandering around it was time again for a little sit down and a cool down so I went and got an ice-
cream and sat under a huge tree in the shade and ate it whilst watching the world go by and people with armfuls of treasure going back to cars to put it in and then going back inside.  It made me smile.  Then I went back to our car and opened all the doors and the boot.  I sat on the tailgate and found our cool bag within a cool bag to keeps drinks cold and it had worked beautifully so I sat and had a bottle of sparkling water and because the boot splits into two the top half was over my head and that meant I had shade to sit in.  This is where my husband had found me and he joined me for a cold drink too. Then we went back inside and decided to have another hour and then say our farewells.
So I went back in and found Cachepot there and again I was able to have a good truffle about and snap some lovely photos for you to look at.

The marquees had been set out in a square shape and so it had a large area in the middle to mooch about in and there was a vintage caravan with bales of hay to sit on and was selling gin and tonics of different descriptions.  It looked so beautiful in the sun.

Also there was a greenhouse with plants in all up and running to walk about in and they were selling
greenhouses there.  Really beautiful and it was a sight to behold with all the gorgeous flowers that were in there as well.  Not that flowers needed a greenhouse in that weather .... but the doors and windows were open and there was a welcome breeze as well by now.

My last stop of the day was Rosebud and Violet and it was gorgeous.  There were baskets with lavender filled pillows made from antique fabrics, book plates, books, china and so much more a beautiful eclectic mix of treasures.

It was time for us to leave and it was about 2.45pm and so we trundled off for a drive around the lanes and on to Chichester.  We had a wander around there for a few hours and then we stopped off for some supper before we headed back home.  Once home we through open all the windows and doors and sat in the garden and and had a lovely cool drink.  It was a wonderful day and the fair was really beautiful. Had a shower and went to bed happy ... My treasures were placed inside my sewing room to be photographed for you to see.

So that is it for me today and I will be back here on Thursday with a show and tell of the little treasures that I came home with.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX