Thursday 12 July 2018

Happily stitching once more....

Time is a precious commodity we never know
 the balance in our time account as we make
our daily withdrawals. spend it wisely and live life
with passion and never give up, remember it is
 never to late to make a dream come true.

Bette Kelley

Breathing in the gorgeous scents of summer I have finally found a balance in my stitching life.  I have found a spot in the garden that is cool to hand stitch for a fair few hours and then I have fashioned a little nook inside by a fan that is cool with breeze and there I can get a few more hours in.  Finally I have found a balance!

 I do not want to complain about this gorgeous weather we are having and to be honest if you are not working or on a deadline it is perfect but I was getting hot and bothered and therefore my stitching suffered.  Not anymore, I have found a balance for getting up and getting on with what needs to be done and getting housework done early in the morning with all the doors and windows flung wide open.  A few hours a day gets it done and kept up. Now the scales are even and I am happy in my work again and watching the wildlife ... they are not out in the midday sun at all.  Early and late eating and I am guessing roosting in the shade of the leaves in the trees where they can get the breeze. 

More and more seagulls are coming for drinks in are garden and they fly off happily.  The do not bathe just have long drinks and fly off.  They are huge but oh so pretty and I have got know differences in some.  The one who does not seem to worry about me has the loveliest of eyes and its head cocks to one side when I talk to it.  I really do not know if it is a boy or a girl but gorgeous all the same.

It is a bit cooler at the moment as well and so I am trying to be productive but I am so very tired which is ridiculous as I do not have time to be tired at this point in time. I think it must be the heat, yet I am loving this summer of 2018, every day a beauty and it really is beautiful.  The garden needs
watering of course and we have our watering system as well but I find that I like to give it all a huge soak as well.

Some of you may have read on FB that my mums haircut did not go well.  She refused to have it done and lashed out too.  A very long story short is her hairdresser ended up with broken toes and my sister and I in tears.  It was not a good day on Tuesday and I did no stitching at all.  In fact when I got home from there I went and sat in the garden with a coffee in the shade and just stared in to no where.  Watched the birds, bees and butterflies and generally de-stressed myself.  I thought I was going to explode.  When my husband heard he came home earlier and took me out to dinner.  It was lovely and just what I needed, no cooking and to be with him.

I phoned the care home yesterday to see how mum is and guess what, the hairdresser that comes there anyway, its a guy, managed to cut my mums hair!! I think she thought it is a man an so he will not stand for any nonsense .. either way he will be cutting her hair from now on.  He goes to the home twice a week and can see what kind of mood she is in.  In addition they are going to ask the doctor to re adjust her meds to help with this anxiety and mood swings that are making her feisty! ( to put it politely)

So now that I know she is ok and that she feels more comfortable in the heat with her hair lovely and short again I can have a few days with my husband and relax.

Yesterday it was just such a slow start for me and I was licking my wounds a bit but I did manage some stitches, These things take time and today well I am more like me again and so I have sorted through my stitchery and also I have a few days off now to get myself together and have a rest as well.   My project basket is sorted and the sewing room is basically back to its normal neat self so I can concentrate now on stitching .... I have my design journal at the ready and also my two places to stitch today sorted so I am hoping for a really productive and peaceful day indeed.

Looking forward to seeing our friend from Devon as well and it should be a really lovely long weekend filled with rest, relaxation and laughter.  I hope whatever you are up to this coming weekend that you have the best time.

Will be seeing you back here next Tuesday morning and until then ...... 

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hugs to everyone. Hope the hairdresser is OK, and you and your sister have de-stressed

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      Thank you, the poor hairdresser is in pain, can’t drive and can not work! We feel terrible.
      My Sister is doing school runs for her as their youngest who is still at school is in a school about 6 miles away.
      We have spoken to care Home and they are getting doctor to look at Mums meds! ..
      We are now calming down! Thank you.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend and find a lovely cool shady spot to sit.
      Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a roller coaster with your fault of hers. I hope the medication adjustments benefit her.

    Enjoy the beautiful day and stitching too!! 💕💕

    1. Thank you Lora, enjoy your day and the weekend.
      Hope you get gorgeous weather too 🍃❤️🍃

  3. Oh Sarah, I am slowly working my way through past posts and have made it to this one. How awful for you all. Alls well that ends well, but it must have been such a stressful happening. I hope you had a great time in Devon. Love, Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo .. yes it’s been very stressful here. It is what iit is I guess .. nice to have you back
      Sarah xxx