Tuesday 10 July 2018

Very slow summer stitching days ...

Live in each season as it passes,
breathe the air and resign yourself
to the influence of the earth.

Henry David Thoreau

As I am sat here writing this the window in my sewing room is wide open and there is a little welcome breeze rolling in from the sea.  The sun is out and the birds are about their daily business.  Seagulls are calling to one another and one of them is in our birdbath having a drink. Already the day has begun.

It is a different day today as I am off to see my Mum and it is haircut day.  You would think it would be straight forward but I am afraid it is not, It is like a military mission, which has probably started all ready.  I am afraid she  is not always keen now on personal care but my sister and I insist upon it so they really have to coax her for a shower and hair wash.  The shower seems to be OK its the hair wash she is not liking that much but today it is going to happen.  Then her long time hair dresser who now comes to my mum and cuts and blow drys her hair, will then only have to spray it wet again to cut it.  It will be much easier for her.

My sister and I will be there a good half hour before her hair dresser and it will take some time as she gets up mid anything for a wander these days. In this hot weather though, when it has been cut she will feel so much better in herself.  Then we are going on a picnic with her in the grounds of the care home which she likes.

We are loving our new large ceiling fan in our bedroom at night and it is quiet and oh so beautifully cool.  Finally we can sleep in this humid weather.  I love this summer it is beautiful but I do need my sleep and so does my husband with his silly hours.  His leg by the way is much better and he is now back working in the office.  Although working from home this Thursday and Friday.

I am going to take a long weekend this week so just to let you know there will be no blog on Friday
or next Monday.  This weather is making it hard to stitch for long and so I am taking a little break. Its Devon time and I will be taking my stitching because I am reliably informed within a over 200 year old cottage it is much cooler.  Hot outside and very much cooler in... happy days when the house is sleeping!

Yesterday though I managed to stitch longer as I have a fan next to a chair inside and that seemed to work and keep my needle from slipping.  So that is the new regime.  In the garden in the full shade in the morning and when the sun come around a little later to my shady spot I move inside by the fan. I am so behind on my stitching but what can you do but embrace this weather.  Luckily as usual I had some pieces done already and in advance for some things coming up, therefore I am not too worried.

Is anyone else finding stitching difficult in hot weather? for those of you that live in hot climates you must be laughing but we just are not used to it.  Our homes do not have AC either.  If I can get cool hands I can stitch and for sure the fans are doing their magic. So anyone got any tips for stitching in this hot weather.  We are in 29 degrees and above, although it is set to be a little cooler today at 26 degrees.

I still have a little bit of sorting in my sewing room and that is what I am aiming to do when I get back from my Mum, if it is not too late.  Other than that it is stitching by the fan time.  I would however like to finish the sewing room.

In addition I am still covering buttons for my dresses at this moment in time and I really must get up and see Debbie to show her the new fabric that I have from cabbages and roses... I would like to make sure she can get this one done some time.  Probably not in the next few months being wedding season!

I am patient I can wait all I know is that next year I will have some gorgeous dresses hanging in my wardrobe to wear and that is all that matters.   I think that with a poncho I could probably wear them in the winter at a fair as they are always inside, even if it is a marquee.  Then I thought maybe Debbie can make me a jacket from thicker French linen with a little collar made with paisley or eiderdown fabric.  I could do a little hand embroidery on it and ..... well there is another conversation to have with her.. when she is sat down!

I hope that you all have a wonderful day and fun in the sun.  My sisters dog loves the paddling pool and jumps right in.  It is a fairly deep one and it comes to under his neck.  He just stand in it with his eyes closed bless him.  They have had to put a cover on it just in case he decides when they are not out there to get in.  They are worried he could slip.  But he has embraced the weather with his short hair cut and the pool!

That is it for today as I must get ready for operation hair cut, so wish me luck and I will see you back here on Thursday.  Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hugs to all and your mum. Let us know how the haircut goes.

    This weather is far too hot for me. I have done some stitching, and I will do more later, but you're right there is a little breeze today.

    Your new dresses sound lovely

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      I am off into battle in a moment! Got to distract her from putting fingers near fast, sharp scissors!
      Welcome breeze and a tad cooler in temperature today should help us all.
      I am looking forward to my dresses .. can not wait ..
      poor Debbie! No pattern just a sketch from me too!! Lol
      Anyway I hope you enjoy the breeze and get some bits done today. Will let you know how the military precision hair cut goes! Hi ho! It’s off to battle I go!!!
      Have a great and cool breeze day.

      Sarah xxxxxxxxxxx