Tuesday 17 July 2018

Relaxed and ready to stitch.....

Flowers are the soul
of the earth .....

What a perfect few days in Devon, there is nothing like the peace and quiet with only the sound of the waterfall and stream running through the grounds of a 200 year old cottage.  Having my greatest friend look after me, cook bring me coffee and make me laugh, medicine indeed  Sat outside of an evening with the fairy lights and a glass of cold white wine was just the ticket.  

Now is the start of my week ahead although we were back on Sunday evening, yesterday I decided to just do housework and catch up in general on things and to then start me stitching and blogging week afresh.

Picked a few flowers and put them in a book whilst in Devon too, I love doing that and then they will either be used in mixed media work or just nestle happily between the pages of my journal.  I can decide later on.  Right now they are pressing happily and I will see how they turned out a few weeks from now.  The beautiful baby hydrangea you see in the photo above is now happy in a little old milk bottle and sat on my writing slope looking beautiful.

Home once again and the garden had a really good soaking and smells fresh and happy.  The birds were very pleased to see us and the bird baths were all but dry bless them, and the food had long gone it seemed.  Miss Muddy was a little pouted and ignored me yesterday but today she is sweetness its self.  It seems I am not allowed to go away at all.

So today is a new working week for me and I am going to see my mum on Thursday, until then I have some work to complete and I am looking forward to sitting and slow stitching in the garden this
morning.  In the shade and watching the bird bath antics.

I am not sure if it is the weather but I am extremely tired and have been for a couple of weeks.  When I was in Devon I was sleeping in past 9 am and was told my body obviously needed it.

It was a very relaxed an peaceful few days as we went on Thursday and came back yesterday.  I wandered around and picked some flowers to dry and it was great because they were different to what I have in our garden.  Armed with a little bowl and a pair of sharp scissors I wandered down by the waterfall and around the acre of
land.  Our friend has landscaped his front garden now and put in a hazel fence and a water feature along with fairy lights and different plants and I sat there sorting out my booty.  I took photos there to show you as you can see.

I am getting quiet a collection from this beautiful summer and the flowers are just blooming and blooming.

Our grape vines are amazing this year.  The grapes are fully formed and big already and it is a matter of ripening which will not take long in this heat and sun.

It is time to remove lots of the leaves now so that the sun can get to them.

We wandered around Honiton for an hour and went into our favourite cafe for brunch and I visited my favourite antique shop called Fountain Antiques and bought two really pretty lace collars and was thinking one could be added to one of my dresses... not sure yet but that was the plan when purchasing them.  One is Edwardian and so very beautiful.

There is also an award winning ice-cream place just up the road so we were taken there in the afternoon, well it had to be done.  It is on the side of the road but it has a large car park and then you
have a lovely grassy bit on the hill and the view whilst eating your ice cream is gorgeous.

The ice creams are award winning and I now see why. I highly recommend the blackcurrant ripple and the sea buckthorne ..... both scrummy and I had a scoop of each in a tub and sat and looked over the countryside ..

As you can see from the photo on the right the view was worth just sitting there and staring at in my opinion.

Well I am a little later today and I think that might be the way of it until this tiredness leaves me.  Today is a warm day but a little cloudy.  It is set to be 25 degrees here again but it may not be the beating down sun, which suits me and my slow stitching.
So my day is mapped out for me and I am hopefully going to be very productive.

I will be back here on Thursday and I hope that you all have a wonderful day and ......

As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like you had the most wonderful weekend. Glad Miss Muddy
    Beak is "speaking" to you again. Hope visiting your mum goes a lot better than last week......
    Enjoy your few days stitching

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hello Julie
      I did have a lovely rest and lots of sleep ..
      Miss Muddy decided to grace me with her company! Lol ..
      Thank you I am hoping Mum is a bit kinder this week ..
      Emailing you back later ..
      Hope you have a good day.

      Sarah xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Sarah,
    You sound like you really needed that break, the heat is very tiring and also everything you've been through lately is more exhausting than you might imagine so no wonder you are tired . Nature is a great healer of the soul, although I wasn't thinking that when I was caught in a huge downpour of rain yesterday while out dog walking. I sheltered under a tree with a fellow dog walker but still we were soaked through, we had to laugh about it.
    Those ice creams are amazing.
    I've been hand stitching a gift for a friend, if you remember, I asked you for some quotes. In the end I found a nice quote that I had already printed onto fabric so used that one as I was on a bit of a time limit. I'm taking it to her tomorrow. I will send you some photos of the finished item.
    Have a nice day stitching xxx

    1. Hello Dawn

      Oh yes I needed the break! But oh so tired, still! I guess you are right about it being a multi reason . Hoping I will feel less tired soon though ...
      Rain! What is rain? .. we have no rain since April! Gardens have no grass it’s a heatwave here! But poor you being soaked through though. Do your doggies like water 💦?
      I would love to see phots of your gift to a friend .. I am sure she will be thrilled ..
      Oh those ice creams .. so delicious and the view!!!!
      I could have sat there hours just staring!
      Have a wonderful day and happy stitching..
      Sarah xxx

  3. Such a fun weekend. Love the read Sarah.

    What is a Hazel fence??

    We had a very heavy rain overnight....it was so needed.

    Your ice cream sounded so yummy. The view was so very beautiful.

    Have a superb day and week!! 💕💕🍨💥💥

    1. Morning Lora

      You too .. rain! Our garden here is in much need of it but none on our horizon as yet!
      Had a fabulous weekend thank you and indeed the view and ice cream was gorgeous, so very scrumptious!
      Have a lovely day too...

      Sarah xxx