Thursday 5 July 2018

Treasures of Cowdray .....

A box without hinges, key, or lid, 
yet golden treasure inside is hid.
 J. R. R. Tolkien

Before I do my show and tell I must just tell you all I found the journal, Dawn was right when she quoted 'For there is nothing lost, that may be found if sought' ... Spencer.

I was sat in my chair in my stitching room looking around at the mess I have created by tearing it apart looking and thinking about having to put it all back this week when my eyes looked at the pretty boxes I have stacked up .. some are made to look like books.  In one I have washi tapes ( it is a big box) then I looked at the one as I say that look like books and thought to myself ' I did not look in those' then I thought why though would I have put it in there.  Anyway I got the first one down and no but then the second one .. there it was and I had put it in there because of leaflets and things I had picked up on that holiday and there is was all snug and safe and not thrown out
at all...... Ta Dah! 
The sewing room looks dreadful but I have my journal with sketches in it and I am so relieved and happy I can tell you. I found my treasured journal now for the big clean up!!

Today though I have taken photos of the treasure I found at The Summer Brocante at Cowdray and without further to do I will show you.  Well the first thing is the fabrics I bought from Cabbages and Roses. Treasure indeed.  I bought 3 meters for £20 and two meters of another fabric for £30 and what a bargain .. both are going on further dresses for me and one I am very fond of and is out of production, thus the sale, I will have the whole skirt part made in this and then just a plain vintage French linen sheet top part.  Cover buttons in some for the back of the bodice and then I can do some hand embroidery and maybe applique  on it to make it my own.  I was so pleased as their clothes are very expensive and tops were £275 so I have a bargain for a dress bottom.

Then from Emma of Little Wren Vintage I bought four quilt panels in log cabin and they
really are beautiful.  I was so pleased with them. I had a good old truffle through her baskets of rolled up and packaged quilt pieces and for me it is all part of it.  It such an enjoyable time deciding on which to purchase and make into something scrummy later on.

Sonia of The Old Haberdashery had so much to choose from but I was fairly restrained. I had a look around the laces and trims but I had bought lots of those at the last fair at Eridge if you remember so I was looking at the vintage Sylko threads and I picked up some more of those.  I do all sorts with them so it worth having a little stash in a drawer.  Also she had so old cigarette cards there and they were butterflies and so I picked up a handful of those.  They were 3 for £1 so I went truffling in and looked at each and every one there and picked out these beauties to bring home.  Lots of used for them and of course there is
the mixed media side as well as little gifts for my lovely pen pals as well...

From Velvet Ribbon I bought the most beautiful piece of fabric and some fabric strip wound around a card along with three pieces of gorgeous ribbon.  I have been using these ribbons a lot of late so I was pleased to be able to replenish supplies ...

As I told you I had to go pick up four ribbon words from Kate of Oyster Bridge and there they
were all wrapped up for me and waiting.  Such great work and such a lovely lady indeed.  I love it when my orders come through from here it is such a delight to look at them all and the fabrics that are attached to them as well.

You will see the words in due course I am sure on here.

Then I bought some seed packets but I have forgotten which stall I bought them from .. so silly am I .  There were four in each pack and I have photographed both sides so that you can have a little look at them.  These are a great favourite of mine and wish seeds were sold in packets like this now.  How beautiful and artist were they ...

My last purchase of the day was a beautiful hand made sunhat and I fell in love with it.  It has a large rim all around and slightly floppy and is made to look like it is sort of crumpled as well.  I did not get the name of the lady who makes them again it was very busy indeed and I did not get to take photos of the ones that she had left and got to just try this on to bring home with me.  I liked it plain others had some flowers on them but I have antique milliners flowers here in my work room so I felt I could change them around or leave plain depending on which dress I am wearing.

If this weather is set to continue and it looks like it is then I think its a great thing to pile all my hair up and pop my hat on.  It is cooler without my hair all around my neck and because of the brim the sun does not go on my neck that generally is not on show to the sun with my long hair so no burnt neck....

It is made from very light materials and so it weighs nothing basically and it is light on my head to wear.  When I am in the garden now it is on my head.  I love it ...

Well all is well here now that Miss Muddy has come home, I have found my journal and today is my Mum time as well.  I am not even taking a grab bag in this heat I will just sit with her and hopefully she will be in the mood to have a little chat or a walk around the grounds.  On days like today they give out ice creams and she is a devil for them.... So hopefully she will be all smiles.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX ( if you can in this weather, my out put is down very much so but it can not be helped.)


  1. Yes, I know about looking for things........ I need to find a tin with something in, the items in the tin are important and I can see the tin in my minds eye, but I cannot find it!

    Julie xxxx

    1. Oh Julie it drove me insane! My sewing room still has to be put back properly!
      I wish you luck in your search.
      The humid weather doesn’t help with this kind of thing does it.?
      Sarah xxxxxxxxxx

    2. Definitely Not!

      Julie xxxxxxx

    3. Have a good day Julie and hopefully you can find a shady spot in the garden you can sit and have a think with a drink, I did that and thought of where my journal cold possibly be.. and it was. 🌺

  2. So happy that you found your journal. So stressful when you search long and in vain for something you love....but when found (❤❤).

    Wonderful purchases!! The dress sounds like it will be stunning.

    Have a wonderful visit with your Mum!!

    Enjoy your day Sarah!

    1. Hi Lora
      I alm totally relieved at finding this journal with reminders of last years trip to America and sketches .. I kept thinking that it’s a memory I would never get back in a way! .. still found!!!!
      Had lovely visit with Mum but she was not calm today so it was not too long a visit, only 2 hours.
      I am pleased with the fabrics and can not wait for this particular dress to be made!
      Have a great day ..
      Sarah 🍃❤️🍃

  3. Hurrah! The precious journal is found...I had a feeling.
    Lovely goodies, Sarah. You must share a picture of yourself in the gorgeous hat. I've had my hat for years and it's the first time I've really been brave enough to wear it, I always feel a bit silly but it has really helped in this heat. Like you, I have kept it plain but toyed with the idea of vintage flowers.
    The fabric was a bargain, what a beautiful dress it will be. There were many beautifully dressed ladies at the fair and one odd woman walking around covered in dog hair ie magical fibres of love ha ha!!!
    I'm with your mum as far as ice cream is it!
    Love D xxx

    1. Hello Dawn
      Yes .. ta dah! It’s been found! You said it would you clever thing!
      But it had me going for over a month, you should see my work space it like a tip, time to tidy today.
      Mum was not settled today but it was lovely to see her.
      I think I might try to go twice next week .. I feel I should for some reason. She will not go out with us anymore so we must get a hair dresser to her as well.
      Magical Fibers of love! Favourite saying now! 💕.
      I will get round to a photo ..
      You have a great day and give those magical fibres of love givers a kiss from me!
      Sarah xxx

  4. I think you want to feel that your mum is a bit more settled. It might help her to have a lovely double dose of Sarah comfort next week. Xxx

    1. Probably right Dawn, she looked lost and disheveled yesterday. Got to get her hair cut and she is not good going out anymore. Not even here or my sisters .. her legs are swollen and well it was not good. But I got the biggest cuddle and kiss so she is in there somewhere.. so going over for a dance early next week if she will .. 🍃❤️🍃. Xxx