Tuesday 31 July 2018

Wee little stitches in the sun ....

Your mind is a garden
your thoughts are the seeds
you can grow flowers
or you can grow weeds .......⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘


Whilst stitching in the garden and taking in this most beautiful summer of 2018, my thoughts turn to all sorts of arty things.  What if I did a sampler with this or what if I put these words on a sampler etc etc .... With the saying above I always feel I have to actually weed my mind on occasions to make room for more thoughts to filter through, thus my journals...

I had my journal with me as I always do and Miss Muddy Beak decided to join me, and an idea just popped into my head so I had to put down my stitching and write down the ideas I had with her as the leading lady...  Tomorrow I am going to get sketching to see if it looks any good on paper as it looks fabulous in my head !! I am going to enjoy some sketch and journaling time. I feel it is so nice to be creating new ideas and projects to have in waiting ... It is exciting to have ideas come along.  Playing with colours with different mediums both water colour paints and fabrics that things might be made in.  It is a happy creative time indeed.  I can not remember when I had a design Wednesday of late... I love to mix water colours and change a hue of the original, make it lighter or darker, brighter or muted and then when they are dried on the paper I like to try and match antique old paisley or eiderdown fabrics to to colours that are my choices ... It is a design technique I always use.

We had some rain over the weekend and it has done the garden some good, the temperature has dropped to a manageable 21 degrees today and the all the birdies are much more alert and active.  I saw Mr Robin today and I have not seem him in weeks.  I wondered where he and his family had gone but it seems all were sheltering in leafy trees and bushes to escape the heat. Miss Muddy is back daily right now and I have seen her partner and also hear him sing in our elderflower tree as well.  The chuckle brothers ( magpies) are back too and still up to their antics... and to my relief butterflies again as there have been too many casualties in this heat so I heard on the news the other day...

Butterflies are self propelled flowers
R H Heinlein 

The sun has returned once more and today I am going to sit in the garden and stitch for as long as the back will allow me... It is a long process getting it all sorted and I am afraid my patience does not extend to being ill myself... I am a terrible patient ( my husbands words and I am in full agreement with him) The weather is set to rise again this week so I am going to make the most of sitting in the garden with the birds all being happier in the cooler few days...

I had an exciting time at the photographers as well with dressing some of the things I wanted him to take photos of for me.  It is a different world really with the technology they have at their finger tips and lenses of all shapes and sizes.  I have also opened a drop box with his help and that means he can take shots and up load them there and I have my pass word to get in.  I can see the photos and then tell him what I think or if I like this or that .... technology you have got to love how things are that instant haven't you.

Anyway back to the here and now.  I have a basket full of gorgeous things to stitch and I am going to enjoy today very much.  Where our garden furniture is there is a wall mounted fountain and it trickles away in the background.  It is soothing and peaceful sat there and the smell of the freshly rain
watered borders and grass fill the air with its scent that only rain can give the earth.  I have much to achieve over the next few weeks and I am glad to be back stitching again.

Our garden was a bit battered in the storms over the weekend but it is bouncing back as the plants seem to do and me well I am going to sit and take wee little stitches in the sun and get my creative juices flowing today.

I have some really beautiful French antique silk embroidery threads and one is pictured at the top of this page.  It is the most gorgeous of blues and I want to incorporate some of the precious thread in the Miss Muddy Beak new design.  I am very much looking forward to how it might turn out.

I have my week sorted out ( in principal anyway) and I have another appointment with the photographer at the end of the week.  Also going to see Mum and hope that the meds are working for her and of course the cooler weather may have cheered her some what.

For now though I have a whole day planned out to slow stitch and tomorrow planned for design and probably more sewing as well so I am happy and content. To be able to connect with the fabric and thread is very satisfying and calming.  I am going to take out a warm herbal tea ( I might have a blackcurrant one) and then start my day in earnest.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you back here on Thursday.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Your idea sound marvellous, love to see it when done
    The rain at the weekend was lovely, well I thought it was.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      I enjoyed the rain for the garden but the high winds battered my tall plants .. such a shame!
      The warm weather is coming back it seems. I am happy with 22/23 degrees though.
      Tomorrow I will see if I can make my idea work ..
      Hope you are well and enjoying the respite from the heat.
      Sarah xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Love the read...love your plans.

    I will stay tuned.❤💕

    1. Thank you Lora .. hoping it will work.
      Design day tomorrow.
      Sarah 🍃🌼🍃

  3. Looking forward to seeing your lovely new designs. Great quote! Enjoy your stitching dear Sarah xxx thank you for your thoughts today x

    1. Thank you Dawn, looking forward to design day! Glad you like the quote, I know you love them as I do..

      Sarah xxx

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely day. I'm intrigued by your design - how exciting! Our poor plants took a bettering from the wind and rain too. This is th first year we have planted hollyhocks and they were coming allong beautifully until they hog on the wrong side of the wind - we had really high winds here ant so the poor hollyhocks succumbed. However, things are to be better by then end of the week they say. Enjoy your design day. Mo xx

    1. Hi Mo
      Yes my hollyhocks and my gift from the birds got battered too ( the gift is a sunflower that I did not plant)
      We have calmer and hot weather again here and the garden beckons me today. Our gardner will be here for three hours today to sort it all out ..
      I am looking forward to playing with a design today and sitting in the shade of the warmth.
      Hope you have a good day too.

      Sarah xx