Thursday 2 August 2018

Threads, fabrics, slow stitches and sketches ....

Creativity is contagious
pass it on! .....

Albert Einstein 

The most wonderful few days have passed here and I have achieved some great things and the list has gone down.  It has been the perfect weather as well and sitting in the garden and listening to the birds chatter has been so cathartic and productive indeed. Much Cinnamon tea has been consumed here as well as blackcurrant ... I have been told to drink copious amounts of liquid so that is what has been happening ( anything to get back to normal)

Baskets of threads have been sorted through and fabrics have been looked at.  I found sat on my little stool in the sewing room I was able to get to the bottom shelves without too much back or kidney pain and was able to sort through some bits on Wednesday which will enable me to make up a new project basket.

Buttons have been gone through as well and I found some that I had forgotten about which was a really beautiful and happy surprise.  Gorgeous fabrics have been once again truffled through all be it on a stool and not with my head stuck in a cupboard muttering to myself.  My back will not allow me to almost climb in as I usually do but I have had a great and fulfilling rummage!

Sketches and doodles have been made and decided upon and I am down to two fabrics which I need to choose between ... It was a great day yesterday indeed. It was lovely and hot yet in the shade it was cool and warm.  I had company for 3 hours as our gardener was there and it was lovely to watch the transformation from a wind swept garden ( the storm on Sunday) to a much more pleasing and well kept and ordered garden.  Things were tied up and the grass that has become fairly green was trimmed slightly to make it neat and help it recover.  The birds sang and the bees were happy once more.  I also took some sewing out and did two hours with a needle and threads .... I have had the perfect few days.

Tuesday I was able to sit out in our garden with my sewing laid out on the table and sat under the
umbrella.  The warmth of the day was perfection and my needle did not slip once so it was a great slow stitching few hours ...

I feel that I am getting better and that pleases me although apprehension fills me today with visiting my mum, we will see how it goes today and I will do as advised if she is a bit feisty ... I just want to wrap her in my arms and tell her its ok because her family are here and she is not going through this
on her own.  The biggest thing I dislike about her illness is she would have no understanding of those words .. it is such a hard thing to watch and hard for us to handle but most of all I am sure it is frightening for her.

Thursday already and we are in August, it really does not seem possible at all.  Where is 2018 going and why does it go there so fast? This summer really go down in my journal as one of the best ever and the flowers have been gorgeous and enabled me to do lots of flower pressing to be used in designs and letters to pen friends ... enough to take me through until next spring which is wonderful.

The desire to create is one of the deepest
yearnings of the human soul....

With my fix of rummaging and truffling for this week and the fact that I found some fabrics that I had not remembered I had it has been a great time here and productive as well.  Creating is in my soul and it is what make me tick so I have had a happy and productive two days ...

I am hoping to spend some quality time with my mum today for a couple of hours and then get home and sit in the garden again with my slow stitching.  I wish to start my Miss Muddy Beak sampler in the next two weeks if possible.

This month there a few gorgeous vintage fairs to attend and here in England at the end of the month it
is our last Bank Holiday of the year, so a wonderful three day weekend with my husband and a short
working week, just before we head into September.  Oh dear I do not want to even think about that just yet.  I adore Autumn and September it starts here, you see the change over night with colder mornings and the spider webs with dew on them .... But its apple and pumpkin pie time too and lots of cinnamon things to drink and eat so it has huge compensations and of course its my most favourite season.

Well that is it for me today and I will be back here tomorrow and hopefully my mum will let us have a lovely visit with her.  One can only hope.

Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and I will see you back here tomorrow.

Until then as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Glad you are feeling better. I read it in your writings you are on road to recovery. Let us know how it goes with your mum.

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie, feeling rested but once more into the fray ! ...
      Hoping today will good.
      Had a great couple of days and productive, always cheers me. My back is easing .. yes feeling better.
      Will let you know .. wish me luck.
      Sarah xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hope things go well with your mum. Take care of that back.

    1. Hello Dawn
      Had 2 hours with Mum, she was nicer on this visit. We left just as she started to get agitated...
      My back feels lots better today and that’s how I want to keep it ...
      Sarah xxx

  3. Hope you had a wonderful visit with your Mum.
    Glad you are on the mend.
    Enjoy every last minute of summer. Looking forward to seeing your sampler.❤๐Ÿ’•

    1. Thank you Lora my visit was a good one today, which is cheering as they have been few and far between of late!
      Loving summer! Sewing in the garden ...bliss ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒผ

  4. You do sound much invigorated in your writing today Sarah, a sure sign that things are getting better. I'm so glad your mum was a wee bit more like her self today, that must have helped too. I was smiling as I read the passage about September being the transition to autumn - that's what it is not like here in southern Scotland. The dry, hot, sunny weather broke last week and we have had rain and a little thunder and it's much windier. Almost overnight it became autumn and as you say, there is dew on the grass and cobwebs and a definite autumnal feel and small to the air. Although late summer into autumn is my favourite time of year (I love layering!) it would be nice to have the summer for a little longer. Xx

  5. Hello Mo
    Autumn feel in August in Scotland.. gosh already. Although I would imagine a break from the heat is welcome. It’s been in the late 20 early 30 degrees here and I do flag a bit daily ..
    last night we were sat in the garden until after 11pm and it was 27 degrees ... like being in the med!
    Thank you feeling better and yes more like me again.

    Hopefully you will have some more summer days again ... then gentygo into Autumn.

    Sarah xxx