Thursday 9 August 2018

Words evoke the imagination ..

“I like good strong words that mean something…”

Louisa May Alcott
Little Women.

Words! to me they are very important to me and even one word can evoke a memory or the imagination and can be powerful, sad or happy.  Quotes and poems too I search out  and I suspect it is because I am a avid reader, I am really not sure.  The thing is they are important to me as I love to read and write  along with using them in my stitchery.

In Little Women with Jo who loves to write I can fully understand her character and it is one of my favourite books ( also used to press my flowers from the garden!) .....   When I bought my much treasured antique copy of this book I found a pressed flower in it.  It is what got me wondering about who it may have belonged to and what significance the flower held to that person.  It is why the flower is still tucked in that book in which it belongs and why I use that book to press my flowers in.

“I'd rather take coffee than compliments just now.” 

Louisa May Alcott 
Little Women.

I put the above quote in for good measure as it is one of my absolute favourites and one I can wholeheartedly relate too of an early morning, when I like my quiet time sat in the garden with my first coffee of the day in my hand watching nature go about its daily routine ..... Its my ponder time
and to think about what I need to achieve that day and write my list.

Well this morning whilst doing just that I was looking through another basket of mine with bits and bobs in that I have got out for projects and then decided against using for one reason or another and I came across this beauty.  I am very pleased with this little piece of patchwork with tiny hexagons and with such gorgeous colours too.  I bought it back in May at the Dorset Brocante at The Larmer Tree.  

Anyway it is time it was used on something so I have it with me now and so whilst slow stitching today I can decide what to put it on to or what to stitch around it ... It is just too gorgeous to actually leave in a basket do you not think.?

In addition I found this little Victorian calling card tucked in there and that I re discovered was because I was going to do some digging around and investigating.  Now I do not know if I will find out much because I do not know where it actually heralded from in England but It is not a very common name and for the person to have a calling card in the first place, well they are of the higher classes of the time....

You can not see the name in in this photograph but if you gently pull back the hand on the right underneath in beautiful script you can read the name Edward Alth.  It has got me all fired up again and I needed to have a little look into it.  So before I came on here I did a little search of the name on 'find my past' and to my pleasure there were only 32 with that name.... now I know 32 may seem like a lot but not so, some names you pop in may come up with thousands so I am very happily going to look into this in the next few evenings.  I am not sure I will ever be able to be sure which gentleman this belonged to out of the 32 but it is a calling card and only the more affluent will be in the running.

So you see my ponder time can be dangerous as I find things to sort through and then I am like a dog with a bone.

For now though I just have this gorgeous calling card by my laptop to remind me to do some searching at the end of each day.  Now it is about today and I have my basket full ready to do some
slow stitching before I visit my mum.  I am hoping that we will find her in great spirits again this week and that the medication juggle is working.  We will go for a few hours and then I will come back and continue with my stitching.

We have had a few cooler starts to the mornings but it has been up to 23 degrees by mid morning.  It is still gorgeous and warm but not the high temperatures we have been experiencing and to be honest with sitting and stitching this weather is just right.

I did not see baby 'bobbin' robin this morning and I am still hopeful he will return back again as he enjoyed being fed the other morning early.  I was a little later this morning and that could have been why.

Yesterday was a great day with sketching, journaling and stitching away in the garden.  I had the company of my gardener for a few hours and that is always lovely too, although Miss Muddy Beak would not agree with me.  She disappears when he is about.  She particularly hates the electric blower!

Anyway that is it for me today and I hope that you all have a wonderful day today.  Whatever you are up to and as always  Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Wonderful words this morning....I too love Little Women with John being my favorite. I have read it many times and been to Concord.

    Hope your visit with your Mom was good.

    Love your calling card and will be anxious to find out what you learn.

    Have a wonderful weekend!! 💕💕

    1. Hello Lora
      When you say you have been to Concord is that in New Hampshire?
      Is there a connection that I have missed? ..
      Mum was very sleepy yesterday when we arrived but got agitated after her lunch .. Each visit now is different and mostly difficult but we try to make her smile.
      Ah the calling card! I am going to see what I can find out ..
      You have a wonderful weekend too.
      Sarah xx

  2. Concord, Massachusetts where the Old Orchard house is.💕💕

  3. Concord, Massachusetts where the Old Orchard house is.💕💕 They lived there. (The March family)

    1. Thank you Lora I was oblivious to that it seems so I will keep it in mind for our next visit.

      Sarah xx

  4. Lovely blog. I do love Little Women, it is full of heart and simple kindness which speaks to me. Jo is my favourite as well. When Amy burns Jo's manuscript...oh my goodness, I always feel the pain of that, of having your work destroyed.
    I wonder where little Bobbin is?
    Such a pretty calling card, I thought it was a wedding card as I have something similar. Hope you can find out some more about Edward Alth, an unusual surname.

  5. Hi Dawn
    I thought you may like little women! Somehow!
    Still no Bobbin .. may not been out early enough though plus the rain ..
    Still looking into calling card .. it’s fascinating..
    whittling it down .. but I doubt I will know for certain..
    Sarah xxx

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